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  1. Has to be worth the trip to Debdale, climate controlled. They're the leaders in this. Lovely cruising ground and scenery. 56 hrs from Uxbridge on canalplan.
  2. He'll have loads of info on the engine for you as he rebuilt it 🙂
  3. For future reference, Charles Mills (ex Gardner) is located at Poynton 07712 052 635. Have been using hin for years, very meticulous. And of course Walshes in/near Manchester
  4. Yep. Also at the Cavalcade in Little Venice. unfortunately they're plugged in and quite a few of them. Shame as they're at the top of their game.
  5. Apparently they will be having duo's only as a friend of mine (Mandolin Monday) is not now playing there.
  6. I dont; think the audio on a video will be accurate enough to make a choice. Too many factors surroundng it.
  7. I'll be back at the boat one day next week at Braunston. Shame as been on it 7/24 since Friday. Pm me
  8. UPDATE: 376 trouble free hours. Boat is now at Braunston should anyone want a demo. depends on where you're based?
  9. not sure David, it's what I was told. I guess a low-load trailer then they use several hydraulic jacks.
  10. If I were t get mine done, after much research n the last few years, Debdale really is the best bet. Temperature controlled, hoisted (not dragged on rollers), boat protected properly. They invested £m's in the facility. If you haven't got the time, consider a professional boat moved (a few on FB) then maybe you could just enjoy the trip back? Also approx 40% cheaper than down south as well.
  11. I wonder if it's worth asking the Wheatsheaf at Crick seeing as they always cater for the Crick show. Not on the same scale of course but they may be keen to get involved?
  12. a dodgy calculator or too much whisky?
  13. Is the baseplate the usual 10mm or greater? If the latter, (maybe 12.5 or 15mm), I wonder if the 'fitter outer' took account of this when installing the ballast?
  14. Have had two Nabru's over the years. Very comfy and am fussy, top quality foam which is easily replaceable after 2/3 years if required. Easy to put together too. Showroom in Uxbridge or at leats used to be. https://www.nabru.co.uk/
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