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  1. OMG. Does that mean we will see a load of boats with a big sign dangled over the back saying "I'm going slow 'cause we are electric"?
  2. So how long will the genny have to be run each day in a cloudy spell and are these gennys silent.....as most of the time they will be running when moored?
  3. Dr Bob


    I've never met any neutered males down the pub...or none that admitted to it anyway.
  4. Dr Bob


    This one pumps the air through a carbon filter..see the photo in a previous post, so the air is circulated in the bathroom. The filter tales out all smell ....and I mean all. The actual smell from the poo bucket is very low so there isn't that much to absorb. Dessicated poo covered in compost has a surprising low level of smell.🥳 No, I haven't got Covid.
  5. Even more reason to go for a composting toilet.
  6. You've got as much chance of persuading me biofuels are good as there is of getting Smelly to switch to a composting loo! I'll give up now!
  7. We should be eating the soybeans or wotever other protein we can make out the plant growth and stop eating meat. If there was more research focussed on nutrition then we could make better use of plant based amino acids to build our food rather than animal based. Trouble is that a lot of peeps like the taste of meat. My grandson when asked on Christmas day, what he wanted to eat said 'a big mac'. We are all doomed. I hate big macs......but I do like double whoppers.
  8. Dr Bob


    First lot went on the nearby trees. Very impressed after first 36 hours. No smell wotsoever. You know the sort of smell there is when you go in the bathroom after someone else has done number 2's....well none of that anymore. 10/10 so far.
  9. Dr Bob


    Why didnt Noah do much fishing on the ark? . . . . . . . . . He only had two worms.😄
  10. I agree with that. Its a good use of the waste product if it can back out diesel from refineries BUT it seems daft to make it as first intent from plants just to burn. Why not make something more useful from the algae like food? Having said that, I am not a fan of biodiesel being blended in to our current transport fuel as it does reduce shelf life significantly - ie reacts to form gums and isnt as good at cold temperatures causing waxing etc (so I read!!!!!!!). It's not a problem for cars but for long turnaround stuff like canal boats, it can be an issue. I wonder how many boats out there still have significant amounts of diesel put in 3 years ago. Having oxygen in the molecule is certain to make it more biologically active and assist in forming diesel bug. What is certain is that many boats today (ie the 14th January) are running their ebersparky thingies and their engines on diesel that was made to summer spec (ie much higher cloud point) and put into their tanks before mid September (when the refineries change to their intermediate - then winter - grades). I am reading that RCR have had multiple issues of clogged filters/injectors etc in the last few year. Having gennies that operate only on biodiesel is a big step forward.
  11. Yes, but why burn the crops to create CO2? If you grow something from CO2 in the atmosphere, why not use it for something that doesn't put it all back in the atmosphere i.e. Like food? Your thinking is too focussed on how do we neutralise our need to burn hydrocarbons for energy. You are then forced to think of mitigation strategies. The best way forward is to find cleaner forms of energy so we don't need to burn things and grow things to eat.
  12. I didn't say it was a good idea to make biodiesel! When you burn biodiesel it still makes 3 times its weight in CO2 so we are still all doomed. What then is the point? Hydrogen may work but I have 30 years experience working in BP watching them trying to develop fuel cells and hydrogen storage. Yes it works but it has never been at commercial prices. I really can't see that changing if there are cheaper solutions. Maybe some sort of portable methanol or hydrogen fuel cell but more reliance on batteries is the way to go. If half the population bought Teslas then we can all (well the 75% who have drives) plug in overnight and store all that free electrickerty to be given back to the network during the day. Battery technology will advance hugely in the future. Just think where we were with batteries 30 years ago! In another 30 years the world will be a very different place. We'll probably be getting to lockdown number 69. Did I mention biodiesel is carp?
  13. You make the algae using low level heat that comes from the 'spare' electrickery.
  14. Dr Bob


    It's all a load of carp, apart from my new toilet.😎😀
  15. Dr Bob


    What's the fastest fish in the water? . . . . . . . . . . a motorpike!
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