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  1. Isn't the vat rate 5%, rather than 20%? (Not that it matters for the margin calculation, but does of course get reflected in the price charged to the final consumer).
  2. I've let a Three contract run-on after the minimum period (the old One Plan) until they shafted everyone by withdrawing it and essentially doubling the price. But for a couple of years it was great; as far as I recall, they essentially keep you on the same deal, but it's on 30 days notice, so if you're happy there's no need to take out a new contract. So, are they shafting customers again by withdrawing contracts over their minimum period?
  3. Something to note is the new trick on annual increases - used to be RPI, now it's 4.5% each year on new contracts....
  4. The space closest to the locks is occupied by a broken-down boat - currently without an engine, with a new one due to be fitted in the next week or so. The second mooring is rightly popular and is being used as intended by a succession of moorers; I've used it twice in the last two months on the way to and from the river. I'm about to carve out another space behind the current occupiers as I'm going back up there today for a week, including getting new solar panels delivered and bathroom bits sorted... The Timothy Bridge space was just too close to the bins there - overflowing with rubbish and rats on every time I come past....
  5. The loose gravel was there yesterday - a distinct unimprovement over the previous tarmac surface....
  6. The towpath has now been resurfaced with loose gravel (ffs!). Also be aware that the lock below has had issues in the recent past (July) and emptied that pound a couple of times overnight.
  7. The edge is scalloped and overgrown. Will require pins and a billhook (and possibly a plank). There's one space which is against armco, but that's currently being used by a broken-down boat awaiting an engine transplant. The basin hasn't been totally full in the last couple of weeks and no-one appears to be enforcing the 2-day max stay there.
  8. I think from memory (having moored at Fall Ings for a few years), Thorne is doable on the straight in a 60', but be very aware of the overhanging walkway inside the bottom gates - I broke my swan neck off on it. Winding below the lock is fine.
  9. I constructed (well, bodged together with some gaffatape) a box to fit next to my front steps with tubes leading to and from the bilge with a computer fan controlled by a thermostatic relay. It worked fine for a winter (with about 1/10 of the power used by the fridge), but it turns out that a box in the cratch works just as well for everything except milk, which was fine in a plastic bag in a hessian bag hung over the gunnel outside the kitchen window into the canal (hessian wicks up the water for evaporative cooling, plastic prevents water touching the food containers).
  10. I've had my solar panels occupying the first 3.5m of roof since 2013; the question of ladders did concern me, but it has turned out that very, very, few locks are badly placed. I now tend to bow-haul the boat (at least partially) in or out as needed. During the winter months, I have another pair of panels (1.0m x 3.5m) about 2/3 along the boat, again I'll bow-haul the boat to the right place. These panels are offset to the centreline, so there is a wider shufflepath past them, although it's not the best. Dave
  11. I'm in a very similar position. I do double up to 1200w in winter, but also switch off my fridgefreezer - this cuts my daily consumption down to 40-50Ah, which the panels can generally keep up with even in Dec/Jan. But it is marginal, a couple of days of very poor weather will tip the balance (I'm still not totally trusting of letting my Lithiums get lower than 30%)....
  12. According to the route planner (canalplan.org.uk) it's 78 hours to get from Whitchurch to Northampton (marinas) which isn't impossible in the next two weeks, but is very tight. I'd suggest relaxing your deadline or considering moving it by road....
  13. That's because I emptied them into the long pound - they're prob only 100cm deep at the edge and less over on the off-side, but the channel is that deep (lots of transits and locking/filling over a couple of boat lengths distance forming a distinct scour channel)...
  14. CRT are refilling the flight, now only about 30cm down....
  15. Below Wilmcote locks (pound 50-51) water down around 60-80cm due to boater leaving paddles up on lock 51 last night. Also between middle and lower flights (pound 47-48) water down around 50cm. little pounds in lower flight now down 150cm.... Awoke with the boat on the serious lean. Have used the small pounds in the bottom flight to get boat off bottom and fridge back to its side of kitchen. CRT aware. Dave
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