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  1. Vacancy - rear half of pantomime dinosaur wanted, short legs will be considered an advantage.
  2. Stop tempting me Richard, I'm only testing the water! ... how much without the box and an adaptor plate (or whatever would be required) to mate wit my ARS hydraulic unit?
  3. 😂 Not a lot of teeth left anyway and I do wear hearing aids with adjustable volume! I can;t say it vibrates but It is noisy, isn't it? I heard an HRW3 running the other day and was quite impressed with the beat. Didn't appear to be as noisy/irritating standing next to it in the engine room either but of course the proof of the pud is in the cruising! I thought £5k for a fully refurbed unit from a highly reputable (I think!) company wasn't bad when compared to around £11-12k for a 3LW let alone maybe £13/14k for a 2LW!
  4. Fair enough, me being pedantic! 🙄 .. I'm just missing my lovely Gardner so maybe after some decent cruising with the Beta this year, I'll warm towards it! However, I won't warm towards the smell coming from the stack. No smoke, just pungent/acrid fumes that I cant say I've noticed before, not even from a K3 I had a few years back.
  5. For something like the HRW3, total cost would be IRO £7k. A 3LW would be around £13.5k fitted! Have you not had a Gardner? The JD3 is pretty soul-less and clattery by comparison. It's in the boat running Mike. Won't be coming out until I find a buyer and that's only if I take this route over the next year or so. Just testing the water.
  6. Not sure yet. All down to £££'s. I've had two Gardners so a 3LW would be my obvious choice but unlikely to be able to afford/justify. Heard an HRW3 running recently and quite liked the sound but no experience of them or their reliability etc. Can get fully refurbished/guaranteed for £5k so less than half the price of a Gardner. it's a Beta JD3
  7. Just teetering (is that a word?) with the concept of replacing the JD3 at some point. What's the general consensus on sale-ability and value? It's done around 1000 hours and as you'd expect, looks and runs perfectly. It's hydraulic drive so no gearbox. All sensible and not so sensible replies welcomed!
  8. Can't find that pat number online anywhere?
  9. The plot thickens. I just spoke to Mann + Hummel. It transpires that the 936/4 is anti drain as ALL Mann filters are. The 936/2 is an oem difference with the interior media.
  10. Yep, we discussed this in depth further up this thread (for the benefit of others). When you say 'minimum mark' do you mean at the bottom of the very small/short cross-hatch section or the 'Fill' mark? I've got a Fuelguard to fit inline that I won in a competition a while ago! As an FYI, the oil filter ordered is this one, £8.67 incl. delivery: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132504379138?ul_noapp=true (ignore the image as a stock library one)
  11. but how does one determine a 'good' filter? Have just ordered the Wix and Mann W936/2 which is the Mann W936/4 with anti drain valve. Same as the Agrifilter S.72184 albeit 1mm difference in diameter
  12. I would imagine that 99% of all types of filter are manufactured by specialist filter companies. AFAIK, the JD's do not have the anti-drain back valve as discussed earlier in this thread? Less fussy about the fuel filters, found teh same (WIX) on ebay along woth Morris 15w/40 5 litres for £21.99 incl delivery!
  13. Just about to order the oil filter and need the fuel filter too. Current one is a Wix WF8018 and have learnt that an equivalent is a Feetguard LF173. Any others that I shoukd consider?
  14. Sorry peeps. Should've read the description, just googled full HD 28" TV's and Argos was the first link.
  15. If you can live without Smart TV, then Samsung Full HD 27": https://www.argos.co.uk/product/5488115?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59158|acid:532-198-3455|cid:598756200|agid:24290292890|tid:pla-215571422930|crid:86846329250|nw:g|rnd:11578759465807012591|dvc:c|adp:1o4|mt:|loc:1006933&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIup3a89Gx4QIVApPtCh2eWAxcEAQYBCABEgKtIvD_BwE
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