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  1. Like most, I use a bow mounted Tee stud and the cleat hitch, but it can be a faff to clamber on and off the pointy end, which is a bit of a stretch, plus the line can chafe the paintwork. I can see advantages in your thinking then, as the bollard is then in easy reach from the bank so no need to climb onto the fo'c'sle, you can tie up from ashore or from aboard and the trip hazard idea is a non-issue up by the cratch board. You'd lose the advantage of a single head rope fixed to and stowed by the Tee stud and ready for use either side though. Food for thought. I can't, however, recall or even think of an occasion when lassoing the Tee stud on my boat from the bank might be a seaman-like course of action. Could someone who does this explain please?
  2. Damn it, I checked back through and didn't find that. Still, if it raises a smile...
  3. Ah, good old fashioned linoleum socks - not very comfortable, but tremendously hard wearing...
  4. As I understand it, extensive research whittled the choice down to just 2 candidates: a large variety and this rather smaller south American one. After that, the choice was straightforward for botanists since they have a long established course of action in such cases... Always choose the lesser of 2 weevils.
  5. P.S. You've got a heck of a memory!
  6. Purple and white winter pansies at the moment I'll have you know ...! 😋
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Iirc, there have been changes in ownership and the mooring situation at Trevor recently. Someone may be along shortly with up to date info, but it may be wise to double check the sell by date on any information you find.
  9. Who was it said "A pig wearing lipstick is still a pig"? I mean it beats it still being bright orange, but the 'eye of the beholder' rule still applies...
  10. You missed the bit about them being pig ugly and an abhorrent carbunkle when inflicted upon the English canal network. Of course other, perhaps more supportive opinions are available...
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. You make an interesting point, and your illustration may be as pertinent as it is amusing. My "burst" usage pattern came after I read Eberspacher's report following their investigation (in the late noughties?) into early failures. I tbelieve I posted it here some years ago, but I think it's still somewhere in the bowels of their website. Their conclusions seemed to make sense and my experience has seemed to bear out their advice, however, your experience is rather different. Maybe it's the "reliability centred maintenance" approach we share that has paid dividends? "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" applies here methinks, whether that's in not disturbing it for routine servicing or not changing a usage pattern that it seems happy with.
  13. My experience with my Eberspacher is similar. Roomstat turned up full so it never cuts the heating in and out; used in one hour bursts (which a single press of the controller button gives); listen for it dropping into low power and if it does let it have a burst in full before switching off; don't break it by taking it apart for servicing which, if run as above, it seems to be entirely happy with. My unit is now 14 years old and remains undisturbed.
  14. Hopefully the next update will show where boats are moored at normal river levels, not shortly after flooding...
  15. Yeah, I got that Alan - I was poking fun at unbelievably wierd way they set house values to determine the similar banding system for council tax.
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