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  1. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    Slightly more of us -- let's not exaggerate!
  2. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    Exactly this. They each make a sovereign decision to obey the rules!
  3. Machpoint005

    The Windrush is given the Bumsrush

    The bloke who runs my local curry takeaway has a broad Manc accent. Just saying, pal.
  4. Machpoint005

    The Windrush is given the Bumsrush

    I think you mean these British people.
  5. Machpoint005

    The Danger of Drugs

    No, utter bulwarks. Full stop.
  6. Since you are now in England's First City could I suggest a little walk to the Northern Quarter for a drop of Marble? Either the Marble Arch or 57 Thomas Street will do!
  7. Stare out of the window, wait for someone to say "it looks like rain", then lift your glass to the light and murmur "with just a faint taste of hops".
  8. The further north you go, the less expensive the property. There are exceptions. Also, the further north you go, the more your money buys because the traditional housing stock has bigger rooms. I can't speak for modern rabbit hutches.
  9. Machpoint005

    Before the internet...

    Telex machines were brilliant, weren't they? I can still remember the Telex IDs for the first two companies I worked for!
  10. Real ale - despite the signs in supermarket aisles -has to be live, unfiltered and free from injected CO2 and there are very few bottled ales that meet that definition, unlike our home brew, which is 'real'. Like you, I despise the meaningless term 'craft ale'. There's nothing wrong with simply calling the supermarket product "bottled ale" and on that subject, I'd recommend Morrison's 'the best' IPA -- brewed by Marstons at 5.5% ABV. I'm always tempted by a bottle-conditioned ale, though, provided it is going to have time to settle out after bringing it home. Most of them can withstand being moved about in a boat too. In most cases that might be because there is nowadays an atmosphere worth breathing, rather than a tobacco fug! So do I! Southwold Bitter takes a lot of beating, in bottled or real draught form.
  11. Machpoint005


    Do you know what a straw man argument is?
  12. Machpoint005

    Before the internet...

    I used to build my Airfix models in my bedroom! Yes, this. In other words, we thought ahead... and arrived at meetings on time, usually.
  13. Machpoint005


    I'm no animal lover but I think this is rather unfair!
  14. Machpoint005


    You point of view might be valid if it were based on fact. You are using fiction to support that point of view, and you have been found out. If there are errors in my assertions, please point them out. This is not bullying, it is informed debate.
  15. Machpoint005


    How long did it take you to dream up so many straw men for a single post?