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  1. Nope. Nowt. Nil points. Both should have resulted in an email to me. Not in the inbox or the spam folder? Maybe it needs to be reset from the CWDF end. I know last time I did it by resetting something. Maybe @RichM sorted it. Thanks for trying to ping the emails.
  2. I'm not very good with Cameras?
  3. Auntie Waitrose. I understand you are about to participate in the BCN Challenge .......and so a wild guess you will be in the environs of Brum over the weekend. I further understand you are planning to transfer the duck pot noodle to the Biscuits during said Challenge. Further to this, I met with said Busciuts earlier today and he explained the great expense I caused him in last December's auction which resulted in him bidding on said noodles. It strikes me that it would be a retrograde step in giving the pot noodles back to 'Good Times' this weekend and an extention to the pot noodles travels would be beneficial for four reasons. 1) It would cost The Biscuits far more. 2) The Chesterfield canal trust would get far more money 3) More chance of my guess of 103 being right. 4) I could get my duck back (the biscuits has kidnapped him). If our paths cross over the weekend, you could transfer the pot noodles to us, we could promise to deliver the duck back to the Biscuits in return for the duck and try and find some botes that will be going in his direction after the challenge. We will be going up the mainline from the centre tomorrow then south through the Netherton tunnel, parking for a couple of nights at the south end. If you are not going that way then I am sure others will be. I reckon there is at least another 6 months for this thread to run before the next auction.
  4. To the organisers. Please be aware that our duck has been abducted by The Biscuits and will be aboard their boat, Good Times, for the duration of the challenge. They will therefore have 5 crew. The duck is now very experienced at going through locks so will be a significant advantage to the crew. Please adjust their handicap accordingly. Anyone volunteer to get the duck back to us after said event?
  5. There we were. Parked in the centre of Brum and minding our own business when all of a sudden boats all around. The BCN challenge is coming to town. Met up with The Biscuits, Mrs Biscuits and baby Bob the biscuits who are partaking in the 2 days of fun mayhem. We were having a few beers and the duck overheard the conversation. He was desperate to try it. The BCN challenge .....not the beer (we have trained him to not drink it). The Biscuits suggested we do the challenge and just stay were we are for another 2 days and get some points for ending up at the finish. The duck wasn't having it so has gone off with Biscuits family for a 2 day trip round Birmingham. I guess he deserves a holiday. I guess it is better than being dressed up all day. Not sure how he is going to get back to us........maybe some kind boater would give him a lift. We will be heading north on the T&M after a quick (slow) diversion onto the S&W first.
  6. Well not quite! I found a number of notification emails (but not all) in the spam folder and set them to 'no spam' but now I am not seeing any email notifications at all! @RichM can you help?
  7. @RichM, It's happened again. 2 days of no notifications till I found this thread again (Yes @Tumshie you were right!!!!). Please ignore the other thread I started on this.
  8. Well done eid. I am not going mad then? Please don't answer that. I wonder when the next firmware update is?
  9. Dr Bob


    The International brand is as good as it gets. You wont get better coatings. Quite a few other companies are up there as well though!
  10. Showing what Tree Monkey wants to see?
  11. With my 480Ahrs of lithium capacity, it isnt a problem as I am usually less than 70% SoC so still 120Ahr short of full therefore my 500W of solar will never get me to 100% and the MPPT should reduce to 13.2V after an hour of reaching the 13.7V bulk charge limit on the MPPT. If you only have 160Ahr of lithium then there is more opportunity to be up nearer full but in that case then set your disconnect at 13.5V. I am finding the solar is taking my voltage up to 13.5V at around 70-75% SoC if there is 20-25A going in. My disconnect has not disconnected in the 3 months as the voltage has always been below my trip level. We left ours for a week last week while it was being blacked and left the fridge on....but we just manually disconnected the Li's. The solar was happy keeping the LA's working and topped up. I monitored the voltage/amps remotely so checked each day how they were doing ...and no problem. When I got back, I just reconnected the Li's. The Li's are useful when you are on the boat, using lots of power and needing to recharge back up again. Just disconnect when away ....or when on shore power.
  12. I cant remember what I had for tea last night! I do seem to remember something. I think it was the CWDF end. Any of the mods help?
  13. So a day without a response. Other than Blackrose who argues to use lower power, can anyone see any flaws in my thinking on the affordable route to lithium's?
  14. Dr Bob

    Brexit 2019

    Or even the Baroness of Macron.
  15. Help! I dont seem to be getting any notification emails for new posts on threads I am following. Anyone else with the same issue? Started mid morning this morning.
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