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  1. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2017

    Before edit, you said only a muppet remainer or brexiteer would pick the PMs choice as it delivers nothing for either side. No, I would go for a hard Brexit.
  2. Ref the comment earlier saying 2 gig for the match on BT sport, I find that when running our laptop and outputting to the tv via hdmi lead that I use circa 4 gig of data for a footy or rugby match. This is far too much. Problem is it is downloading in HD as the app sets its speed at the speed of the connection. I wpould love to reduce it to SD but can't see how to do it. If you use IPlayer, then it can be less than a gig for an hour. Similarly you can set YouTube for SD downloads to save bandwidth. Netflix also allows just SD so doesn't use much data. BT sport is a pain but the only route to European footy and premiership rugby.
  3. Dr Bob

    Claydon Marina

    Half a sparrow?
  4. Dr Bob

    Leeds & Liverpool Closed For Cruising

    Buying a 62ft boat doesn't seem a bad decision then?
  5. Dr Bob

    Hooray it's raining!

    Wetherby?? Never been there. Is it any good?
  6. Dr Bob

    Satellite TV Receiver Latest

    I find with a 60cm dish (a typical house zone 1) that the angle is not that much of a problem. Once I get the direction right, the declination is very easy to peak with the sat finder. For me, the sat finder is so easy to use to pick the most easterly satellite. The only problem arises when there is a tree in the way of that satellite and you end up with the 19E one as the strongest easterly one. You soon realise though with no tv signal your not going to succeed unless you move the boat.
  7. Dr Bob

    Satellite TV Receiver Latest

    What a wonderful tool!! Thanks for posting it. .....great in the summer and I will use it to get the 'gap in the trees' before we tie up.......but what about the winter. Its often difficult to tell the difference between the sun and the moon as we dont see them that often?
  8. Dr Bob

    Painting new phenolic ply

    I think I'm on tomorrow, if it doesnt rain.
  9. Dr Bob

    Hooray it's raining!

    I'm getting a feeling of deja vu. Are we on the right thread?
  10. Dr Bob

    Satellite TV Receiver Latest

    I guess Sea Dog's problems breakdown into two issues. - the faff setting up the dish - what to use as a tuner/recorder. I've been using satellite this year and gone down the Sky Q route 'cause I like watching footy and rugby. For setting up the dish, I find my sat finder is great...and if there is a good line of sight to the satellite, i can set it up in a couple of minutes. Sky Q uses a 'funny' lnb so I had to get a normal 60cm dish which is mounted on a vertical stub. Dead easy to rotate etc. The only issue I have is that when using a compass to try and get the bearing, the metal of the boat skews the compass bearing. Usually I get the approx direction from looking at the map of the canal and then tuning via the sat finder and ignoring the compass. The faff comes if there are any trees in the way and the signal is marginal or non existant and then it can be a real faff. The trick is parking the boat where it wont be a faff...no trees...which in this recent weather is a problem. Once I have a signal, it is very stable as the dish seems to give fairly broad coverage if the boat rocks or rotates. For the tuner, sky Q is a compromise. Great recording potential but you cant watch recorded problems if switched off and no signal on booting up. You therefore need to leave it on in standby when no dish in place. That takes a lot of power .....I think around 3A.....and the box gets hot. That's 36Ahrs if its on 24/7. eeeek. So you either park under trees in the cool and listen to music or park in the sun with loads of power and watch the footy. We do also have a tv aerial so can get digital freeview if no Sky.
  11. Dr Bob

    Hooray it's raining!

    Rain? Wotsthat?
  12. Dr Bob

    Painting new phenolic ply

    ....but that's what you get when you stand in the rain.
  13. Dr Bob

    Painting new phenolic ply

    Dont get rusty.
  14. Dr Bob

    World Cup football.

    I dont think any right minded pundit would say we were robbed. Just we were not good enough.

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