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  1. Machpoint005

    Are the canals unpleasantly overcrowded ?

    Agreed. We were out on the boat on Saturday and met precisely two boats going in the opposite direction. And three canoes kayaks.
  2. Machpoint005


    Most cars in the 1950s and 1960s were pretty dreadful, though.
  3. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    Well, under your vision parts and cars would merely be passing each other on British roads, completely tariff free, just so that a small elite can become mega rich.
  4. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    The 1975 referendum ratified the decision of the government, supported by Parliament. The 2016 referendum did not, because neither the government nor Parliament knew what it wanted. They still don't. They got this bit right, though: "What happens if we leave? Voting to leave the EU would create years of uncertainty and potential economic disruption."
  5. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    I think that might say more about CNN's agenda than anything else.
  6. Machpoint005

    Mad Cow Found in Scotland

    Cow no.1: "What do you think of this here mad cow disease?" Cow no.2: "Doesn't bother me, I'm a telephone box."
  7. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    As Gareth E illustrates in countless posts on this forum (well, I can't be mithered counting them anyway). If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it probably isn't an elephant, I'd say
  8. Machpoint005


    I think the OP (and the rest of you) may be missing the point. The name change is merely a rebranding exercise, cunningly planned by Kimberley-Clarke's advertising gurus to attract maximum attention and publicity -- which it has obviously succeeded in doing. Even the BBC was advertising the new/rebranded product on R4 this morning. They have all fallen for it! It wouldn't surprise me if "Extra Large" tissues (as they now are) are actually somewhat smaller than the old "Mansize" tissues, or the box holds fewer sheets, or both.
  9. Machpoint005

    Best Dylan song.

    The main difference between Mozart and Dylan is that Mozart's music is played all over the world, and people pay good money to listen to it, more than 200 years after his death.
  10. Machpoint005

    And another one!

    Not in the prettier parts of the country (the further from That London the better).
  11. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    Project fear has become project stark reality, more like. By "the movement" do you mean the new fascists of Europe?
  12. Machpoint005

    Brexit 2017

    European people would be stuffed without trade, but we UK residents are soon going to find that out at first hand if we are not very careful.
  13. Machpoint005

    legal expert required

    I'd advise against swimming with sharks -- unless you have a bloody great harpoon gun.
  14. Machpoint005

    Best Dylan song.

    You might as well ask what Mozart's greatest composition is, All are good, most are brilliant, some are masterpieces.

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