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    er, narrowboating, astronomy, bikes (the motor kind), cider, beer, food, my cat

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    Safety Advisor in Films/ Fire Risk Assessor
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  1. Markinaboat

    Insurance for liveaboards

    I believe GJW include live-aboard cover as standard. I've been with them on 4 boats now and they've never asked for a survey and always fully comp incl. contents.
  2. Markinaboat

    Canal closures

  3. Markinaboat

    Canal closures

    Click on the 'Maps' tab, scroll down and you'll see a tiny map of much of this planet. Keep double-clicking on the map to zoom in. Laborious but doable 🙂
  4. Markinaboat

    Accompanying boat or crew for this Sat or Sun

    Hi, Yes, did try thanks
  5. Anyone cruising north from the Harefield area Sat or Sun? Need to get boat to MK single-handed but back playing up badly so can't do locks myself. Or if anyone would like to come with as chief locker!
  6. Markinaboat

    Which MPPT 10A solar controller?

    Anyone have the Mastervolt MPPT? https://www.mastervolt.com/products/solar-charge-controllers/scm25-mppt/
  7. Markinaboat

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct- how many spans?

    sounds more like it to me too!
  8. Markinaboat

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct- how many spans?

    I walked along it last week en route back home from work. Met up with a local and I asked him the correct pronunciation. Phonetically, it went like this ... Pont ka stecth tee or Pont ka stucth tee
  9. Markinaboat

    No shore power available unless charger is on.

    out of the several boats I've had over the past 18 years, it's the first that hasn't had a power source selector. Other than my previous boat which was also a Mastervolt system (with genny) which had auto-sensing so the inverter and seperate charger could be off but shore (or genny in as was the case then) power came through. The other reason I forgot to mention was to have a rest from the hum at night. which is what I do at every given opportunity! Current contract finishes end of the month so will be off for sure to get blasted and two-packed (the boat not me ... well, maybe occasionally blasted!) 😁
  10. Markinaboat

    Hi does anyone know what this is please on my boat

    Does it go down to something like the red unit at the back of the engine like this? It's the hydraulic drive pump.
  11. Markinaboat

    No shore power available unless charger is on.

    Thanks guys. Yep, there's no manual source selector. Thought it may have been automated by a box of tricks, assuming such box hasn't developed a fault. It's not a major issue unless the MV packs up altogether of course. Will find a sparks to modify in due course.
  12. Recently changed boat and thought I'd turn the charger off for a while to work the batteries as mostly hooked up to shore power which is providing a satisfactory supply. It's a Mastervolt Inverter/charger (2000/60/24v) and as soon as I set it to off, the shore power was cut and no A/C. The boat is a 1999 Norton Canes with a professional fitout. Has several A/C breakers in a cupboard so definitely not a DIY job. Could there be a reason for this scenario? thanks in advance for any feedback!
  13. Markinaboat

    Opinions on this solar setup?

  14. Markinaboat

    Opinions on this solar setup?

    To some degree Mike, the mention of 24v could be of interest otherwise a typical response could have been "why do you need 300w?" Now the topic/post has ventured away from the whole point of amorphous panels occupying a greater area of roof. I still think there's an element of pedantry here, as in many other posts these days. Twad
  15. Markinaboat

    Opinions on this solar setup?

    When in actual fact, all I needed to write was "Amorphous so would need to cover too much of the roof to get the 300W which I'd need to achieve my desired amps". I would've thought the statement was fairly obvious, even if appended to unnecessarily? However, please accept my apology's - I'll make more of an effort in future posts to cater for the pedantics 😉

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