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  1. As Jen says. I have run a small fridge off a 500 watt inverter before but it trips it out sometimes on start up and I dont think the inverter would last for long doing so. Have fitted these before with no problems (as far as Im aware) if you want to risk cheaper and the 1200 watt is on special at the moment- https://www.sunshinesolar.co.uk/prodshow/1200W___12V_Pure_Sine_Wave_Sunshine_Power_Inverter/VP1200.html
  2. Docking need to get job done cheaply

    Not sure where you are at the moment but you could use the Northampton flight ? Some pounds that get a bit low overnight . And River Nenes on Reds and even if it wasnt there are still stoppages so should be quiet there..
  3. Crossing the Cherwell at Aynho

    But its only after if you are heading south!
  4. 12V Spot Lights

    These any good ? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F161233444305 Come in different finishes, voltages and prices.. Not actually the one I meant to post- have a look at hmsmarinesupplies.co.uk
  5. I shall join the back of the que and watch this post with interest.. Thanks from me too
  6. Oil pressure switch.

    Thats what I love about boats- even the most mundane things turn out not to be. Well sussed that man
  7. Tree cutting on the Nene

    They must cover a big area then because although EA , Im on a different river to Blackrose and that wasnt just storm damage blocking the lock. There were (cut ) trunks and logs 12" diameter plus floating about in there too!
  8. Battery relocation

    Nope. Just make sure the cable is sized according to the extra length. (My starter and domestics are apart and on opposite sides of boat btw)
  9. Tree cutting on the Nene

    Thanks. The signs are handy to tie up to - until the cows trip over your ropes or chew them undone! Photo of where them trees end up. Took me about half hour to get out the lock (just after Xmas storms and flood).Phoned EA and they were there next day and cleared it all to their credit.
  10. Tree cutting on the Nene

    Riparian rights-land owner owns the land to centre of river
  11. Tree cutting on the Nene

    Sorry -off topic and all that but do you know if the field you took the pics from is still an unofficial mooring? Always liked to stop there.Think I read on here once that the land owner was charging to stay on it now ?
  12. Tree cutting on the Nene

    I think its because (a) the trees technically still belong to the landowner (b) it makes it very expensive if you have to take it all away. Especially if the trees arent yours to start with. Guess the landowners have no obligation to maintain navigation and the navigation authorities have no obligation to pay to remove the land owners trees?
  13. Oil pressure switch.

    Thats a beast of an oil pressure switch! Can you not tap it and then mount something a bit more standard into that fitting? Bit of a faff but maybe quicker in the long run..
  14. Moving on red flags

    Im guessing you get the strong stream alerts ? My understanding was that if you ignore EA's advice to stay put then its not that you are not insured as such just that you are negligent ?(for lack of better word) in carrying on regardless so unlikely to get a pay out. The narrowboat that sunk at Ditchford weir would know the answer to that question I would think. I dont know if they got paid or not.
  15. Ultrasound Tank Gauge

    Well I cant argue with that- Im not at all familar with the vetus one and never seen one in my life ! The Tecma does indeed only indicate on leds which I guess is not really a gauge as you say. Think Bod has the best solution though