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  1. The sticking point seems to be 'adequate volumes'. Ask of both what is being supplied, and what the supply requirements are. If there is no difference or CRT's suupliee volume is greater, then your answer is that ABP don't want to deal with you, if CRT's volume is smaller, then ask why the larger volume is not being supplied. Personally, I reckon they'll both refuse to answer the pointed question on the grounds of 'commercial confidentiality' or at a pinch 'national security'. Which means that neither of them actually want you as a customer.
  2. No, but I might use my centreline.... Bad Maffi, you need a new spoolchuck to go with the new title....
  3. I used an optical output from the pi to eliminate this problem. I used this one, only issue being having to cut the housing to get the connector out. https://www.tindie.com/products/beni_skate/tinytoslink-raspberry-pi-optical-audio/
  4. There's also a boat for sale on the Hythe Bridge arm moorings (which are aso apparently transferrable). Having glanced over it whilst I was there last summer, I'd say that it was 50/50 boat/mooring price. I don't particularly like that location (too close to the lock and the commuters can get a bit much), but it does have electric and water on the plot....
  5. Grimsbury Wharf? Dusty moors there now, in between runs, worth giving them a bell.
  6. How long have you had the panels /how big are they? What roof estate do you have, are you single-handed? Are you a liveaboard, what's your average consumption, what other electricity generating equipment do you use? What controller have you got and what are you thinking of for the 2nd? If you've got the room, then I'd recycle the current panels, and get a pair of 300w domestic panels (either the 295w or 325w ones from Bimble), and (if you want a second controller) a 20A Epever one, or a 40A one. These can't cope (but won't be harmed) with the full rated output of th
  7. It's wasteful. But whether or not you can afford the waste is up to you. How much power do the inverter and router take? How are you going to replace that energy (plus upwards of 20% depending on the batteries)? Would this drain in addition to your other usage come close to a tipping point where you're not able to replace the energy or recognise that you've reached that point?
  8. In the engine 'ole I have a cheap car radio - which bluetooths to the phone for music on the move. In the main cabin, I have a Logitech surround sound system connected to a (12v) HDMI/BT box the connects to the phone, Pi(kodi), Chromecast and Roku. In the winter, the surround system is replaced with a smaller 12v powered pair of stereo speakers. Sound sources include free Spotify and Soundcloud and stuff I've ripped from CD's (which now live in a big box under the bed).
  9. Last last rwo months - 900w of panels and a baseload of 800Wh/day - in January it generated 17.4kWh (and the engine made another 12.2 in 23 hours (14 occasions)), in February it generated 28kWh (and the engine made another 1.5 in 7 hours (4 occasions)). The baseload is understated as I've been charging a neighbour's battery for him...
  10. One important part of the page also needs including here: Last date edited: 15 February 2021 Previously, it said that compost could be placed in the bins in appropriately labelled bags. So, Damian's email was the first anyone had heard about this change in policy, now this page has been updated - and surreptitiously! If it's a blog, then the previous Nov '17 entry should be marked as superseded and a new blog entry made. In any case it should be made clear what has been changed between the original page in 2017 and the new advice.
  11. I suspect this is a brain-fart by the author of the update. The Boaters Handbook on the CRT site hasn't been revised....
  12. No, no,no. That's Hot Air - a completely different (and usually on a different planet) method of (em)powering stuff.
  13. I've had solar for 7 years. The answer is normally 'more'. Do your power audit - Bimble, as mentioned above, have a downloadable spreadsheet to assist. I use about 1kWh/day in summer, reduced to 400Wh in winter by turning my fridge off. I have 4 x 320w panels (two in use during summer, and all four in winter). I aim to park with a view of the sun. The panels are laid flat on the roof in boxes, but can be tilted up to 45deg if necessary (and it is) to catch the rays. In essence, winter input is about 1/10 that of summer, so cut out unecessary usage (ie
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