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  1. Funnily enough, I'm afloat opposite a boat on blocks that used that last spring. He came out of the water in the autumn just 7 months later because he was worried about its longevity, only to find that what hadn't already fallen of came off with a jet washer.
  2. Exactly what my 12/2500-100 did. I diagnosed it to a probable transfer relay fault. Getting further diagnosis beyond there was both expensive and uncertain, the next steps being sending the unit to Mastervolt in the Netherlands for around 400 quid with no guarantee of a fix and additional fees for return of the duff unit. If they can't fix it, they offer a replacement with 25% discount off their full rrp. Mastervolt make good kit, but there is no technical help on offer beyond return to manufacturer. The space my Mastervolt once occupied is now the home to a separate Charger and Inverter units, both resplendent in Victron blue! A Mastervolt service agent called Keith Meadowcroft (iirc) visits this site now and then and is both knowledgeable and helpful. The resulting course of action might still be as above but, if its something that's fixable in UK, you might get lucky.
  3. Yeah, I agree. I find the same after I leave the boat for a bit, but a couple of days in and you're back on a fairly even keel with sensible precautions against creating humidity. I know you're not building another boat, but you'd rather hope boatbuilders and window manufactures might catch on, eh?
  4. Or Ernie's ghostly gold tops, a rattling in their crate. They won't forget Ernie...
  5. They say a picture paints a thousand words, but your words above paint a very vivid picture indeed!
  6. Given the choice, I'd pick the thermal break over the double glazing, because at least the condensation forming on the glass finds it's way out of the boat through drainage holes. As you've discovered, condensation on the frame ends up soaking the trim and making the panelling damp, which is the enemy most of us are battling. Sadly, cold aluminium window frames are pretty much ubiquitous in narrowboats - certainly my Caldwell windows suffer the same issue as yours - and you'll find many a discussions about how to keep humidity low to minimise the issue you're suffering. Well worth a search and a bit of reading, I'd suggest. Many of us will be interested to see any replies you receive about fixing the cold frames but, sadly, I doubt many will be holding their breath.
  7. Bit harsh Bob. Christmas has been 25 Dec every year for donkey's years, and looks set to be the same for the foreseeable future: hard to get better planned I'd say. Easter, however...
  8. Well, I have the ubiquitous Jabsco Par Max 2.9 which says on the box it doesn't need an accumulator. It replaced a similar pump on a system with an accumulator and, despite what it says on the box, I replaced that too at the same time. The system works exactly as one would hope and expect. I'd prefer to think the Par Max might manage without an accumulator if pushed, rather than shouldn't be fitted with one.
  9. Are you sure you didn't leave the missus down there last time you replaced the bilge access? Worth a thought if you're also wondering whether you've gone deaf...
  10. Milton Keynes? There are those who would say they'd still take to the water at any price, I suspect!
  11. Wasn't there an old TV advert that asked: "Have you ever wished you were better informed?" Perhaps they should have visited, or at least looked at the photos, before publishing that!
  12. Shhh! The other 1000 people looking for a cheap liveaboard will hear you! Unless you're in London... then there's 5000 of 'em!
  13. Am I missing something here? Is the answer not, as has already been said, a 1kw immersion heater running from the shore supply? No need for more than the perfectly adequate, ubiquitous narrowboat 240v 1kw immersion; easily coped with by even a 6 amp shore supply with a bit of thought before flashing up the kettle, microwave, or whatever; no need to involve the inverter; no need to go for a 12v immersion with huge cables; no need to start bothering the batteries. Apologies if I've misread the OP's situation.
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