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  1. No. It's don't steal boats unless your a thieving git or barking mad.
  2. Sea Dog

    Webasto or Espacher

    Size depends on total load, so your radiator capacity is the driver, not necessarily the length of the boat, but 5kw is a common size. Don't go too big Les - these things last longer when they work hard. My 4kw Eberspacher has been trouble free in a 57' boat for 8 years now and copes perfectly. When it's very cold, an hour sees the boat toasty with a tank of hot water, whilst when it's a bit milder it might be beginning to cycle, which is undesirable, so I turn it off. I think a 5kW one would have been excess capacity.
  3. No-one in their right mind would expect to - it was a cry for help.
  4. I know that - it's one reason why I don't have that arrangement (which is why, touch wood, my bilge pump has never seen action and my bilge is dry. I just though Richard's bilge pump was not guilty as charged and deserved a proper hearing!
  5. Sea Dog

    Unexpected Expenditure

    Oh-oh! Beware Horace: as WotEver alluded to, if it's something along the lines of the NASA or Victron BMV which use a shunt to measure current, these things often say 100% long before the batteries really are, so it can trick you into thinking your batteries are full when they're not. If you can also read Amps on your meter, I believe it's better to monitor Charging Current as you charge and use tail current to assess when your batteries have stopped taking further charge, i.e. because they're full. The Amps will drop off as the batteries fill, so watch for a steady lowest tail current figure. Two percent of your battery capacity is often quoted (e.g. 400 ah bank capacity would suggest an 8 amp figure at fully charged), but that's a bit high for me. I'd be looking closer to a couple of amps, but the important thing is that it steadies out. If you can, I'd also recommend you monitor voltage whilst discharging - you can find a resting voltage based table through Google which will give you another indication of your state of charge. Amp hours used shouldn't be far off, but use your % state of charge reading only as a rough guide and don't rely on it, particularly as an indication of when to stop charging. Don't be overly optimistic about the battery capacity figure you give the meter either - the cheaper the battery perhaps the less likely it is to meet what's written on the label and it will be diminishing. Battery monitoring is contentious and difficult to get your head around, but the above is my quick and dirty thoughts on it in case it helps.
  6. Sea Dog

    Malat and Vulpes -Then and Now

    Nice. I have to say I rather like the look of little Vulpes.
  7. Sea Dog

    Unexpected Expenditure

    Fixed that for you.
  8. That would be my approach. I have only contacted CRT on a few occasions, but each and every time I've found them to be entirely reasonable and most helpful.
  9. Point of order m'lud! Your bilge got wet because water came in, not because it didn't subsequently get pumped out.
  10. Sea Dog

    Building a guitar

    Well it's been a while coming, but it's beautiful in blue so I'm guessing it feels like it was all worth it about now. Nice job - I hope you spend many happy and tuneful hours together.
  11. Sea Dog

    What a depressing read!

    Defensive? Moi? I merely rolled over! I have to learn to read what folk mean to say despite their actual words and I now realise that checking with them avoid misinterpretation, far from being prudent, is to apply spin. OP - the link, if you please?
  12. Sea Dog

    Solar....how much wattage is enough

    Hmm, so if the 250w panels operated at 5kV (theory chaps, theory!) there'd be negligible current hence they'd not be producing anything? Someone tell the National Grid!
  13. Sea Dog

    What a depressing read!

    OK, my fault: I read it wrong - should have gone to Specsavers! Can I just remind you that my post started with "Let me check I'm reading this right: "?
  14. Sea Dog

    What a depressing read!

    ^^^^ That'll be the line that threw me. I read that as you thinking the grass might be greener where the OP said he'd been. It matters not - you're perfectly entitled to be unimpressed here and try elsewhere, either instead or as well. Thing is though, when we write stuff, it's how the reader actually reads it that counts, not how we think they should read it.
  15. Sea Dog

    What a depressing read!

    Did that. Then I checked with you in case I was reading it wrong. Now I've checked again and it still reads the same to me. I suspected I was missing your point though, which is why I asked.

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