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  1. Ignore the negative comments Gaby although it's a fair comment above about reasons for living afloat in London as a means to an end. Why Hackney? Is it because you live there? I think you'll have more success as previously mention n FB, London Boaters and a plethroa of other narrow-boating groups.
  2. Thinking of booking in here for July as relocating the boat t the area. Is this the same yard that Roger Farrington operates put of as I may need some other work doing?
  3. I'm an ex fireman and now a fire risk assessor. Fire doors or not, I'd never say that was safe to sleep on in a hotel/B&B capacity. The compartmentation would be breached in various inaccessible places.
  4. Sorry for the delay, been slightly off-radar. Thanks for all of the replies and information, it's helped me make my mind up as to where I was leaning. Hopefully see some of you later in the year. πŸ™
  5. That's reassuring Graham! Always glance at Alnwick when I drive over the bridge, I lived aboard Enid in 2015-2016. Do you still take her out for trips (the boat, not the missus!) πŸ™‚
  6. Been there, done that, now at 2'6" on a heavy day. I think the levels have been quite high of late. Yea, I saw the earth mounds that when I was bringing Jessop back home in October. You should see the utter carnage at Harefield/Denham, it's on a humungous scale and absolutely devastated the area and significantly changed the landscape. 😞
  7. Hi Paul! The only reason we got the boat back down south was for work (pied e terre), however, work has changed, HS2 is causing massive issues 'down there' and other health issues creeping in so why not πŸ™‚ Oi love farmland views I does! πŸ˜‰
  8. Yep, considered Cropredy but apart from pricing, due to some health issues, I really like the idea of lock-free cruising when not out on a once a year longer trip. I preferer the scenery of the summit but that's not of much use if it's unnavigable for much of the time.
  9. After keeping my boats for some 20 yrs 'dan souf', retirement is looming so looking to bring my boat upto my favourite cruising area and closer to home so I can go out for an hour or four/overnight and generally enjoy the boat more with a degree of spontaneity. Have kind of short-listed marinas to Fenny or Napton. My question is, am I likely to get more reliable cruising at the lower level due to what appears to be either regular water shortages or too much water on the summit? Also, is the lower level significantly busier, especially in the summer months? M
  10. it's been on the bank under partial shade for around 2 yrs with no issues so far. Yellow encased with soft-start built in by Airlink. Would have had to go in a cupboard on the boat so thought it may get too hot in the summer.
  11. Just read some of the threads above. I've got the yellow cased airlink on the shore. Assumed it may get too hot if in the boat but read that you did this? Any issues in the height of summer? Thanks
  12. you could buy one of these which could pay for itself after 2 uses? https://www.marine16.co.uk/diesel-dipper-2/dieseldipper or maybe share the cost of this with others? https://www.marine16.co.uk/dieselduck
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