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  1. IT is possable using the busness tools instead of the private sales tools
  2. The Ebay account has been hijacked, The real owner has been a member since 04 and has feedback dating back years. To get round the algorithms the text is often a picture of text,
  3. The B3082 out of Wimborne Minster is lined both sides of the road for nearly two miles north west of Kingston Lacy House with Elm Tree's.
  4. I belive we not dealing with a loony afterall, But a homeowner who had a tree with a 'Preservation Order' blocking their view. What better way to hide the unlawfull cutting down of a tree with an order on it. Than for it to be among many cut down. Not a new idea, but anyone who has either seen or read the Agatha Christie 'ABC Murders' in which a Murder is hiden among many as part of a serial killing.
  5. Just use a umbrella mount, large choice available. I used one of these champed to the hatch. . https://www.completecareshop.co.uk/wheelchairs/wheelchair-accessories/wheelchair-umbrella-view-large?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIxKT1lZrv7wIVtACiAx3niAACEAQYGCABEgILdfD_BwE
  6. Seems the Surrey Police are looking for a loony with a chainsaw who for the passed week has been cutting down trees at random along the riverside between Walton on Thames and Weybridge. The mad chopper is targeting the ash, oak ,elm trees leaving pine tress alone. If your moored in the area and own a chainsaw, keep it out of sight or you may find yourself invited down to the station for a chat. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/trees-chopped-walton-thames-phantom-lumberjack-police-b928561.html
  7. Fenland sent me a bill for £2700 Second home rate, hence me looking for new moorings.
  8. On the Middle Level, if staying within the marina for the whole year. It is £118 per year, only requirment is that the mooring has a council tax band. Plus BSS and insurance. Downside is that Fenland Council will try and charge you the second home rate.
  9. You can buy daily and weekly licences for the Middle Level at Stanground and Salter Lode locks or direct from The Middle Level Offices.
  10. lifting weir uses vertical lift gates, Richmond Weir River Thames Buck Weir uses radial gates. Hurley Weir, River Thames i
  11. 'Hang on – THIS wasn't on Boris's road map'.
  12. It will not last, The sheer cost of providing services by councils to these London towpath moorers is of increasing concern to councils with large numbers of these moorers in their areas on the Regent canal and the lower river Lee. The law will change to allow charging of council tax on these moorers. This may well be by charging the tax on the boat rather than the mooring as is the case now. I just had my two council tax bills in. My home in Arne, Dorset (Band D) £2072.40 My berth in Foxes, March (Band A, Second home rate) £2706.38 Fenland hav
  13. The police don want to get involved, they rather have the Streetwise Staff not cause trouble in the first place. Anyway the Police are too busy nicking people for breaking CoVid Laws. You very rarely see Police on the beat in March anyway.
  14. The Lady Jane has been squatting on the Town moorings for over two years, as has many of the others. That springer next to the library has been moored there since 2017. None of them want to move. Last summer visiters were unable to stop due to the squatters. The council has repeated failed to take action. Council Streetwise Staff are charged with inforcement of the moorings, refuse to go near them after been threaten by some of them. None of the boats have licences either, all are under enforcement action for this by the Middle Level.
  15. Only the two dayboats are out round here, no where to moor in town as the council have not evicted the squatter boats on the visiter moorings. So the hirers are moaning about that.
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