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  1. The humble bacon butty plays a inportant part of a boaters day. Some people would never get underway without a steady supply of butties up to the helm in the morning. So the question does arise should a butty have butter on it, My own view is that the bread should be slathered with butter (thus the name "butty")
  2. Don't do it, Think of lady's who may be overcome with the sight of you just wearing your skiddies
  3. His brand new laptop that he typed his comment on?
  4. My two granddaughters were doing their best to keep the lights on last Friday.
  5. Then there is my Meyerhoff kettle for the more refined boater. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3L-Grey-Whistling-Kettle-Jug-Stainless-Steel-Marble-design-for-Camping-Fishing/264140181890
  6. If it is sold on Ebay, You would be sent the buyer's details when it is sold, even with collection items. A former boat owner that I know failed to inform C&RT of change of ownership and is now being chased for non-payment of license.
  7. Is that a three-piece or two prece suite?
  8. Some people take their boats on the road.
  9. Get someone else to polish them, now that business opportunitie for someone on here. I'm sure there will be people willing tp pay for their brass to be polished for them. Afterall people willing pay for someone to wash and polish their cars.
  10. 75 year old Waffen SS rations?
  11. The same with the Swanage Railway, but then the railway did build a public viewing area for the shed area and turntable.
  12. The picture is of the Swanage Railway about 1/2 mile east of Corfe Castle station with the train heading towards Swanage.
  13. How do you know that C&RT don't employ anyone who knows about boats?
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