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  1. The Becket Park moorings are run by the local council. It was enforced to start with, not long afterwards council staff were offered free swining lessons by some of the overstayers. Council staff now refuse to do enforcement on the moorings and local police are not interested
  2. Just had a email from the Energy Bills Support Scheme, informing me that my application for the £400 rebate has been successful. On the downside the application for the £200 Alternative Fuels Payment (AFP) has been turned due to the two handwritten invoices for coal being rejected.
  3. Freemen of the land are a loose group of individuals who adhere to pseudolegal concepts and conspiracy theories implying that they are bound by statute laws only if they consent to those laws. They believe that they can therefore declare themselves independent of the government and the rule of law, holding that the only "true" law is their own idiosyncratic interpretation of "common law".[3] The name "freeman on the land" describes a person who is literally a "free man" on the land where they live.[4] The freeman on the land movement also advocates schemes to avoid taxes which it considers to be illegitimate. Mostly focus on economic reasons, such as avoiding Council Tax, motor vehicle registration and insurance, television licence fees, mortgages, and other debts. Both terms are used
  4. If a marina does not have it's own feeder, boats are using CRT water to float, the bed of the marina may be private owned. The water to fill it will be from the canal or river that it is connected to. That is why in some older marinas you don't need a licence as they have their own feeders.
  5. One long queue of traffic from the Baker's Arms roundabout back to Wareham round the bypass, half way to Corfe Castle on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. Often quicker to sail down the River Frome to the harbour pass the old Marine Base at Hamworthy and round to Poole Yacht Club, 10 minuites walk over the lifting bridge and your in Poole old town. The sailing dinghy, only way to get around in good weather.
  6. It does have a number of rivers you can sail, It's rather like the Broads, a mix of sail and motorboats. Many never go out to sea pass the chain ferry. The shore line around the harbour is over a 100 miles, it's said to be quicker to walk to London than it is to walk round the shoreline.
  7. Just had a look at the online claim form for the £200 alternative fuel payment, there is a catch, as your required to upload at least £200 of invoices with your name and address on. As most just buy one or two bags at a time and don't get a invoice when they buy coal or gas. They not get a rebate.
  8. Poole Harbour in Dorset has round 10000 boats moored within the harbour limits, that includles swing , bankside and (11 sites) marina moorings. It is the largest natural harbour in the world since Sydney harbour reclaimed so much land from its harbour.
  9. They still do, as council tax benefit does not cover the full amount, how much they are expected to pay depends on the council. In Fenland it is 23% of the bill.
  10. Your behind the times, band A here in the Fens is £1477.19. Anyone hanging around on the towpath in Hebden Bridge and not paying council tax are £1,311.78 better off. In a effect they have had the rebate more than twice.
  11. If you have a traditional prepaid meter your supplier would have sent you a voucher each month by post, text or email. With smart prepayment meters the rebate would be sent directly to the meter.
  12. I have to agree, I could buy a few years supply of fuel for heating for what I payout for moorings and council tax each year.
  13. I think they did it this way to get round the fact that not the same mooring is used each time, every time the boat goes out or is moved by the marina. They are about 40 boats on mooring B (Short for mooring basin B).
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