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  1. just had another look at 'Ellen', scroll down to the listings and it is flagged as sold. Needed a bit of work but wouldn't drop below £64k
  2. Superb steel quality, Ellen has a 20mm baseplate and no ballast beneath. I came very close to buying her last year (deposit was paid) when she was for sale at Swanley Brokerage. Full hydraulic system for 2LW and thruster.
  3. I spoke with the broker who reckons Aga do buy-backs if I wanted rid of the stove. It's a Heritage UNO stove. They make double ovens as well (called the compact) which I have had. More than one heating engineer (domestic, not boat specific) have said they are the most reliable and easy to work on of all 'AGA' style oven/boilers. If I was looking for a boat and it had one of these, it would be a MAJOR buying point for me. (£5k new). Other than burning solid fuel, possibly the most relaible means of heating with cooking thrown in as a bonus. For summer, I would simply add a 1 or 2 burner gas hob. Probably already mentioned but Dennis Copper aka Canal Transport Services made superb hulls.
  4. Have had two ARS systems on different boats. One whined although not overly itimidating and did not distract from the 3LW, but there nonetheless. The other was quieter, more of a subdued hum that was drowned out by the JD3. Yes, thrusters can be used for longer but not a deal-breaker at all. A benefit of the hydraulic thruster is being less prone to blocking due to the screw being narrow as opposed to a propeller (guards can only prevent so much getting through), at least with the ARS version (made by Parker hydraulics IIRC). On the downside, you have very long, high-pressure hoses (20,000 psi?) which could burst and make one hell of a mess thoughout your boat so future servicing/inspection should be a criteria when making a decision. The main benefit of a hydraulically driven prop is that the engine can be sited anywhere as no need for a propshaft. This also provides for greater headrooom in any cabin aft of the engine. Overall I liked the hydraulic drive due to the full headroom in the engine room and boatmans cabin. But now, I like the simplicity of a PRM gearbox hanging off the end of my 2LW.
  5. I think widebeams are restricted beyond Dunchurch Pools marina (going north). They have to book with CRT if they want to cruise between the marina and Braunston Turn.
  6. Markinaboat


    Clean diesel or parrafin Martin. I used one or the other on your filter. Have fun putting it back in! Don't forget to completey disconnect the starter before wedging your hand in there against the crank!
  7. Two very nice Steve Hudson boats: https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/steve-hudson-62-traditional-for-sale/667787 https://www.apolloduck.com/boat/hudson-57-traditional-for-sale/666609
  8. This is the relatively new under-counter ‘wide’ model with a full size fridge and 4* freezer box. 113 litres in total. Have a new one and need to compare notes but this is model specific. https://boatfridge.co.uk/index.php/shop/rr4514-wide-fridge Thanks
  9. have their been verified instances of this then Matt?
  10. It was a special order Matt, direct fro Shoreline as had to wait 2/3 weeks. The replacement was built last Weds. Why would you think they would sell used fridges as new?
  11. Guess it depends on the product, pretty much the same with most outlets. When I've asked for a discount thy've obliged, happily. Bought a new fridge 2/3 weeks ago and faulty and to say they've gone out of their way (in conjunction with Shoreline) when there's a signifiant supply issue would be an understatement. I've been assisted by Midland's sales manager. Absolutley brilliant service so kind of feel obliged to defend them, gettign soft in me old age! 🙂
  12. I'm curious as to why they're still often referred to as Swindlers? Customer service is some of the best I've experienced and recently.
  13. I've just bought the RR4514 from Midland, massive inside with a 4 star freezer.
  14. I had this problem with just crud from lack of use and maybe spiders ensts etc. The red full light would come on when the tank was knowhere near to full. Check the vent isn't blocked. Locate it outside (roof or in the hull topside/gunwale) and poke it with a wire coat hanger or similar. If your vent is in the roof then unlikey I guess but maybe blast down it with a pressure washer unless it's a staright enough run to put sonething down there. Alternatively, disconnect the vent pipe at the tank and prod about form there.
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