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  1. Thats very unfair unless thats banter too- the thread is full of helpful comments, sadly the bar appears to have been lowered by you referring to Leeds and Liverpool as "dumps" Good luck with your boating journeys
  2. There was a topic on this recently by MrLister, Hesperous looks to be in the dry Dock already so hopefully Ariel will follow.
  3. She was gone from the puddlebanks when we passed on 9th October. Pretty sure she was moved in late September?
  4. Today, The Ocean being drained ready for the replacement viaduct. Fish electrolysis has happened x3 but still some fish being caught and moved. Mostly tench. it’s all looking exciting It’s still some way to Saul but dislike the Km sign 😕 As it’s intended
  5. I believe it’s a black headed Gull, many varieties of gulls are inland or on rivers nowadays
  6. We have the same on a slow running large prop on the N Oxford. I worked out it seemed to be ash leaves on their stalks that causes the majority of the problems. They seemed to gather in certain areas not just by the tree but swept by wind to corners where there were a fair amount of them. They seem to semi submerge as well, being a little smaller than many leaves perhaps weighed down by their stalks. As above reverse sorts it and there is usually a large amount that fills the water as we head off once in forward again.
  7. I think mouse is on the bottom now? Today with cold fingers from the towpath And from t’other more windy side
  8. What do people do to touch up epoxy above the waterline from scrapes on rubbing strips mainly? we have Jotamastic 87- applied last year. Is it a case if buying a relatively huge can of it and just keep touching up? As it changes with UV light over time will that become obvious as a touch up or should we consider painting the Jotun hardtop which I presume doesn’t chalk like Jotamastic does
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. The worst parts we found was the pound between lock 70 and 69. As you mentioned the part pictured between 66 and 65 is theoretically a winding point we managed to wind but only by using 3/4 of the canal and reversing a couple of times. the part just below lock 81 is not too good, it’s narrow from the shelving remains. the areas where the concrete still exists should ideally be sorted so more water can be stored in the canal. the winding point in the pound between 80 and 81 needs dredging too. it’s all such a shame as it’s a brilliant waterway but spoilt by people who seem to have no interest in life. At least it means orchids growing on the towpath and sides, especially between 72 and 70. I hope they don’t harm the terrapin in pound 70 to 69 though🙂
  11. Oh dear, I can only imagine they took all day to get up from Piccadilly. Its hard though to see if they are going up or heading down. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/firefighters-rescue-three-people-stricken-22232208 Its a little way from Tescos, and it didnt seem too shallow there earlier this year- reasonable water level in the pound too unless some has been run in Quite a large contingent of firefighters....
  12. Hi can anyone advise if the scuffs are over an application of Jotamastic 87 epoxy then can it just be applied after wire brushing and cleaning? Just higher up there is unknown paint, its not epoxy, not does it have a look of bituminous paint though Im not expert at all on that. It looks like Epifanes black is one to try. I saw someone applying Hammerite a few weeks back- is that not a good idea? All scuffs I'm referring to are above water!
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. This I believe clarify’s that the A38 roundabout isn’t the only thing that the £4m highways grant covers, in issue 194 of The Trow (Cotswold Canal Trust magazine Winter 2021.) I suspect that the £4m is part of the £24m restoration of phase 1b. I’m pretty sure It came in after the total coatings were drawn up, so would be unusual to completely remove from the headline figure. Estimated completion is 2025.
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