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  1. At the other end of the scale , I met a boat bouncing off the walls coming towards me in Braunston a few weeks ago. That had no headlight at all-which helped my vision no end but didnt do anything for his as he was about 3 foot off the tunnel side when he tried to pass me.
  2. Unlucky. Couple of days ago I was halfway up the flight at 10 am and that was after I had already helped 6 boats coming down 🙂
  3. Robin Williams done alright out of it 😁
  4. Your fisherman had a bit more space than when I passed there a couple of years ish ago. I still chuckle at the determination of the fisherman who carried on fishing despite being surrounded..
  5. I still use my 1983 Imray map for the Middle Levels. You can still read the £1.30 price sticker on it.Nothing like getting your moneys worth 😀
  6. That,ll be the one. Did a bloody fantastic job bringing that in 😀 Was that you I was talking to by the lock gates?
  7. I have just watched a widebeam come in at West Stockwith 10 minutes ago (20:15) and shall along with a couple of other boats be going out at about 7.30 tomorrow morning. Lockies here at 7..
  8. As Rassiloth says ^ I always email well in advance but this is because I generally need to be somewhere by a certain time. Have to say 10/10 to North Staffs team though- they are always prompt, efficient, helpful and friendly.
  9. If there are any 'empty slots' they will put you through early. (Should add I have been through early last three times...)
  10. Gayton had most of the boats still tied up as I passed earlier at about 3 ish- loads of people milling about and on the boats though so expect them all tomorrow 😀
  11. Admiral Nelson, Braunston today. Not the usual crowd 😀
  12. Dont know what time you have but it seems if you are there at 9 they will bung you all through-of the 7 last time most went through early.
  13. I went through last Wednesday heading North and I think 7 went through at about 9 ish . Westport was pretty crowded and more or less full so stayed outside the tunnel.
  14. There ya go-managed to see it without getting soaked this time..
  15. Limited mooring on the opposite side (though to be fair Ive never tried mooring there) as Arthur says.
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