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Dr Bob

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  1. Dr Bob

    Stove top fan ......again!

    That's 18 bottles and a bit of change!
  2. Dr Bob

    Stove top fan ......again!

    They sell Hobgoblin gold for £1.25 a bottle.
  3. Dr Bob

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    Thanks CH. Yes, totally agree on going via Lapworth. The problem is that Ian Taylor's place is at the top of the Knowle flight so you have to go up it! .......and back down it, reversing into the top lock and winding in the pound between the top and 2nd lock. Not easy when the wind is howling (which it always is on that hill) and the pound is low (although it wasnt this time). Best of luck with the repaint.
  4. Dr Bob

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    I wouldnt worry about going off topic. Rusty started the thread and has done a runner. I suspect he is having a boob augmentation jobbie done so he she looks better in Alan's rubber number. Yes, some wide locks are heavier than others but Knowle just seem so bad. I guess they are deeper locks than most. ......but how do they compare to the ones on the 'uddersfield narrow? It was dark blue/cream line before so we thought we would keep it the same. Upside is that it doesnt show dirt as bad as a light colour and the sun doesnt reflect as bad, but of course it gets hotter in the summer.
  5. Dr Bob

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    Well done! This time last year I was 13 stone and a bit but must have put on too much with all the drinking last summer. Need to get down by 5 or 6 kilos. All these locks are helping. Mrs Bob now has to drive the boat! Eeeeeek!
  6. Dr Bob

    Toilets, whats yours

    It was the best Mrs Bob could find as we passed Lidle today. Tomorrow night the 2 boats and a pulled pork burger. Yummy.
  7. Dr Bob

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    Yep, I'm on a diet.....but 7 hours boating today deserved the odd can or so. Rusty's just sulking. Probably can't find a suitable pic for his avatar to match the occasion.
  8. Dr Bob

    Watts to Amps please!!

    Our Nespresso machine takes circa 100+Amps when I use it for Mrs Bob in the morning. Today with the engine running it took 50 Amps. Tonight I opened a can of Abbot Ale ( well actually a few more) and the ammeter didn't show any power loss. I think that is the way to go.
  9. Dr Bob

    Toilets, whats yours

    Pint of Abbot please.
  10. Dr Bob

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    Way to go!!!!! What a job!!!! Got the boat back on Thursday. Only 3 weeks late....but expected. Great job. Looks really good. We also got a new bathroom put in which Mrs Bob thinks is smashing. Sratched it already, the paint not the bathroom. Bloody bushes. On our way back towards Napton now ahead of some heavy frosts on Tuesday night. Luverly boating over the past two days. Did Hatton in 3 1/2 hours so not too bad for the two of us. 3 boats were coming up the other way. Other than that only seen one boat moving. Park where you like. No one on any water points. Heaven! One question. Are the locks a Knowle the worst on the network? No way would Mrs Bob have budged some of the gates. In particular the 3rd to bottom lock, bottom gate away from the towpath needed a good 2nd row to open that one. I'm 6' 2'' and 14 odd stone and I was struggling. We are planning to head up to the Huddersfield narrow this summer and heard that it is hard work. Surely Knowle is harder. Them gates are big.....or am I a muppet and a whimp? Rusty.......you started all of this. You still alive?
  11. Dr Bob

    March of the Widebeams

    I remember turning up in some marina in Sardinia and getting put between two monsterous gin palaces in our lumpy water boat, that was about the same height as a sewer tube. It was 'orrible. Never again. Double decker canal boats has to be a no-no.
  12. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2019

    I preferred the Morris dancing sub thread.
  13. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2019

    What's wrong with Morris Dancing? I used to Morris dance when I was much younger. I had to give up because I broke my leg when I fell of the bonnet. Well someone had to crack that one!
  14. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2019

    I agree. Great speech. Shame he didn't help May sort Bexit. Corbyn hasn't a clue. Demands to take 'no deal' off the table takes away our best card in the negotiation. Politicians are just failed businessmen. FFS, get someone in who knows how to negotiate. It is not rocket science. Parliament are to blame here. They want to agree a deal before we take it to Europe. That's not the way to negotiate. First you set up a team to go and negotiate. Then agree the guidelines for the team. Then negotiate and don't let the other side see anything until it's signed. You cannot openly discuss your internal position. It can only be done behind closed doors not in parliament. We elected a government to do this. Get on with it guys.
  15. Dr Bob

    How to disconnect this light!!!

    Anyone want a bagel?

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