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  1. rusty69

    Dr Bobs new paint job.

    That is a very smart paint job Dr Bob, very shiny. I would point out though, that they have spelt K.Haris wrong.It should have another R innit, innit!. It does explain why you like ducks so much though.
  2. Showing again on i-player if anyone is interested. Three parts.Episode 1 available for 7 days.
  3. rusty69

    Happy new year everyone.....

    Sloppy new beer to you Mr Bizz!
  4. Have a great one. May all your 2019 boating plans be fulfilled.
  5. rusty69

    Virtual pub

    There are lies, dram lies, and sadistics. "With great power comes great responsibility"
  6. "When I said i was looking for a slip, I didn't mean Cowslip!!"
  7. rusty69

    Virtual pub

    Stop that LadyG!
  8. Is this a caption competition? I love them!
  9. rusty69

    Virtual pub

    I bet Sultan looks great from the air, not so much from the ground ,unless you are very tall. The harbour master at Wells,I notice, is trying to raise funds to save the "SeaHorse" sculpture to honour the horses role in pulling the lifeboat in time of old (I may have posted a pic last month,cos I like it) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-46528265 Horses are dead good really, aren't they. I may get one to replace the cat.
  10. Two of our windows were leaking last Winter, I removed and re-bedded them this summer. Two down ....10 to go. They were last done by me 20 years ago, so not too bad I spose.
  11. rusty69

    Over plating

    Another question from me if you are still taking daft questions (I know I promised not to....but) After having a shiny new bottom attached,do the owners generally stick a bit of bitumen on and good to go, or do they try and extend the lifespan of their new outlay with epoxy coatings or a.n other to sides and baseplate? Thanks
  12. rusty69

    Russian Ship Lands on Cornish Coast

    That would be arpaulin!
  13. rusty69

    Russian Ship Lands on Cornish Coast

    The captain obviously wasn't using the drag alarm app you can download for you smartphone. Mine is on 24/7 just incase we move in the night .
  14. Are you able to temporarily cover the window from outside to prove the point when it is raining? If it stops, then the seal between window frame and boat needs renewing. Remove window frame and rebed it.

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