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  1. Had the same problem a few weeks ago. Struggled to get the gate open and then even more to shut it afterwards. Was the same one as got stuck at briefly last year and met Ditchcrawler who was on the opposite side. Reported it to CRT but never heard anything back.
  2. I came through on the 2nd and there wasnt a single space in March bar the pumpout and collapsed park mooring. It was rammed and crap all over the bankside - a right mess. Gave up trying to go shopping there and waited until I got to Upwell (or Outwell). Funny thing was Whittlesey and Upwell/Outwell were all deserted with not a single boat on any of them which suprised me.
  3. If its anything like last year they were all a good few hundred metres downstream πŸ˜€
  4. If buying your first boat isnt hard enough already (so many choices and decisions)- looking at boats that look more secure would help. Portholes and not big windows, steel doors or covers and not flimsy wooden ones . It wont stop anyone getting in but they may pick an easier target. Alarms and cameras are a good idea but come wintertime when you have little time left to charge your batteries it may not be (easily) viable. Having tied up many boats that are drifting about, I cant ever remember any suffering any real damage. So this is probably the least of your worries other than the
  5. Id guess it does as EA own the floating visitor mooring there.
  6. A long time since I last had to cut up anything fibreglass but grp eats jigsaws blades. A diamond cutting disc works far better -yep I know it sounds like it shouldnt but it was a fitter from Viking's who told me this.
  7. Hope it goes well for you πŸ‘
  8. Did I spot a glimpse of Rob the lockie while they were stopped at Harecastle talking to the vollies ?
  9. I only found the boat that was loosely breasted up right next to the bridge at Clifton the only mildy irrating bit. The front just kept coming further and further out. Though to be fair a 70ft Barry Hawkins does tend to pull em out a bit πŸ˜€ @Oddjob Did you happen to pass a White Goat going for a walk with a Golden Retriever- somewhere near approaching Barby? Made me laugh anyway-the owner was about half a mile behind with two collies.
  10. Worth having a look on this site too https://www.visitanglianwaterways.org/ will give you stoppages and info on signing up for Strong Stream Advice (now called RAB!) It really is a cracking River πŸ™‚
  11. Just jogging your memory-I was in no doubt you knew-more for OP. Now the Elsan is however a secret I thinkπŸ˜€
  12. Theres also the one at Fotheringhay next to the bridge. Though Ive never tried to use it so it may or may not work. Nice mooring there too though you have to pay..
  13. And a BWB Watermate key - to unlock the tap with
  14. Had this once on one of those chinese stoves. Everything was shut and stove was roaring away. Usually I would smother it with the ash but I hadnt long lit it so there wasnt any. Got some bacofoil , folded several times and pressed into place with the poker.Worked a treat and the stove kept in for about 18 hours.
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