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  1. Great pics Clive. I assume the first was taken before you had spotted there was more snakes πŸ˜€
  2. Hi Clive, Shall be interested to see how you get on with the ladder on the counter. I attempted to get a (slightly drunk) and chubby chap out of the Trent not many weeks ago using one-he couldnt manage it even with me pulling him. Cracking spot you are on-one off my fave moorings to stop at - never tried swimming there though!
  3. PaulJ

    Southern Oxford Summit.

    Came across a very windy summit at the weekend heading towards Braunston in a boat drawing about 28 inch with no problems at all.
  4. PaulJ

    Sterling Inverter Query

    Think if memory serves me correctly (Tommy will confirm) that if you send a quasi off to Sterling for repair they will replace the innards with a Sinewave board. Or something like that ☺
  5. PaulJ

    Sterling Inverter Query

    Maybe not-if its a combi and therefore a battery charger it is allowed to be wired direct (fuse fitted so all good) and not via the isolator. But I know you already know that..
  6. PaulJ

    Canal closures

    That has made a good site bloody brilliant. CheersπŸ‘
  7. PaulJ

    Vandalism on the Leeds Liverpool

    CaRT certainly werent messing about when they said they were going to make the locks inoperable..
  8. PaulJ

    Poor maintenance loses water?

    No.That 'leak' is only cascading from the top few inches of the gate-its not bad maintenance-its a gap- there isnt anything there to stop it leaking! And I only know that because I was sat there watching it as I was waiting for the lock to fill a week or so ago πŸ˜€
  9. PaulJ

    How to seal this plumbing joint?

    A rubber seal in place of the fibre washer may well work better.
  10. PaulJ

    Your thoughts please

    My system is exactly like that luggsy. I used a 22mm gate valve because I happened to have a shiny new one sitting unused. The gate valve is also fitted with a blanking cap (just in case)- I remove this and replace with suitable compression fitting and hose to an old 3/4 inch shower drain pump when I need to drain the system. Saves alot of faffing about when needing to do anything to cooling system.
  11. You could try- Streatham Dry dock (Lazy Otter) -they have a pullout and shed for hire which could be ideal Wyton (next to Hartford Marina-used to be Daylock) Marina Westview Marina,Earith These spring to mind as are very much 'working' boatyards so more likely to accomodate you.
  12. PaulJ

    12.6 wide down the GU

    Lumisid-once you have got the hang of handling your boat you will find its actually great fun messing about with a fatty. I recently came across the L&L,Trent,Soar(in a 12.8) and some of that isnt as wide as the GU is in alot of places-thoroughly enjoyed myself (when I wasnt aground)☺ In the real world you wont come across so many antis.I had some great laughs and banter with fellow (cheerful) boaters while we were busy dodging each other..
  13. Lol. Was a pleasure to meet you and your good lady-alot less challenging at that point too..πŸ˜€
  14. Passed you about 6.30..Im through Stanground-wasnt too bad. Now on food finding mission in Peterborough!
  15. Gbclive- I left Bill Fen at lunchtime and finally got through Ashline lock about 8.30 tonight. It was bloody hard going I have to say. Currently moored on top lock landing (gasp) as visitor moorings are a tad full at the mo..πŸ˜€

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