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  1. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    Still more than 70 years ago -- the Russian Revolution didn't last that long! I could keep a lot of chickens on an acre. I'll barter my eggs for your bacon! Yes - I noticed the deafening silence on that point too.
  2. Machpoint005

    Harvesting free power

    Slippery little suckers, those coulombs.
  3. Machpoint005

    GU10 LED Lamp failures - domestic use

    You obviously have expensive transformers that don't go phutt! .. or they haven't yet! When they do, there will be a sequence of failures.
  4. Machpoint005

    Harvesting free power

    Correct. Oh dear. An adaptor does not generate power - it transforms electric energy from 230V AC to 5V DC (or whatever). But as I said above, and 1st Ade explained for you, it is the rate of energy flow that matters, whether you measure it in joules or watt hours (we are, after all, talkign about quite small amounts of energy).
  5. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    If you meant "without the armed forces we would all be speaking an additional language", then that would have been a Good Thing. I suspect, however, that you meant we would all be speaking German and not English -- not necessarily bad in itself either -- but the hidden and real meaning is that we would be governed by the Germans. Given that WWII ended over 70 years ago, who can possibly tell what Europe would have looked like by now had the Nazis prevailed? My suspicion is that you are merely, but very clearly, illustrating the mindset of many europhobes.
  6. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    That's the crux of it. It is also why the young tend to be 'remainers' and the old tend to be 'leavers'. (I do hope nobody will bother to cite individual members of either group who voted the other way, because I am talking here about tendencies and probabilities.)
  7. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    You can appear to prove anything you want if you take a long enough averaging period.
  8. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    One might legitimately ask what your sources of information are, and how you can be so sure they are impartial. Austerity had started to bite. I never said it was -- but I think the misunderstanding has been cleared up now.
  9. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    Well, exactly. The difference between yellow and blue in recent years is very small, as I have already said. This is not surprising as most of the wealth creation in the EU happens inside the eurozone anyway. I would not suggest that the continued decline of the UK economy is only to do with the Brexit fiasco -- before 2016 there was that ill-advised period of austerity, and no-one could pretend it was not also a factor.
  10. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    No, he hasn't. The three lines are UK (red) , Eurozone (blue) and EU minus UK (yellow) (not Eurozone minus UK). The difference between yellow and blue recently has been very small (and is getting smaller still) so I don't think too much should be inferred. It is quite obvious that the UK has been doing considerably worse since mid-2016 - now I wonder why that could be?
  11. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    I'm no historian, but: WWI -- Neglects to go back to the unification of Germany in the 1870s, and the uncontrolled arms race over the next 40 years which was the primary cause of the Great War. WWII -- No references to the Holocaust, or to the Russians' efforts on the Eastern Front (I think about 30 million people lost their lives). WWIII -- Couldn't possibly be an American attempt to point out a Chinese bogeyman, could it? That seems to be where Trump is going with his trade war.
  12. Machpoint005

    GU10 LED Lamp failures - domestic use

    Jess's experience seems to match ours. We had the same problem in our domestic kitchen. The problems (several lights) were traced to faulty transformers. I solved them by chucking away all the 12V systems and replacing them with 240v mains AC fittings with LED 'bulbs'.
  13. Machpoint005

    Harvesting free power

    Indeed - and is why the thread title should have been "stealing power" rather than "harvesting free power" -- although come to think of it, it should actually have been "stealing energy" since power is the rate of energy flow.
  14. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    You are now imagining questions where there were none. Your later remarks about the impossibility of 3% growth are shown to be false by the graph -- notice that the rolling quarterly growth figures for "EU without UK" reached 3% again in mid-2017. Yes - and she would know that overly restrictive search criteria can be used as a focus, but it can also filter out the most relevant information.
  15. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2019

    No, it was used figuratively by Tam&Di, and then by me.

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