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  1. I came down there yesterday afternoon and didnt get any sort of instruction. Im single hander and open paddles and gates with the vollies and pull the boat through on the centreline with neither objection or comment. Get to have a good chat that way and one at least is a boater as had a conversation about the joys of winter boating.
  2. PaulJ

    BSS -

    Any chance any emails may be in your spam folder? Giving the BSC man benefit of the doubt. I myself get this fairly often with quotes I send out and people dont recieve them. Well they do- just not where they was expecting it 😀
  3. Thats handy - if you run out of food at least your actually near a rare pub on the River! Lovely spot that 🙂
  4. You should have stayed in Sunny Bedford 😀 Hope you are moored up somewhere convenient while you wait..👍
  5. Worth giving Brinklow Marina a ring if you havent already. Mark there is a top chap and may know someone..
  6. If you are going to go this route I think this is the safest way to look at it. Its actually a way to switch the pump off. Ive come across several systems that have worked badly and chucked out the coolant as a result -usually for the new owners that had no experience of their set up. All were either because the switch was either set too high (50 degrees) or the stat was installed too far away from the boiler. Pipe stat really must be fitted immediately behind the boiler and set low. I would try 30 degrees. The pipe stats are not very fast to react to heat and you have to allow for this- they also vary in reaction time , I think from memory (not reliable) , the Honeywell react quicker than the cheapy from Screwfix. Type of boiler also makes a big difference, my own boiler is a big cast back boiler, is relatively slow to heat up and so works well with my stat(s)-whereas something like a squirrel can heat up really fast and will boil quicker than a stat could react if the stat is set high.
  7. It shouldnt upset it although I would double check with Longboat in case its actually a bypass for thermostat thats been tapped into. Did you inherit the secondary electric circulation pump that was fitted to the calorifier circuit or had that been removed? Im guessing thats its such a convoluted circuit you wont get much flow through there without that pump being switched on so in effect it was blanked off anyhow. Glad to hear shes running sweet-she did before 99% of the time-it was just the 1 % that threw things out 😀
  8. 70ft nbs go through easy enough-the wide beam max dimension is a bit of a mystery and often asked though. I know of several 60 ×10s that have squeezed through 👍
  9. PaulJ

    On Grid

    Excellent. I dont have solar at present-given Im on a shoreline and away alot its just not worth it for me at present. But this may just change my mind.
  10. PaulJ

    On Grid

    I have no idea how good/expensive etc this is but noticed it the other day and meant to find out exactly what it is and how it works https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=pfbid02zZmqoLi5jHm3vNqn7yeha7uxUWzvXzqaaSYpXQ4Kym17mNW8HAtKKde3DFarJhZil&id=100063489644980 For those non FBers all the post says from CP Engineering is- Recent solar optimization module programmed and fitted. Make use of your solar energy whilst still connected to shore power and reduce your electricity bill!
  11. The runners for my hatch are wood on top of steel. Lucky for me I had some 5mm Teak laying around needing a use (fixed it down with brass cs machine screws). Plastic squares glued to ply lined hatch lid. Has lasted for at least 25 years so hasnt done too bad but due for replacement in the next few as they have now split in a couple of places. Dont think Id use Oak personally but I would give Iroko a try.
  12. I would have a look at Bonda Marine primer or the Bonda Marine G4 depending on what you are doing. Used it very successfully on a ply cabined boat.
  13. Apart from some decent equipment that is capable of running for long periods without overheating, he will only need Public Liability to cover 'hot works' which will probably be relatively expensive as a newcomer. Many marinas however will not allow outside welders (if any) to work on site. Welder/genny would be a handy bit of kit and would get him alot of work as he could then work on the towpath. Have a look on Facebook and you will see a good few doing this.
  14. @MrsM Apologies because its nothing to do with your post really but we do get a better class of Rodent in Bedford ...😀
  15. Are there any squirrels nearby by any chance? Destructive little beasts that love to chew plastic. My recent new bin lid lasted for less than 24hrs. Best of all though was years ago when one chewed through my mates gas hose-caused a bit of panic as it was an old wooden cruiser that met no sort of regulations and the gas bottle was just sat in the cockpit.
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