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  1. And there we have it -- "La la la, I'm not listening". It says nearly as much as people on the left aligning themselves with arch-capitalist Farridge in the name of "democracy".
  2. It means what it says. Labour-voting constituencies and leave voters in said constituencies are not the same. It also demonstrated very clearly that many voters in Labour-held seats voted 'leave' so as to give the hated Cameron government, with its austerity policies, a good kicking. I don't think it is sensible to read any more into it than that. It says a great deal for the cunning of those on the right that they managed to deflect criticism of conservative policy, which benefited the rich at the expense of the poor, away from their pals and onto the EU instead. The right-wing press have been doing it for years, and still are, as can be seen from Alan's cuttings from the Daily Express and the Sun. Funny how we don't see any Mail cuttings now that they have quietly turned away from Brexit. If this means what I think it means, that would be up to the point when Parliament "took back control", wouldn't it?
  3. Evidence please? Where is your evidence that the leave voters in Labour-held seats were also Labour voters? Ballots are secret. Yet again in the Higgs parallel universe our democracy ceases once the point has been reached where he gets what he wants.
  4. Whyever would you not be? Are you another one who wouldn't recognise racism if it bit him on the leg? er, yes, as I said.
  5. Even the Daily Excess should know about statistical significance and outliers, but let's not allow that to get in the way of a sensationalist screaming headline. However, the concept of a "victory" for a minority single-issue party in the context of a Europe-wide election is questionable in itself. How many Falangiste Faragiste candidates are there in the other 27 states?
  6. Is that one that has been stapled together at university, or is it just that the timber came from somewhere near Oxford?
  7. I think that when a climate change denier attacks the person, not the issue, it shows he has already lost the scientific argument.
  8. No, you cannot, because you would be wrong. I put it to you that you don't actually understand what racism is.
  9. Depends how big the access hatch is! I'm afraid it's another case of "should've bought a cruiser stern". I've had a trad, a semi-trad (share boat) and the current cruiser, and the last is the only one with a usable weed hatch. It's not really a question of having to go down the weed hatch when the engine grinds to a halt, more one of doing so as part of routine inspection and maintenance. You never know what's already around the prop -- until you look.
  10. And it is a very good question indeed. If there is a deal it means there is a transition period under the Withdrawal Agreement -- if not, no transition period. My understanding is that if we have a customs union, or something like that, with the EU27, then third-party countries can choose to trade with us as if we were still a member (I think). If there is no deal, then we can't -- the option does not exist.
  11. No apology necessary unless you think it appropriate. I think I must have been nearer than you to the front of the queue when irony rations were handed out.
  12. Aren't there? This site seems pretty unequivocal: linky as does this one: linky And they are the first (and only) two I looked at.
  13. Doesn't make it true, though, does it?
  14. It's not racist, because it doesn't suggest that all white men are stupid because they are white. It also doesn't suggest that all stupid people are male and white.
  15. Ah, so now it's just you that reckons so, and not a verifiable fact!
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