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  1. The Under-20 Six Nations match between Wales and Scotland in Colwyn Bay will go ahead tonight, but will be played behind closed doors. Kick-off 7.35p.m. on S4C.
  2. If you want to plug into a 3 pin socket, you could possibly use an adapter like this... https://www.caravanstuff4u.co.uk/caravan-12v-plugs-fittings/428-caravan-plug-to-cigar-socket-convertor-3-pin-w4ai2-5019328000444.html
  3. Bittern, pictured at Avoncliff, was used by the Red Cross to transport wounded soldiers on recreational rips on the Avon and the K&A...
  4. One of the boats, presumably Bedford, was registered at Bath... https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205287126
  5. I agree with what John says. We've been at Calcutt for 26 years and have never had to pay for rubbish or Elsan disposal. When we have needed some small welding jobs done, they have always been done within a day or two if we were staying on the boat.
  6. There's a video on FB... https://www.facebook.com/100001423796364/videos/2956937844363646/UzpfSTEyODQ4OTI3NjY6Vks6MjU3ODc2MjMwNTczNTM3NQ/
  7. Looking northwards from the southern end of the tunnel.
  8. The lock is definitely Pershore Lock. The third and fourth pictures were taken in Victoria Gardens, which is by Abbey Mill.
  9. Tony's correct, it's Iffley.
  10. It could be a censer - an incense burner.
  11. Royalty class Duke on the Severn, c. 1990
  12. Passing the Coal House Inn at Apperley, while on the way from Gloucester to Tewkesbury, c. 1990.
  13. The chamber behind the water point was a dry dock. I used it just before it went out of use. The duck pond was fed from the outlet from the dock! This photo shows a boat in the dry dock and another moored in the old narrow lock.
  14. The cabin in post 58 was built by Len Beauchamp at Braunston in 1985. It's apparently based on the cabin of Raymond with Arthur Bray checking on progress daily, as it was being fitted out.
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