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  1. But you can fit a roof rack to a McClaran!
  2. Well done on your choices! I had a quick Google and found a topic on this forum about this engine. Hopefully it'll be of some use to you. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/66387-thornycroft-rj2/
  3. If you want to go the new Eber route, the latest HS3 models now have variable output (less cycling) and brushless motors: http://www.espar.co.uk/EsparPlymouthProducts_NarrowBoatHeating.htm The also do a refurb exchange at a great price: http://www.espar.co.uk/espar-plymouth-exchange.html Never had one but these are reported as being extremely reliable and quiet. They do use a fair amount of leccy to get going though but if you have a shoreline for the most part, then not an issue of course - also half the price of the competition for equivalent: https://www.harworthheating.co.uk/product/pj230vacbhmaxh/
  4. a mate of mine is a dental technician (been making false teeth for 45 yrs). He says that nylon is thinner and more comfortable than chrome/chromium and flexible too. He supplies dentists, say £200 for a set when the dentist sells on for £700! If you can get to Harrow, he'll take the impression and make the teeth. A good way to see how you get in with them without spending fortunes.
  5. I see. The stated outputs for the various sizes appear to compare favourably with the regular/basic rads.
  6. I've had three boats now with Finrads fitted. Compared to radiators, they are next to useless. I've replaced them once for conventional rads and the difference was outstanding. Admittedly, they do have to be kept free of dust/vacuumed if you can get to the fins! the photo I posted was a modern/new one, not cast. Just in case you thought this was...
  7. The spec states that the 110ah capacity is at C100, not C20 so more likely they are 85ah? ?
  8. I'm planning on installing these in due course:
  9. On a good day, it wouldn't be quick, especially with the Hooky. However, I was on my way back from Deddington as I live in a nearby village!
  10. Probably not of much help but I stopped for a quick pint at the Great Western about an hour ago and the level was perhaps 4" from the towpath.
  11. I don;t know it but would this be the spot?
  12. Great video Mike - was nice to see my old home Marcellus (308) there!
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