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  1. I’m don’t normally question our C&RT lords and masters but the sentence “Of course, we'll be asking boatersto use common sense”, what an earth does this mean? I asked a friend and they said it was an old phrase that stopped being used many years ago 🤔🧐🤣🤣
  2. Sorry but unfortunately the Turk’s Head has been converted to flats🥺 Gone the way of a lot of good locals.
  3. Seen quite a few in the various drains off the Fossdyke recently. Guess we haven’t had any really severe winters (Days/weeks below freezing) for quite a while, to kill them off?
  4. Possibly a daft question but realised I must be getting old, as for the life of me I can't remember how I did this in the past! When sealing marine ply edges, with Epoxy do you use the resin direct or do you still need to mix with a hardner, OR, have times progress and is there now an epoxy type clear paint you can brush on direct from the tin? Marine ply is for outdoor use (Not for boat!). Any getting old and forgetful jokes fully accepted. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Don't for one minute know or understand all the pros / cons of the following but was listening to a "Energy bod" (not sure exactly his expertise!), but he said they were currently researching, for lorries, the use of Hydrogen fuel via a fuel cell to electric motors for drive, with intermediate electric storage (batteries) to cater for high electric loads (starting, acceleration etc.). Guess if it becomes viable then a potential for canal boats as well, pending a hydrogen supply system of course!!!!
  6. Hired one of their narrow boats quite a few years ago. Easily the best we’ve hired and owners very friendly and helpful. Will show and advise about any handling concerns you have. Lovely area to cruise with lots of swing bridges. Beware, one or two of which will close on you if not careful! followed a boat who had smashed a window from one swinging closed.
  7. Thanks all. Apologies, meant Harecastle Tunnel, as you all correctly assumed. Can I correct the title (tried!) or does a moderator need to do this?
  8. Hi all, Possibly heading south in a few weeks time and was wondering what the typical operating windows are for the tunnel I.e if there is a queue how many boats do they typically let through at a time, before switching directions? And how long is the wait before your direction becomes green again? (apologise but tried the search feature). Appreciate there is currently a booking system which may or may not still be in place, with limited days of travel. If it is still booking only, are there any recommendations for when to book I.e 24 hrs, 48 hrs, week etc? As always many thanks for all useful replies!!
  9. The bigger bottle may have been due to required flow rate, rather than Required volume (evaporation rate and all that black magic).
  10. Seem to remember hiring a boat that had a diesel oven! Think you can get hobs as well but not confirmed via the web. Remember thinking wouldn’t the oven smell and taint the food but everything was good. We tend to remember bad things more easily!!!!!
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. Lots of Silt being washed into the canal from the fields unfortunately. probably similar to a lot of places.
  13. RAB

    Locker seat cushions.

    Many thanks for your prompt replies everyone.
  14. Looking to buy (or poss make) some cushions for the locker seats in our semi-trad. Want the cover material to be waterproof, with a decent foam inner. Does anyone know anywhere that will make them to order, at a reasonable price and quality. Many thanks.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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