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  1. Brilliant, all events need to apply for at least the next 25 years 🤣
  2. So canal societies that saved canals, restored them and voluntarily contribute significantly to canal upkeep have to find £100 from somewhere for what actual privilege? I wonder if CRT realise that many of these attract more potential boaters or canal society members to the canals, and if some don’t happen now then it will cost CRT much more than the £100. Really sad.
  3. ^^ This, walk around and see. It’s called lose to an Elsan point too. The development of the lovely (in my view) factory opposite will take a while and be pretty noisy as well. I don’t think it’s too bad a place and does have some employment opportunities nearby. I imagine the urban progress will continue though.
  4. The problem though is they slip down and wear the spindle. A longer windlsss won’t do that so readily and unlike the one pictured the wear is not focussed intensely on one area . What I’d the origin of this sort of iron windlass? My family always referred to them as “Leeds and Liverpool lock keys”. They are brilliant for stubborn paddles we used to get there. only good for using with gloves though😂 Very long though around 15 inches.
  5. It maybe best to have a couple. The very long cast iron ones are good for the C&H as some especially bottom gate paddles are really tough. Then a much smaller length one for the paddles on many other locks, a long handle one just scuffs knuckles there. Then an intermediate one with a longer handle that does for some of the more stubborn paddles. The very long ones mean you don’t get the through power so you stop and start which is inefficient and more hard work. plus the C&H spike plus the funny Fenland one… Im not sure about windlass belts as they get in the way of you fall in or fall over. I always put mine on the floor at each lock once I’ve opened the paddle so I guess I’m just used to always picking it up
  6. Such rudeness- it’s the finest Axminster, and the bungee held two spare rolls if it. Though long lasting you never know when you may use a spare roll or two. 😊
  7. yes I cant see any reason why it wouldn't get to Stourport, but Im sure no further than Tewkesbury on the Warwickshire Avon for a few yards from the Avon lock. I imagine it could get up the Bristol Avon from Bristol/ Avonmouth to Bath as well, but not up the locks at Bath. As for its sea worthiness, I have no idea.
  8. Lockie at 1E was very clear there was a leak somewhere and the extraction was not the main cause for perennial low level in that pound. I wasn’t sure how he was so adamant though
  9. What is the difference between a CE and CE2? I thought it was the CE that has a crank that can break?
  10. Yes indeed, it’s much safer that way with a 60 footer till you get used to handling her 🤣
  11. You should be able do the journey in a week. We managed it both ways in June 2022. Aspley Basin to Slaithwaite, D2 Slaithwaite to Marsden (Moorings nicer by the tunnel if possible) D3 Marsden to Stalybridge D4 Stalybridge to Marple bottom lock. So you can extend by a day at each side and be OK still. On the return One of the lower Rochdale Failsworth locks to Stalybridge D2 Stalybridge to Diggle D3 Diggle to Slaithwaite, D4 Slaithwaite to one of the upper Huddersfield broad locks near the football ground. Theres plenty to see and do around, we enjoyed stopping near Titanic Mills, New Mills and a walk up from the Marsden end of the tunnel along a bridleway then down into Marsden is lovely.
  12. I dont believe anyone missed your interesting and useful post, it seems that there have been various boatbuilders and related works in Diglis over a relatively short time, despite Diglis basin being only able to accommodate a fairly small area for boat builders/ works. It would be useful for the OP to know when Watercraft started and finished and whether they took over their area from others such as Bryan Jones, it may interest the OP and others coming back to this at a later date perhaps. Its also stimulated some pictures which has been really interesting to see from the 60s. Pinders and Grist Mill current structures seem to figure later. I was always under the impression that the dry dock was owned by BWB in the 80s but that may well be incorrect.
  13. Found this advert in Waterways world Dec 1982. No idea if this is related to the firm in question though, doesn’t give an address though other than Diglis Basin?
  14. I believe it’s thread is 3BA I hope😊
  15. At least you got on, a friend has been trying to get into traction talk forum since November but still it’s saying they have to donate to get access. The donate page advises they need to donate to gain access 😂 Messaging the email hasn’t gotten any response for 4 months either apparently. Though steam engines travel slowly they are usually faster than narrowboats so he can’t understand it. 🤣
  16. I’m pretty sure it was covered too, could see it from opposite to where Dads boat was moored, never saw much going in or our. it’s obviously all changed a lot round there and sanitised- even the dry dock which I believe is what’s called Pinders shed the other side of the lock is all shrouded now. It was open rather like a Dutch barn then. Apart from blacking/ painting nothing much happened there if I remember. Used to watch the painting going on. Found an old photo of the dry dock opposite now I think called Pinders when all open
  17. I think that’s right, it was never easy to see what was going on - I seem to remember a wobbly bridge you had to cross by the entrance so sadly most of the time I concentrated on my next step and not what was happening around. Dad moored his boat in Diglis from early 80s to 1991, but I can’t find any photos from the area. It wasn’t the most photogenic place, rather run down, boats with tarpaulins that could be lovely but weren’t and even the semi sunken Severn Trow Spry for a while . Sorry
  18. How sad, perhaps CRT should search for another bequest. Many charities are relentless with their persuit of these. My friends Dad received monthly bequeath requests from the University he went to once he reached 80, they proved to be good firelighters and he lived till his 90s, the University were not a beneficiary 🤣
  19. Ah that’s interesting as I saw a vlog where a number were delivered for their boat. Must be an influencer☹️🤣
  20. It must say somewhere but are the boxes from Speedy reusable?
  21. I read somewhere recently that sadly despite being a substantial amount it appears it’s not enough for what was intended.
  22. Most lower gates have paddles like this. A welcome relief from the hefty C&H paddles
  23. The rolling bridge was closed in Paddington basin when I was last there in June. Will see if it’s open later this week unless others know?
  24. It’s the wrong way round which confused me, the towpath is on the opposite side. Just down from there is Wycliffe Colleges old rowing club HQ which I suspect is partly why that stretch remained in water. it’s now by Saul junction and they row on the G&S. I can’t find any images of Wycliffe rowers on the Stroudwater sadly but this is the boathouse https://www.cotswoldcanals.net/wycliffe-college-former-boathouse
  25. Thanks for that suggestion David, and it’s on its way 👍 Like John I was in no way doubting Daves wisdom at all but wishing to learn more. I doubt that the book will impart anything like the wisdom and knowledge that Dave has and to me learning more of these historical greats and their subtle differences in techniques to spot would have been useful. There’s a thread here regarding historic archive loss from people with much knowledge or material no longer preserved . Perish the thought but it would be nice for Daves knowledge to be imparted to as wide an audience as possible before it ever is too late. (I appreciate he’s doing a good job that way) Sadly given the diminishing number of boats with a rose or castle let alone scumble anywhere near it I fear the audience is dwindling and any awareness of past skills needs cherishing and passing on where possible.
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