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  1. Dorlan

    UK Silly Village/Place Name Competition

    Wyre Piddle Pink Green (near Redditch) Hill (there's one in Worcestershire and another in Warwickshire)
  2. Dorlan

    Classic Range smokebox

    They are in Northumberland... Oceans 7 Marine Ltd T/A Budgetchandlery.comCoopies WayCoopies Lane Ind EstateMorpethNorthumberlandNE61 6JTUnited KingdomTel: +44(0)1670 719 311Fax: +44 (0)1670 551 112
  3. Dorlan

    Passing Place in a Lock

    I don't think it was meant as a reservoir as each lock had a side pond, like those at The Bratch. The side pond for this lock, (Lock 11 not 5,) was also larger than the other side ponds.
  4. Dorlan

    Passing Place in a Lock

    Nobody seems to know for sure, but there's a plausible explanation on the following web page... https://www.waterwayroutes.co.uk/wr/blog-14011701.html
  5. Dorlan

    A Love-Hate Bridge

    It would appear so... Taken from the IWA Bulletin dated 29th April 2016https://www.waterways.org.uk/news_campaigns/bulletins/iwa_bulletin_20160429 "Luddington lock is now the site of the old footbridge over Bancroft Basin Lock which was built by prisoners in 1963 at their workshops in Wormwood Scrubs, London, placed in position by the Royal Engineers, Long Marston in 1964 and installed by prisoners from Winson Green in Birmingham. Volunteers took the opportunity to bring this iconic structure back to its former glory." The bridge is on the site of the original round Upper Luddington lock.
  6. Dorlan

    22 Moorings

    The caravans are still at Bredon Marina, the other side of Bredon Dock. There have only been moorings at the Old Rectory. The Old Rectory is about 30' higher than the river. If that ever floods, then most of Tewkesbury would be under 30' of water!
  7. Dorlan

    New VMs at Tewkesbury

    It's the posts that are new, not the moorings.
  8. Dorlan

    Water Cans and Handbowls

    These were spotted for sale in 1983, the largest is 3 a gallon can....
  9. Dorlan

    Where is this

    Is there anything on the back of the postcard?
  10. Dorlan

    Avon down and up the Severn route,

    Boat's eye views. Looking downstream... Looking upstream from beneath the new bridge...
  11. Dorlan

    Ffotograffau Dorlan

  12. A close up of Pershore watergate taken from a copy of the same postcard. My copy was posted on July 8th. 1908. I don't think that the boat is Pisgah, it looks like a cabin-less narrowboat to me.
  13. Dorlan


    There are definitely two boats in the lock...
  14. Dorlan

    Rear Fenders

    The danger of the rudder being wedged in between the gates when ascending locks was recognised in the 'Standards for the equipping and construction of pleasure boats and houseboats using the Board's waterways', which were published in May 1981. Section A13 stated that boats fitted with a rudder which extends longitudinally aft of the hull should be 'fitted with a stern fender secured to prevent the rudder being trapped between the mitres of lock gates,'

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