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  1. No it isn't, I'm bald.
  2. The lady doth protest too much methinks Britney.
  3. I knew that too. Smellys idea of sticking an eco fan on each alternator pointing at the other one should sort your problems.
  4. I knew that. Did you resolve your overheating alternator problem from last year?
  5. What affect (effect) does the use of an alternator to battery charger have on the alternator temperature? I recall you have one.
  6. By the time you have finished it will be a super nova!
  7. West epoxy is always expensive. Cheaper epoxies are available, but still overkill imo.
  8. The solder joints on one of our alternators used to melt until i realised the battery was seriously knackered.
  9. Nah. Just stick the beemer on the roof of the boat and relocate alternator. Sorted!.....until you get to a bridge.
  10. Have you tried a pressure washer on it to get the muck off? I personally wouldn't bother with the expense of epoxy unless the gel coat has been compromised. What does the inside look like?
  11. Peel ply is just a release fabric. This is a good read about fibreglass repair using epoxy resin:- https://www.westsystem.com/wp-content/uploads/Fiberglass-Manual-2015.pdf I reckon your dinghy though just need a clean, rubdown and stick the most cost effective paint you can get hold of. It won't last many years before it will need doing again though.
  12. rusty69

    Baby girl

    No, but this is:-
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