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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gybdbGlHoRk#action=share Interesting video of this years Rally
  2. The clothes stall didnt come last year due to family health issues and didnt respond to my invitation to join us this year. It couldnt be car park related in their case. I will take on board the number of Chuggers and will try and reduce them next year. If you know of any interesting traders that might want to attend please let me have their details and i will contact them.
  3. Alan the car park numbers were down as were the bar takings. Still counting monies etc. So may be able to report more soon. Tim is aware of the comments about Car Parking but clearly wont budge on the price. Several traders said they wont come back next year if the charge stays the same. I had to do dome proper wheeler dealing this year to get the number of traders we had. Not sure if i will have the energy or enthusiasm to do the same next year. I dont think the heat helped on Saturday. Welton, another close by village, had a soap box derby and they suffered with lower numbers so it was either the heat or B..x.t that reduced the numbers. Tim enjoyed the weekend and announced he will put the Rally on again next year. I have had a number of e mails to work today commenting on the car park price so it looks as though this is the view of most people.
  4. Glad you enjoyed the weekend. Yes we did have less boats this year but 11 that had booked in are stuck up North. Lots of other boating events going on so i guess that was part of the reason. I organised the event but not the parade. I am informed that part of the problem was caused by a hire boat hitting an Historic boat and then getting stuck. I am also informed that some boats tried to join the parade before they should have. A miscommunication issue !! PA system let us down hence the poor commentary. overall a good weekend for the Marina but it has cost Tim a few thousand out of his own pocket. Please keep the feedback coming, good or bad but please, nothing personal.
  5. Sorry, yes i did say set but that was from memory. Its definitely a recommended price. You and i have met in the past at a lock in Stoke on Trent. You are always most welcome st Braunston and if i can help you in any way it will be a pleasure. Enjoy your boating. I am very close to retiring and joining you.
  6. I am not aware of any law that stops calor or any other company setting prices. I have checked Calors wording and it does say recommended prices so a retailer could sell at a lower price. Rember though we are talking about Braunston Marina prices !!!
  7. Alan thanks for that. I thought I had correct informstion. Di you know which boats wont be attending the Braunston Rally?
  8. Braunston prices are set by Calor. I have no idea how Eutria can sell at the lower price.
  9. David thanks for this. I had an e mail at the Marina saying those that had booked in to the Historic Rally had cleared the stopage and were on their way.
  10. I think they are all back home now.
  11. 13kg at Braunston Marina is £34.00 and we dont make much profit. We sell it as a service to boaters.
  12. Sorry, fat fingers, you know i meant Historic !!. Tim & Pru use 'doubles' for a lot of their filming.
  13. They will be in Brsunston for the Histotic Boat Rally next weekend
  14. As of today Braunston Marina have taken on the sale of paints that were previously sold by Wharfhouse. The only exception is Craftmaster who will be suppling Midland Chandlers from 1st July. Wharfhouse still have some Craftmaster paint available
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