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Sea Dog

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  1. Sea Dog


    Nothing says "I love you" like a bit of crashed Nazi fighter bomber!
  2. Sea Dog

    Dough bag review

    You're right. Dear Friend, we velly solly, item soon come. Best legards. Johnny.... from Manchester.
  3. Sea Dog

    Are the canals unpleasantly overcrowded ?

    There's good reason why that area is not congested: hardly anyone moors there and those passing through do so at high revs! (Except whilst they're down the weed hatch, obviously)
  4. Sea Dog

    Dough bag review

    They are all disappearing because they sell so quickly - the answer is to get up earlier! (I'm just jealous because my bag hasn't damned well turned up!)
  5. Sea Dog

    STOLEN BOAT: from the Cowley area GU

    I just don't get why the stolen boat threads on here so often seem to feature very distinctive, low value boats.
  6. Sea Dog

    Central heating on a wide beam

    That's a bold statement! I'll get my coat... Oh, hang on, Del Boy appears to have borrowed it!
  7. Sea Dog


    It's a nostalgia thing Tim. I loved the Messerschmitt as a kid - they were pretty rare, but had a bit of something special about them. The fact that they were dreadful doesn't really have too much bearing on vintage stuff in some ways as being dreadful also makes things much rarer. Anyway, the one in the OP's photo looks great to me!
  8. Sea Dog

    Central heating webasto

    BUMP! It could hardly have been "working fine" if there's no way to switch it on, so why not ask the previous owner this question? This would just seem so much easier than ripping it out!
  9. Sea Dog

    Dough bag review

    I want to say something positive here without sounding patronising, but somehow everything does so I'll just wish you the best in your efforts.
  10. Sea Dog

    EREBUS ice-boat

    Nice! Best of luck with the project.
  11. Sea Dog

    Central heating on a wide beam

    I had to replace a rusting chrome towel rail and there was 'orrible brown stuff in there, so I drained and flushed whilst I was at it. Actually, it turned out the rest of the system was pretty clean, so the cleaner I bought can go back to Screwfix. I've now gone for the central heating inhibitor with antifreeze, so I know I can add the right (compatible) inhibitor as required in future. I wasn't confident I'd have the right stuff to do that with automotive antifreeze. Would you agree with that course of action Mike?
  12. Sea Dog

    Silicone grease

    Oh heck, yes! I can spell, so I can only think one of my fingers got ahead of the other one. Where's blooming auto correct when you actually do need it though, eh? Does it just look for similar random words to substitute when you're not looking?
  13. Sea Dog

    Time to work on the shower enclosure

    I would have thought any simple, quality, non-thermostatic mixer would do if the hot water already comes through a thermostat mixer valve (hence at a steady temperature) as it leaves the tank.
  14. What do you fancy Neil? Decide, make a proposal and see if you can get it seconded. It doesn't really matter because, whatever anyone thinks on here, we're not going to be making these decisions, just living with them. In the long run, revenue and environmental concerns will trump boaters' preferences.
  15. Sea Dog

    Silicone grease

    You squidge it under the end where the lip meets the shaft. It takes about 10 seconds and uses an amount about the size of a bean. The little blue smudge is indicative of someone caring for their mechanical bits and tells your boat that you love it. With no grease, the case hardened rubber lip scores your shaft which eventually makes your prop fall off just as you approach a particularly lively wier (I made that bit up)! Clearly these seals are so good the can do 5000+ hours on the original grease - how many more hours is anyone's guess, but you can't knock the manufacturer!

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