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  1. A good Single Malt?

    Not quite infinitely (sob) but a dram is as big (or as small) as the owner of the bottle decides.
  2. A good Single Malt?

    Not like you to put the dampeners on a conversation, Bizz! But you're supposed to sip your dram, not gulp it!
  3. Education is getting worse.

    That was the late great Brian Glover aka Leon Aris the wrestler, playing the part of Cyril Heslop. He was a great Shakespearian actor (there's a coincidence!) and his mellifluous South Yorkshire tones were well known from the Tetley tea adverts. I always think having Heslop as a "suvvenna" doesn't quite come off -- you can tek t'lad out of Sheffield but you can't tek Sheffield out o't'lad!
  4. How much water should a macerator use

    I wonder if fresh water is leaking steadily into the pan? Does the macerator burst into life of its own accord?
  5. Education is getting worse.

    Naff orff!
  6. A good Single Malt?

    A small ice cube still sounds like far too much H2O to me, and I'm not sure my dram can afford to give up that latent heat of fusion!
  7. Education is getting worse.

    "Woof!" (I'm sorry, I'll read that again)
  8. Education is getting worse.

    WS made up a lot of new words, didn't he?
  9. A good Single Malt?

    The danger is in adding too much water - a few drops to liberate the spirit, no more is needed (according to the guide in the dramming shed at Bunnahabhain, and she was from Stockport, so she should know!).
  10. Brexit 2017

    Like pointing out that DD's negotiation strategy has been to discuss nothing for months and months, then give in to at least seven of his non-negotiable demands all at the same time?
  11. European withdrawal bill effect on boating

    That's a price worth paying, since they will all be Remoaners. (Where's that tongue-in-cheek emoticon?)
  12. Brexit 2017

    As opposed to the money we will still be sending the EU until 2040, but with very few of the benefits? By the way, the UK's contributions to EU coffers are less than 1% of the GDP , and less than 2% of the total annual tax take, even if we base the figure on the inflated "red bus" lie. Do, please, check your facts before making assertions like that!
  13. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    The origin of that graphic is clearly American - notice the use of red for "conservative" and blue for "liberal", and the spelling, as is the author, one J Patrick Rhamey Jr, of the Virginia Military Institute. I would suggest that his view may not be entirely dispassionate, living as he does in that last bastion of freedom (provided you are white) the State of Virginia. Did you use no public services at all until after 18 August last year, then?
  14. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    There is a big difference between right-wing and right-leaning.
  15. Brexit 2017

    I don't have a problem with it. Others apparently do (see the front pages of the Torygraph and the Hate Mail today). I would ask, however, why the British company bidding for the contract was so much more expensive.