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    er, narrowboating, astronomy, bikes (the motor kind), cider, beer, food, my cat

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    Safety Advisor in Films/ Fire Risk Assessor
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  1. Markinaboat

    100GB data for £20

    Thanks for the info. Although this is for a phone sim, not mifi dongle, I've just upgraded my existing Huawei mifi to 40gb per mth for £14/mth.
  2. Markinaboat

    Oops, more new build woes...

    Maybe you were looking for an excuse to go nettle gathering!? Sorry, couldn't resist, hope it doesn't break any rules 😳
  3. Markinaboat

    Oops, more new build woes...

  4. Markinaboat

    Oops, more new build woes...

    My two pennies worth - this is quite possibly a 'one-off' and whilst unacceptable, you state that the builders are 'on it' and hopefully, with a truly apologetic attitude. If so, naming them could show that they do indeed give a level of customer aftersales care that they no doubt proclaim. Given that mistakes can and do happen in all walks of life, is it not possible that by naming them, their quick response, attitude and resolution would offset any negativity that could influence future customers?
  5. Markinaboat

    3LW oil change

    Just completed a 9/10 day trip with SAE30 in and pressure was a constant 42 at any engine revs other than from cold at around 45. But only a 3 pot of course.
  6. Markinaboat


    I tend to ignore cyclists bells, but that's due to me being hard of hearing with the addition of tinnitus! Hearing aids coming in October.
  7. Markinaboat

    3LW oil change

    Hi John - I only saw this somewhere on the forums when I was searching for the capacities info. I've since spoken with my Gardner man (Charles) who said SAE30, nothing else with paper element or not. His knowledge is such that, that's good enough for me so nowt to worry about.
  8. Markinaboat

    3LW oil change

    Thanks all - have had confirmed that I'll need upto 15 litres, dependent on how much comes out. I've also been told that even though it has the paper oil filter element, I should still use SAE 30 and NOT a multigrade.
  9. Markinaboat

    3LW oil change

    Have just seen in the manual that capacity is 13.6 Litres. Even allowing for the fact that not all the old oil will come out, I've only got 10 Litres. So will have to abort today.
  10. Markinaboat

    3LW oil change

    Thanks guys. any idea how much comes out to ensure I have enough container capacity?
  11. Markinaboat

    3LW oil change

    Hi, Changing the oil on my 3LW for the first time and different to my previous 3L2 setup. I've got the main large filter but is the small filter on the filler (see pic below) just a breather filter as have never seen this setup before and don't think there's a spare onboard? Many thanks
  12. Markinaboat

    Does Apolloduck have technical issues today?

    So, I contacted AD and explained the issue which was, to recap, the inability to drill down to any advert details (the main search page was ok) if connected to BT Broadband. I can't say if other broadband providers were affected but it all worked fine if tethered to my O2 phone. I received a second mail from them today stating that they could indeed replicate the error and have fixed it! 😁
  13. Markinaboat

    Does Apolloduck have technical issues today?

    Health is fine thanks, or fine'ish for someone who's 62! Update: disconnected from my BT fibre optic broadband, connected to my phone's hotspot and all works! Methinks BT are getting a call in the morning!
  14. Markinaboat

    Does Apolloduck have technical issues today?

    couple of friends can't get in either. Just the main pages but not a detailed advert.

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