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  1. That's too black and white. OK for Alan's example but some marinas have lots of rules. No hanging washing. Dogs on leads. What happens if the dog escapes? Twice? Who determines when rules are broken? Yes, 'resident associations' need to follow the rules and good marinas get it right. Some marinas are better than others.
  2. Computers can be quite useful though. We wouldnt be reading all this rubbish if we didnt have them! What would we do then?
  3. I would have said if it was a good boat (ie not one that has been hanging round for a long time...and reasonably priced) then offer 10% less and settle on 5%. Seems par for the course. However, looking at demand this last week and the number of peeps viewing, there may not be many discounts! The last two boats in our marina on sale with the on site broker were sold on Wednesday. One of them is moored near us. The owner was up yesterday to do some last minute repairs and said he didnt know which one of the four peeps who had offered had actually got the boat (subject to survey of course). I assume it went for the asking price. We dropped our price by 5% to close the sale of our boat the week before the lockdown. I think we would have got 10% more if it went on the market this week. Talk to the brokers. If they are good they will give you a realistic picture of the market. I expect the with the current interest (peeps spending granny's inheritance) will mean prices go up so you may well be back to offering 10% less!
  4. If its less than a year I would defo go back to the yard to get them to fix it, even if they have repaired some previously. It is not easy to spot every bit of 'poor surface' if you are leaving the existing paint in situ over large areas. Was the job done under cover? I guess as it is not a year old it was done last summer when weather conditions were right (er No!). Painting outside in the UK is difficult at the best of times unless you are in a temperature controlled paint shop.
  5. Dr Bob

    Sumburgh Fog Horn

    All the kit is still in place. Only seen it through the window of the building.
  6. My bote does about 7.7nM per sec.
  7. Are you sure it wasn't duck?
  8. I was all set up with the camera out on Wednesday night...till it was cancelled. Not sure we'll see it Saturday as I think it is an hour earlier so maybe not dark enough.
  9. Is Dundee twinned with Beirut? ......our household were all St Johnstone supporters when we lived up there.
  10. On the Athy way of counting, I reckon about 40-50, so that's about 3rd week june ish. We see photos of the build process every week and they look around 2 weeks away plus another week to truck it over here. Yes, getting excited. I can fit my lithiums again!!!!!!!! Poland doesnt seem to have been hit too hard with the virus so they have only slipped 3 weeks in the build......we originally thought it would be here before the Crick show.....so not too bad.
  11. There is a different way to answer that. Think about the seller. We are selling (under offer) our boat to buy an new one. We are doing it through a broker as it is far easier for us and far less faff. ......plus I think a lot less stress. They organise things like surveys etc and handle the transfer of money/ownership. Many peeps in our position do the same .....SO A LOT OF THE GOOD BOATS ARE BEING SOLD THROUGH BROKERS. If you decide only to buy privately then you are seriously limiting yourselves. The brokers I have dealt with when buying this one, and now selling it are professional and are pricing it right for the market and if there was anything major wrong (that was obvious) they wouldnt sell it. They are not like 2nd hand car salesman (the good brokers). Be aware that the market is moving fast now and is certainly a sellers market. 2 of the 3 boats for sale in our marina were sold yesterday, and 3 boats sold yesterday in the brokers other main marina. Dont hang about when you see the boat you want.
  12. I hope they let us go boating before that!
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