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  1. I did; it was very nice there. Order pizza on way to shower, pick it up on the way back. Coal and gas at yorkshire prices delivered. Beer not delivered, but for proper money....
  2. I used to moor at Fall Ings in Wakefield - the chemical works just down-river send out a very nice calendar each year with information about their test alerts and what to do in case of an emergency (we all agreed that rather than staying put, it would be better to set off upwind asap). The surrounding areas don't get developed much due to being in a flood and blast zone....
  3. I'm not talking about the river moorings - the ones above lock 17, before descending onto the Nene.
  4. There is pretty much no mooring available on the arm below the main bunch of locks; channel is narrow and overgrown and the bank is not in any way reinforced. Right at the bottom, space for 3-4 boats outside the flats.
  5. I started using Linux when a laptop hard drive failed and i didn't have a spare windows install disc - about six years ago. Downloaded ubuntu and let it install. Took less time and hassle than windows. Since then I've converted the other laptop, acquired some raspberry pi's (one to run osmc as a media centre, one as a time-lapse camera) and loaded GalliumOS onto a new Cromebook - which was much cheaper than equivalent laptops running windows. Now thinking about more pi's to monitor the solar/battery controllers and the BMC1500.... I do maintain one old pc with windows 7 only to ensure I can fix issues with ntfs formatted hard drives. I have a hp laser printer that does wifi and 'just works' with the linux machines...
  6. So you're both paying to be there. Sounds like it's time for the landlord to arbitrate if you cant sort out between yourselves like adults...
  7. So, today, four hours of gennie running on the roof bouncing up and down - why? No sun recently and an inoperable engine. Repairs underway, but unfortunately I'm going to be annoying until its fixed next week....
  8. Berko - I think the pound below the Rising Sun (Lock 55) is particularly prone to emptying. I've been there when the was a sudden overnight drop. In that case it seemed to be due to a pillock in the lock below rather than any natural phenomenon though. The pounds above the main town moorings are very shallow. I was moored at Jewsons to take on some wood earlier this week and the normal rise and fall of the pound was enough to ground me. The locks between there and the main town are leaky and at least one asks for it to be left empty and bottom paddle drawn. I'm now near the Crystal Palace, and it seems deeper and more stable.... Dave
  9. Yes, introduced this summer. The walkway moorings are still free. (atm).
  10. All the boating scenes were definitely Brentford. Moored on the permanent pontoons with shots across to the gauging locks, sluice gears, warehouses and crt offices/sanitary station. The getaway scene was beautifully comic with the undrwater shot of the propeller spinning up, a pressure gauge rising and then the swan-like stately progress. Deffo on my list for next week when they will hopefully reach Hanwell.
  11. DaveP

    TV, Freesat

    Looks like they've been taken off air last month - several news stories relating to a takeover by Discovery....
  12. I suspect its more than a few years. I asked for my sighting data last year - got it back to 2008, when I first licensed the boat. The first couple of years are sparse, but from 2010 there's good (ie every month at least) data...
  13. 'It's not red diesel officer, it's rosé wine (hic), that's why I'm on a restricted licence....'
  14. Its not just the duty - the VAT is also raised from 5% to 20‰ - so an extra 15% on the old base price (14.4p -'round' to 15p), the extra duty of 50p, and the VAT on that - 10p; a total rise of 75p/l - so more like £1.70/l. This is why people are getting worried about the continuing viability of canalside diesel supplies...
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