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  1. I use a 32" screen. Folded to the side when out of use and across doorway for viewing. Uses about 24w.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Just to add to the general uselessness that is CRT. I just had a look at the availability of booked moorings in London for a trip down there this summer. On the same form - Vincent Street in Birmingham is bookable ( for possibly a fee), but it's all either fully booked or not available to book. I suspect this was added to the page just for the Commonwealth Games, but has never been removed.
  4. I've only been around full-time since 2008, so am still learning. "A boat with a home mooring can move 100 yards every 14 days and be compliant." - that's now ruled out as well under "5.1. You must travel on a journey when You are away from Your Home Mooring. Your journey should be a genuine journey. It should start and end at Your Home Mooring. It does not have to be over a certain duration, distance or range, or follow a single direction. It cannot contain short, repeated movement in a small part of the Waterway for an extended period, unless You return to the Home Mooring between repeated trips. Each time You leave Your Home Mooring You start a new journey" So, repeated 100m hops forward (or forward and backwards) are breaches. so now you need to undertake a series of hops that aren't short and repeated - I suspect they'd still be somewhat unhappy about a set of 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 105, 115 m movements though....
  5. That's now changed with the specific item in the June '22 T&C's - "5.2. Whilst travelling Our Waterways when away from Your Home Mooring, You may only moor for periods of up to 14 days, or less where a local restriction applies."
  6. I had a 1000t until the drum bearings went and I replaced it with a Candy 1042D1 (which is the replacement 4kg model) because it fitted the same cubbyhole. It's happy with a cheapo pure-sine inverter, but only has a cold-water feed and has a higher power (1.25kW)heater. But it doesn't object to being fed hot water from a Morco and on the cold-wash option the heater does not activate at all. Having uprated my batteries to lithium and a skip-found 1800w inverter, I can now run the heater - but had to upgrade my battery-inverter wiring to cope with the near 2kW draw....
  7. DaveP


    I have a wall calandar that has a record of water fills, gas bottle changes and purchases, diesel purchases, destinations and hours travelled (and battery charging hours), grocery costs and seller. Summaries are transcribed monthly onto a spreadsheet, along with mobile data and cost totals. There's a little orange book for servicing and repair notes, and the environmental, location and electrical states are copied to a cloud server every minute. It's all revisited and is useful (some more so than others). Next item is to automate the engine run time recording... [Do I have a problem?]
  8. Nope - but that was well before the discount card was introduced in late 2012....
  9. I have been cc'ing around London for the last few years, on and off. I'm registered to vote in a central London borough under the 'local connection' rules. I turned 60 this year, so attempted to get an over 60's Oyster Card off TfL - no dice. If I don't have a fixed abode with bills in my name (not necessarily Council Tax) I can't get the discounted travel unless I get a street homeless shelter to vouch for me....
  10. Just got my email. Strike 1 for the gentrificationof the waterways and anti-cc'ers - first watch a 200MB video; 20% of my monthly mobile internet allowance (or £10 on payg). Thoughtless idiots, as ever.
  11. Travelling -diesel engine @ 1lt/hr = 10kWh, plus the potential energy of the water being let out of the locks @ 0.4kWh per narrow lock (150m^3 falls average 1m) or double that for a broad lock. Are we counting the energy then needed to evaporate it all and send it back up to the reservoir as rain?
  12. Solar panels texting my phone to tell me they were awake and I should be happy for them....
  13. A lot of the discussion is about operating the boat - but just as important, is operating yourself; liveaboard life can be very different from that on the hard with respect to interactions with others, both in authority, casual acquaintances and closer friends. So there's keeping the boat tidy, keeping yourself tidy, keeping stocks of food and other supplies around (and in date and in good shape) without (sometimes) the presence of others to keep you on the straight and narrow. Plus, if you're working, not only navigating the boat, but also navigating to/from a workplace either by your own or public transport....
  14. There was - I was close by the wazzock who did this. The stench was pretty unbearable; I have no idea what he was burning, but it was horrible. The hospital air-con intakes are close by the East end of the visitor moorings in the basin. I was told by the ranger who came round the following morning that St Mary's had closed down their cardi-thoracic ward that evening and were all for removing all the moorings for ever to prevent a reoccurrence. The wazzock at first denied he'd burned anything other than smokeless, until it was pointed out that the audience were his fellow moorers and we were not happy bunnies.
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