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  1. New and used boat company now crane their new boats in at Dunchurch Pools. Much cheaper than using the facilities at Braunston Marina. The boat refered to today was craned in at Dunchurch but is heading for London but stopping for warranty repairs at Braunston Marina.
  2. Could i ask everyone who thinks the £20 parking charge is too high to e mail Tim to that effect. He wont listen to me! His e mail is tim@braunstonmarina.co.uk I hope the event goes ahead next year but I wont be organising it as I have had enough.
  3. Jake No real timetable as such. Rally opens at 11am with the first boats coming into the Marina under the main bridge. Main marquee with traders etc. Opens 10am. 2nd parade on Saturday at 2pm. Church service Sunday at 9.30am and parade at 11am
  4. Yes Alarum are doing a show at 8pm in the beer tent although the beer will be outside this year in a mobile bar. Tickets are £10 on the door or from the Marina Office.
  5. 80 boats booked in so far with a few more saying they will attend. Music wont be amplified, just duos and no bands.
  6. Strange you should mention that as i am in talks with a mobile bar that will be outside of the marquee if we can agree terms
  7. Tim usually gets Jan and Warren to arrange the music and musicians Alec Tim has decided that all FMC and others boats with a Braunston connection will be invited.
  8. Mike, i only organise the rally on Tim's instructions. Unless he see's an e mail at the office he doesnt take any notice of other comments.
  9. Thanks for that. I have now contacted them. I'm not a rock band fan but i am told its part of the rally tradition. If enough boaters contact me at the Marina then i can have a conversation with Tim.
  10. David its the local Camra group that have decided they cannot do it anymore sadly.
  11. Yes its going to be 25th and 26th June. I will be writing to boaters and traders before Christmas. It is hoped President will open the rally if her new boiler is fitted in time. Just need someone to supply and run the bar as the usual team have 'retired'. If anyone knows someone who could do the bar please get them to contact me at graham@braunstonmarina.co.uk
  12. I speak from experience.having moored under one of these power lines on the Leicester line just outside Yelvertoft my TV, battery monitor and inverter all had strange 'occurrences ' which returned to 'normal' once i moved away. I have read various documents advising not to stand underneath or spend too much time beneath these power lines.
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