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  1. Spent the last three weeks coming up from Brentford to Abingdon. Only had one unplanned wild mooring moment (Pangbourne), although had to play Tetris to get in at Goring. Many more swimmers, paddle boarders and kayakers than previously seen.
  2. Similarly, I'm intending to fit one in October when my current regime (610w solar into 200ah LiFePO4) is going to need backup - also going to fit another 600w of solar, so the B2B is really only for the dullest of weeks.... Dave
  3. The Ukulele Orchestra of GB are enormous fun... Heroes I can't find it online, but the other year Madness did cover 'Highway to Hell' by AC/DC at Cropredy. That was marvellous.
  4. Three tethering is unlimited, on unlimited plans http://support.three.co.uk/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBISAPI.DLL?Command=New,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=Article,varset_cat=internetapps,varset_subcat=3583,Case=obj(3833)
  5. 1) solar panels - fitted 500w 7seven years ago. Frees you from engine running when off-grid for at least 6months of the year. Last year fitted another 600w - got away with 14hours of engine run between November and February instead of the usual 120hours 2) Three and their late lamented 'one plan'. Still on an unlimited deal and it's slowly getting back to the price they used to charge. 3) eBay 'click and collect'. Now so easy to pick stuff up from a newsagent/Argos/whatever, instead of liaising with friends with postboxes.
  6. Currently stuck in London - want to get up to Banbury (via Lechlade) for blacking and back into town for winter; so, the trip relies not only on the lockdown being lifted, but the EA repairing the (currently 5, I think) stoppages on the Thames. Otherwise it's going to be the GU up to Braunston and then South to Tooley's on the outward leg, which means my Gold Licence going to waste this year...
  7. Yes, but there's two spaces out of action, because some twit was burning damp wood under the hospital air intakes.
  8. Their 'paper address' is their daughter's home. It's not their home. They've been staying there, but for reasons, need to move out. I don't see the problem with the law or the guidance - see the document issued today to the police; under Other Reasons it say that 'Moving to a friend’s address for several days to allow a ‘cooling-off’ following arguments at home.' is a reasonable excuse. The point is, that the move is not likely to be reversed in a few hours. This is not a visit to the boat, it's resuming their temporarily interrupted life aboard. I do agree that the marina itself may present larger problems to accessing their home....
  9. My criteria:. Towpath on Northside of cut with no overhanging trees or massive obstructions on the offside, 4G on Three available, decent Freesat/view reception. A variety of shops within 2 miles walk, water and sanitary facilities in same pound or at boundary locks - with winding space. Large hospital in reach for a last gasp, if necessary. I'm currently at Mile End - towpath isn't quite in the right orientation and there are far too many joggers, but other than that I'm very happy. Apart from the south Oxford, between Banbury and Aynho, I also nominate Tixall Wide.
  10. Indeed they have - here's my address from the licence letter last year (pdf).... Dr Dave Parry Nb Freespirit Rising Regents Canal Until Aprilish Then GU And then Nene And the Fens NFA I have previous used something like 'two boats down from the lift bridge south of banbury' spread across a couple of lines...
  11. See my screenshot for myself. Not had any issues from CRT or EA about this...
  12. If you don't have a fixed abode, then you can't get credit since the bank doesn't have an address with which to serve papers to sue you. Thus your credit score will marked as an unacceptable risk and no-one will or should lend you money. As a collorary to this, you won't be able to hold a bank account either under the 'knowing your customers' regulations. You will be able to get a 'basic' bank account, that doesn't allow an overdraft or a credit card to be associated with it. If you do have a bank account or credit card, that's the address you should be using for a credit check...
  13. Yep, I used the Paddington basin postcode, WCC asked me if I was permanently moored, I explained the circumstances (and that there wasn't that option on the online form) and they registered me as a local connection voter. I used their offices as a correspondence address, but they've always sent stuff out by email to me...
  14. It can be done online, I'm currently registered in Westminster. That was all done online, starting with the electoral commission - https://www.registertovote.service.gov.uk/register-to-vote/start - WCC accepted my signature and answers to the firm's questions by email, rather than printing it out and manually completing it....
  15. I've used both, prefer New Heat - I find that Excel burns too hot and wrecks my grate (Villager Puffin). New Heat is cheaper, produces less ash, lasts as long and is cheaper (£11 vs £13).
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