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  1. rusty69

    12V Heaters

    Doesn't it get a bit warm in summer?
  2. Looking at Calcutt, they have a lovely Colecraft on their books. I bet it is immaculately maintained. Looks like a bargain to me.
  3. i um don't know. Could it be Lithiu-mania, capital Vilnius?
  4. We have had walk through bathroom for 20 yrs It has sliding doors on opposite sides of the boat, a small bath and a bog. I often walk through when Mrs Rusty is sat on the bog. I don't think she would appreciate me posting a picture. It is a minor inconvenience very rarely, but there are only two of us on the boat.
  5. What he said. You may temporarily bodge it up with sealant/epoxy resin, or get luck with Captain Tolley's creeping crack cure, but ultimately they will need resealing properly.
  6. That'll be Thursday ish then. Autumn starts on Monday.
  7. rusty69

    Wifi Router

    Good thinking. I tried foil, but it blocked the signal entirely.
  8. rusty69

    Wifi Router

    Our Huawei E5776 used to overheat in the porthole too.The cardboard trick did help it, but it still got very hot. It is one of the reasons we swapped to the Tetonika router with external antenna. The e5776 still works though, and is a great device for portability. In a strong signal area if it can be kept out of the sun the Huawei is certainly a worthy candidate.
  9. rusty69

    Wifi Router

    The three data sim is a good deal if you are in a strong signal area, it has unlimited data, and includes minutes and texts.If you put it in a router and connect a phone, you have the best of both worlds. There was a couple of threads recently about the router, and the three deal. https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/100041-three-unlimited-data-minutes-texts-£20/&tab=comments#comment-2262033 We use an EE data sim, but it only has 32 GB/month. Ultimately, your choice of sim will depend on the signal strength in the area you intend to cruise/moor and the amount of monthly data you are likely to consume.
  10. rusty69

    Wifi Router

    From some random website:- The Huawei 4Go, like the Hubba X4 marine units, comes with our MIMO antenna system which is essential for use on narrow boats to overcome the problems created by their steel construction, which blocks radio waves effectively entering the vessel. By mounting the antenna on the low profile mount on the roof of the boat, we maximise the signal strength and hence available download and upload speeds available in each area. This unit comes with two antenna cables and does mean drilling holes in the roof of the boat to fix properly before connecting with the router down below. The unit is priced at £350 including VAT and flat roof ‘stubby’ plastic mount. 3G & 4G Router Ideal for Inland Waterways: Stubby Roof Mount Antenna Built in Wi-Fi Up to 100Mbps speeds 4G, 3G and 2G To get the best out of any router, you will need an external antenna.If you are in a strong signal area all of the time, you may get away without one.
  11. I got the zinc one in the end. Now all I need to do is fit it to the boat between tides. Oh, what fun boating is.
  12. ....Ah, viking afloat, that brings back pleasant memories. https://www.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/viking-afloat-68-cruiser-stern/608716
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