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  1. Ours is so full of crap, I haven't seen the engine since 1999.
  2. Maybe that huge gin has tainted your judgement Nite Dr Bob.
  3. The man has a plastic duck,I don't think a lime and coconut would bother him. Tis beautiful warm and sunny here. Busy sun bathing on the poop deck.
  4. ........ Yep, but not long before the next leaky thing decides to leak. Windows, calorifiier, bog tank, fresh water tank, mushrooms, expansion vessel, central heating, Hull........
  5. It can't be. There is no lime in the coconut.
  6. That is a large gin Dr Bob.
  7. I have been using those in your first link for a couple of years. I also have some Merlin Gerin ones as BoaterSam suggests as I read they were good for DC applications. ETA. Mine are fitted in a couple of garage consumer units.
  8. Well, filling pits with tiger bottles would be better than cobra bottles...... Less chance of a strike.
  9. You could fill the pits with the empty tiger bottles.
  10. Mrs Rusty swears by white vinegar. Dunno if it is good on soot though. Don't forget to sweep up. Any good. Approx 1 mile from canal. Though you may need ID. Harefield Household Re-use and Recycling Centre Or could try Uxbridge boat centre or Harefield marina.
  11. It sounds good to me. I am not sure how the Phantom of The Opera comes into it though.
  12. We need bizzard to come up with some meccano bungie powered tow device connected to lock winding operations. Oh, and a parachute too. Forget all this tractor rubbish.
  13. I don't have nits. How is the tiger cull going?
  14. The stuff I have is tinned copper, just confirmed by triplesolar where I bought it.
  15. WotEver did that one yesterday, but it was a eukele.
  16. Maybe they stole the android and then put it back again. I wonder how they knew she had an iPhone. Perhaps they see someone using one, then follow them.
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