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  1. Looks like its going to be a good day for it πŸ™‚ Passed you last week (well your boat anyhow). Very surreal-only passed four boats from Yardley Gobion to Crick and even Stoke Bruerne was devoid of even walkers.
  2. Take Five looks alot shinier than when I last saw her-and looks even bigger than I remember her too πŸ˜€
  3. Sure it will be fine. I know of one chap that lived on one of the bigger Dolphins and I cant ever recollect him having any problems with his Carver..
  4. Good job..Must have been a warm one welding today πŸ™‚
  5. Dolphin cruisers (small fibreglass boats) used to all have the Carver fitted in them-at least when they were made by Richard Allen in Bedford. Can remember working on one and think the flue was on the transom just above the pod. Probably about 20 years ago now so could be completely wrong...
  6. We got this..options on how to cough up πŸ˜€ Boat registration The provisions of the Environment Agency (Inland Waterways) Order 2010 mean that owners of all boats kept or used on our waterways need to register them and pay the registration charge. The income we receive from boat registration charges is vital for us to continue to manage and maintain our waterways, ensuring people and the environment are protected from harm. We have made adjustments to our working practices to work within the new restrictions, so our staff are continuing to work hard to monitor and manage water levels and provide an appropriate level of service and maintenance. We recognise the wide range of challenges Coronavirus is causing across the country and that some customers are particularly affected by the recent measures to restrict the impact of the virus. We do understand that some customers may now experience difficulty in paying for their registration in a single amount and there are several payment options available at this exceptional time. Customers who are renewing their registration can get in touch with our Boat Registration team to discuss the payment options we can offer to help. Please call 0330 159 1983 from 10am – 4pm Monday to Friday or email boatreg@environment-agency.gov.uk For any general navigation enquiries including making a new application customers should call 03708 506506. Due to changing our ways of working to meet Government guidance we are unable to take card payments over the phone or receive applications by post at the moment. When you contact us you will be given 3 options of how to pay for your registration (see payments method section at the end of this message for more detail): Set up a direct debit Pay by bank transfer or Receive an invoice Please also note that you are not required to travel to your boat specifically to display your registration certificate.
  7. I agree-no harm in it at all. BUT- Rivers are shut to all non essential traffic. Wheres the exercise in buzzing about on a dinghy other than pulling the starter cord anyhow. If that is OK why shouldnt I or anyone else go out on my boat and get some exercise doing a few locks...
  8. Think most are taking it pretty seriously , at least on my bit of the Great Ouse. Loads of walkers- 99% of which keep a respectful distance going round the country park opposite. Still a handful of idiots still going out on their dinghies / canoes /paddleboards- sadly mainly boaters.
  9. 18 x 12 will be a bit small-you will lose all the advantage of having a slow revving engine. I have same engine/box on a 50fter and have a 20 x16 which is spot on. Chop! has one too but used a four bladed to get round the diameter issue.
  10. The wiring does vary alot on the car heaters. On the Z I have (Came out of a Jag and is the type that does NOT have a circulation pump or power feed to control one) wiring is as pics belows. Please use the pics as Im not very good at colours...
  11. On a similar note but slightly bigger- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-52177586 The source is a bit more reputable as well although I think I would worry more about being eaten than catching a virus from it .
  12. You have a valid point-the Watford flight seems to be one that started being locked as a temporary measure recently and doesnt look to be changed now. I thought they might unlock it when they withdrew the vollies last week but not to be.
  13. I just like having a tacho. Probably more useful than having a water can on the roof and slightly more interesting to watchπŸ˜€
  14. On Wednesday 25th various places had 'booking required' notices sent out as a result of the vollies being withdrawn -Watford flight for example. I only know this as I was trying to get through Watford before the notice was issued.It was all a bit confusing-first I had to convince the chap on the phone that the vollies had been withdrawn and then convince him that the Watford flight wasnt anywhere near London πŸ˜€ Paid CRT employees were to lock you through where neccs and if available. This Boaters update, released yesterday, makes it very clear what CRT consider 'essential movement' to mean.
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