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  1. You state in your first post 'Whilst we all call it a marina it is a high level yard really. It is not on the canals either, it is on the Middle Level.' As there is only one boat yard on the Middle Level, It was quite clear that you were refering to Foxes. Google 'Boat yards Fens or Middle Level' will bring up Fox's Boatyard. We are in the Digital Information Age. Misleading statements or comments can quickly cause a company a great deal of problems. This is a open forum where most information can be accessed by anyone who is not a member. A person may only read the first comment and take it as fact.
  2. I been moored at Foxes for nearly 20 years, Much of that as a liveaboard in the week. So do have a clear view what the staff do over the working week, You claim that the marina staff do not wander round the moorings to check even the basics. Yet I often pass the time of day in Morning with Alan or Gary when they do their rounds while walking the dogs. They do turn out in the middle of the night when there are problems i.e when there is a sudden rise in water level which requires the stop planks being put in and the pumps started, After which they then check the ropes on the boats moored on the outside bank.
  3. This was from Insure4boats We appreciate that these are unprecedented times. With the current situation changing day by day, it’s hard to predict what will happen in the coming weeks. However, rest assured we are doing all we can to stay one step ahead of the situation and keep all our policyholders updated. Our Customer Service team are here if you have any questions We have taken steps so that the service our Customer Service team provides will be as unaffected as possible. All our staff are able to work from home to continue to provide the best possible service to our policyholders. However, given the nature of this situation, we are experiencing higher call volumes and may take a little longer than usual to respond to your query. To save you time waiting on the phone, we have compiled a list of the common questions our Customer Service team is receiving which you can view here. We’ll keep this blog updated so you can always access the latest information and we’d strongly advise that you check this blog first to see your question is answered, before calling us. Boat owners urged to be mindful when using their boat The announcement earlier in the week means we are all very much in uncharted waters. Marine Associations such as the Canal and River Trust are urging boat owners to be considerate and only use their boat if it is essential. This will help to keep vital facilities and services accessible to those that need them. You can read the advice in full here. In the meantime, I wanted to take this opportunity to assure you that your insurance will remain uninterrupted during this period. You may be concerned that your boat may be left unattended and unused for longer periods of time than it usually would going into spring, but if you have opted to cover your craft then it will remain protected by your insurance policy. After all, I’m sure that in these tough times, any theft, loss or damage to your boat would be an unwelcome financial burden if it wasn’t insured. If you have opted for a Third Party Liability Only policy and wish to now to add Hull and Machinery cover to insure your craft as well, then simply call our customer service team on 0333 400 7087 who will be happy to help. f you have any other questions about your insurance cover then please do have a look at the list of FAQs we have compiled. You can refer to your policy documents for details of your cover If you have any other questions regarding your insurance in general and what you’re covered for, please log in to your online account. From here you’ll be able to access your insurance documentation and check the terms and conditions of your policy. Please note that although these enhancements will not be reflected in the current policy documentation, you can rest assured they will apply should you need them. If you still have questions and would like to speak to us please keep trying and we’ll speak to you as soon as we can. Call 0333 400 7087 or email us at [email protected] (Monday - Friday, 9am - 5:30pm). Stay safe, John Woosey Founder & Managing Director.
  4. Most liveaboards in the marina do keep a eye for any problems and let the office know if they spot something. Moorers do tend to notice more, if anything unusual with their neighbours boats than the marina staff. There are 177 berths at Foxes, With most in use. Only four staff members live onsite.
  5. This is the e-mail that Paula sent out last week from Foxes COVID-19 Coronavirus As you may already be aware following an announcement from the government all holiday sites and other related business were asked to close by the government very late on Sunday evening. Yesterday we closed the door to holiday makers. The office is currently closed. As the government has restricted all but non-essential travel please remain at your primary residence. Tracey and I are keeping an eye on the moorings and any problems with you boat we will notify you. If you need to contact us the best way is to email [email protected] we will get to your messages however with reduced staff it could take longer than normal. This will usually be between 9 and 10am. If you are stuck on your boat and transport rules say that you cannot travel to your primary residence you will be able to obtain The following service pump-out, diesel for heating, gas and coal plus electric switch on by emailing a request. We will call you so that you can pay with a card. You will then be given a time to visit for the service. Whilst the service is being dispensed you must observe social distancing rules. It is likely that this will also be between 9 and 10am. Mail will still be placed in mail boxes. Please be mindful that any parcels you have delivered will be left outside on the steps if they are too large for your mail box and that we can accept no responsibility if these go missing. Most delivery companies are now emailing or texting to say when parcels arrive. The safety of our staff and customers is our main priority. Please observe these rules which are not of our making. We look forward to things returning to normal as soon as possible and wish you a safe time. Our website and social media channels will offer updates. Regards. Paula Syred & Tracey Baxter.
  6. People turned away from March Tesco's on Friday morning and told to go home. Only about 10 people in the queue when I went that evening before. https://www.cambstimes.co.uk/news/coronavirus-march-tesco-turn-people-away-1-6581877
  7. Or the second freezer they brought has not arrived.
  8. There has been overzealous use of these new powers across the counrty by many officers backed up by their bosses. The Transport Police have been stopping people at major railway stations across the country and questioning them on where there were going and why. Was stopped at Cambridge Station this morning in both directions when I had to go into the office to replaced a hard drive (Not something that you can do remotely) which had failed in the night. 'What's concerning is what this heavy-handed approach will do to the public's relationship with the police in the long-term. Upto now it was policing by consent of the people, More so with demands for more police powers by ex officers Ex Chief Superintendent Kevin Hurley said a warning should be given to pedestrians, then a fine, and then, if they still don't comply, pedestrians should be Tasered. "If they still don't comply fire baton rounds at them, if they still don't comply fire something at them which makes them comply permanently," Mr Hurley said, "because we're talking about thousands of people dying, this isn't a joke anymore." https://www.lbcnews.co.uk/uk-news/ex-crime-commissioner-people-who-break-coronavirus/ The Cambs Times last week demanded martial law be imposed by the government, and to hell with civil liberties and human rights. That the supermarkets should be compelled to operate a rationing system, Former Wisbech mayor Jonathan Farmer has suggested police consider the use of tasers on children found out and about unnecessarily during the coronavirus pandemic.
  9. Did not buy the canned bread, was given it. German product called Weiss Brot made by DosenBistro Brotzeit Canned bread and cakes are popular vending machine item in Japan.
  10. They asked, You may be happy to lie to the Police, I'm not Aready in the tabloids on how the police are using their new powers The Government has not set out any official guidelines about what is considered an essential food item This was in the Manchester Evening News and The Mirror https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/essential-supermarket-shopping-items-products-17978057?_ga=2.12099316.1737983330.1585265910-1049350747.1577644084 https://www.mirror.co.uk/money/coronaivirus-items-you-should-actually-21758068 'Earlier this week, Boris Johnson announced that Brits are now only permitted to go to the shops once a day maximum, and if doing so, it should only be for 'essentials'. Plenty of non-essential shops have already shut, and only those considered 'essential' now remain open. These include supermarkets, hardware stores, off-licenses and garages. However, many shoppers have been left asking the question 'what counts as an essential?' The government has not set out any official guidelines about what is considered an essential, so at the moment, we'll need to rely on common sense to work out when we should and shouldn't be nipping to the shops. We've come up with some handy tips to help you. If you want to head to the supermarket or to an essential shop, consider these factors before going: Is it urgent? Will it significantly impact my quality of life or risk my health and wellbeing if you don't have it? Can I buy it online? Will I be putting others at risk by going to buy it? To put it bluntly, if you fancy a chocolate bar, a new hanging basket for the garden or just fancy going to the supermarket for a 'nice trip out', then it's probably not essential - and you're unnecessarily putting others at risk by making the trip. But if you've run out of baby formula, need food to feed yourself and/or your family, you need to pick up medication or sanitary products, or your car's broken and it needs fixing for you to be able to work (if you're a key worker), then these can all be considered essentials, and you shouldn't feel guilty for going out the house for them.' I would have to prove to the magistrates that not having bread, milk and butter would risk my health and well being if I did not have the items. More so when the dinette seat lockers are full of canned and bottled food. I even have two tins of canned bread (Last resort). Almost everyone has been panic buying for nearly three weeks, The Government, Police and Magistrates would expect almost everyone had stockpiled months of food and loo rolls. People started stockpiling beer, wine and sprits last week when the pubs were closed. Up to the start of last week, I was in quarantine recovering from the flu, which for me was only a mild attack,, still was unpleasant with aching joints, fever and sore throat for a week. I was deem no long contagious after a fortnight once the symptoms were gone, but to be on the safe side I spent one more week in quarantine. Chances of getting it a second time are remote. Only was ment to be down in Dorset for the weekend, in the end it was nearly five weeks. If you do get questioned by the Police, you may have problems if the address on your id is not near the location you are stopped. The address on my id was in Dorset 200 miles away. Had to explain why I was in The Fenland area, Good thing that the boat was on the council tax list. As I work in Cambridge a 30 mile comute is better than 175 mile comute each day. The qoute was in last weeks Poole Herald, More or less the same qoute in many of the papers https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/uk-news/people-who-ignore-lockdown-rules-17988359 https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/punishments-flouting-coronavirus-lockdown-rules-17986921 https://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/national/18337880.police-given-new-powers-arrest-people-ignore-lockdown-rules/ https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/26/people-breaking-coronavirus-lockdown-rules-will-arrested-12460957/ https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/coronavirus-lockdown-rules-arrest-home-office-a4398821.html https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/people-flouting-coronavirus-lockdown-face-21760346 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8158035/Police-streets-stop-drivers-lockdown-threaten-960-fines.html
  11. The police were this afternoon given sweeping new powers to arrest people who go on 'non essential' journeys. Officers will also have the powers force people to go home if they fail to listen to police direction, and will be fined £60 - reduced to £30 if paid within a fortnight. For second offences it will rise to £120 and will doubling each time for further offences. The worst culprits will be taken to court and face fines of £1,000 or more. The police have setup checkpoints all over the place to question people where they are going and for what reason. Police officers now seemingly being tasked with deciding how important someone's journey is. As I had food at home it was a non-essential journey in the officer's view.
  12. It did two hours ago, coming back from Tesco's
  13. Committed a heinous crime tonight accorded to the POSO who gave me £60 FPN. What did I Do. Simply walked from the marina to the local Tesco's to get bread, milk and butter which I had run out of. In the view of the officer as I still had food at home it was non-essential journey.
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