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  1. I know the feeling. Bradwell marina has bad memories for me.We were moored there one sunday lunch time many years ago, I had the worst case of squits ever. Granny was aboard the boat with my mum and dad, so for me it as a quick sprint on numerous occasions to the bog at the top of the hill. I have some paper plans to build a ballerina btw, as my ole dad planned to build one once. Never did, but the plans are still there.
  2. Cos he is the one that stole it and gave it a new name.
  3. Never mind that what are we going for the 100000 topic or 2 billionth comment?
  4. No,or drones, or toilets either. It was about boats. Who'd have thunk it?
  5. Well, there we have it folks, the 99000th topic is here:
  6. Good little engine. We have had ours since 1997 bought new. It gets regular oil/plug changes.It did have a replacement carb at one stage, and is beginning to play up again now. There is something wrong on the float valve, fuel overflows the carb occasionally. This is followed by many minutes of gnashing and wailing while I remove the float bowl, usually whilst hanging out of the back of the dinghy, hoping not to drop the spanner. Let me know if you wanna sell it. I'll give you 200 quid for the lot. You can keep the anchor, fenders and lifejackets....I have far too many.
  7. Looks like a good price too. You are lucky I didn't see the ad, we could do with another outboard with dinghy thrown in for free. ETA.Our outboard took a dunking last year when the dinghy flipped. Quick oil change and it was running again....better than before.
  8. We have a couple of Avon dingy's.They are great, made of hyperlon and very tough. Looks like the same outboard as we have too. BF2? If it is a BF2, look out for the carb gumming up.Ours is terrible for that.
  9. Sounds a bit like a day at the house of commons to me. We have watched the first 2 series of the crown. Very impressed with the acting, can't wait to watch the third series with Olivia Colman and HBC.
  10. I doubt it will be in the oil. Perhaps ask a friendly neighbour to have a look.
  11. We have a lavac sea toilet (on sail boat) with a whale henderson pump. When ever it has been used, it has worked very well, and has had little maintenance in 15 years (one valve in the pump).I wouldn't say it is effortless though, and wouldn't want to use it on a full time liveaboard basis. ETA.Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to make a daily habit of emptying my bog into an inland waterway at all, allowed or not. If you win the lotto, you could always buy a Baby blake.
  12. Fair enough. But as has already been said, unless you know that your hull is earth bonded, it will be pointless.
  13. It is actually just a plastic box full of empty, but washed tins. I don't want to spend any actual money. Yes.That is the answer. We will try putting it in the car overnight, and see if we can re-home them. I will then take great joy at driving down the motorway with all of the windows open.
  14. One!. WE have hundreds of the bloody things, They are driving me insane!!!!!
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