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  1. Giffgaff goody bags changing again next month
  2. You could get one of the unlimited sims if you require no landline. Three spring to mind. Check the signal in that area first though. ETA. I cancelled my mums BT internet last year, she is now on a phone call only deal, I think it saved 30 quid per month removing the internet access.
  3. rusty69


    See other thread
  4. rusty69


    Stick your phone in the window or a porthole. Some sim providers,of course, allow you to stick their sims in a router or mifi connected to an external aerial and use the data that way.Three, giffgaff etc, but few routers then allow access to the voice call minutes (Huawei b525 is one that does).
  5. Well, ours is fine. Certainly not up to commercial use. If they were truly rubbish, Mr Dyson wouldn't have been in business for so long eh
  6. Are you sure? I thought the law changed, allowing certain approved units to be used.
  7. No one...... Likes a smart arse you know!
  8. Funnily enough, we passed the Princess M, whilst she was moored up at the pontoons at Wells one year. We felt sure she looked familiar, but wasn't sure why until the following week when we got home and turned the TV on. Mrs Rusty had apparently been stood behind Mrs S in the local fruit and veg shop so it transpired.
  9. You obviously have no instantaneous water heater.
  10. Reading this back. I would like to clarify that I meant Bleach to remove the mould and Oxalic acid to remove the staining. Not necessarily mixing them together. I have no idea what would happen if you did.
  11. You didn't pay a lot. You only paid Alidl. Ah, Andre Rieu, that famous Scottish piper!
  12. No more questions Let the Op answer. By order of da management
  13. I might not have come up with them if I hadn't
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