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  1. .....we came in? ...............................
  2. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    What are you old farts on about? I fell asleep after the angel delight bit and haven't got a clue what is going on now.
  3. When ours did this once,I put the boat in the shallows, jumped in and lifted the rudder from the bottom. On the second occasion (Mrs Rusty is very careless) ,I discovered it could be lifted from above and relocated in the cup without getting wet......maybe worth a try. Edited to add . Our cup is approx 25mm deep, I would guesstimate. It is possible yours is a different design, or perhaps something is bent out of shape if you caught it on a cill or hit something hard.
  4. Reminds me of this heroic fella:-
  5. Any more dual identities to add to this list since 2008?
  6. I got one earlier today:-
  7. Nor forgetting the left handed screwdriver (don't look up this phrase on urban dictionary) https://www.leftys.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=304
  8. Here is the long weight you was looking for in the other fred
  9. According to my Garmin Etrex , it is April 1st!
  10. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Well. I have looked into this paranormal activity. The band "The proclaimers" suggest in their lyrics that they all fled to America, and was sposed to send a letter back Lochaber no Mòr Sutherland noMòr Lewis no Mòr Skye no Mòr Eilean no Mòr
  11. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    lol it just means, "Big Island" a common phrase if you live on the west coast of scotland. It was the one where there was a murder, maybe. Dubh Artach was a Thomas Stevenson., a classic ...... Honeycomb Mould
  12. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    The lighthouse?
  13. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Q. How do you start a pudding race? A. Sago.
  14. You don't seem to be taking it very seriously for a highly competitive yacht racing couple. It is a competition you know!
  15. rusty69

    Ebay scam

    Q. How many ears does Mr Spock have? A. Three.. One on the left, one on the right.......... and the final front ear. Queue canned laughter. Jeez, I'm getting as bad as Dr Bob and his fish jokes.
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