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  1. Looks like someone really was desperate to get through.
  2. You was robbed-I got all three at 10 am. 😀
  3. I think BWM is referring to the site at the other end of Whittlesey near the railway bridge and past the bend. That is exactly as he describes. Not being a local myself I presume Manor Field is right next to the lock as thats the only leisure centre I know of.
  4. Its well worth the effort , just the cost at the moment may (or not) be the issue at the moment. See pinned thread above started by Scholar Gypsy and look on GOBA site for good info. Great Ouse is no effort-not many locks and you can leave the gates/guillotines open whichever end you go out of. One of the few navigations where you get moaned at for shutting all the gates 😀
  5. Yep as I understand it-its there in black and white as Pearley said it would. Gold licence holders can get the pass though. How can you not have a Visitors licence? Im pretty annoyed as an EA reg holder that it could cost me £100 for a day or two. Seems like that is actually the better deal though..
  6. My favourite to use is Multipanel - 11mm ply and looks great if you use all the (expensive) trims. Guess this is same as Showerwall? Have also used formica but this is a bit of a horror to fit as you really need to use contact adhesive. And once a 2.5mm PVC sheet which was a bit more controllable than the formica but still a pain to get up on a bulkhead.
  7. @Scholar Gypsy - Did you see the Cam Con have put the 21/22 reg fees up on their site? (Guess you have but just in case) Seems Pearley was very right. Cams going to be quiet now.
  8. I think the moss and horrible wood worked. While you was looking at that you didnt notice the T&E it was wired with 😀
  9. It'll all be acedemic anyhow until EA can reopen Denver!
  10. Lol. Its all really much better than it seems. Same as any River- if youre not a nuiscance no-one cares.
  11. To quote the MLC Excepting for public highways and any public open spaces, ALL lands adjoining Middle Level river banks are private property, and the normal laws of trespass apply to such property. There are public rights of way along some banks. In particular, it must be noted that apart from designated public moorings, mooring is not allowed without the permission of the owner of the mooring rights. In most cases, this will be the Commissioners. It is the responsibility of navigators to ensure that they have the right to moor at any location.
  12. The red bit is where the links are on the bottom of the page. Im colour blind too so they may not be red 😀 Youre right though having read it properly-it is annual. The chart on the EA site under heading 2.1 does show the ML and EA day rates which are the same. Certainly not the easiest to make sense of and can see what Doratheexplorer means now!
  13. That link is a bit misleading as it has 2020, 21 and 22 on it !!
  14. Sure its in the red bit at the bottom- https://3rwzrk3imltm11ru71g1sxd1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Licence-Charges-2021-22.pdf Basically just says charges are the same as EA
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