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  1. I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion, but I am sure @Dr Bob will be glad of your apology. 😉
  2. I would concur with smelly, even though he has no boat. They are repairable, but rarely last long before leaking again in my experience. Before writing it off completely though, I would get under there with some kitchen towel and a torch, dry it all off, and look closely to make sure its not leaking at a loose joint or pipe,strainer etc. Difficult to tell from the pic, but ideally it should be orientated so the pump head is at the bottom.
  3. There is also a facebook group called TIMEA (The independent marine engineers association), who may be able to find you someone suitable if the London boaters group cannot. Good luck.
  4. What? We didn't discuss storage charges. How much do I owe? Lister canalstar ETA. You won't like it. Far too modern
  5. No, I'm sorry. You may not. I have no idea what it is. May I point you in the direction of a certain @Dr Bob, or perhaps even @TheBiscuits. I was merely quoting that a theory may or may not have been allured to, but perhaps only confirmed to work by the very person who may or may not have floated the idea in the first place. That, to me, does not seem a very scientific procedure. I only came here to bid on the mr grumpy mug in the auction, but I fear it may be out of my price range.
  6. Someone told me there was to be an auction of boating merchandise on one of the forums. On closer inspection, I noticed it was just Aunty Waitrose selling off her usual c̶h̶e̶a̶p̶ ̶t̶a̶t̶ high quality merchandise. To be fair to Monsieur biscuits though. Has anyone confirmed the 'Dr Bob theory' apart from a certain Dr Bob? Not that I am casting nasturthingies on the good Dr you understand. I have heard some people think he is a muppet, but not me, noooooo, not me.
  7. Me neither. Seems I am in good company. <insert smiley face here>
  8. Well, that's kinda what I figured, but if one of them is faulty due to some internal short or summit, will the other pull it down, or will the BMS see the faulty one and disconnect the lot? PS. Of course I've been fiddling with the settings. It seems rude not to.
  9. Right topic. Wrong words. I'm a bit rusty No, thank you. You lot are too quick.
  10. If you give your general location, you may get a recommendation for an electrician in the area. If you have a multimeter, and are prepared to have a go at troubleshooting the problem yourself, you are likely to get a lot of help from the good folk on here, but be warned, unless it is something simple, you will likely be asked lots of questions. It may be as simple as a wire fallen off your alternator, or an intermittent multi plug connector on the wiring loom. It seems odd that they would be so low, given you have solar panels installed. Maybe your voltmeter is reading low. Anyway, the first question you need to answer is, are you after just a recommendation for an electrician, or are you wanting advice on how to fix it yourself?
  11. As the thread title is about Lithium abuse, and as I am likely to soon be abusing mine, perhaps through ignorance rather than intent, I would like to ask the assembled experts this. I have 28 cells (Thundersky), connected as a nominal 12V bank, It has a cheapy chinese BMS (JBD/Overkill type). The BMS monitors and 'protects' cell voltage and overall bank voltage, but only of the 4 parallel connected cells. So, what is the likely hood of the BMS protecting the overall pack in the event of one or more of the parallel connected cells going over 4 V? I assume, being connected in parallel they should all be of a similar voltage and a lot will depend on what charge and disconnect values I have set.
  12. 1.Will the lithium discharge and charge first? I'm not sure. 2.Will there be enough power in the small battery to "top up" via parallel equalisation that expensive and painful last 5% on a lead acid bank? I'm far from certain. 3.Would this allow a boater on a tight budget to ignore the warranty and just abuse the battery, while keeping their Lead Acid bank at a much healthier voltage? I like abusing my lead acids. Psssst. Did Dr Bob confirm his theory was indeed practical? I was going to read his reply, but it was far too long, and my concentration span i
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