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  1. Mine was done up at Knowle, nr Solihull so likely too far for you.
  2. Mmmmmmm! I'm pretty sure I asked for a kitchen. I wonder if they put a gallery in? It didn't come with any pictures though.
  3. I am a little surprised you have bought a conventional layout boat and are aiming to turn it into a reverse layout. That will incurr a lot more cost in moving services. When we were looking for a boat this time last year, we were focussed on a reverse layout but ended up buying a conventional one. We are now really glad we did as we find it so much better to have our living accomodation at the front where the cratch works as a great 'conservatory' and even in deep winter with the stove working, the cratch is warm enough to sit in, therefore giving us 6ft more of living space. Yes from your pics you need to upgrade the bathroom and kitchen and that should be possible for £10K -£15K but why not just leave the overall layout the same otherwise that extra cost will kick in. When we bought ours we spent £10K to get a new kitchen and dinette fitted plus new stove and a wardrobe in the bedroom plus some other stuff.
  4. Dr Bob

    Hydrogen peroxide

    Does anyone know where to buy a hose that does what it is told? In the marina, every hose we have tried escapes off the pontoon and finds its way into the water....yuck!!! Whatever I do when winding our 90 ft hose back on the roll, it slips silently in the water thus requiring a good wash out. It twists itself up at the first opportunity, it moves itself when you are not looking and trips you up but its propensity for slipping between the boat and pontoon is just driving me nuts. Are there any better behaved hoses around?
  5. Dr Bob

    Hydrogen peroxide

    I'm sorry but what a load of rubbish! Who said? You are 25 years out of date. Carcinogenic plasticisers were banned in the 1990's. Today the plasticisers for PVC are safe. The leeching rates are so low as to be almost unmeasurable and no worse than the additives they stuff into your food which you consume in vast quantities in comparison. You have more chance of being hit by lightening twice. 'Food safe' hose is a way for manufacturers to charge more for their product. It is no more safe than normal garden hose.
  6. Dr Bob

    Why today?

    I fibbed about the ecofan.😀
  7. Dr Bob

    Minworth embankment repair

    Long days ageing.😂
  8. Dr Bob

    TV ariels

    ....erm, that sounds like a bit of a stretch?😀
  9. Dr Bob

    TV ariels

    No, I dont think canalplan has the ability to speak😃
  10. Dr Bob


    ...and a load of swallows as well.
  11. Dr Bob

    Passing Sailing Boats on the Severn

    Yes, I had to do what I was told 'cause Mrs Bob was the yachtmaster.😍
  12. Dr Bob


    .....its been a bit too cold for outside painting. Hope you did it indoors. 😀
  13. Dr Bob

    Making lock gates

    Especially if you are new to NB's.
  14. Dr Bob

    TV ariels

    It's good any day of the week.
  15. Dr Bob

    flat/mat paint

    Sorry to be pedantic but what type of paint are you looking for? Any paint to apply to metal (ie direct to metal) will be a primer and so will be flat. I assume you are looking for a top coat but dont want a gloss or a sheen but is it for corrosion protection on a boat? In that case you want something that will perform well outdoors. 'Flatness' (is that a word) is usually obtained by having the filler near the surface which is not the best plan for an exterior corrosion protection coating.