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  1. Nah, it's when he goes for his chinese takeaway.
  2. Yes, that's what we do now....a reboot each day. You can set it to ping but I have not tried that. I was interested to see what you could do with SMS so will look at the stuff lusty linked to.
  3. Yep, but with a Raspberry Pi so it is a 'commercial' solution. All software/firmware available free from Victron. I didnt know that! Can you tell it to reboot if the router is not responding? What do you type into the sms message to get it to do it?
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. It could be great or it could be rubbish! If it works it could be a much simpler way of getting what I get from the Rasp Pi but it is relying on public transmitters (rather than commercial ones). It looks like you only get a one hourly update but not sure if it gives you all the data in between. With the Pi (or venus GX) you get a continous reading which is useful for monitoring all your power usage or historical power usage.
  7. Yes that would be as good as anything. A cheap £50 camera would be fine. Make sure you have your router set to auto reboot every day (or on a 'ping' failure) as I find ours only goes 3 or 4 days when off the boat. Most 'loss of power' on ours in the past was the router freezing.
  8. You will need the following. A Victron BMV. The 712 defo works. The cheaper 702 might work (we can check with the Venus GX manual) so that is £120-£200 ish ....not sure of current prices. A rasp Pi..Mark 3......plus charger plus Microsoft card <£50 or if you want it simple a Venus gx (£250) A Venus connect cable £25 A cable to your router...hard wiring is better. A router. I assume you have the last 2. Can be done for under £250 but more if you go for the Venus gx. PM me if you want to see ours. (Warwickshire). Note. If the power goes off then the router goes off so you will see no data. If the router is set for a daily reboot...mine is, you know the power has failed if the data doesn't reappear later in the day. If all you want to do is check if the shore power is on then Nicks method of texting is likely the best, cheap phone with e-robot app. It texts you if the 240V goes off or back on again. £40 phone from Asda. You only need the more expensive solution if you want to see and record all your battery data.
  9. More importantly, did you see Liverpool won 2-0 today?
  10. If you have a victron battery monitor i.e. theBMV 713 then you can hook it up to a device like the victron Venus GX which can then be connected to the router on your bote and accessed from a mobile phone when in the pub. The snag is that the Venus gx costs around 250 squid. You can however if you are clever, replace the Venus gx with a raspberry Pi loaded with the victron firmware .....which is wot I do. It cost me around £60. £40 for the Pi and £20 for the cable. The data you access is stored on the Pi and also on the Victron server. Another benefit is that you can easily see if the shore power goes off on the bote or if it is just the router rebooting. eta... do a search on Venus gx and Dr Bob and you should find a thread about a year ago with the details. PM me if you need more details. It is not as difficult as it looks .....remember, I am a muppet!
  11. The one with the cruiser stern, obviously. Far better than trad etc.
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