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    er, narrowboating, astronomy, bikes (the motor kind), cider, beer, food, my cat

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    Safety Advisor in Films/ Fire Risk Assessor
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  1. Markinaboat

    JD3 oil pressure

    Dave, all I can say is the fumes from the JD3 are most unpleasant. The engine has done around 1000 hrs and in perfect condition, no oil burning. Personal circumstances led me to put my boat with the 3LW on the market. However, if she doesn't sell, I'll then have to sell the current one with the JD3 -one or the other to pay back SWLO (she who laid out!). If it wasn't for the smell, I could live with it for the relatively small amount of cruising I do these days. Maybe someone can knock up a catalytic converter! edited to add: If I keep the JD3 boat, then an ambition would be to replace with a 3LW at some point. Wonder what an immaculate low-hours JD3 could fetch?
  2. Markinaboat

    JD3 oil pressure

    I use Marine 16 Diesel Fuel Complete anyway. Wasn't sure if this was as effective as say, Stanadyne or indeed if they may not be compatible. The JD3 exhaust is not particulalry smoky, the fumes are acrid in your face, unlike the Gardner.
  3. Markinaboat

    JD3 oil pressure

    picking up on this thread again, have any of you JD3 owners used a fue additive/injector cleaner? I've used others in the past on Gardners but not sure if the more modern (or not as the case may be!?) JD3 cold suffer any issues?
  4. Markinaboat

    Double Glazing on narrow boats

    I knew it was a naval air term but a tongue in cheek one 😉 I spent a week on HMS Eagle as a sea cadet. We got into all sorts of trouble!
  5. Markinaboat

    Double Glazing on narrow boats

    Wafu School of Ikebana, a school of Japanese flower arranging, that was founded in 1912 by Wafu Teshigahara. Gudo Wafu Nishijima. The West African Football Union uses the acronym WAFU. Wafū dressing, a Japanese salad dressing. 😂
  6. Markinaboat

    Centrifugal pump 3 LW

    All I do know is that the target temperature for a 3LW is 65-70 degrees for optimal, virtually smoke-free running.
  7. Markinaboat

    Cheap 6v rolls on fleebay

    never! Has to be Daddys!
  8. Markinaboat

    Double Glazing on narrow boats

    Quite e few people have fitted quality perspex panels with magnetic tape surround. There's also a company that have been marketing within the boat world: https://www.extraglaze.co.uk/
  9. Markinaboat

    New Webasto Thermotop EVO for marine just released

    Bump! ... 😦
  10. Markinaboat

    Best experience and sad news.

    Joking aside, due to ongoing stomach/bowel issues, I gave up all meat 4 months ago. It's been a transformation to my 'habits', lost weight and less pain. I never knew that red meat can exacerbate inflammation associated with arthritis. So am now officially 'pescatarian'. Now, must get my gear ready for the great white shark fishing next weekend! 🦈
  11. Markinaboat

    Steel Stove recommendations

    of course it does, right here! 🙂
  12. Markinaboat

    Steel Stove recommendations

    and FWIW, a suppliers take on Steel v Cast Iron: https://www.stoveworlduk.co.uk/steel-stoves-vs-cast-iron-stoves
  13. From Webasto via email some time ago: The heater has the added benefit of offering a variable output from 2-5kw to ensure the water in the circuit is always kept at an optimal temperature. The water pump has a better flow rate and with adjustable water connections, installations can be more compact and neater. The heater also features a new quieter fuel pump and the entire heater is the quietest heater Webasto have made. Currently discounted to £1632 incl fitting kit, Heatmeiser timer etc. Given that the Bubble PJ incl. full kit is offered at £1800, the Webasto will have to be good! So, who wants to be a guinea pig? https://www.butlertechnik.com/uncategorised-c121/webasto-thermo-top-evo-5-diesel-narrowboat-kit-with-seven-day-timer-4117864a-p2755
  14. Markinaboat

    Best experience and sad news.

    Words fail me, all I can offer is to echo what others have said. I'm not sure where you are but I have a 70ft very comfortable and nice boat at Harefield on the Southern GU. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to have you as a guest and go for a cruise. Like (too) many, I also have my demons. My daughter was murdered in 2004. does time heal? No, but it does become SO much easier to deal with as the years go by. I can talk about it now openly without it disrupting my day let alone a month. Wishing you an amazing recovery and quality of life. Mark
  15. Markinaboat

    Bike on a cruiser deck?

    You're not 'son of Ogri' are you?

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