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  1. Moored by a pub is slightly different, naive to think no one else will want to join you. However I once moored by the sewage works just north of Wheelock, and within an hour other boats had joined me Rog
  2. If you move away because a boat moors very close, the issue doesn't disappear, merely that particular boat. The issue will resurface at your next choice of isolated mooring, when close neighbours instantly gather. If boaters could begin to appreciate that if a boat has moored in a solitary spot (like the o.p. photos) it is by choice, and if it's necessary to moor, leave three or four boat lengths, then everyone can enjoy it. I also read the o.p. as an attempt at understanding the motivation of some boaters, rather than being critical. Rog
  3. I agree entirely. If I moor near others (boats or houses) I am required by common courtesy to consider what affect my actions may have on them. If I choose a solitary isolated spot it is because I wish to feel free of any such burden. If someone is so insecure they MUST moor where others are, why not moor insight of others but three or more boat lengths away ... why does it have to be so close? Rog
  4. Buy a big genny, two large dogs and litter the mooring with empty beer cans. I absolutely agree it is very annoying when you pick an isolated quiet spot and some person with limited imagination decides it's now a party mooring. Entirely understandable on visitor moorings when we all need to bunch up and consider others, but out in the wilds ... infuriating. Rog
  5. A day of boating encountering the odd inconsiderate person is better than not boating at all. Surely one of the pleasures is the adventures, stories and characters boating furnishes us with. Remember that today will always be 'the good old days' to some Rog
  6. Saw Sand Martins today at Gailey Reservoir. Rog
  7. In fifteen years on this boat, we were burgled in Braunston, fishing tackle stolen in Shipton on Cherwell, and bird feeders and stand stolen at Great Haywood. We've moored in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Wigan, Leeds and many other urban areas without incident. Stuff can happen if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. But there's no list of what constitutes that. Just relax and forget it. A simple rule is, if you don't feel comfortable, don't stop. Rog
  8. You're right. Only I will know. It's a discussion forum. No stealing Involved . Rog III
  9. So what you actually describe is intolerance. What you like is good. Anything you don't like is bad. No known cure for that I'm afraid, apart from being brave, accepting others may, occasionally have different views to you, and just accept and move on. The world has a habit of not conforming to any one persons wishes. Embrace the diversity. Live dangerously. Fun is anywhere you choose. Rog
  10. It's a discussion forum. People air views which you may like, agree with, loathe or despise. Surely the purpose of a discussion forum is to expose oneself to others views. The problems that have occured here, and will no doubt occur again, are when a 'self appointed' clique decide who is and who is not worthy to be here, and what views are and are not permitted to be expressed. At this point you're at the 'unhappy muttering' stage. Soon lists will be formed of who 'your kind of people' are. Then the bannings will begin You're welcome! Rog
  11. My mistake for posting here, I promise I won't and then ... You're correcting my view on my favourite flight ... really? Rog
  12. Bank Newton on the Leeds & liverpool. Scenery is unsurpassed. Rog
  13. No bats were abducted. I did go 'home' where I can speak freely without concern about the 'thought police' or the need to engage in 'newspeak'. Dan and his mods should remember that a forum can only ever be owned by its posters. Rog
  14. So NOW I have two 'secret' messages from mods suggesting anything I post MUST be pre approved. I have never received any points or warnings here, nor indeed any notification of my heinous crime which dictates such heavy censorship. What is going on? Rog Suddenly I can speak freely again. Actually, stuff this. Rog
  15. Very few on thunderboat choose to use profanity in posts, but it is entirely possible to do so. It's only words, and written words at that, so not really an issue. I am an avid reader, and even classic literature can contain abuse. However, my earlier post was written around 6am, and when I posted it the text turned a purple colour and the post marked as 'hidden'. This thread then disappeared from the recently updated list completely! I had to go to work, and having arrived back home see that the thread and my post are present. Do posts have to be approved now before publication? I really don't understand what happened. Rog ETA how childish ... I now see that posts have to be approved. I'm off back to where I can speak freely.
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