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  1. I constructed (well, bodged together with some gaffatape) a box to fit next to my front steps with tubes leading to and from the bilge with a computer fan controlled by a thermostatic relay. It worked fine for a winter (with about 1/10 of the power used by the fridge), but it turns out that a box in the cratch works just as well for everything except milk, which was fine in a plastic bag in a hessian bag hung over the gunnel outside the kitchen window into the canal (hessian wicks up the water for evaporative cooling, plastic prevents water touching the food containers).
  2. I've had my solar panels occupying the first 3.5m of roof since 2013; the question of ladders did concern me, but it has turned out that very, very, few locks are badly placed. I now tend to bow-haul the boat (at least partially) in or out as needed. During the winter months, I have another pair of panels (1.0m x 3.5m) about 2/3 along the boat, again I'll bow-haul the boat to the right place. These panels are offset to the centreline, so there is a wider shufflepath past them, although it's not the best. Dave
  3. I'm in a very similar position. I do double up to 1200w in winter, but also switch off my fridgefreezer - this cuts my daily consumption down to 40-50Ah, which the panels can generally keep up with even in Dec/Jan. But it is marginal, a couple of days of very poor weather will tip the balance (I'm still not totally trusting of letting my Lithiums get lower than 30%)....
  4. According to the route planner (canalplan.org.uk) it's 78 hours to get from Whitchurch to Northampton (marinas) which isn't impossible in the next two weeks, but is very tight. I'd suggest relaxing your deadline or considering moving it by road....
  5. That's because I emptied them into the long pound - they're prob only 100cm deep at the edge and less over on the off-side, but the channel is that deep (lots of transits and locking/filling over a couple of boat lengths distance forming a distinct scour channel)...
  6. CRT are refilling the flight, now only about 30cm down....
  7. Below Wilmcote locks (pound 50-51) water down around 60-80cm due to boater leaving paddles up on lock 51 last night. Also between middle and lower flights (pound 47-48) water down around 50cm. little pounds in lower flight now down 150cm.... Awoke with the boat on the serious lean. Have used the small pounds in the bottom flight to get boat off bottom and fridge back to its side of kitchen. CRT aware. Dave
  8. Done the narrow a few times single-handed. Preferred stopping points; Start at the uni in Huddersfield - before looking out in the morning, check for graduation ceremonies to photobomb (poss stop near the golcar aquaduct if needed) Then Slaithwaite, beware of the extremely low bridge (Possibly stop in-between 31/32 if knackered) Up to Marsden. Through tunnel, Stop at Diggle, but there's not a lot going on here. Then down to Uppermill. Into Stalybridge, Look out for the burnt out buildings and goose poo I've then got onto the Peak Forest and just past the lift bridge No 1. It's a great canal, but can be hard work, both in terms of merely working the locks and the sheer number of them. But at least you generally don't have to worry about oncoming unseen traffic.
  9. I concur with the other posters - start with what you've got and work from there; use the smart phone (or buy a second-hand one specifically for the task) as a hotspot. It'll need charging in situ, so make sure you've got usb cables that will reach a window or porthole to perch it in. 58ft boat - it is possible, depending on what's where, that a wifi signal won't reach from end-end, especially if the phone/router is at one end. If so, carefully consider where to put the phone... 1 each of laptop, tablet, phone and TV - yes, if you're going to consume video, you will need unlimited data. 3 (or smarty) are the best (only) providers of unlimited data (others, including Giffgaff claim unlimited, but seriously throttle throughput after a limit). There are some areas where you will not get a good signal; check the coverage map carefully, and take it with a pinch of salt; don't forget the canal is usually the lowest feature in the immediate vicinity and the transmissions will be masked by hedges and trees. Get an app (Network Cell Info Lite?) that will tell you where the tower you're using is; then you can position the phone to best advantage. You will not always get enough bandwidth to operate all your devices - consider getting Freeview and Freesat aerials for the TV, ensure that you've got onboard datastores for when the cloud is not available....
  10. As CC'rs, no single provider is best at every place. However, I've not had many problems with 3 over the last decade or so (apart from their customer service and withdrawal of plans etc). You need to provide more information on what you want from your internet connection - what devices and quantities of data do you want(both upload and download), how vital is it to you, whereabouts are you proposing to cruise, how big is your boat, what power supplies do you have, what's your level of knowledge and competence with modems, routers, electricity?
  11. At a glance I'd say that your rice cooker is woefully underpowered - I'd suggest 140W at least. It's an example of water heating which is best never done by electricity. Also missing are (possibly) radio/tv, speakers, 4G modem/router, lighting. Also, how are you heating the boat - anything other than a simple solid-fuel stove will use electricity to power internals.... I have about the same solar power (1250w) and consume about 1.2kWh/day - this setup suffices for about 10/12 months. If I turn my fridge/freezer off then winter is mostly possible (my consumption reduces to 700Wh/day) , as long as the sun makes an appearance occasionally - but I do have lifepo4's, so charging is not so much of a lifestyle choice.
  12. Starlink might not be terribly useful - the power consumption of the units appears to be around 100w! https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2021/03/electricity-costs-of-starlinks-uk-leo-broadband-satellite-service.html - presumably you'd also need one of the, not yet released, vehicle ground stations to combat losing connection through rocking. And you will need a clear view of quite a lot of sky to pick up a satellite (not just the one line you need for the geostationary Freesat reception).
  13. A partial answer to the blackspot issue is to have sims for different networks available; but this may be less effective than it sounds if the carriers are sharing masts. Local knowledge and attention to the coverage maps are essential. It is getting better though, I was able to do a zoom call in the blackspot that was Lower Heyford last year - but that was with a 4m mast. At boat level, reception (on 3) was still distinctly poor....
  14. I sit corrected - but it is recomended over the '-1' certification.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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