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  1. Must have blown loose and now wedged near Fenny Stratford
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. It's just an old term from when they used to walk the beat, or 'plod'. They seem to spend more time looking for crimes on twitter these days so maybe I should stop using it? 😂
  4. Fairly sure you can carry any size blade if you have a reasonable excuse, being on a boat and potentially needing to cut ropes sounds reasonable to me. I believe the less than 3 inch non-locking rule just means you need no excuse to carry it. If you ever say or imply you'd use it in defence though you'll get in trouble as easy conviction for plod to meet their targets, so beware. I'm also not a lawyer so beware of that too 😂
  5. Not too bad an idea actually, sometimes simple is best!
  6. Is it possible to get a locking fuel cap for this? Threads on the tank are external, my first thought is no without changing it somehow?
  7. I have sympathy for those that try to keep moving whilst trying to stay as close as possible for work, kids etc. It's a fine balancing act and allowing a range of 20 miles over a year sounds fair to me. However if you set up under a bridge etc and become the resident troll forever more all sympathy goes away. Boats need to move to keep the system moving and prevent encampments appearing at the towpath. However being forced to travel to areas you have no interest in does not come under 'navigation' for me. It's a tricky one but if they do actually move every fortnight to the next bridge I honestly don't care personally.
  8. I can't imagine the life expectancy of those trying to break into occupied boats in the middle of nowhere, where the occupants could have any manner of weapons and are well placed to dispose of a body, is very long at all. Whilst it would be wise to keep stuff locked up I think paranoia does go into overdrive in these situations. I just ignore it until it escalates.. which it never does.
  9. Might be an idea if I can't get anything to fit. From the looks of it the previous one had lots of plumbers mate or similar to make the seal with the plastic compression fitting. If I clean it off and do the same fingers crossed I'll be alright.
  10. Should I fit a trap on it like this? Or no point as not connected to a sewer? https://www.screwfix.com/p/mcalpine-tubular-p-trap-white-40mm/75915
  11. Yes the hacksaw was on standby, managed to knock it back and forth enough until it came off in the end. I need to go to screwfix again in the morning for the new elbow but picked this up when I was there earlier thinking I could just connect this to the existing one. https://www.screwfix.com/p/floplast-hose-connector-40mm/48625 So now I need a compression fitting for the metal pipe with threads the other end for the above. This is where I find out these don't exist knowing my luck 😂
  12. Finally got it off about 200 whacks later. Very rusty pipe but at least I can get a new elbow on it now.. I think
  13. Thanks for the advice really appreciated. I realised this and decided to remove the existing elbow and start from scratch, however it appears to be well and truly stuck and I can't figure out what's still holding it on? The seals are all loose/removed and even after some hefty whacks with a mallet it isn't budging. Even tried wd-40 for good effect. It's connected to a metal pipe by some kind of magic as far as I can see. Really needs changing now because I don't trust it after hitting it hard anymore 😂
  14. Which connectors do I need to connect standard washing machine waste and cold fill to these? I would love to sit and figure it out myself but the shops close in less than 3 hours and really need to do this today. Thanks!
  15. I personally think the government should issue everyone with a torch and then turn off all the street lighting once and for all. I'm not into all the eco hype but I would enjoy to see the stars as they should be seen without all the light pollution ruining it.
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