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  1. Macron was elected by universal suffrage - one French citizen, one vote. Democracy. Trump was elected by a quirk of the electoral college system used in the USA even though Clinton won more votes. Just sayin'.
  2. Clean windows mean the surface tension is stronger so the raindrops hold onto the glass. Mucky windows weaken the bonds. So no, don't clean them, provided that you can put up with the raindrops making smeary marks as they give in to gravity! That's my hypothesis, anyway.
  3. No, you just take every opportunity you can to insult him. He is the democratically elected President of the Republic. More to the point there was an awful lot of killing and maiming - on both sides of the "sectarian divide". That's what the Irish on both sides of the border want to avoid.
  4. . Same box, same contents. No Tory PM has a chance of getting a no-deal Brexit, IMHO. A general election is probably inevitable -- and who knows, sooner or later the Labour Party will grasp the nettle and ditch Brexit altogether. We might then have a chance of centre-left government like many of the more civilised countries in Europe. Scotland is ready to cut the ties to England regardless of who governs south of the border.
  5. There's a tourist tax in Venice, for example, levied by the local authority to pay for the damage done by having hordes of rubberneckers. Quite right too.
  6. We've read this lazy and analogy before. The EU27 already knows exactly what cards the UK holds -- it's a busted flush.
  7. Why would he not disclose his strategy? Because he hasn't got one.
  8. Give it a few months then look up a recipe for orange sauce.
  9. Before the usual suspects yell "bias" let me just point out that the piece linked to below is by Max Hastings, former editor of the Daily Torygraph. linky to Grauniad article
  10. How can you have less of a grandchild?
  11. If he thinks the remaining skeletons in his cupboard will stay there, perhaps so. Personally I think we can add "coward" to the list that already includes liar, cheat, philanderer, incompetent, and prize knob. That's one thing Spaffer Johnson would have no chance of winning, for he has none.
  12. The site I was referring to was called (at that time) Bush Boake Allen, in Widnes, next to Fiddler's Ferry Power Station -- Later variously known as Innospec, then Emerald Kalama Chemicals.
  13. Nobody who beats somebody up is entitled to any privacy at all.
  14. Yes -- I have to own up some more. I forgot about our ancient sky-blue gas-fired Aga which has been part of family life for over 35 years.
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