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  1. Confidential: Team “Barney on Stern Gland”Temporary Acting captain Rustys log. Friday, May 8th, 1918 - VE Day special. Status: 10’6 boat still stuck in a 7 foot lock Curdworth Lock 8.Well Captain America did say today's locks would take longer. The CRAP (Crew Reliability And Performance) has hit the fan. The POOP (Persistent Objective Operative Points) has gone down the scoop. The crew looked forward to the VE day celebrations. They had to really, as they wouldn't happen for another 27 years. Mr smelly set the dials of the Automat Sensucht to 1945, but nothing happened. He had reset the digital clock in the galley by mistake and the time was now wrong. The rag tag, motley crew, had finally flipped. The blatant and obvious BCN challenge rigging that has been going on all week had come to a head.It happened over our early morning crew planning breakfast (Yes we do plan all this tripe). "Mutiny Mutiny Mutiny" was the scream from Jennifer, the ring leader,as we all jumped into action, and grabbed Dr Bob (The real captain) by the barnacles. The final straw was getting stuck in the lock yesterday.It had also not gone unnoticed that the ships supply of jaffa cakes had been depleted, and we all knew who had eaten them. Dr Bob's gorn to the dawgs. He is now tied to the galley chair waiting for the plank. "Where is Mr Smelly, anyone seen him?" Jennifer has gone absent without tea leaves, Roland is digging out some pirate costumes. Peterboat is locked in his lab knocking up a self extending plank with left over parts from the jet propulsion drive project. Bob will be made to walk the plank at 6pm, then keel hauled, covered in custard, bitumen and duck feathers. The ships rubber dinghy will then be inflated, and the treacherous Muppet will be set adrift on the high sees of the BCN,with his duck in his hand. As the sun fell above the yardarm, the final scene was set. The distant guns in the background fell silent, as Mrsmelly turned the TV set off on the VE day guns of the Navarone film remake. The muppet was forced onto the plank at the pointy end of a bic biro, and tentatively edged his way eastward. There was a huge thud as he hit the ground. Some plank had put the plank out the wrong side. Roland quickly fixed the plank to the other side of the boat, and Jennifer and Peterboat pushed the muppet onto it. There was another huge thud, much like the first, as Dr Bob landed on the towpath and ran away. We had forgotten the boat was stuck in a lock. I may have got my Pirates mixed up with my mutineers. I would like to sack my script writers, production team, make up artist, and special effects supervisor, without whom all of this rubbish would not have been possible. <Acting Rustys log Ends>
  2. Right, I just told @TheBiscuits that he owes me money for posting snoopy pics on the forum. How many have you posted? I reckon you owe me a tenner by now.
  3. You do know, I hold all rights to snoopy on this forum I spose? That's 4 quid you owe me now!
  4. Anyone know how a river is dug? I tried digging a hole in one once, but it kept filling up.
  5. To be honest, I suspect the current piece of string is considerably longer than it used to be. It could be anything from a few days up to a month during normal times depending upon availability of the people involved. @mrsmelly will be along in a bit, he's bought loads of boats, so may be able to give you an average. PS welcome to the forum
  6. Quick. Stand by ya beds, captain on deck, and he's got a mean look in his eye. ?
  7. 1.The captain is probably having his afternoon nap beneath decks. 2.No,I think they're the name of a band with Eric Clapton. ? If you have no clew, you can sail aboard our ship if you like, though I gotta warn you, there may be trouble afoot.
  8. A booze cruise without booze would just be a cruise.Of course alcohol was involved The captain has told us no drinking until the sun is beneath the yardstick or summit though.
  9. To be honest, I would skip the first bit and start at page 10 if I were you, that's where the good stuff starts. ?
  10. Ah, well, you have come to the right plaice, and the right thread too. Our crew is made up of the worstest bunch on the BCN. Don't worry, no one else reads this thread except Dr Bob, they all gave up on page 1.
  11. That's a funny looking chicken. Is it being stalked? Ahoy stranger?? are you here to join the crew of the good ship barmey? Dr Bob is the captain of this fine vessel (despite what @mrsmelly might tell you).
  12. You forgot to mention the eco fan inspired ventilation. I specifically told you to mention that, otherwise its a bss failure. ?
  13. Only if they bought a crane with them. (and I don't mean the large, long-legged, and long-necked birds in the group Gruiformes)
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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