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  1. Spotted in Stow On The Wold in the Cotswolds! I also saw a Welsh roadworks sign just outside Evesham last week.
  2. There's an illustration of Darley in Colours of the Cut, with just one yellow panel, otherwise it's the same as in the book.
  3. According to Edward Paget-Tomlinson, in his book Colours Of The Cut, the colours chosen by the Docks & Inland Waterways Executive were yellow and blue with yellow being the predominant colour. Royalty class Henry may have been painted in those colours and after 1948 was on maintenance work only. The early colour scheme wasn't very popular and was soon changed to a more traditional layout, but with the blue and yellow reversed.
  4. The underpass was lengthened when Kingsway was widened. The post is attached to the extension at the castle end so probably is a plant. The original arch of the canal bridge is just visible in the photo. At one time there were glass-fronted cases in the underpass, with displays inside them about the canal.
  5. There wasn't a lock there. The nearest locks were North Road Lock, which was a short distance to the north, at the end of the castle wall and Crockherbtown Lock which was to the south, just before the canal reached Queen Street.
  6. The underpass is on the left of this photo, which was taken when the canal was still in use.
  7. The 1902 25" O.S. map shows limekilns next to the canal at Garthmwl. They were to the left of the cottage in the link to Google Maps that Graham Davis posted.
  8. There are two passages under the canal at Cosgrove aqueduct, one at each end of it. According to the information board that was there in 2005, they are "cattle creeps, built to give cattle access to fields on either side of the canal."
  9. You're right, I'm trying to to do too many things at the same time, this afternoon.?
  10. There is a shot of the one at Welton Haven on Google maps... Welton Haven culvert
  11. I've just realised that the photo I posted is at the aqueduct over the Great Ouse! This is the one in the village...
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