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  1. I'm at Irthlingborough, having come down from Wellngborough yesterday. River is a foot up (and 18in up below the lock), lakes are filling and the sky is still providing more. Spoke to the EA chap changing the sign to the SSA one, and he expected the alert to be in place for at least the weekend...
  2. Speaking to the crew, a 6 episode itv series for the summer called 'zombie boat'. They'd been filming the day before at Three Bridges and Norwood top lock.
  3. I use multiple sources; Raspberry Pi running Kodi holds my local collection, can also access iPlayer Radio, and dvb-t/s streams depending on connected receivers and antennae. This plays into the main speaker system. Phone running Spotify, iPlayer Radio, podcast app (and a subset of the local collection) connected by WiFi to a Chromecast Audio puck that also plays into the main speaker system or bluetooths into the driving position car stereo or a portable speaker.
  4. There are a few still around that don't need mains power and are convertible and are 500mm wide. I recently bought a Hotpoint HAG51P. Didn't see any particular warnings against boat installation.
  5. I've just had this; as Richard says, the spindle wears out. There are springs n things under the top cover which need to go back in the same place.... So I chickened and gave it to a place for an overhaul. Four days and £200 it came back. Make sure you put it back exactly lined up with how you took it off the engine - theres a pointer and scribeline to match up.
  6. I'm using my old one - dates from several years back (so old it's been cut down from a full size one).
  7. Please don't! Double bag the solids (preferably mark the bag as such) and put in the bin - that's CRT's advice. Elsan disposal will block the elsan. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/enjoy-the-waterways/boating/boating-blogs-and-features/boating-team/game-of-thrones-boat-toilet-waste-disposal
  8. I think I paid about £430 - Appliances Direct. Yes, just tell it to do a cold wash, no issues. Yes, it only takes about 200w peak (spin) w/o the heater. I am using a pure sine wave inverter(1kw); even the old machine objected to modified sine (one would run it a double speed).
  9. The hot water is provided via a Morco geyser, so that's adjusted to give lukewarm water. At some point, the roundtuit will fit a thermostatic mixer to the feed....
  10. I had a Candy Aquamatic 100F (the little 3.5kg load one) which lasted for 14 years. Fabulously small and would run off a 1kw Genny (just) or the engine and inverter. It chewed up the bearings last year and I replaced it with the Aquamatic 104D1. Only has a cold-water inlet - which I've connected to the hot water line. The heater was more powerful than the 100F so wouldnt run off the Genny - it needs about 1.5kw. But with the Morco supplying hot water, it only uses about 10ah for a 1hour wash. It also uses about half the water of the old machine (20 litres-ish). Wouldn't be without a washing machine onboard as a cc'ing liveaboard....
  11. As ever, it's externalities which haven't been considered that need further examination (what's the point of research? Next year's grant money!). The study relates to changes in land use, claiming that because organic agriculture has lower areal yields than conventional farming for the same crop, more area is needed for the same production quantity and thus more forested land will be converted to farming those crops, releasing co2. No account is taken of other environmental impacts such as fertiliser production costs or run-off effects. It is focussed on producing a metric to measure change of land use, and doesn't predict anything else other than changes in co2 production relating to changes in land use - not changes in consumption levels, not changes in production methods. It's a classic scientific study - hold everything except one aspect the same, and see what the change in outcome is. In this respect, it produces (or rather the clickbait headline does) a Malthusian outcome....
  12. DaveP

    Wind turbine

    As Tony says; you need a clean stream of wind, if it's moving around the turbine spends most of its time twirling around trying to catch it rather than actually catching it. The output is proportional to the cube of the air velocity - so if it's quoted @400w, find out what windspeed that's at - usually 10-12m/s (22mph - Beaufort force 5) - the cut-in speed is normally about 3-4m/s (8 mph - Beaufort force 3). Winds don't usually reach much higher than the cut-in speed and certainly very little of the rated speed is seen especially inland on non-exposed sites. Producing 24Ah in a day is beyond these units capabilities except for fairly insignificant periods of time.
  13. Yep - but even more so - Gallium as a complete Linux install (still dual-boot if you want it). https://wiki.galliumos.org/Installing/Preparing
  14. But that's not true; there are plenty of 'off-road' places to hide from CRT. Essentially, waterways controlled by someone else such as EA, NT, MLC, Peel... So, once you're spotted w/o a licence - make a run for the border. For London, the Thames is within 8 hours of Black Jack's lock, Broxbourne and all points in-between. (Mind you, they are pretty secure border points.)
  15. I suspect it also needs to be make clear that no other such plates may be displayed. Nothing like hiding in plain sight....
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