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  1. No worries,The seller did post his side of the story, which was based on what the brokerage had told him had happened and I have responded to that.It was most unfortunate that the brokerage scuppered this one as both seller & buyer were genuine.
  2. I've already confirmed so on one of the threads. Another member similarly confirmed that as soon as you challenge a member of the brokerage's behaviour, you are either "aggressive " or in this instance it was " disgusting." For instance your comment..." You will be telling us.....I take it" would be taken offensive to. He needed an excuse to cancel, so he found one. His antics didnt end there, he took it a step further and allegedly called the surveyors instructed by me to perform the survey earlier this week, who allegedly said to him they would not perform a survey on the boat, according to him. (I had copied them in on relevant communication, which may affect their services: He had also given me an ultimatum that the sale was 100% CANCELLED & that the matter was closed.) The Brokerage subsequently responded to my letter of final demand (which stated all of the antics leading up to the cancellation,) to say that I could proceed the boat if I still wanted to, but need to find new surveyors or take it without a survey, which if it wasnt in his marina, might have been an option. Another attempt to make right in a most unethical way.At which point the legal advice I received was : RUN!
  3. And the story is far from over.A final letter of demand was issued to said broker, who made a swift u turn, however there is still money outstanding, which will no doubt end up in small claims court. I wonder who your reliable sources of information are?
  4. Incidentally, buyer has since confirmed they would be partial to accepting the sellers offer of £1000 off the price without survey. I suspect the brokerage has not notified the seller of this, further confirming his interest ( not wanting to deal with buyer or buyer's proxy, having taken offense to being caught out for dubious business practice & the embarrassment of surveyor/s being made aware of such. ) over the seller's best interest.
  5. The buyer has the funds in an interest bearing account offshore transferable at the click of a button, so not sure where you're getting your information from ...must be that broker with an excellent reputation. The buyer has not received a refund as the buyer has not agreed to cancel the sale, it was a unilateral termination of sale by the broker, who based on your comment here assumed the funds were not available, for what reason I have no idea. The full offer was made in good faith & accepted.All sale agreements provide for the option to survey. Given this quirky very unfinished, somewhat neglected project boat, that hasn't been out of the water for 7 years, a survey is common sense and not tactical to drive the price down without reason. Hope this clarifies. Unfortunately the way the broker and seller have treated the buyer is in very poor faith.
  6. Thank you for your comment. The trigger: holding them accountable for their post sales actions has triggered a reaction. Standing up to bullying and wanting the law enforced subsequently. If you read up on the history of dealings people have had with these marina's, there is more to this than another fallen boat sale. That is the very reason Bully's get away with this. Put me in the same category as the legal fraternity of seeking justice if you must. Until you have been on the receiving end, its very easy to judge & criticise from a distance. I am happy to move on to another boat and be compensated fairly for my having to do so. Mediation is not costly nor antagonistic, neither is small claims court. Thank you all for your comments & advice. I will make the right decision for me.
  7. My original post was to seek mediation to resolve this matter fairly.
  8. Lets not jump the gun.I am seeking legal advice first & ensure that I make an informed decision. Judgement will be passed on the defaulting party. I would like to see justice done & ensure that this bullying tactic is not abused again in the future. It appears that a judgement against the company regardless of the monetary value may be what's required to prevent a perpetuating pattern by the defaulting party.
  9. The " very good" reason the seller believes the brokerage must have had for cancelling the sale was " my disgusting behaviour." Apparently if you question any service levels or brokerage practices, this is unacceptable practice. Whilst the feeling is mutual I respect the contract I signed and am prepared to honour it. Not all businesses are honourable despite his claim that he is a family run business with sound ethics and business principles.
  10. Interesting that you have taken judgement against me without knowing anything about me nor the facts. I will try not take this personally and see this as a reflection of you, perhaps the broker is a friend of yours? Perhaps you took offense that I wanted to survey your boat, and there was good reason for that. If there was another offer, which you have not disclosed, the boat would not today show as being available for sale. Something is not quite right & think I dodged a bullet. In any event, as the saying goes " birds of a feather...."
  11. Sadly the deposit has NOT been returned and the seller not given the facts of the matter, only what the broker has told him. As a result I have decided to refer this matter to arbitration and if necessary court. This now becomes a matter of principle. This sort of bullying needs to stop.
  12. I dont believe they received an unconditional offer and are now looking for one.
  13. I see that. So they are blatantly lying publicly now as I have proof of the paid deposit and agreement.
  14. He does not have my bank details, I paid by debit card. I questioned his actions and requested mediation, to which he has not responded. 🤷‍♀️
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