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  1. As often as possible with previous 3L2, 3LW and now 2LW.
  2. A little late into this topic. I've been looking at the Parmax 3.5 13LPM with 10/25psi respectively: https://www.marinesuperstore.com/marine-pumps/fresh-water-pumps/jabsco-parmax-3-5-pressure-controlled-pump-12v?utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=pcn&utm_term=02254&utm_campaign=MSS&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrOy7lYz07AIVWe7tCh2atwchEAYYASABEgLUgfD_BwE And from MC https://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/products/jabsco-32600-0292-par-max-3-5-pressure-pump-12v-13-lpm-25-psi-wp-012
  3. I used Photonic Universe. Found them very knowledgeable, helpful and according to their blurb, they offer the latest (April 2019) technology. Well, I believed in the 5 busbar technology anyway 😬
  4. Yep, studied the Evo for sometime as it was launched long before the HS3 but technical gurus who supply and work on both convinced me of the superiority of the innards of the Eberthingy. The fuel pump is inaudible. 🙂
  5. Not quite Paul! Still got to get the Mastervolt fitted yet but can't find a decent sparks anywhere!
  6. I wonder if they have kept in mind a future possibility to link to the Thames or if this development makes it impossible? Good point!
  7. Just thought I'd share this as when researching, there did not appear to be many/any installations of the new Ebersplutter out there to research. Anyway, all installed and it's the quietest compact diesel heater both myself and the installer have ever heard. It's beneath the boards in the engine room where the Mikuni was and comes with a marine exhaust and air intake silencer. The guys at Espar (Tim & Mark) where I bought it were super helpful as well. £1275 for the full kit although didn't need all of the parts of course (Header tank, fuel pick-up etc). They even advocate isolating the heating circuit in the summer for calorifier use only as the variable output modulated down to 1.3kw with a brushless, step-less motor. They also advocate the use of TRV's and not to use a wall thermostat. The controller is a doddle to usewith full diagnostics readout incl. resetting if required and service intervals are extended. If anyone is considering one then I'd be more than happy to show you it running on the boat at Harefield and experience it for yourself. Eberspacher HS3 D4E 4.3kw Hydronic Heater I have no connection with Espar/Eberspacher other than as a customer. Of course, time will tell as to reliability but I can't foresee any of the historical associated problems as a result of cycling.
  8. I've just down-sized from years of 70 footers to a 54 foot due to a worsening health issues (back, his etc). The BT on my previous boat was a godsend when mooring up in breezy conditions on the Thames in August. The new (used) boat also has a BT but would like to think that it will be a rarity to use it. But it's there and it may just allow me to boat for longer than I could without? On the downside, there's no baffle to the tub sit is exposed to the rest of the bilge (Colecraft shell). The survey was inconclusive if there was indeed two pits as the surveyor felt they were a build up of blacking. I'll be having the tube blasted and any pits deeper than 2mm (plug?) welded. I'll then two-pack the tube. I'll then feel secure with regular checking and maintenance. It's all a balance of how many boxes the 'right' boat ticks for you I guess. I'm approaching 65 so perhaps not as focused on 20yrs longevity as I may have been a few years ago.
  9. Yep, there's no way I would put a 40 psi in with the typical nb system for the reasons you state. On the other hand, I would've thought that there were perhaps far superior 'lumpy-stuff' pumps that would be specced in your average $10m super-yacht!
  10. Out of curiosity, I asked a question to a large online supplier (not MC) about the following two water pumps as follows: https://www.asap-supplies.com/products/jabsco-31620-0092-par-max-4-pressure-pump-12v-16-lpm-40-psi-509737 https://www.asap-supplies.com/products/jabsco-31620-0292-par-max-4-pressure-pump-12v-16-lpm-25-psi-509736 My question was on the lines of ....... "Given that the flow rate of 16 litres/min is the same for both models, why/when would you specify the 40psi version over the more common 25psi? Their answer: "This would depend on what your system uses and what capacity it is capable of running. But, assuming both are fine, the higher pressure pump would pressurise a little slower, whilst the 25psi would pressurise faster, so out of the two, I would say the 25PSI would be a better option." Given that the pressure in a fluid is equal in all directions, I still don't get it. Surely the 40psi version will still hit 25psi in the same/similar time as the 25 psi version would but the 40 psi would keep pumping until it reaches 40 psi in the system. I can understand this on a superyacht that's 100m long but is there more to this?
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Yes, but the same would apply to a 55 litre. Just wondered how much sooner the hot water would cease by comparison. Don't want much eh!? 😉 That'll work off the immersion and boiler (replacing old Mikuni with refurb webasto) but when cruising, it'll be lucky to get to 65c from the 2LW. But then that'd be mainly spring/summer so wouldn't need it to be so hot then. The Surecals come with a thermo mixer valve attached.
  13. Good evening all, So having just changed boat (again!) to something smaller (54ft), one of the jobs I need to do is install a calorifier with an immersion as the existing doesn't have this or the 'ole for an immersion. I was going for the Surecal 55 litre but it would be too tight a fit and there are no other locations where it can live. They also do a 40 litre that I will get away with. Taking into account it's horizontal and therefore not as efficient as a vertical, would anyone know/have experience of the difference 15 litres less would make? Usual use, two decent showers, washing up etc of an evening etc? It would be installed beneath the boards mounted on timber on the baseplate in the engine room which is the back cabin (think of it as 62ft trad with the boatmans cabin cut off!) I've looked at others (heatmyboat.com) but with everything already fitted and time being of the essence, I really do want a Surecal. Thanks for reading...🙃
  14. and the new Ebersplutter, full kit for £1275 from Espar. Constant variable output down to 1.3kw. They even advertise that it's suitable for hot water only during the summer months. http://www.espar.co.uk/EsparPlymouthProducts_NarrowBoatHeating.htm
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