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  1. I didn't say which Navy, In this case it is the French Navy. The Commander of a French Navy Minesweeper on a weekend vist to Poole. Who told a group of us when he was a guest along with his officers to the Yacht Club in the evening, The subject of cats cropped up. He told us that all French navy ships were required to carry two cats for rodent-control duties. The follow day we met the two feline matlots when we were guests onboard. The Royal Navy banned cats and other pet animals from all ships on the ocean in 1975 reason given to crews was hygiene, but the real reason is belived to be cost cutting by the Labour Government which along with the unions were busy bankrupting country at the time. Remove cats and the other animals, no vet or food costs, Pest control costs the MOD millions each year. Many non-navy ships still have ships cats today, When it comes to pest control, use a cat. How many descendants could a pair of rats produce in three years? The answer: nearly half a billion with sufficient space and food . One rat pair has six litters a year consisting of 12 rat pups, although 5—10 pups is more common. Rats reach sexual maturity after 4—5 weeks, meaning that a population can swell from two rats to around 1,250 in one year with the potential to grow exponentially. Over time rats learn, so traps designs and poisons became useless. Every mouse I had to remove from the boat or house in the end it was a cat that napped them. The mouse setoff the traps and then took the bait. As for talking bollocks I leave that to you, afterall you are are a expert on the subject.
  2. What you need is to sign on one of these as crew, No navy ship sails without one aboard
  3. Your taking the wrong pills, Have you mixed them up with blue pills?
  4. Until one day when you return from the pub to find that your laundry has vanished.
  5. Thomas Cook going under is not unexpected to me, The company has been in poor shape for sometime since Peter Fankhauser became chief executive in 2014, Large payouts to senior management, Moving to new Posh HQ in Lynchwood from it's old HQ in Bretton Peterborough which cost tens of millions. Now't wrong when the old site which was in a bog standard building where they had been for many years. Some of the people involved in the relocation have still not been paid for work done.
  6. companies Problem with getting the parts, Not so much a problem with the old type rotor switch machines, but the ones with circuit boards full of microchips. Once a model has stopped being made, replacements parts for that model are around for about five years on average. Then you need someone who knows what they are doing, most so called engineers from the Washine machine companies don't have a clue.
  7. Your behind the time's, They were already around in WW2 for use behind the lines by troops or used by the SOE (special operations executive). Wartime spies had these dropped behind enemy lines for use in charging and powering wireless sets, My grandfather used one of these when with the 14th Army in Burma. http://www.royalsignals.org.uk/photos/steam.htm
  8. I simple called the local office and explained that you had a injury which prevents you from safely controling the boat. Get the Doctor to give you a sick note to cover the time you need to stay in one place while being treated. If it is going to be a long term recoverly. You may be fast tracked a local mooring and helped to move the boat to the mooring.
  9. Who is the man on the Clapham Omnibus?
  10. I'm talking about non-boat owners. The view of hypothetical ordinary and reasonable person used in court cases. I have asked around my own office this question? What does Continuous cruiser means to them, The answers have all been on the line of always on the move around the system. These are non boaters.
  11. As to what is a Continuous cruiser licence? We should ask the hypothetical ordinary and reasonable person on the Clapham omnibus, what Continuous cruiser licence means to them.
  12. Try this site https://www.thefitoutpontoon.co.uk/narrowboat-widebeam-plans/
  13. I don't think she would murder you, She may chop something off to remind you not to do it again, Otherwise she would have to change the bottle herself,
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