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  1. No, there isnt a conditioning agent that will get you back to pristine diesel. The problem with old diesel is that although it burns well in the combustion chamber, it is possible that you may not be able to get it there! When you buy diesel, it contains a complex blend of carbon chains that the refinery can get away with dumping in the diesel pool (or to use its refinery name...gas oil). This will be a mixture of Paraffins, iso paraffins, olefins, napthenics and aromatics (PIONA). The paraffins give the diesels its Cetane number which is the thing that refers to how combustible it is. The paraffins do not change on ageing so it will still burn the same. There are however a few properties that are vital to how you can use the diesel, ie cloud point and pour point. These are a function of the molecular weight and other such stuff. The diesel will be fine when you buy it but on ageing, olefins can cross link and form much longer higher molecular weight chains which then degrade the cloud and pour points......to the extent that these heavy chains will solidify at cold winter temperatures and form a white coloured wax. IIRC, didn't @Alan de Enfield post some pictures of his tractor primary fuel filter totally waxed up last winter? Was this old fuel? Yes, the diesel will run the engine but if you have any sophisticated kit, it may not work - that's why the refinery have specifications on the fuel they sell. Throw bio-diesel in the mix and then all bets are off as shelf life will significantly decrease. If I had a load of 5 year old diesel I would try and blend it off say 20%/80% with decent fuel but only in the summer. Good diesel should make it down to -20°C without waxing but old diesel might not. 10% bio diesel in our fuel doesnt sound like a good idea for boats. Fine for cars with a fast turnover of fuel but not when you have 100L sitting in your tank for a year or so.
  2. It still remains combustible but on ageing it starts forming gums which will start blocking injectors or maybe more waxing at low temps in very cold winters etc. Maybe Alan's experience of 5 years with farm type equipment is ok but.......then there is the addition of bio-diesel which shortens the shelf life and increases the chance of diesel bug. I'd be concerned about diesel over a couple of years old.
  3. You can wind by the dry dock just above the bridge as TO says........and we have moored in that pound ( not on the tow path) a few nights before and after dry docking. Bit nearer the pub than the visitor moorings.
  4. I spoke to the volockie working the Stockton flight today......and he said he was one of the ones that helped them up Stockton earlier in the week. He said the bloke seemed competent but unfortuately the wife was steering using the bow thruster so it was continually 'over steering' and crashing into things. He seriously advised her to stop using the bow thruster. He said they were heading to London first and then on to France but were going to look for somewhere in London to park it for 3-4 months! That will be a challenge then.
  5. What a great game yesterday. Got to the mooring by 2pm. Tuned the satellite in. Moved the boat 20 yards. Dropped a nappy pin in the cut. Tuned the satellite in again. Watched us trash the Aussies! Bliss. Then Liverpool put 6 past Tranmere in their first pre season friendly.
  6. It looks more like a tree to me?🤔
  7. We saw it parked outside Midland Chandler's at the junction. The owner seemed quite relieved to get there. It looks a nice boat. We used to see it a lot on Nelson wharf but it looks far smarter in cruising mode with all the topside stuff flattened. Glad we didn't meet it at Bridge 100. Nice to see Roland and Sue. Hope it didn't slow you down!
  8. The voltage is only one place of decimals!!! No, I agree. My cheapo's were still 90%+ capacity after 2 years. 50% of time off line. Always charged at least every 2 days....but never below 75% SoC and mainly not below 80%. Follow these rules and they should last. Peeps are doing bad things to their batteries!
  9. Did widebeams get two votes in that referendum then?
  10. I think all the details were in the other thread over the weekend.
  11. If the current draw is constant (ish) and low (ish) then you can estimate the delta between that state and true resting voltage as long as you have the data to make your assumption. It's not really rocket science. I used to work on the estimation that a draw of 1.7A (typical first thing in the morning winter draw ....with no fridge compressor running) would give a 0.1V lower reading (ish). Smellys 0.3A is therefore not going to be a big delta to a true resting voltage.
  12. Yea, but Smelly said his were at 12.6 with a very light load. IF that was my system it says he would be at 90% SoC ish so has used only 45Ahr ish since yesterday evening. That seems a bit light. With TV's. fridges etc we use 100Ahr+ overnight. So on 440Ahrs capacity, you would be down to 12.4-12.5 ish.
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