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  1. I fancy if the OP buys 4 BMVs they'll become... "Collector's Items".
  2. I'm not sure that's right - according to Jim Shead's website they didn't even start to build the staircase until 1933!
  3. Sea Dog


    Trouble is, after a visit to the Elsan station in the original post, folk are then quite likely to start calling you Mr Smelly!
  4. Short, easy walk into town at Marple where there's a range of smaller shops as well as an Asda. The big hill back up from Macclesfield is a good candidate for a taxi!
  5. Good result on the wood Jennifer! (I'm not sure what you've been smoking to make the trees outside look like that though!)
  6. Hmm, I looked up W3W and found a blog criticising W3W, not least for not being open source, but also pointing out the following which may support Alan's view above: But W3W have a great PR team - pushing press releases which are then reported as uncritical news. The most recent press release contains a ludicrousexample: Person dials the emergency services Person doesn't know their location Emergency services sends the person a link Person clicks on link, opens web page Web page geolocates user and displays their W3W location Person reads out their W3W phrase to the emergency services Here's the thing... If the person's phone has a data connection - the web page can just send the geolocation directly back to the emergency services! No need to get a human to read it out, then another human to listen and type it in to a different system. There is literally no need for W3W in this scenario. If you have a data connection, you can send your precise location without an intermediary. I found the article enlightening - it's here https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2019/03/why-bother-with-what-three-words/
  7. Ah, that's awesome Ray, thanks for the memory jog! First heard that on Terry Wogan's radio show and spent ages figuring out how to play in on guitar (probably be much quicker for someone who's any good!) - time well wasted. Tom also wrote "No Regrets" so he's deservedly got a decent pension.
  8. I tend to find that, more and more lately, it's "bollocks".
  9. Above and beyond, Beaky! Most folk would, I suspect, be sporting a dashing new (to them) Tilley hat in the present sunshine. Have a greenie for your honesty and outstanding efforts to return said hat.
  10. Crikey! Thanks for the cautionary tale - glad it all came right in the end Haggis.
  11. Sea Dog


    Ah, sweetcorn! Some of our members will remember Warship Sewage Treatment Plants which digest the waste biologically but occasionally go anaerobic and give off hydrogen sulphide, the "rotten egg" smell (until you can't smell it... then you die). Whenever manual intervention is required, the one constant theme amongst the findings is a significant quantity of pristine sweetcorn - I'm pretty sure it gets used again.
  12. I can see your error there - should've stayed in the Dawnay Arms! (I'm quite partial to a drop of Black Sheep myself) 🐑
  13. Erm, you did what exactly?! Have I missed an interesting thread?
  14. Wait til it sneaks up on you soundlessly in the night - then you'll know what a problem rubber feet can really be!
  15. Sea Dog


    Blockages? What are you eating? I prescribe more Guinness! OTOH, I inherited a tank with a, ahem, "pile" in it - this stuff sorted it... All has turned to liquid judging by the tube at my pump outs when using this ^^^^. I agree, it does sound horrific! So does a catastrophic tank "burp" showering the local WI cake stall at the waterside vicarage with uncomposted compost, but I doubt you'd experience that either unless you ate gunpowder and flushed some wadding! (OK, slight exaggeration, but treat it right and what's gonna block it?)
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