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  1. nbfiresprite

    How long does a water pressure pump last

    I have two jabsco 4's pumps, one each on the hot and cold, Now in the eighteen year of service
  2. nbfiresprite


    Only two things you need to know about horses. One end kicks, the other end bites.
  3. nbfiresprite

    Boat scam

    The boat was recovered from the West End Park Visitors moorings in March and was moved to Foxes Marina where it stll is moored. Then there is the matter of £800 in overstaying charges owed to Fenland Council for overstaying eight days on the 48hrs moorings and who is lible to pay.
  4. nbfiresprite

    Boat scam

    Or time limits, Most are members of the NBTA. The two that have refuse leave the visitors moorings in March or pay their overstaying charges. Are in for a nasty shock when Fenland Hall impound their boats in lien of payment of charges.
  5. nbfiresprite

    Masterpiece by Dutch artist 'Van Clomp' up for Auction

    It's heading back to Nouvion in France.
  6. nbfiresprite

    240 volt ac on a boat - why?

    You do have a dishwasher just that it runs on beer not 240v.
  7. nbfiresprite

    Wind turbine

    Change your mooring to Foxes, Wind turbines don't last long in the marina, as they suffer from shellfire.
  8. nbfiresprite

    Militant Vegan group demands village changes it name.

    She not consult him, just kill him for that's the PETA way.
  9. nbfiresprite

    Militant Vegan group demands village changes it name.

    Direct Action Everywhere (dxe) is the new name of the Animal Liberation Front, PETA is closely linked with them https://www.humanewatch.org/peta-defends-extremist-groups-illegal-activity/ Have a look at this on PETA methods of taking pets and killing them https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/killing-animals-petas-open-secret_us_59e78243e4b0e60c4aa36711
  10. nbfiresprite

    Militant Vegan group demands village changes it name.

    Ms Allen wants owning of pets banned
  11. nbfiresprite

    Militant Vegan group demands village changes it name.

    It's not just letters, The road signs have been spray painted with 'Vegan' above Wool, Local parish councilors have been hounded, Far as the villagers are concerned it's a demand, PETA has direct links and funds extremist group 'Direct Action Everywhere' (DxE) who have been active in the area for sometime. Local sheep farmers have had trouble caused by this group. How do I know my family home is in the Purbeck. And I know a fair number of the locals, many of whom I went to school with. One of them a sheep framer has had to replace this landy twice in the past year after it was set on fire. Fences have been cut and buildings covered in spray paint.
  12. nbfiresprite

    Militant Vegan group demands village changes it name.

    Cheddar Gorge could became Vegan Cheddar Gorge? Burgar in Scotland could be Veggie Burgar!"
  13. nbfiresprite

    Militant Vegan group demands village changes it name.

    Its not a April fool, PETA did sent a letter to the parsh council demanding that the village name be changed.
  14. Militant Vegan group PETA have demanded that the ancient Dorset village of Wool changes its name to 'Vegan Wool', claiming it promotes sheep cruelty. Animal rights group PETA is demanding that the village erases part of its history and renames itself 'Vegan Wool'. The sleepy 1300-year-old village, which has Anglo Saxon origins, is situated in the Purbeck hills of Dorset. The group claims that the original name "promotes hideous animal cruelty", despite the true origin of the village's name. The name comes from a Saxon word 'welle' which means water , and has nothing to do with the wool industry. I grew up in the Pubeck Hills which is sheep farming country, PETA are just narrow minded fools who think their right and everyone else is wrong, They claimed that shearers punched sheep in the face, stamped and stood on their heads and necks, and beat and jabbed them in the face with electric clippers. Sheep Farmers take animal welfare very seriously and any behaviour of this type is not tolerated. Humans have been farming sheep for nearly 10000 years. If sheep are not sheared they died a painfull death from heatstoke. Farmers know that you get better wool from a sheep that's well looked after. Not the first time these clueless numpties have been caught out.....by their own self righteous bigotry. You can not go out for a meal nowadays without a chance thats these numpties turning up and wreaking your evening with their rants. The police don't do a thing, yet if a group of meat lovers turned up and entered a vegan place waving meat products and chanting eat meat, it would be classed as a hate crime PETA seems to crave attention, they're a terribly hypocritical lot. They kill thousands of adoptable animals every year. The leader of the PETA wants owning pets banned. They also drive around in vehicles powered by the remains of dead animals. If you want to know about how the PETA really works just look on the link. https://www.petakillsanimals.com
  15. nbfiresprite

    Homeless on a cold night.

    Just been to my (Poole) Grammar school reunion a few months ago (Class of 85).

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