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  1. Confidential: Team “Barney on Stern Gland”Temporary Acting captain Rustys log. Friday, May 8th, 1918 - VE Day special. Status: 10’6 boat still stuck in a 7 foot lock Curdworth Lock 8.Well Captain America did say today's locks would take longer. The CRAP (Crew Reliability And Performance) has hit the fan. The POOP (Persistent Objective Operative Points) has gone down the scoop. The crew looked forward to the VE day celebrations. They had to really, as they wouldn't happen for another 27 years. Mr smelly set the dials of the Automat Sensucht to 1945,
  2. Right, I just told @TheBiscuits that he owes me money for posting snoopy pics on the forum. How many have you posted? I reckon you owe me a tenner by now.
  3. You do know, I hold all rights to snoopy on this forum I spose? That's 4 quid you owe me now!
  4. Anyone know how a river is dug? I tried digging a hole in one once, but it kept filling up.
  5. To be honest, I suspect the current piece of string is considerably longer than it used to be. It could be anything from a few days up to a month during normal times depending upon availability of the people involved. @mrsmelly will be along in a bit, he's bought loads of boats, so may be able to give you an average. PS welcome to the forum
  6. Quick. Stand by ya beds, captain on deck, and he's got a mean look in his eye. 😁
  7. 1.The captain is probably having his afternoon nap beneath decks. 2.No,I think they're the name of a band with Eric Clapton. 😁 If you have no clew, you can sail aboard our ship if you like, though I gotta warn you, there may be trouble afoot.
  8. A booze cruise without booze would just be a cruise.Of course alcohol was involved The captain has told us no drinking until the sun is beneath the yardstick or summit though.
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