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    er, narrowboating, astronomy, bikes (the motor kind), cider, beer, food, my cat

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  1. Am no expert either but should it be so close to the RCD?
  2. very true, although I think EBC were one of the first to go 'online'. Shame as they were very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
  3. Was looking at some pricing and this popped up when I visisted EBC's site: https://www.elyboatchandlers.com/
  4. Definitely has to be a consideration as the same on a previous boat was very reliable.
  5. this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Webasto-Thermo-Top-boat-motorhome-diesel-water-heater-warranty/252144112661?hash=item3ab4f5d415:g:~RgAAOSwMqBae0LB
  6. my current boat has an Eber in. Quieter than the Webasto inside the boat ans uses very little fuel by comparison. Not living aboard now so not such an issue but after much procrastination, if I did put another system in and funds permitting, it would be a Hurricance.
  7. so not living upto Webasto's statement? "whisper quiet heating operation"
  8. Yep, Graham pointed out above. I've worked with loads of little people and they really aren't fussed how they;re referred to. They are the happiest and most pleasant bunch I've ever met and they have fantastic lives working in the film industry! ?
  9. fair point. I've had two hearing aids since November. Would hearing have to be extremely difficult, even with aids to be considered/accepted as disabled?
  10. Isn't disabled "impaired mobility" now? Similar in that the term 'Dwarf' is not regarded as PC and is replaced with 'person of restricted growth' ... aka PORG ?
  11. hi what a nasty thing to say i owe you £50 if i had known the the cost off putting right i would never had brought the thing how would you like it back and i have a refund 

    1. Markinaboat


      there was nothing wrong with it and you know it! Almost new, pinhole!??


      I now think your one of life's chancers, you should have been a double glazing salesmen, would've made a fortune.


      As you can guess, I'm very upset at your voicemail, text and attitude. I'm saddened as I really thought you were one of the rare breed of 100% genuine people. That upsets more than anything else. Yes I'm over-sensitive but the fact that my daughter was stabbed 22 times doesn't help, just makes me wary of people generally and when I trust AND respect someone who then verbally attacks me when I've been nothing than genuine and honest (and a soft touch), then it hurts.


      In spite of all of that, I wish you well and good health.

    2. haza


      sorry for your loss i truely am ...almost new .theres a pin hole in the pot but i dont expect you to do anything abt that thats my problem .as for one of lifes chancers lol a chancer that travels all that way and buys some thing in good faith ..its you who is the chancer i think .maybe i should have put it on canal world that the fire needs a refurb and was not fit for purpose but hey thats my problem certainly not yours it was brought as seen .you even said your self youhad never seen it working .i wonder why it was taken oput in the first place ..wanting a coal fire instead dont wear really maybe it was becuse of the pinhole ..the pot needs to be drilled out and replaced ..why not ask the person you brought it off maybe they will tell you .but hey you think what you want ...i wish i had said something now ..but thats not my style ...unlike your style.and like you i wish you good .lifes a bitch it truely is  goodbye no need to reply ,,in less you want to put some snide on that site feel free 

  12. UPDATE! Fitted Dr Bob's used BMV 501 on Monday and hey presto, all is working as it should! So my corrupt/naff 501 is heading for the bin. A big THANKS to Bob and Pam, it was lovely meeting you both!
  13. sounds sublime! https://www.facebook.com/theenginemuseum/videos/655935614846059/
  14. I would if I was a Stars Wars fan and not a veggie!
  15. So Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader are fighting with their light sabres and each time they get in a close-up lockoff, Darth whispers in Lukes ear "I know what you got for your birthday". This goes on for a while until Luke's curiosity gets the better of him and asks "and how would YOU know that?!". Darth replies "because I can feel your presents". ?
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