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  1. Dr Bob

    Victron Inverter with genny - settings?

    Absorb is the verb and absorption in the noun. Dont confuse with Adsorption which is totally different. Confused or what?
  2. Dr Bob

    Getting work done at the same time?

    If you go to the cost of grit blasting then put on a 2 pack epoxy. If you water jet only then put on blacking. Dont use epoxy as it will not adhere to the old blacking that was left after jetting. If you put on 2 pack epoxy in Nov/Dec, make sure it is in a heated shop otherwise you risk wasting your money. Temp of application HAS to be 3-4°C above dew point otherwise you risk condensation and the 2 pack will not adhere well. I would never apply a 2 pack epoxy at less then 10°C (I used to formulate 2 pack epoxies) I know the Guy who project managed the Forth Road bridge repaint programme last time it was done 2005-2008. He used to race on our boat. The surface was very well prepared (grit blast to SA2.5) and the painting was not done in the winter. ......as Neil said above. Why rush? Use the boat for 6 months before doing all of this. You will find other things that need doing. Also you will be very lucky to find a yard to do an indoor repaint in November. Most good shops have waiting lists......and dont forget the winter stoppages start on Nov 5th (ish) and may stop you getting to your chosen paint shop. Check the CRT website first.
  3. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2017

    ....Yes, walking away is our strong hand. May's team dont see it but the more the Eu rubs their noses in it, the more likely May is to see what Nigel and Boris have been saying. I agree, they dont have the guts for it ....yet. Will May and team ever see it? If they dont, they will not have a very long political future.
  4. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2017

    The 3 benefits I quoted.......and they are benefits ie we gain in these areas.........are my reasons why I voted out. About the 10th time I have repeated this since page 1. My vote to leave is nothing to do with money and trade. Money and trade did not come into me making that decision. I am not interested in speculating on money or trade. We can decide who we want to trade with once out. No one knows what is going to happen. Any prediction on the future position is speculation. We need to leave it to our elected representatives. They may see sense soon. We have a strong negotiating position. The majority of voters voted for out...so lets get out.
  5. Dr Bob

    Living on Narrowboats in London

    Welcome to the Forum Izzy. The problem you are faced with asking that question on this forum is that the peeps who will answer you, see questions like this all the time from people who know very little about canal or river life in London. It seems like there are a couple of threads a week from peeps who want to give up their houses and live on a boat, near London (ie rarely anywhere else). Once we dig down to try and find out what they want so we can formulate better answers, we find they know very little about their end target and most disappear,never to be heard of again, because living on a canal boat in London is challenging and not cheap. Indeed living on a canal boat is challenging and not cheap outside of London, but London brings significantly more problems. If you persevere here, you will get good answers to most questions, usually within minutes of posting. Just learn to ride the banter that goes with it. There is another active thread at the moment asking a very similar question. Be worth having a look at that as well. edit.....post crossed with Lady G
  6. Dr Bob

    Labour Women's Conference

    Exactly. Got there at last.
  7. Dr Bob

    Labour Women's Conference

    By you saying "Could it be because you went off half cock without checking first." suggests that you think I could have done with checking first. I didnt need to check. Bit rich you are saying I am writing tripe. Off course I expect comment and critique. That is exactly why I posted the thread. I think men only clubs or women only clubs are plain wrong. As I said in my opening post, there would be an outcry if labour (or any other party) had a mens conference. The world is not going to end either way.
  8. Dr Bob

    Labour Women's Conference

    Did any of the others have conference that day? Did the Beeb link to any other womens conference that day? No & No. Hence I used the example of the one that did. I didnt realise I had to satisfy you before I post a thread? Do I have to?
  9. Dr Bob

    Saying hello,

    Yes, welcome to the forum. As Old Goat posts, what sort of canal boat are you looking for? A steel narrow boat or a GRP cruiser......or something else? You ask about loans, and say you are not registered to vote. Can we assume you have not been in the country that long? If so, to get a loan you need to build up your credit history here. My son returned to living in the UK a few years back after 10 years in Asia and it took a year to re-establish himself here financially despite a reasonable high paid job. Marine mortgages are not as easy to get as they used to be.
  10. Dr Bob

    Tilting Solar Does Work

    I really cant see what the problem is. When you arrive at a mooring, just tilt the panels the best way whilst putting up the TV and 4G antenna. If you are staying all day, then once or twice a day tilt them the appropriate way. It is not a major chore to alter them.
  11. Dr Bob

    Labour Women's Conference

    Purely because it was the Labour womens conference that was on. I would have posted it had it been either conservative or liberal or wotever. I thought we are all looking for gender equality.
  12. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2017

    Where on earth do you get this 'fact' from? Can you predict the future? Too many people 'think' they know what is going to happen.
  13. Dr Bob

    Labour Women's Conference

    You obviously dont understand English then🙃. I didnt start the thread to debate the need for the conference. I asked if it was sexist, not if it was needed.
  14. Dr Bob

    Labour Women's Conference

    Rusty's been involved in a cave in? OMG! Will he ever get out?
  15. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2017

    I don't give a toss what the effect on GDP is. I voted out for the BENEFITS above. If we had a decent government who knew how to negotiate.....and maybe they are realizing that now.....we could even increase our GDP. They need us as much as we need them.

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