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  1. Indeed they have - here's my address from the licence letter last year (pdf).... Dr Dave Parry Nb Freespirit Rising Regents Canal Until Aprilish Then GU And then Nene And the Fens NFA I have previous used something like 'two boats down from the lift bridge south of banbury' spread across a couple of lines...
  2. See my screenshot for myself. Not had any issues from CRT or EA about this...
  3. If you don't have a fixed abode, then you can't get credit since the bank doesn't have an address with which to serve papers to sue you. Thus your credit score will marked as an unacceptable risk and no-one will or should lend you money. As a collorary to this, you won't be able to hold a bank account either under the 'knowing your customers' regulations. You will be able to get a 'basic' bank account, that doesn't allow an overdraft or a credit card to be associated with it. If you do have a bank account or credit card, that's the address you should be using for a credit check...
  4. Yep, I used the Paddington basin postcode, WCC asked me if I was permanently moored, I explained the circumstances (and that there wasn't that option on the online form) and they registered me as a local connection voter. I used their offices as a correspondence address, but they've always sent stuff out by email to me...
  5. It can be done online, I'm currently registered in Westminster. That was all done online, starting with the electoral commission - https://www.registertovote.service.gov.uk/register-to-vote/start - WCC accepted my signature and answers to the firm's questions by email, rather than printing it out and manually completing it....
  6. I've used both, prefer New Heat - I find that Excel burns too hot and wrecks my grate (Villager Puffin). New Heat is cheaper, produces less ash, lasts as long and is cheaper (£11 vs £13).
  7. I've never had a problem with 3's coverage (but their customer service is appalling), except in the valley of the 19th century (Lower Heyford), having been most places except Birmingham and Lancaster. They've got an offer on a 2year sim-only contract ATM (£10 for 6 months, then £20).
  8. Depending on the chromebook model, you may be better off installing Linux on it. Take a gander at Gallium - https://wiki.galliumos.org/Hardware_Compatibility
  9. Yep - there's space at the end of the basin. But, be aware of the wind. Being surrounded by tall buildings can produce some rather strong gusts....
  10. I used one of the Rembrandt gaeden places a couple of years ago for a saturday booking. Turned up to discover a widebeam sitting there with no crew. Phoned CRT and they did sort out the squatters in short order. So, if there is a blockage don't hesitate to get them on the case.
  11. As ever CRT have their messages mixed up - once one signs into the booking system you get "Please note, this pre-bookable mooring site is being trialled. Bookings may be made until 6 January 2020. Bookings beyond this date will be subject to a review of the trial" I spoke to them several months ago regarding this - at the time bookings couldn't be made beyond 30/11. After several go arounds they recognised that the site was giving out mixed messages. Something's changed in the meantime and they've only updated one of the pages. Shower of $%^&!
  12. Yes, they are separate and signed. They are the pontoon moorings on the north side of the basin between the Hospital bridge and the Go Boats. I wandered through the basin last week and they were fully occupied although not fully booked - I think because some widebeams are using the inside berths which thus block off the remaining one for a narrowboat - or they've been colonised by the locals....
  13. I did; it was very nice there. Order pizza on way to shower, pick it up on the way back. Coal and gas at yorkshire prices delivered. Beer not delivered, but for proper money....
  14. I used to moor at Fall Ings in Wakefield - the chemical works just down-river send out a very nice calendar each year with information about their test alerts and what to do in case of an emergency (we all agreed that rather than staying put, it would be better to set off upwind asap). The surrounding areas don't get developed much due to being in a flood and blast zone....
  15. I'm not talking about the river moorings - the ones above lock 17, before descending onto the Nene.
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