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  1. Me too. Sat in March at present having not long got off the phone to Rugby Boat Sales to organise crane for road transport to get boat to Crick.
  2. This is EA rivers so you have to check their (Northampton Marina) website or use the app. Basically apart from a week window over Xmas (if it doesnt flood) the River is shut to through traffic until April now. I will try to post the stoppages for you but dont hold your breath lol. I dont know about moorings-there was one last time I was stuck at that end (SSA on) a few weeks ago-Ive always found Northampton Marina very friendly and helpful so keep trying..
  3. Hi George- Abington lock closes on the 11th November and wont reopen to Xmas Eve so this will prevent you getting to Billing. Have a look (if you havent already) at Northampton Marina website https://www.northamptonmarina.co.uk/ This has all the info you need-get signed up for SSA alerts -(its free) and download the Teamup app for closure info -or look at the website. Nene is closed due to SSA at present. You have to be a bit of a detective to find the closures sometimes...😀
  4. Yep-if you are fighting the hose warm it up and it will 'set' to shape. If you are collecting mainly stern tube drips put a container with the pump in under the drippy bit:-)
  5. You shouldnt need to if you carefully route the outlet pipe and clip it where appropriate. If you have a float switch that needs holding in place then attach it to a small piece of metal plate
  6. OY. Its not only the proper one its the GREAT one too 😀😀
  7. Red Flags are still flying but the river levels OK Northampton end-as far as Doddington lock anyhow which is still reversed (on Sunday afternoon anyhow-but wasnt actually letting any floodwater water through). SSA should be off very soon-waiting for Peterborough end to finish going down. Watch out on the bridge before White Mills-obvious bit of tree across left hand side as you approach from Northampton and there is also more submerged on the right hand side.
  8. Ive briefly tried it and it does nothing -no fan,fuel pump etc. Panel on it is a Heatmiser which baffle me at the best of times to be fair. Pressed the on/off symbol switch which is the one I thought manually started it. And then every other one trying to start it 😀 Good chance it is either not connected or the fuse has gone. Tony-cant say as I actually checked the fuel lines but you definetely only have one fuel tank so it will be fed from there...
  9. Me too- thought that was great . I dont really care where it was filmed either- its all pretend...just enjoy seeing ANY bits of canal. (Not aimed at you dora)
  10. You havent watched 28 days or was it 28 weeks? Thats how the zombies got their hands on their food supply-by walking en masse under the Thames. So you would have to really mash the zombies head with your boathook-which is OK unless you happen to have one of those beautifully painted ones.Would ruin it. 😀 Could be some great business oppurtunities there for underwater welding and hull repairs though.
  11. Pleased for you. You are now a member of the Canalworld Sabb Owners club. Chop! had the same problem before spotting his on Ebay. I got an engine no problem but never managed to buy some injection pipes and fittings (from the spare parts advertised) to replace the brazed up gas fittings mine had been bodged from.
  12. The bearing is threaded either end. One end goes into your steel welded in boss. Other end has the flange /packing asssembly screwed onto it which in turn is bolted to a steel supporting plate which is normally welded to your hull.
  13. Here you go-the whole assembly-the grease cup wouldnt be normal though-this would be replaced with the pipe fitting for your greaser.
  14. Must admit I would love something a bit taller-Im not exactly tall myself but seem to be exactly exhaust blowy out hieght!
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