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  1. UPDATE: Midland Chandlers replied swiftly to my email regarding my disappointment. Shoreline had changed the model and with the £20 price increase which is automatically reflected in MC's online pricing. As a sign of goodwill and with several friendly and prompt emails and a phone call, their area manager offered a further 5% making a total of 15% off everything inlcuding a new water pump, acculmuator and various sundries. So, all in all, EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE!
  2. Thanks for your most generous offer Matt but Arthur Daly beat you to it! 😉
  3. For the first time in 21yrs of boating, I forgot to turn the ignition off after stopping the engine (Gardner 2LW). It may have been for upto half hour before I noticed the red light. Could this have done any damage to the alternators?
  4. Revamping the topic. I now know why they are refreed to as Midland Swindlers. I've been waiting for a Freaky Friday or similar and they are having a 10% sale this weekend (not like the good old days when there was 20% up for grabs). Low and behold, the fridge, water pump and no doubt various other items I was going to buy have had their prices bumped up since yesterday! Grrrrrrrrr. 😠
  5. May also be worth a call to Dave Bixter at Granthams Bridge, Hillmorton as he's the RN guru.
  6. You can get a guaranteed refurb for around £400.
  7. Have used several times when working in London. Very straightforward and cost effective.
  8. When we bought Enid some years ago I found a sledge hammer under the boatman's cabin deck. Apparently it was to strike the shaft back (or forward) if stuck in forward or reverse. Tales of north sea fishermen returning after a week or so away, permanently chugging away and then having to circle when returned to harbour until they could knock the shaft back!
  9. somethign up with the tech. It stated that I posted " It puts her in a difficult position if she wants to sell the boat, no RCD. She will probably have to wait until the boat is confirmed as 5 years old and get a BSC. Thank you for all your input." when it wasn't me. I started to say what I've just said but abandoned it, or so I thought! 🙃.
  10. Unless I'm misinterpreting what you said, she can get a boat safety inspection carried out at any time. Also, unless already mentioned, has she thoroughly searched the boat for a builders plate that may reference a CE mark?
  11. good luck. Would've loved to have heard a K3 chugging again!
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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