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  1. I been looking at these on ebay Sofa Bed Armchair It better than the normal folding foam jobs. It would be handy for when the girls visit. Not a bad price either. My perfered compact leather armchair is in the book room at the local RSPCA shop, Yet they refuse to sell, saying customers like the chair.
  2. About 300 yards upstream from the slipway at what is now the March cruising club which was the Charlie Fox started back in the 1950's. Back in 2002 I towed it down the Nene from Wellingborough to Foxes as the it had broken down when the two pot lister engine threw a leg out of bed when it overheated.
  3. That reminds me of accountant at one placed I worked, who phoned me up at home, wanted me to come back in and turn a single light off in my office. A four hour round trip
  4. You mean the 'fake springer' that Foxes built about ten year back. It was ok on Tuesday when I passed in the afternoon, The baton tosser that was moored in the middle for the pasted few weeks, left early the next morning )Before 6.30am). He had been running his boat in gear, late in to the night every night. The wooden top narrowboat under the willows trees is the fourth narrowboat built by Foxes.
  5. Picture paints a 1000 words. Happen Tuesday night, Mooring in good condtion that day when I passed. This was how it was the next morning.
  6. This pump is rated to handle three outlets (three taps) at fulll bore at the same time. Myself would install a powerful pump, less time at full load, means longer life. I have a Par-max 4 which has seen more than 20 years of service. If you have women onboard, you not only need a bigger pump, but a larger water tank.
  7. Due to damage to the council moorings in West End Park in the town of March on the Old River Nene (Middle Levels). The moorings are closed until further notice to allow repairs to take place. Which can not start until the Squatter boats that are moored there are removed. I post a picture of the damage tomorrow night.
  8. Maybe one of these small inverters (100-150 watt) left switch on. They can beep for a couple of days before going dead due to low voltage.
  9. Also at the Nook Norton Brewey Oxfordshire, The brewey is also the last one where the machinery is still powered by a steam engine, line shafts and belts.
  10. Why not both? Have your pint while you buy your pump.
  11. Then there is the ' Rhubarb Triangle' in West Yorkshire formed between the towns of Wakefield Morley and Rothwell. Where rhubarb is forced grown in dark heated sheds in the winter months from November to March.
  12. It does seem to be a common problem from looking at the Victron Energy community site Phoenix-inverter-eco-mode-issue-with-refrigerator Using-an-refrigerator-in-eco-mode-phoenix-inverter Anyway your fridge will be rated to keep cool without power for x number of hours with the door kept shut. Commonly between 12 and 15 hours. So just turnoff at night.
  13. He using an inverter to power a 240v fridge.
  14. Under Part 4 of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 ( IPAct) The IPAct contains a variety of measures, one of which that forces broadband ISPs and mobile operators to store comparatively detailed Internet Connection Records (e.g. details of all the websites / servers you’ve visited) about all their customers for 12 months. This can then be supplied to a valid authority without a warrant and occurs irrespective of whether or not you’re even suspected of a crime. The High Court of Justice (Queen’s Bench Division) judicial review in January 2018 , Required that the Government change the law to require prior review by a court or independent administrative body and – in the context of crime-fighting – to only allow access to data for purposes of combating “serious crime.” Before this judicial review. The stored data was being easily supplied, upon request, to dozens of public bodies (i.e. from local police to financial regulators).
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