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  1. Are they out of business now? I was told this but haven't tried contacting them. Yes I'm aware I wouldn't be able to sell it for at least 5 years without jumping through a lot of hoops, I've taken this into account. I did really reconsider at one point but I feel I'll always regret not trying to fit it out myself. It does make the argument for a second hand boat very tempting though. Thanks, I'll look into it
  2. It's a good point, the main reason is I love a challenge and fitting out the boat and designing the systems would be my sadistic version of fun, ha. I'm not willing to pay through the teeth to do my own labour though? I've checked out the second hand market, and you can get a half decent boat for around £40,000, but honestly I'd rather get a cheap sailaway and do it myself. If the going price of a sailaway has really increased this much, add on the equipment and it soon starts creeping above what I'm comfortable spending. I thought maybe I'm looking in the wrong places, I would be happy wit
  3. Hi, Sorry if you get asked this all the time, but who is the best provider of cheap sailaways at the moment? I'm aware they've gone out of business (correct me if I'm wrong, which is likely!) but their website is still up and liverpool boat co were doing 70ft sailaways for £25,000 roughly 10 years ago. I've had a look around and the going rate seems to be nearer £40,000 from the sites I've found with prices up. Has the price nearly doubled in 10 years or am I not looking in the right places? As per the title, who are the best providers of cheap sailaways/shells atm? Thanks in advanc
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