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  1. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    I do not 'qualify' your words, which were "I think debate beforehand would have been a no-no". That was a simple statement of your opinion. I dared to disagree and stated my opinion. There is no future in debating with you if you are going to resort to half-understood comments and personal remarks. Indeed, it ceases to be a debate at all. Just to repeat the core of my question, how can a referendum (that is, any referendum in general) be meaningful if there is no debate beforehand? Or perhaps you think only Parliament can have a debate?
  2. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    Conversely a lot of younger people have forgotten the 20th century prejudice and are prepared to move forwards with other Europeans.
  3. Machpoint005

    Cannabis oil, should it be available on prescription?

    That'd be the hormones too - not sure if it was the same ones!
  4. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    Try reading my previous comment again, and reacting to that instead of to what you thought I wrote.
  5. Machpoint005

    Cannabis oil, should it be available on prescription?

    When the Memsahib had our first child I remember taking her cans of stout -- it was to aid the let-down reflex.
  6. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    I could not agree more. Unfortunately the referendum result isn't universally regarded as illegitimate. I think this is possibly one of the stupidest comments I have yet read on this thread. How can a referendum be legitimate or meaningful if the electorate has no information upon which to base its decision? (Not that I'm saying it didn't)
  7. Machpoint005

    Female Harold Shipman ?

    I don't see it as unjust. The doctors have made pension contributions up to the date of their striking off - it is a purely financial transaction. Had they put the money into a private scheme as they went along (I don't know whether they would be allowed to do that, but a GP could) they wouldn't lose their entitlements.
  8. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    This is the dangerous ground I was referring to, as I think you know very well. The 'overthrow of democracy' bit is your opinion, to which you are entitled. The first five words are the difficult ones. I am not hiding behind anything, just pointing out the potential quicksand. What you believe or "refuse to believe" about my thought processes are entirely your affair. I have no opinion on an issue which firstly is an internal matter in another sovereign country AND secondly I do not know enough about it to express a reasoned opinion anyway. I haven't looked very far (see first reason) but been unable to find anything recent on the BBC web site to help enlighten me. The second reason may well represent a course of action which others posting here would be well advised to follow. I name no names. And quite right too, if (but only if) the accusation is justified.
  9. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    I'm not refusing to comment, you asked for my thoughts and now you have them. We have already discussed on this forum the opinions and actions of a very wealthy American national, and whether they constitute "interference". Please don't let this discussion descend into sectarian, racial or national prejudice again, as it will only get the thread closed down. We are (mostly) civilised people around here.
  10. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    I think that internal politics in Germany and Italy are for the Germans and Italians. At present both governments seem to be committed to the European project: both countries were founder members, together with France and Benelux.
  11. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    Are you happy that your fellow UK citizens wanting to work in the EU also get a whole lot of hoops to jump through first?
  12. Machpoint005

    Boat name: Punning assistance required.

    My neighbour has a cat called "Lola". That Kinks' track is a real earworm ... I can't help singing "L-O-L-A Lola" to myself when she calls it in.
  13. Machpoint005

    Cannabis oil, should it be available on prescription?

    I'm not so sure that is true. Use of cannabis and fermentation of sugar have both been going on for so long, in so many cultures, the origins are lost in the mists of prehistory. Medically speaking, heroin is far less harmful (and much less addictive) than tobacco. Shall we ban tobacco and legalise the opium poppy?
  14. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    That may account for a very small minority of individuals. It really is throwing the baby out with the bathwater to prevent ALL free movement of labour just to stop your 'Islamic migrant'.
  15. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    I don't hate my country, but I don't think "my country right or wrong" -- that is asinine. I don't see us as subservient to the EU, but as an important part of it. Life is more than "finance", but just you try to get anywhere without money! There are an awful lot of people in Tory Britain who cannot.

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