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  1. Probably not 🤣 That article clearly explains why it is unlikely to happen, the only reason not to do it appears to be because it makes the driveway slippery 🤣. The expanding due to water in small windscreen cracks isn’t limited to occasional pouring water on the windscreen as rain does it too🤣 it’s not hot but tepid water we use. It’s an old tale from plain glass windscreens of the 1950s. pouring warm or hot water over a laminated glass windshield can not crack it. This is because of how laminated glass is created and protected by the materials mentioned above.
  2. But is that hearsay from older days? I’ve never heard it happen and my friend swears he’s done it for 30 years! this suggests not but recommends a non environmental spray ? https://www.stablevehiclecontracts.co.uk/blog/will-hot-water-crack-a-frozen-windshield
  3. Friend next door just pours glass of warm water over the windscreen and has been doing that for years. Started doing that myself and it seems to work very well especially if you don’t use the wipers immediately. Appreciate some cars have automatic wipers. I know we always are told not to do that but I wonder if the old wives would tell a different story with modern car windscreen glass?
  4. Im sure you are right, These pictures of the side thats still fairly decent being done in 1997 with a dam around it, from one of Peter Scotts pictures. These days I expect the whole pound to be drained 😉, cranes aplenty and closure for 3 months.
  5. How kind of the driver to consider that in advance then 😁
  6. One thing I don't completely understand is why CRT don't fit some vulcanised rubber strip where boats turn, its the same at Norton Junction. Lovely sandstone edging at Coventry basin, being mashed by boats turning and hitting the edge as often happens. Its sad, as replacement costs would be large and unsightly. Appreciate they haven't any money, and that they don't tend to do preventative . Thus perhaps I have answered the question. Surprised the Coventry Canal society/ IWA haven't raised it, or perhaps they have.
  7. Its going to be a frequent occurrence as it wipes all DNA< suspect thats why the door was left open to flood the insides too. Should definitely go through insurance, unless its been stolen, written off as disappeared, hidden away then used in a crime?
  8. Lovely photo, but I believe that is from King Johns Bridge, on the Mythe Road A38 ? Mythe bridge is the cast iron one over the Severn a little way out of Tewkesbury and a left turn off this road by the Water treatment works?
  9. Doesn’t it depend on the height of the pound above and the pound below for the actual drop? Tardibigge alway feels very deep but is often a constant drop. I didn’t consider any of the Ashton locks so deep last year. York Street always feels deep partly as the bridge hole and towpath inaccessibility at the bottom makes it feel dark - crew members often long deserted the boat going up. As Marple pounds are short and some gates leaky it’s quite possible to have a very full pound then a very empty one so have the greatest drop. Perhaps at times are the deepest narrow links in the system?
  10. I still feel very sorry for the owner who’s car was stolen. They may well have needed it as a fairly cheap towing vehicle for business or hobby. There’s a lot of small holdings or niche hobbiest’s or car dealers/ enthusiasts in rural Staffordshire and beyond for whom this is an ideal car. You only need look at the cost of most second hand trailers or car transporters to appreciate the demand. Ok it’s not the most perfect car but that makes them cheaper 😂 I suspect this is going to be a more common occurrence as dumping a stolen car in water washes out all traces of DNA. It’s likely that’s what’s happened here. Someone I knew had their car nicked for a gun crime that he feared was a murder and it took them years to come to terms with it. Car was burnt out afterwards.
  11. It’s a good place to moor. Would encourage a visit to the city centre which is an easy walk in and has been done up nicely plus the cathedral which is a 1950s masterpiece that I didn’t think I would enjoy but did. The ruins of the old cathedral was rather poignant being right next door plus being in the early months of the war in Ukraine . There’s the motor museum too. We visited over the Easter Bank holiday this year and there was only one spare mooring. Would have been more if we had needed to as some boats were moored with large gaps of 30 + foot between them ☹️There are a few spaces just outside the basin that seem OK too. Friends moored there in 2021 and left their boat there for a week. We are deep drafted and did scrape somethings through a couple of bridge holes so idled fine through a few on the way back.
  12. Im not sure that a tug off falls with this forums remit TBF. Prerhaps thats where the OP has gone off to?
  13. I dont suppose you posting pictures of his boat after you were sent a PM of it was appreciated by him perhaps TBF Ian. Can you direct us to any abusive posts, as I am blowed if I can find any. For sure some people were rather unhappy that the OP didnt return to mention what was happening and there was an element of reluctance to try some sensible suggestions, I would have thought that 7 pages of help offered, people passing by offers to travel to help, every conceivable suggestion shows CWDF in a good helpful light, but make of it what you will I guess. Perhaps arranging a Chinook wasnt appreciated but I wouldn't mind betting someone on here knows someone who knows someone that can access a Chinook 😄
  14. We moored for 2 weeks just by the railway station earlier this year and it was fine, there often a fair few people around and lights from the station which perhaps gives some security if you are leaving your boat there for long. Convenient for a few shops, Cadburys World and of course the station.
  15. My apologies for initially misleading (myself too😞) on this, the heater is in a large cupboard and it’s difficult to get my head in, and worse to get head in and look upwards with a light. Thank goodness the second photos show the leak. Thanks for suggesting it’s the diaphragm. However the nut below does seem to be seeping as all is dry above within the boiler but there’s a tiny amount of water seeping from between the nut and connector below. It’s odd that the kitchen roll Is dry. How does the diaphragm work? Will dripping from the brass area be irregular according to use? There seems to be a spot where there is a hole that’s calcified ? Looks like the whole unit may need to come off to rectify. Presume the gas needs a gas fitter to reconnect? I see reconditioned units on the bay which maybe the best option I guess, though will need to ensure that the leaking is still happening in the unit
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