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  1. After sending the crap ones back, I ordered a set of these from Advanced Battery Supplies. 12V 115AH ABS XD31 Ultra Deep Cycle Battery
  2. Only weigh 23 kgs each, Only ordered three, all arrived undercharged, Returned to seller.
  3. The riverside footpath under the rail bridge in Peterborough is under water, so the level is up a few feet.
  4. EA Nene/Grt Ouse license costs Registration charges for Anglian Waterways
  5. Paint discoloration from heat transfer from the roof due to thermal bridging.
  6. nbfiresprite


    Looks like another day watching Monsoon Poultry Hospital.
  7. That could be quickly blocked by using a old lorry loaded with sandbags, It was done at Welney in the 1947 floods
  8. nbfiresprite


    Borrow a Goat to mow the lawn.
  9. Don't you mean Horsepiss?
  10. But then there are nearly 10,000 berths in the Harbour, so some days it does feel that you are on the waterborne version of the M25. More so when the Condor ferry comes charging in and cuts power just before it passes the Sandbanks ferry.
  11. Must have been a brown trouser moment for these on board.
  12. With some boat owners, they think the best way to pass them is for you to take another route.
  13. The link I gave you is for the 230v version. http://www.xantrex.com/documents/Power-Inverters/PROsine-International/DS20190410_PROsine_international.pdf The uk dealer is Adverc B.M. Ltd. 245 Trysull Road Wolverhampton, England WV3 7LG Ph. 01902 380494 France EFA France Za la Haute Limougère 3 rue Claude Chappe F-37230 Fondettes Ph. +33 2 47 61 78 50 Germany Henrik Volkelbr Hoistener Schulstrasse 5 Neuss, Germany 41469 Ph. +49 2137 -92 82 12
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