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  1. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    The packaging is probably tastier than the contents. Not sure about that piece of butter either. Bet it contains no scotch too.
  2. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Dunno, butterscotch was my fav too and I'm not even joking.
  3. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Red sky at night........ Angel delight! Oh yeah. Doh!
  4. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Have you got the lights off?
  5. Cos we are not all involved in the BCN challenge, and have nowt else to do. Well, at least you didn't show off your reversing knob to your guest,you wouldn't want a limp biscuit onboard.
  6. May i suggest "on yer bike" as an on topic alternative to go forth
  7. Nope, you're still here
  8. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Croci is wrong as that is the Latin plural and crocus is of Greek derivation.
  9. Donald is a "Giant Rubber duck" of course he hasn't grown. Or were you referring to Mr Biscuit?
  10. I think it was about 10 years ago, but easy to miss if you didn't check the new license if/when renewed.
  11. There is a key on the back if you have a modern plastic card style one. https://www.gov.uk/driving-licence-categories There were stories of people renewing their licenses with DVLA who lost their motorcycle entitlement when they requested a new license. Thankfully I still have mine.
  12. Here, have a picture instead.
  13. Thought Dr Bob said it was called "Good Times",or maybe they were just gonna have good times eating that packet of biscuits? ETA. Tis also what it says in The Biscuits profile...unless he has knicked someone else's boat. I expect all you BCNer's are in the pub now.Be nice to teacher.
  14. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Not me. I always pee in someone else's if I am desperate.
  15. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Surely Croci or Crocuses Lady G no?
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