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  1. Is it a beta 43? High chance it is the multi plug connector come loose. Happens a lot when engineers with big boots clump around in the engine hole.
  2. Agree with Roland. Anywhere between the Boat in and willow wren is safe. Lots of boats always moored there. If you are heading west, then you can wind in the willow wren spur. 2 mins from the marina. Crap 4G signal though!
  3. I agree. WIth all that stuff and a paint brush on top you will need at least 1".
  4. You dont need 5m. My pole is a piece of plastic (Polyethylene) pipe 2m high ....25mm OD. You can do 5m ....but why?
  5. Yea, done that after last time. No sharp bends. Nice gentle curve all the way round. Tom, the RCR guy.....who I think is their senior engineer...... couldn't see a problem with the routing. The cable snapped this time right at the top where the cable connects to the top 'tail'.....if that makes sense. Perhaps the Morse lever is putting stress on at that point but Tom couldn't see anything. It was a right pig to get the Morse control out of the housing so that won't be coming out till next time it breaks! It did snap 2 weeks after number 3 sprog had the bote for a while!
  6. Dont panic all. Phoned RCR at 12 ish and they turned up at half three with cable in hand. Back on our way by 4 ish. I must get myself a spare for the next time it goes. Could do with one of those Lewis thingies to thin out the traffic on the north oxford. It's not still August is it?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. I spent many many years doing amateur radio contests which blew my hearing. High frequency hearing is now shot! I am not convinced these meters will even work at 4kHz though. Not many people seem to be able to hear the alarms at 8khz. My son can though. He complained when he gave me the boat back a few weeks ago after he nicked it for a few weeks in August while we were abroad. I had disconnected the lithiums so he was operating on the LA's but I had not deactivated the low voltage alarm on the BMV -set to go off around 12.2V (it never does with the Li's). He said it was not loud but annoying. I'm not holding my breath that Victron sort it to the point where the alarm is useful.
  9. Same thing happened a couple of years ago and I remember the RCR guy having a bit of a battle getting the lever thingy out (is it the morse control lever?). I think I will watch this time and then get a spare cable as this looks like it is a consumable item now. We do carry lots of spares but not to the extent smelly does.
  10. My god. That's more complicated than my baby equaliser. Oh bugger! My throtle cable has just snapped. Limpped a mile on to the nearest armco and called RCR. Guess we'll be here for most of the afternoon.
  11. Does it only work when it is 6 inches away.....ie you only have one spot. Sea Dogs got more spots than that.
  12. Oh, I'd forgotten about them! Can I have another vote?
  13. Funny you should mention that (the purchasing question). I was thinking of what has been the best buy of the year as I lay in bed last night ......as you do. The winner has to be 2 wheelbarrow wheels for 7 squid each from Aldi. We can park anywhere now. Very boring I know. In second place is Alexa. We got one a few weeks back after seeing one in action at sprog number 3's house. You can shout at it and it does things. The louder you shout, more likely it is to do what you want. It turns sockets on and off. It plays music. It tells you if its raining. It tells you if Liverpool have won. The music is actually the best bit. Mrs Bob has for the past 3 years moaned we have no radio on the bote....to listen to as we pootle along. We always listen to the radio when in the car. Now 70 squid for a 'glorified radio' seems a bit steep but actually it is great. We put it at the bottom of the stairs at the back of the bote and play all our playlists (in amazon musik) as we dawdle down the cut. Yesterday was heaven listening to 'sad eyed lady of the lowlands' in the sunshine. Far better than a radio and so much simpler than trying to manipulate all the mp3 files I have and playing them through something that you can actually hear the speaker from. The voice control is really neat. You do of course need a teltronika to operate with it but I am struggling to get Alexa to interact with the 5 blade baby equaliser.
  14. Well it seems like they forgot about it .....unitll now. This was posted on the Victron site today. Sounds like they have found a bug....it does alarm but I cant hear it at 8kHz! Firmware to be updated. I will keep an eye out for it but let me know if you see it first.
  15. I do think you are over egging the attenuation issue. It really is not that bad. We've had one night in 3 years with a bad signal. Probably 300 locations? What is the attenuation? I've not looked. About 5dB? I doubt if you would notice. In practice these antennas work without exposing the router to the elements.
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