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  1. As it was around the corner from one of the exits,are you sure it wasn't just a launderette you were in. Nothing to do with Morrisons. 😂 <This post contains no bullying. Not even a hint of it>
  2. Lots of questions remain unanswered. However lots of information was imparted in a short amount of time. Hopefully the OP will manage to work their way through it all at some point. It will certainly be an investment for the future.
  3. That's great. If you still have no loads on, they have a way to go yet before being fully charged, with 12A going in. As the solar season ends, in October ish, you will need to run your engine more to compensate. For how long will depend on how much the batteries are depleted, of course,and the size of your alternator, to a certain extent. LA batteries take a long time to charge fully, particularly the last bit. Each time you do not do so, you are likely to sulphate the cells, and they will have less and less capacity. You may get away with a couple of hours a day, but I would give it a much longer run once a week If you can. I would also try and run it earlier in the day, and let the solar finish them off. Though with dwindling sun, and the heavy loads you appear to have, it may not make much difference. Make sure you have the engine revs set high enough, as I think Tony mentioned earlier. To not waste fuel, when they are fully charged, you will need some form of battery monitoring.A simple voltmeter and ammeter will suffice if you monitor tail current.Fancy battery monitor options are also available,but don't rely on the percentage reading at face value unless you understand the parameters it has been set with,and even then take them with a pinch of salt. If you have a smartgauge, make sure it is calibrated before relying on it. Read Tonys battery charging primer. That is all. Communication ends
  4. One of the calculations I have been meaning to do is determine whether its cheaper to heat water with gas or electric (mains) . I did it a few years back and the gas was marginally cheaper.
  5. I'm not surprised you're hot air balloon if you have been testing the heat output of those rads. Looks good though.
  6. Ear. I though you was at work. It's dangerous to climb a tree and type at the same time.
  7. We only use bottled mineral water to wash our boat.
  8. We used to have a lovely weed hatch. Marvellous it was for the previous 40 years of its life. I should have listened to my inner voice the day the insurance driven surveyor powered welder added extra height to it. It's now not fit for purpose. I can barely get my arm down there anymore. Still, it all in the name of progress innit.
  9. rusty69


    You can loose everything after the ? and still get the same result. Just saying, like. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153844138570?
  10. Oh well. When you do, the door will likely be open.
  11. rusty69


    What are the biscuits normally? I expect a bit of differential calculus would be required for an exact figure.
  12. Are you a member of Thunderboat. If not, I expect you would fit right in.
  13. Try and work your way through some of the questions above, and the 'battery charging primer' above. Understanding what you have, and what your electricity use is will hold you in good stead for when things go wrong, and for when things become more difficult in the winter. You don't need to be poking around the electrics at this stage, unless you feel confident to do so. Labelling things up once you identify them may also be a useful exercise.
  14. And possibly the solar input to the mppt. Ours produces early 80V dc. That's possibly 3 different voltages already in a small engine room.
  15. That is true, but the OP would need to be able to distinguish what is 12v and what isn't. They already said they weren't electrically minded.
  16. Seven seas of rye. Biscuits? I've never had rhye biscuits. They sound disgusting
  17. Fair enough. I didn't read your previous thread . Sorry.
  18. I would try and keep the calorifier if at all possible, especially if it can be connected to the engine circuit and/or has an immersion fitted. Even if it means fitting some kinda valve to isolate it from the webasto When your webasto thing packs up, it will be a great backup. Redundancy on a boat is a great thing. MtB. Will be along shortly to correct me. He normally does.
  19. From the same paloma manual :
  20. Hmmm. (g) is a bit iffy too.
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