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  1. Lots of Silt being washed into the canal from the fields unfortunately. probably similar to a lot of places.
  2. RAB

    Locker seat cushions.

    Many thanks for your prompt replies everyone.
  3. Looking to buy (or poss make) some cushions for the locker seats in our semi-trad. Want the cover material to be waterproof, with a decent foam inner. Does anyone know anywhere that will make them to order, at a reasonable price and quality. Many thanks.
  4. We have a small park here in Lincoln called Liqurice Park. Not sure of the exact history but there are Liqurice plants growing there. Unfortunately the poisonous variety, not the edible one!
  5. For info, Fundraising site set up to find the homeless chap a new boat and I assume pay for license !!!!!! https://thelincolnite.co.uk/?p=274260
  6. https://thelincolnite.co.uk/?p=273342 Caught fire this afternoon. (Tues 10th) To say it was not in the best condition beforehand would have been a gross understatement! Moored opposite official morings on way out of Lincoln (westward). Noticed it a week or so ago, tied to a tree. Hopefully no one aboard.
  7. RAB


    Was going to take the scenic walk to the Badger Inn Just off the Middlewich branch of the Shroppie, but decided my wellies weren’t high enough (path and bridge slightly flooded!)
  8. Agree with Ditchcrawler. Things may have changed but in the past we looked at propane gas detection for a Gas Turbine start system. In the end we didn’t fit any detectors but had to increase ventilation times to ensure we met the hazardous area requirements, because the detectors were prone to poisoning. We also looked at IR detectors (We used them for Natural Gas detection), but can’t remember why they wouldn’t work for us, sorry! As previously said, things may have changed.
  9. RAB

    CRT cover up?

    Surely not????
  10. Total speculation but looking at the current pictures and also the video, which shows the water cascading over the concrete side wall which runs down the side of the spill way. The pictures show this wall has been undermined. Could this have been caused by the flow over the wall that then eroded back under the concrete slabs. As I said speculation until full investigation, but no inspections would have picked this potential design flaw. Possibly compounded, as previously stated, as the overflow wasn't even causing the overtopping of the side wall???
  11. Apologies, not seen the graphs. Use to work overlooking the river between stamp end and the Brayford. At times of high rain fall operation of the sluice would vary the water level by 2 + feet quite often during the day, so wasn't sure if it was just this or not. I'll take your experience as the current situation being erratic though. If it wasn't raining and clothes had dried from yesterday I'd go down and take some pictures!
  12. A note on Stamp end. When I went past on Monday there were 5 workmen at the sluice (inside the access area). Not sure what they were planning to do (chatting at the time!), but can't help wondering if this may have something to do with the alleged erratic behaviour?
  13. Not totally sure of the vagaries associated with tank explosions and flash point / auto ignition temperatures except to say in my old industry I can remember 2 or 3 explosions associated with vented oil tanks where people were killed or seriously injured due to explosions. Non involved a direct flame and one was definitely due to external welding. Baring in mind, if I remember correctly Vg46 oil has a flash point of around 200 deg C, well above diesel. I personally would not weld a diesel tank without purging it with an inert gas, but if a yard is happy to do it (many do), then so be it. I would leave the boat with them and wander off, out the way!!!!!!!
  14. Apologise as not exactly sure where this is except friend who posted photo yesterday said they and three other boats had to reverse though 3 locks and 1 mile before they could wind to head the other way. Near Fradley junction is all I know.
  15. Used the water point a few months ago. Chap (builder, not Cart), had no issues with us using point. Not sure what the long term plans for the tap are? Perhaps the new owners have other ideas to cart? Guess it depends on where the water meter is!
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