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  1. Im sure a man of your capability could use something like a car heater diverter/ducting to give you the option of either-not a bad idea now youve made me think of it either..☺
  2. PaulJ

    What's on the Stove Tonite

    Thats a good price. Wickes brazier is the same price as B&Q but you can get another 10% off if you can sign up for Trade discount.
  3. PaulJ

    Installing a stove from scratch...

    Have a really good look at the layout in the boat. I can think of at least a couple of stoveless boats that have been for sale that were totally impractical to fit a stove into-you would have had to basically refit half the boat in order to do it.
  4. PaulJ

    Favourite Flight of Locks.

    And Emu's. Loads of places have engineering. Very few have Emus..
  5. PaulJ

    Favourite Flight of Locks.

    Hard one that because there is so many- but reckon Todmorden is pretty impressive-got me going Wow alot anyhow..
  6. Nope-my multiplus is12/ 2000/80. The Honda runs way better than the Hyundai 2000 I have and is smaller and lighter too. Havent had to change any settings other than on the Digital Multiplus control panel (when running gennie), which I set to 6.5 when I use my washing machine (its 2,300 watt) Really pleased with my setup-2000 watt is more than I need most of the time-just except for when I need to do washing-power assist is a cheap way of getting few more watts..
  7. Didnt realise that-even more glad I have EU 2 now then! Useful to know though.
  8. I can on mine ( I think) but Ive only ever turned it up to max output and back to the default 60 amp charge max. I do have the both the control panel and usb interface though-Ive no idea if you can do this on the dip switches.
  9. PaulJ

    Stove central heating - pump failed

    I wouldnt run a back boiler dry personally if I intended to carry on using it-at the least the pipe fittings going into it may be liable to start leaking given the extra heat they would recieve. My own system has been pumped and working fine for 20 odd years as Bengos. I do have both 12v and mains pump though (in series) with seperate thermostats. The pump that isnt been used has the stat set high as a backup. Works well and means when a pump does fail I can repair it at my leisure and not in the middle of a freezing cold night!
  10. PaulJ

    Unusual Issue

    I had a nutty Rottweiler that was great with family but wanted to kill any sort of animal that moved. The last resort before having her put it down was to a trip to a well known dog chap called Roger Mugford. That man thinks like a dog and achieved what no other dog trainer could in a matter of hours. Be by far your cheapest option and well worth a try.
  11. PaulJ

    River Great Ouse in winter

    I nearly fell off the back of the boat when the crane went overhead. 😀 Apparently locals used to complain about a strong smell of cannabis so the sighting of an overhead terrapin may be a possibility..
  12. PaulJ

    River Great Ouse in winter

    Lol. They do. But its definetely not tomatoes- I believe its either one of or the biggest grower of (medicinal) cannabis..😀 Saw a crane flying overhead last time I was on there together with a massive terrapin somewhere near where that photo was taken.
  13. PaulJ

    Sabb 10hp restoration, very basic

    Great to see such enthusiasm- I do have a soft spot for Sabbs -when my own isnt out of action awaiting spares that is..😀
  14. PaulJ

    River Great Ouse in winter

    Thats an interesting section to moor on Clodi (presuming you are below PaperMills)- you can see why all the marinas/boat clubs are above you! Paxton pits is one of my fave moorings-had Xmas dinner there this year without getting stranded 😀
  15. PaulJ

    River Great Ouse in winter

    As above ^^^ . I have not long got back from a great cruise over Xmas/ New Year down to Ely and Cam and took the opportunity to have a sedate meander round the Lodes. Last year I got well caught out and stuck between St Neots and Offord lock for a couple of weeks when the River came up somewhat rapidly after some heavy rain on Boxing Day (it wasnt even on caution when I left). All part of the fun of winter River boating-winter is a great time to get about-LOADS of moorings 😀

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