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  1. Last time we were there, the Shroppie was in the usual death throes and the Bridge wasn't doing food. Tne Combermere was first choice anyway, but they couldn't do food, so they sent us over to the Indian takeaway and provided plates and cutlery so we could eat it in the pub! Nice folks, nice pub - sorry to see them leave. The Bridge is a Marston's btw.
  2. Hey, that looks pretty good! So the cabin side has been done over 3 months? That beats the 6 weeks I've had before my polish and waxing efforts are no longer in evidence, and the cream hasn't discoloured either. Thanks for the update (and congrats on the new phone)!
  3. You need to tell Jayne to hurry up with that other phone...
  4. There are, of course, also other timers which are perhaps better suited. I changed my switch to a press button timer, repeat presses select 15, 30, 60 or 120 mins, a single press again goes to off. They also do a 30, 60, 120, 240 mins (or similar) version. Not trying to persuade you - just another option.
  5. Rylards do 2 bituminous blacking products: Rytex and Premium. Rytex is quite thick and pretty good at absorbing scrapes, Premium is thinner so gets into nooks and crannies well but also has improved diesel resistance. Many advocate a system of mixed coats, and I and others have used a Premium - Rytex - Premium sandwich, finishing with a topcoat of Premium, to pretty good effect.
  6. Sea Dog

    HDTV Aerial

    I'd be looking for one that didn't...
  7. Friends are delayed at Eckington (on the Avon) by this incident. Understand there's still a car in the river as well as the bridge needing to be assessed for safety before navigation can continue.
  8. One of those problems appears to be an abundance of electrical cables in the loft that needs the insulation chewing off...
  9. Same animal - one just has a less furry tail.
  10. Dirty stop out! It'll be the cruise of shame very shortly then I suspect. No-one likes that - maybe he should just keep going to somewhere nobody knows him and his outsized antics.
  11. I'm certainly amongst a number who have - some years ago now too. Nothing's changed, clearly. Perhaps public health would have a better target than CRT?
  12. Supermarket prices, and hence those of others, were influence hugely by competition with Asda who usually led the way on low fuel prices. It seems that the new owners of Asda akready owned the largest fleet of petrol stations in the country. The potential conflict of interest was raised by motoring bodies, but was dismissed. So now we see the likes of Texaco, not noticeably keen to be highly competitive on price in the past, being amongst the first in the slow bicycle race to reduce fuel prices.
  13. You can run, but you can't hide...!
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