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  1. Looking northwards from the southern end of the tunnel.
  2. The lock is definitely Pershore Lock. The third and fourth pictures were taken in Victoria Gardens, which is by Abbey Mill.
  3. Tony's correct, it's Iffley.
  4. It could be a censer - an incense burner.
  5. Royalty class Duke on the Severn, c. 1990
  6. Passing the Coal House Inn at Apperley, while on the way from Gloucester to Tewkesbury, c. 1990.
  7. The chamber behind the water point was a dry dock. I used it just before it went out of use. The duck pond was fed from the outlet from the dock! This photo shows a boat in the dry dock and another moored in the old narrow lock.
  8. The cabin in post 58 was built by Len Beauchamp at Braunston in 1985. It's apparently based on the cabin of Raymond with Arthur Bray checking on progress daily, as it was being fitted out.
  9. Ron Hough did the scumbling/graining in our boat. There are four different finishes, combed oak graining, oak brushed graining, mahogany brushed graining and oak swirls. (The castle and roses weren't painted by Ron.)
  10. Dorlan


    The 'Waterways Code for Boaters', published by BWB and reprinted in 1992, has the following "safety advice"...
  11. It's still at Calcutt, minus the handrails, the top and the 'shed'!
  12. Wyre Piddle Pink Green (near Redditch) Hill (there's one in Worcestershire and another in Warwickshire)
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