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  1. Been on several narrowboats 50-60ft with that engine -find the gearbox to be a bit clunky when you change gears but otherwise no probs-give one some welly coming up the washlands on the Nene and it certainly wasnt sluggish. Nice yellow motors -just dont get any spares or service parts from Vetus 😀
  2. I used Teamac on my own boat-its Ok but have to agree with Slim -it doesnt seem to be very durable. Will use Toplac when I redo it (soon)
  3. The brochure states it is spray foamed so it will be as good or bad as any other boat-you will never get to see it without destroying the interior. When the boat was inspected prior to going up for sale all the many details that are listed on the brochure are also meticuluosly checked. So the person who done the inspection has rooted about to check that it does in fact have spray foam insulation before writing it down. Hour meters not displaying is quite common-you may find it will suddenly start to display again one sunny day if you are lucky.
  4. Its not an untruth as such-just things have changed in the last 30 odd years! When Priory used to be Harry Kitchener Marine (as far as my memory goes) there was no pump out-I made the (original) elsan emptying point utilising the old shower block waste pipes in about 1988 I think. When the marina got took over by Sawley (pre BWML) I also installed the pump out machine (probably early 90,s) and then made the pump out boat for the static houseboats that couldnt get to the visitor moorings. So you see, over the years, Priory really have done their bit to keep the poo out the River 😀
  5. Hmm. Complete rubbish. To start with a good majority of the boats have come off the canal system so wont ever have had sea loos or the means to fit one retropectively. Priory Marina has gone to considerable expense to install a pump out system that permanently runs round the pontoons that the the static boats there are moored on. There is a second pump on the visitor pontoon although I cannot comment on cobwebs on it. While I dont doubt there are still a few (older cruisers) boats in there that are still pumping out into the marina it is very much banned in there. I have personally had to inspect boats with holding tanks/change over valves and submit a written report to the manager (who takes a very dim view of boats discharging sewage into the marina-as do most of the moorers) Boats that have come out the water and have the relevant skin fittings with owners that are never seen pumping out do get noticed.. I have also,over the years, unblocked many of the holding tanks /macerator loos that dont exist according to you.
  6. Just do a search for 12v voltage stabilizer and take your pick...
  7. If the flange is still in good order can you not cut the old fitting off and have a new threaded pipe welded back on? Ebay does sell a suprising good selection of exhaust flanges-you may get lucky and find one that suits. I also used ebay for my threaded pipe sections between fittings -search for 'threaded 1 1/2 pipe' - saved me alot of hassle. (Guessing if yours is a 2" pipe its 1 1/2 bsp)
  8. Just in case you havent got this yet Kendorr Notice Alert Upper Trent Starts At: Cranfleet Flood Gates Ends At: Cranfleet Flood Gates Saturday 17 August 2019 06:00 until further notice Type: Navigation Closure Reason: Information Original message: Cranfleet Flood Gates have been closed due to the Upper Trent being in flood. Boaters are advised not to travel along this section of the Trent until further notice. We apologise for any inconvenience which may be caused You can view this notice and its map online here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/15952/upper-trent
  9. It wasnt that long ago I was on a 35ft nb with a 3 cylinder Mitsibushi in it (about 24 hp ish I think). Coped with all the floodwaters on the Nene easily so loads of power- a smaller engine would save a good few quid and still be plenty powerful enough I would think-though where you use it may be a factor.
  10. Thanks Athy-I tried to delete it too but ended up with four more!
  11. Gardner1L2.mp4 Gardner1L2.mp4 Gardner1L2.mp4 This was a 67ft Barry Hawkins tug with a 1L2 in I bought down from Crick to Grest Ouse last year. Ok not the fastest boat around and took a bit of thinking ahead to stop but a real joy to chug about on. As Athy says-no alternator (or starter) as you really needed every hp available! Gardner1L2.mp4 Gardner1L2.mp4
  12. Alright Chop-shame you didnt get above Barford-could have had stereo Sabbs! Hoping weather cheers up a bit for you now- (Little Ouse is great btw and good price on diesel too..)
  13. The new ones are like speedfit so totally different. I dont actually know if they still make the old style as I rarely use them.
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