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  1. What about vinyl wrap? Or that stuff they put on new cars to protect the paint. I have no idea about how well it would work but as they put it on with water I assume its not too hard to remove. Although as Ive never seen it peeling off a wrapped car that does 70mph either it maybe not that easy. Just a thought...
  2. Mine too but its a Wenlock (with backboiler). In fact mine has double firebricks to keep the heat down😀 If I use it as a log burner though the destructions do say to remove grate and firebricks.
  3. To be fair it was probably only me that ever imagined it was an outboard. What someone writes and what I think they write really are two different things and why I dont post alot...😀
  4. Suprised to see a couple were tied up at the marina as I passed-thought they would be out on hire.
  5. Yep- you would need cables, end fittings to suit your outboatd and possibly a bracket attached to your outboard. Really depends on what make your outboard is.
  6. Something like this but come in many styles/prices
  7. The simplest way to do this would be to use a morse control (or similar) for gear and throttle- you could position it to suit yourself then. Im assuming this is on an outboard?
  8. I went through last week and booked an afternoon slot with the intention of getting there in the morning and hopefully going through early. At about 9am CRT phoned me and asked if I could get there early (I was already nearly there) as they felt they would probably need to shut it in the afternoon- which they did. The boat I passed at Etruria who pulled out just after me also had the same call and went early too.
  9. Lol. Hadnt realised that. Nice to see you last Saturday albeit briefly. I was on 'Eeyore'
  10. Id start with-always cheerful whenever I pass https://www.thornmarine.co.uk/boat-hire/
  11. You could use a thin plastic trim or even a polished shiny chromy type strip if you fancy something modern. Think your 1.5mm walnut will be a little delicate to work with -you would need approx 5mm and walnut would be wasted if your going to paint it.
  12. Actually an interesting point though because I fitted (and prefer) a walk through rear bathroom on my own boat on boats Im moving I prefer a reverse layout- just cos I can make coffeee and sarnies without stopping. So proves how you are mainly using the boat makes the layout decision for you..
  13. For what its worth, Id go with a Trad but put the walkthrough bathroom up at the back end. Cant beat them for space. Handy for stripping off wet weather gear (presuming you boat all weathers) and allows access to all the other cabins when in use. The other main advantage is when you drop one you have the engine doors to divert any lingering odours out of as well 😃
  14. Theres a couple of short sections on the Cam where this happens-its to do with rowers being able to turn. Posted at same time as DMR...
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