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  1. Posted on facebook a couple of days ago-
  2. It is-and with the wind blowing down the river and a bit of flow on probably the most horrible to get in or out of on the upstream end. Got me thinking on that one-there are only actually 6 'D' shaped with 6 straight guillotine locks (including Denver). I too would have sworn the D,s are the most common on the Ouse but actually arent.
  3. Taken a couple of days ago and a good reason not to go out on Reds..
  4. Join Friends of the River Nene http://www.friendsoftherivernene.co.uk/m.home.html and GOBA http://www.goba.org.uk/ They are not expensive and give you loads more places to moor up. As Loddon says the Nene has been shut for ages , April can be wet so sign up for Strong Stream Alerts on the EA site- https://www.gov.uk/guidance/anglian-waterways-river-conditions-closures-and-restrictions and this website will give you details of all the closures and stuff - https://www.visitanglianwaterways.org/
  5. Glad to see your sorted B2019- like you say they are simple enough (if you have that vice handy)-though does amuse me how that valve block is held on with that bit of steel -thought mine had been bodged when I first saw it 😀
  6. I think I would be tempted to run the engine and (briefly) disconnect the pump outlet. That should help you see where the problem lies and be a good starting point of where to look next.
  7. Does sound like possibly one of those little valves not closing but guessing it could be loads of possibilities starting at your water inlet screen. Have you got the maintenance sheet from Sleeman and Hawken? Some useful tips on there- http://www.sleeman-hawken.co.uk/files/service-and-maintanence-tips.pdf
  8. Is this the standard diaphragm pump? If its not a split diaphragm have you checked the one way valves are working OK? Pic of my 2j pump bits -think yours is same?
  9. I had Treadmaster glued on -just around the bow area for a few years. Noticed it was starting to lift so removed it to find some pretty decent pitting underneath. Havent a clue whether I had painted under it or not though. I would go for paint under-it will fall off before it rusts too bad then
  10. Cheers for that nbFiresprite. The visitor moorings in March dont seem to survive very well. I guess the undermining shouldnt be that much of of a surprise judging by the huge number of rats that seem to be living under it. I made sure the doors were always closed after I met a great fat (presumably preggers) one staring back at me from the back deck.
  11. Glad I actually managed to get on that mooring last November -that was the first time I managed that in quite a while and looks like it may be a while again then. Whats the damage nbfiresprite? Take it the cctv didnt clock anything.
  12. Sorry to see you are having problems with your engine-alot ot good suggestions on here already so cant really add alot to that but hasnt your boat got a wet exhaust ? Its been a while but I seem to remember it (my memory is crap though). So the water may well not be coming from the head gasket as you have been turning it over alot without exhaust pressure to blow it all out..Just thought I would add at least a bit of optimism for you ☺️
  13. Surely the first fix is to pump out as much crap as is possible from the bottom of the tank and stop the crud blocking your filters in the first place ? If checking your tank stirs muck up what would filling it up with diesel do?
  14. Thats quite a bigun. Whats the diameter? Alot of domelights like those used to use a 21w festoon (?) bulb so if you are happy to use a smaller led unit it would be easy to find something eg https://bedazzledledlighting.co.uk/product/g4-wired-21-led/
  15. Its the smaller value fuse (well should be if standard) Manual/wiring diagram here https://www.butlertechnik.com/technical_library
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