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  1. As the guy said when asked for directions ... "You don't want to start from here !". As C&RT appear to have sold off all equipment, and disposed of the bankside staff who used to know how to use it, and who understood canals and knew the system, and replaced them with inefficient outside contractors and call centre staff who wouldn't know a canal if they fell in one ... that's a tough one to answer ... but I wouldn't want to ... Rog
  2. Well, at least we'll know for next time ... provided the staff on duty also know what's what. I got diesel at Trinity as their diesel point is on line ... would have done it at Market Bosworth had they been more welcoming. Just demonstrates how easily poor impressions are made. Rog
  3. It would have been a very expensive laundry trip to stay in the marina, so we didn't bother. I'm no fan of marinas, they remind me too much of childhood trips to huge caravan sites. We went in for an ice cream and a cold drink. It seemed very bleak and charmless to me, but I enjoy a 'homely air of neglect' Rog
  4. We considered using the Market Bosworth marina, £5 moorings for the night in order to access the facilities (laundry and elsan). However the lady in the marina informed us you are NOT allowed to use the facilities unless moored IN the marina at £12 per night (£15 if on hook-up). A 'local resident' did tell us that unless you go into the marina to pay, it would be free as the moorings are not monitored in anyway. We didn't use the moorings in the end. Rog
  5. Keep the boat ... where else are you going to practice the trombone and banjo Rog
  6. I understood the disagreement between Aickman and Rolt was over this issue. Aickman wanted the waterways preserved as a rich mans playground, preserved and prettified. Rolt wanted them preserved as living waterways, evolving naturally. As I said previously I don't know the answers, but to just dismiss people living aboard seems grossly unfair. Rog
  7. I largely agree (sympathise at least) with your view, but remain concerned with the plight of young people who (whatever their original motivations) now call a boat their home and are learning to love the lifestyle as much as we do. I have concerns for young families with kids of school age and the issues they're experiencing too. This isn't the first time in our canals brief history that financial climates of the day have 'forced' families to live full time afloat. I merely wished to distance myself from the 'they shouldn't be there' intolerent views expressed in some posts on here. I have opinions, but no solutions. No hidden message Rog
  8. Just double checked, and I said none of that Nick Unlike you we have visited London three times in the last ten years. On the last occasion we booked and paid for moorings in Rembrandt Gardens to ensure we did not have to worry about moorings. We're visiting for a holiday and didn't wish to get involved in the daily grind. I remain concerned that our hobby (whether retirement of not) should take precedence over working peoples lives. I did not express any solution as I don't have one ... and as far as I can see, neither does anyone else. Rog
  9. I have sympathy with the views expressed by Nick, but am concerned that effectively it means we're putting our retirement hobby above peoples life. Rog
  10. The Bridgewater seems to be 'a law unto itself'. They don't refer to it as the Sale flying club for no reason We had similar issues last year ... best just to let them pass, they're going to overtake anyway. Rog
  11. Every year around this time ... travelling to or from the historical rallies Rog
  12. Hurlston requires a complete rebuild. It is to be done at a time that will cause the least problems (overdue I know, but planned). If there is an issue with Warwickshire Fly bridge that can be easily remedied that's good news. I wish more preventative maintenance was conducted, rather than merely responding to problems, but better that than nothing. Rog
  13. Back to the bridge below Warwickshire Fly ... I seem to recall a few years ago, steel bracing bars and heavy duty mechano were fitted to the towpath side of that bridge. I assume that would also indicate some degree of movement/settling. I believe the bridge only serves Warwickshire Flyboat yard and moorings, so whether maintenance is C&RT's responsibility (which is what I would expect) or Warwickshire Fly, I could not say. I follow the story with great interest, and do hope repairs can be completed. It would be a shame if this issue were to put a block on the visits of Tranquil Rose and similar boats into Warwick. Rog
  14. Hotel boat Tranquil Rose has been visiting Saltisford for a number of years (about ten?) without problem. The idea of subsidence at the bridge sounds more probable than lack of dredging. Rog
  15. It most certainly was last summer ... we stopped and shopped Rog ETA Another vote for Reedley too, a smashing place and an easy walk into Burnley.
  16. C&RT are very supportive (on the whole) when overstays are required on medical grounds. An aquaintance was permitted an extended stay in Paddington basin during his chemo. The problem was resolved when he sadly died. Rog
  17. If you see a correlation between the exceedingly few school age children receiving schooling and yourself doing an OU degree, I'm not the one to disabuse you Rog
  18. Let the very, very few continuous cruisers with school age kids, remain around the school vicinity in term time, and cruise when not in term time. It would be entirely possible for such arrangements to be agreed, if there was a will. The suggestion that gazillions will join them is slightly ridiculous. It's good to see young families on the canals Rog
  19. I'm intrigued as to how parahandy's inability to recognise the skill, commitment and dedication in women's soccer dictates that "we are a pathetic bunch at time we English". Sport is a form of entertainment, like Britain's Got Talent and Blind Date. My dislike of those programmes may say much about me, but little about everyone else. I suspect parahandy may be more interested than he suggests ... after all it was he that raised the matter. Good luck to England Lionesses ... they're certainly impressing me more than the men have in recent decades. Rog
  20. Owners of old boats are perfectly entitled to have a jolly time, and I'm sure they will. Same as the members of any other cruising club having a jolly with friends. But please don't try to impress that you do it as a public service Rog
  21. Very many groups of friends like to meet up, moor together in summer and have bbq's, drinks or simply socialise. However the majority then move on, after the weekend, rather than abandoning their boats for several days, hogging moorings. It is the pretence that owners of old boats are acting in this way for the benefit of others, rather than for a simple 'jolly get together' that perhaps grates with some. But I'm nowhere near Braunston, so it's no great concern of mine this year. Have a great weekend oldies Rog
  22. Sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon. Rog
  23. So if it's someone you know overstaying and on a historic boat going to a rally, it's okay. If it's a stranger who's doing something trivial like working or taking the kids to school, it's unforgivable Rog
  24. It has been said before that C&RT's Performance Indicators are not adversely affected if they can blame a stoppage on boat strike/vandalism/badgers or anything other than their own lack of preventative maintenance. I reported a lock gate collapsing on the T&M last summer, obviously due to age and rotting timber, and within 40 mins a stoppage alert was posted of a closure due to 'boat strike' Having said that even the boy who cried wolf was no doubt right once ... possibly. Rog
  25. Agreed ... and it's slightly selfish for people to close their curtains and blinds during the day don't you think ? Rog
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