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  1. You can send it to me if you like...
  2. But..but.. 300kg is only a third (or less) of anyone's ton(ne)! How do they get the other 2/3rds into that bunker?
  3. Plus, the bloke who provided the yacht is the squillionaire owner of the largest private helicopter fleet in Europe. How green is that?
  4. Yes: you're old hands now with relevant experience - come back every year and kick the arse out of the idea whilst: a. you're young and fit; b. the pound sterling is in a bag and your dollar goes a long, long way; and c. Greta wotsername hasn't yet got flying banned (although you could come over on a carbon fibre racing yacht and fly the whole crew back as it seemed to work for her). Now we've established all that, you need info for at least 10 more trips so more or less all of the previous and following ideas are a possibility! Plus, you'll soon be confident enough to do a bit of benign river, of which there are a few to consider, even if it's only a brief transit like the half day up the River Severn from Worcester to Stourport: I love the area this brings into play, and you'll have to be a bit unlucky for the river to not be navigigable in your window of opportunity - you certainly won't get caught out on it if you have even half an eye on the weather. This experience under your belt would bring the Avon Ring, a nice 10 days or so, into future consideration. Another consideration for your first river experience though, would be to take the Anderton Lift (Wow! How awesome would that be!) down to the gentle and lovely River Weaver. Anyway, til you're confident, I'd do whichever route you fancy that allows you to take in the awesome Black Country Living Museum. I reckon it would be right up your street and a memory you'd carry forever thereafter. Plus, if you don't like the fish and chips there, you simply don't like fish and chips, and If you don't like the beer in the old pub there, there's lots more opportunity to enjoy awesome beer in the surrounding area. Plan to spend 2 nights there to give you a full day in the place and the opportunity to nip back in to catch anything you missed the next morning!
  5. Yes indeed, well pointed out. Let's hope that his controller has survived, as it's not a bad unit. Overkill for 2 x 115w panels, but room for growth.
  6. No - looking at your photo showing the negative connected to the bracket bolt there's enough length there to fit an mc4. This is really not a difficult thing to sort out - and with any electrician worth his salt doing it, it won't look like the dog's breakfast it currently does! Rather than getting into a conflict with the original guy who, it strikes me, doesn't think he's done anything wrong and probably isn't the right person to put it right, I think I'd be looking to getting the job done correctly elsewhere. This will allow you to get everything working as it should and get back to enjoying your boating as quickly as possible. That done, you might later choose to seek a refund from the original bloke. Take photos (as you have), and perhaps get a written report of the work done to correct the errors, to support your claim.
  7. Eek! There shouldn't be anything employing a negative return through the hull - do make sure that he hasn't done this elsewhere too. Whilst this is common in vehicle wiring it's a boating "no-no"" all your systems should be 2 wire (positive and negative). The connection to the panel which you say looks like a jack plug is an mc4 connector, You need specific tools to do those right. Sounds like you need on-line help from someone who knows all of the above. Also sounds like the folk that queried the ability of your "electrician" are not wrong!
  8. I always leave my solar looking after the batteries whatever the time of year. I have 2 x 150w panels connected in series - important, I feel, as connected this way they get to a voltage sufficient to start charging early in the day and stay charging til it's really quite dusky. My Victron controller records the max and min voltages each day, so I can see that, even through the period of shortest days, the batteries are floating quite happily. This also means I don't need to leave a landline connected, so my mains charger is now only ever connected when we're aboard alongside.
  9. I'd be a bit surprised if CRT have had any involvement, let alone threatened to impose fines on behalf of the farmer. This looks more like a poorly written, self-generated letter as a first low-cost attempt to clear the moorings.
  10. Hydrochloric Acid looks just like water too, but then most acids look like something else and have safety data which makes them look a bit dodgy. To be fair to Oxalic Acid, it is pretty well recognised for its beneficial effects in the restoration of wood.
  11. Call me old fashioned, but I've spent enough time at sea to know I won't be taking my narrowboat onto any estuaries, particularly not the Severn! Great info for those who are braver than me and/or those who have boats are better suited than mine, so thanks.
  12. Which is why this otherwise pretty decent piece of apparatus... ...isn't always going to do a reliable job. Mind you, that's a recent model, aka a young bloke's nose, so isn't yet fitted with the sensational "rapidly regenerating nose hair filter" the older variants seem to have involuntarily retrofitted as standard.
  13. Fair enough! The latest offerings aren't a recent perfection of an older idea then?
  14. I'm on sealed lead acid again after my first set lasted 7 years, for similar reasons to the disposable theory championed by @mrsmelly Next time around I'll be looking closely at Lead Carbon which promise to run Lithiums a pretty close race without the charging system modufications.
  15. Whilst Kidderminster isn't on my list of overnight stopping places, and probably isn't on any list of loveliest British towns, the whole area being discussed here - Worcester itself and the canal up from Stourport - is one of my favourite cruises. The journey through Kidderminster doesn't detract from that and a brief visit to the town itself isn't actually one to be avoided. The view of the church and it's gardens as you lock up from the town is a memorable highlight. Please don't be put off - quite the contrary!
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