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  1. DaveP

    Solar panel

    Bimble Solar can deliver to Ron Gooding above Stonebridge - https://www.bimblesolar.com/london-boat-fitting
  2. Given that CRT happily issue many River-only licences to cc'rs on the Lee & Stort (so no right to enter any other connected CRT waterway or transit one to reach another) and that's 40miles total length, only 5more than the M&B, I don't see that they'll be able to not issue one and complain about lack of progress as long as the full length is traversed - it is after all nearly doulble the distance CRT have stated will start to cause range concerns... But, as with many others, I have received conflicting, incorrect and downright dangerous advice from CRT recently. So, get it in writing, and compare notes with others in similar positions before accepting what they say.
  3. My lenovo - <vol down>+<power> takes screenshot and saves it in storage/pictures/Screenshots. My Gallery app seems to have been replaced by (Google) Photos. opening this allows one to navigate the 'on device' folders....
  4. I'm in London, and have been since December. There is plenty of room coming in from the West until Alperton. From there until Paddington (2hrs) it's mostly full, but even at the Westway there were a couple of breasted-up spots. We paid for a weekend in the basin (6 places there plus another 2 in Little Venice). However, we then found a spot for Xmas/New Year by the station. Followed by a couple of weeks back in the basin behind the hospital. We then went back out onto the mainline at the Harrow Road. Now the big leap over to Kings Cross - there are no moorings really (apart from the 5 spots in Camden) for a good 3hr cruise through Mary!ebone, Regents Park and Camden. We'd booked a week on the eco-moorings above City Road lock. Then back to Kings Cross and an extended stay on the Coaldrops (because of Storm Eunice), then back to the eco-moorings for a futher week. There's a major problem with the eco-moorings (which occupy the entirety of the moorings from East of Kings Cross to City Road Lock) in that the booking website doesn't allow one to cancal a booking within two weeks of arrival, and thus spaces go wasted. I've just spent the last week back on them and 4-6 spaces (of 10 at Colebrooke Row) were vacant every night. From the eco-moorings we went East to Haggerston, and then down to Mile End for two weeks apiece before returning to the eco-moorings. Yesterday we discovered that there were no appropriate spaces at Old Ford in Stratford and had to travel a whole mile and a half further north to find a lovely space on Hackney Marshes. The next moorings will hopefully be outside Lidl on the Limehouse Cut and then somewhere in Brentford before climbing up to the Fox in Hanwell. In the last four months, the only time we haven't found a space in or close to our preferred destination - was yesterday. London is not full; it's crowded, but there are always spaces somewhere. And now there are many more bookable moorings in the centre of town (website incompetence notwithstanding) so, so long as you don't have a massive widebeam, or will not breast-up, you'll find a space. As to the locals. They're young and new. They can't move out of London, because that's where their jobs/families and schools are - but in general they do seem to try and obey the guidelines for cc'ingas they currently exist, and many want to make a go of living on boats. There are a few who are obstreperous, and care nought for the rules - some have dependency or mental health issues, others are merely self-centred and selfish, but they are a very small minority. As to CRT - they're pretty universally seen as remote, uncaring, ignorant, incompetent, and biaised against boaters. The farago of the 'safety zones' on the Lee over the past year has played, once again, into the hands of the NBTA activists. The workers on the bank are respected, but the employment of District Enforcement is destroying even that. But in two weeks, I'm back off up-country for 7-8 months. I'll report back next time I come down to this country within a country....
  5. It's laid out in their GDPR policy schedule - "Unless otherwise specified below, we delete this personal information 7 years after the end of the relevant boat license, business boating agreement, mooring permit or other agreement." If you don't think this period is properly reasonable under the Regulations then complain to the ICO - don't come whinging here until you've made up a substantive complaint to them and are prepared to share it so we can contribute to ensuring it's properly grounded. If you believe that CRT aren't following their own policy, then institute a complaint to CRT - but do share it here so we can comment once again on your reasonableness and restraint.
  6. I have a Raspbery Pi running Kodi connected to either Freeview or Freesat receivers as needed. Kodi runs a PVR for recording on-air programmes as needed. It can also do an iplayer/sounds interface through the wifi although not itv/4/5. There's also a torrenting module and soundcloud for music. It also indexes/classifies/plays locally stored files. For emergency watching of 'Dancing on Ice' there's a Roku Express to stream 3/4/5 from the internet.
  7. One of the Rembrandt Gardens (the southern) allows breasting. From the booking page "There are two moorings available at Rembrandt Gardens - one for a widebeam boat (on the South Mooring) and one for narrowboats only (on the North Mooring). If you wish to use the widebeam mooring to moor two narrowboats abreast.."
  8. I'm a customer of Circular Revolution; I've been using a composting system for five years now - CRT's mixed messaging about bag/binning - first of all it's allowed and almost encouraged; then, solely in the Boaters' Update newletter, this policy is reversed with immediate effect (when I received the newsletter, I checked the other online resources regarding the policy and wrote to the author - no other authority had been changed from the previous stance, and the author never deigned to reply to my query). CRT subsequently seem to have relaxed their stance from 'must not' to 'should not' bag/bin and extended the deadline for implementation to the start of this year. I have bag/bined in the winter months, whilst I'm in London as a cc'r. The weather's too cold to sucessfully dehydrate/compost shit on the roof and a whole year's worth of poo is too much for the vegetable patch. So, the collection service saves me having to find a working bin store (they're getting fewer down here), or pretend I've got a large dog. Urine - I've got enough containers for a fortnightly turnaround - but again, if an elsan's out of action, then there are precious few around, so the parks might get a nitrogenous bonus if the next elsan isn't within the rest of the day's cruise range. It is more expensive than a pumpout, but there's even fewer of those down here than other facilities! But it's more convenient - I don't have to move the boat for a day or three to get emptied, and the toilet is infinitely less complicated and thirsty for water. Plus, I'm only using it for the four months or so that I'm moving through London, so the total cost is something like 180 quid. I'd like to have been able to carry on using the bins, but times change and we must change with them. I believe there are relatively few people composting in London - I'm of the opinion that many liveaboards use their offices/gyms/pubs etc facilities for a lot of their utput and the onboard toilets are only used when others are not to hand. But, as with any walk of life, there are also the few who don't care and abuse what facilities are around - which gives _everyone_ a bad name, and a bad time.
  9. I think that's the preferred solution - move the crusties (other liveaboard continuous cruising boaters are also available) to Birmingham. Move CRT offices back to central London where there are now no pesky boaters to ask awkward questions....
  10. DaveP


    Pole Height - in Lower Heyford (on 3) I was able to stream SD iplayer video with a 4m pole. Previously, with the receiver on the roof, the network was pretty unusable. (This is with a Huawei E3772 dongle and a pair of £10 chinese magnetic stick aerials). I've previous!y called this area 'the valley of the 19th century' due to the lack of useful mobile signal round there.
  11. Isn't the vat rate 5%, rather than 20%? (Not that it matters for the margin calculation, but does of course get reflected in the price charged to the final consumer).
  12. I've let a Three contract run-on after the minimum period (the old One Plan) until they shafted everyone by withdrawing it and essentially doubling the price. But for a couple of years it was great; as far as I recall, they essentially keep you on the same deal, but it's on 30 days notice, so if you're happy there's no need to take out a new contract. So, are they shafting customers again by withdrawing contracts over their minimum period?
  13. Something to note is the new trick on annual increases - used to be RPI, now it's 4.5% each year on new contracts....
  14. The space closest to the locks is occupied by a broken-down boat - currently without an engine, with a new one due to be fitted in the next week or so. The second mooring is rightly popular and is being used as intended by a succession of moorers; I've used it twice in the last two months on the way to and from the river. I'm about to carve out another space behind the current occupiers as I'm going back up there today for a week, including getting new solar panels delivered and bathroom bits sorted... The Timothy Bridge space was just too close to the bins there - overflowing with rubbish and rats on every time I come past....
  15. The loose gravel was there yesterday - a distinct unimprovement over the previous tarmac surface....
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