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  1. I replaced the water based coolant used in my 22 year old Beta 1505 about eight years ago with a waterless coolant. It did cost more and I had to flush the system which did mean more work. But the coolant will not have to be replaced, so removing the need and cost to replace normal water based coolant every few years. Beta were not keen on using waterless coolant, so spoke direct to Kubota who very helpfull on the subject.
  2. Stickly back plastic, peel off the backing and stick.
  3. Already been done, we had one moored at Foxes next to the Gary's Shed for years until last year
  4. Or buy or dig your own coal mine.
  5. Cast iron pot with a lid on top of the stove (Dutch Oven)
  6. Better connections trainwise if you catch the bus to and from Peterborough (Stagecoach X4)
  7. Foxes on the Middle Level is about mile and a half from March station, 10 minuites by bike, 40 minuite walk, average cab fare £4.70. Direct trains to Stanstead Airport, Liverpool, Birmingham. Norwich, Ipswich, for London change at Peterborough or Ely.
  8. experience That's not fallacy, it comes from experience. Fact one Rim brakes will heat up cycle rim when braking on a long descent, which may result in the tire blowing of the rim, This has happen to me while riding the 2001 Dorset Coast 200km while dropping down in to Lyme Regis. You don't have this problem with a disk rotor it just gets hot Fact two Rim Brakes wear down the surface of the rim until becames too thin and fails. Average life of the rim when used for club runs 18 to 24 months (4500-6000 miles) before it fails. My current custom built audax bike fitted with cable disc brakes and it also appeared in Cycling weekly was built in 2001, the wheels lasted to 2018 (60000 miles) when the hubs wore out, the rims were reused when I built a set of new wheels. I also only had to replace the disk pads five times in 17 years, with rim brakes it was two or three times a year. Fact three The braking effect of a rim brake is reduce when any lube (Even water) comes between the brake pad and the wheel rim. More so if fitted with steel rims. If sand or grit is mixed in what ever is between the pad and the rim it will act as sand paper and sand away the surface of the rim, braking is also reduced. To sum up Disc brakes work better in their functionality than rim brakes, There’s more bite, particularly in wet conditions and they aren’t as prone to weather contamination, either. They’re more predictable. The lever feel is better Rims last longer when you use disc brakes- Because disc brakes use a rotor for a braking surface, the rims don't get worn down by braking. Discs have the edge in wet and muddy conditions because the rotors stay cleaner than your rims.
  9. You need disk brakes, mud and rim brakes don't mix.
  10. Claymoore Navigation the hireboat company on the Bridgewater that closed last year had used hydraulic drive for many years in their boats.
  11. The tank may be off the shelf, and was design not just for boat use. You do need a breather as the air coming through the breather replaces the water drawn off to the pump. As for the outlets fix blankling plugs to the unused ones. You could use one as a drain down point with a hose attachment should you need to drain the tank, rare but can be useful.
  12. The same as normal road fossil diesel. https://www.nextgreencar.com/car-tax/fuel-duty/ https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/environment/2019/09/10/speedy-fuels-wants-tax-break-for-biofuels
  13. Hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) is a second-generation, synthetic bio fuel as a drop-in alternative to fossil diesel, meeting EN 15940 standards and Fuel Quality Directive 2009/30/EC Annex II. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrotreated_vegetable_oil HVO is made through a two-stage process known as hydrotreatment, where feedstocks are saturated with hydrogen at high temperatures (over 300oC), followed by a stage of isomerisation/cracking to give the end product the desired fuel qualities. HVO is produced from waste plant and animal matter. Plants are grown and oils are taken away and used for their main purpose, recollected and then converted into HVO.
  14. It may be a private boat, but the person at the helm may not be the owner or a member of thier useal crew, They maybe a boat mover who has to deliver by a set date or staff from a marina or broker. In both case many of them are in a rush. I was passed on the Nene, two or three year ago by a boat mover in rush. went stright into the next lock slamed the gates shut just as I arrived at the lock and proceed to rise the bottom gate. Claimed that he had to delvier the boat to St Neots and only had four days left to do it.. .
  15. Before ships had rudders on their centerlines, ships were controlled using a steering oar or board. As most sailors were right handed, so the steering oar was placed over or through the right side of the stern. The term starboard to mean right-hand side of a vessel when looking forward. It is generally accepted to be a corruption of steer-board. To aviod the risk of ripping the steering arm off if passing to close to each other, ships would pass larboard to larboard. The left side became known as larboard, or "the loading side." As to aviod damage to the steering arm when mooring to the dockside, ships where possable would moor with larboad side facing the dockside.. Over time, larboard—too easily confused with starboard—was replaced with port. After all, this was the side that faced the portside.
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