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  1. Ah but you can.Probably travels at the same speed as a narrowboat too 😀
  2. I have found prop/engine size/type /draft makes a huge difference. What works well for one boat achieves nothing on another. The section you mention I did on a 3ft draught widebeam last year. I stopped using reverse unless I really had to as half the time when I did the prop fouled and I couldnt stop anyway!
  3. Maybe that the pipework or valves are a bit blocked with scale etc and making the pump work harder to flush. Maybe worthwhile removing, checking and cleaning before it actually stops working. A toilet you cant have a dump in really is a bit of a waste of time!
  4. Sorry-Cant help. There are a few about but rarely seem to come up for sale. And good luck with the recurring ad on Apollo Duck..
  5. HR denotes the gearbox-so its got a Hurth (250?) That being the case the engine sits approx 7 1/2 in below the bearers and approx 28 in above Bearers are set 1 inch above the hieght of the prop shaft (centre) From front of flywheel to gearbox flange is about 1 metre. Max width of engine about 20 inch with the bearer centres needing to be about 13.5 inch. Lovely sounding grunty engines. I am biased though as have one myself...
  6. Sorry Canalboat. I have only found C&RT chaps (and chapesses) helpful and in the main cheery. Subbies that are working for C&RT are a different kettle of fish though-you are not confusing them by any chance?
  7. Lol. But it is actually a great idea-repeat speeders ,agressive boaters etc get a big purple licence so you can let em get on with it.. 😃
  8. I dont personally think any boat does but plenty seem to think different. Interesting to hear straight from the horses mouth as it were though-thanks.
  9. I was still coming up in the lock as the first C&RT arrived. The volly who was ahead of me setting locks was at the top lock as they turned it. So given that (genuinely) working boats have presidence would a boat mover have the same right way of way ?
  10. Thats an interesting point-I was coming up the Bosely flight few days ago and at the top lock (which a C&RT boat coming down had just left set for me ) the gates suddenley shut and another C&RT boat turned the lock on me!
  11. If you watch a mink swimming you can see the whole body whereas an otter you more likely just see just the head.
  12. When I left Stibbington on Tuesday morning, the narrowboat next doors uxter plate was about 3 inches out of the water because he was sitting on the bottom! (He was floating on Monday night)
  13. Its only up a matter of inches although quite a flow on in places at least between Wansford station and Yarwell lock.Above Yarwell lock about 6 inches. The main navigation restriction seems to be that the top gates at Yarwell are padlocked open!
  14. River Nene is set to stay on SSA until at least Thursday now. Just been told they are not going to un reverse the locks until then-IF it doesnt rain as predicted..
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