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  1. Totally agree and had this conversation with a few who find the same. Fairly often I find them watching you approach from hundreds of yards away then staring intently at your bow to spot any sign of a bow wave . Think the non wavers may be just shy though as they mostly always acknowledge me when I shout a cheery greeting to them as they look away.. 😀
  2. Nope- one by the A10 layby/Ship. Nice to see the 2 new wild moorings between March and Whittlesey on the ML-first time Ive seen them as havent been through since last October.
  3. I was only in Ely long enough to get some food-moorings were full and I rafted up to Brutus Maximus (I think) opposite the marina. Shopping done went and spent a peaceful night at the Picnic site mooring (or whatever its called) Weather reverted to normal as went through Denver, grey, wet & cold..😀
  4. Thank you 🙂I thought Paul may have jinxed me when I spoke to him yesterday as he was saying about coming in without touching the sides again 😀 Nice to see you both again too-hope suns come back out that end again... Enjoy the Ouse 👍
  5. @Scholar Gypsy I actually got pictures of the Ely Ouse same as yours today- blue skies and not grey and windy for a change 😀
  6. @Alway SwilbyI will wave to you as we pass 😀 I will be on a slightly crusty looking Annie heading for Salters tomorrow (unless Ive had the chance to wash it by then)
  7. Been watching that section as pass through fairly regulary. A week or so ago I went through Harefield and couldnt believe the change there. Love it or hate it -some massive engineering going on.
  8. EA are well up on this- we had loads in the River Great Ouse at the Bedford end . EA first collected it all up with the weed cutters and dumped it on the banks. Now months later they still do regular patrols in a dinghy with believe it or not a net, collecting the minuteist trace to prevent it coming back.
  9. Do it on the Great Ouse too-this is just downstream to where I moor.
  10. Think steel top with wooden ends more likely. Or not welded anyhow
  11. Cheers for the heads up @tree monkey Just looking at that and both bulkheads seem to have dropped out and parted company from the cabin sides too. Wont make it any easier to pump out.
  12. Have a look on any EA facebook/forum site just before Xmas when they tried to implement this on the Great Ouse and Nene. There was an uproar and eventually the EA backed down and didnt enforce it. Shame as I would have been better off too..
  13. Do you think so- Eaton Socon lock has been shut since 1st Jan and not due for reopening until Mid May (estimate) -and thats only to replace a set of gates which ,according to the bloke who actually removed them ,reckoned werent that bad. EA are very H&S aware and if they took over the system would probably shut most of it for being too dangerous until they'd had a chance to fit guards and fences around everything.
  14. I did it in an oil drum with river water and a small fire. It wasnt boiling though-just enough to get it more pliable so as to get it in the extrusion and its like steaming wood-you got to be bloody quick.
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