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Sea Dog

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  1. Sea Dog


    Actually, it's pretty nice on the boat right now - a little winter treat and a ray of hope.
  2. Sea Dog


    Don't do it Sam! You managed to convince us you're only a bit daft in Post #9 - quit whilst you're ahead!
  3. Sea Dog

    Stratford to Gloucester

    Somehow it's hard to imagine how 1975 could be so long ago. Mind, that photo makes it a bit easier! Interesting snippet Chris, and a fair few indelible memories no doubt.
  4. Sea Dog

    Leicester Ring

    I'd PM them to you, but I think that's where we came in...!
  5. Sea Dog

    Leicester Ring

    Andrew Mitchell had to resign as Chief Whip after allegedly saying that! Later, he had to pay the police officer £80,000 in damages. You can keep your job as forum chief whip, but the money should be in high denomination unmarked notes with random serial numbers...
  6. Sea Dog

    Leicester Ring

    Or maybe it's just you and me that are being left out? Just because we're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get us. Conspiracy!!
  7. Sea Dog


    Hmm, I wonder whether this comment might merit you rereading your earlier response? What a thoroughly obnoxious reply. The OP is looking for a live aboard mooring and your reply was of no help whatsoever. It's no wonder that new posters to this forum don't stay long and we end up with the same old same few on here.
  8. Sea Dog

    How big is your water tank?

    That'll be down to stale water in big tanks or the earwigs in the filler hose I expect. Lucky @Mike A R Powell was thoughtful enough to go down to the archives in order to save the rest of us!
  9. Sea Dog

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    You could always try wrapping it in a pair of those big Tena Lady dung hampers from that advert where some bint tries to convince everyone watching that they are 'pretty'. It won't fix it, but it'll give you time to think about it before you decide leaks really are best tackled properly at the first attempt and buy a new pump.
  10. Sea Dog

    Leicester Ring

    Oh-oh! Under the counter advice! I wonder whether you're getting special secret info the rest of us aren't allowed access to ... or bull shine that won't stand general forum scrutiny?
  11. Yes, do note this. You need to give at least 24hrs notice. For info or to book contact Gloucester Lock on 01452 310832 or mobile 07717 681068. To avoid any confusion, Gloucester Lock take the bookings for any of the Severn locks on the same number.
  12. Sea Dog

    Stratford to Gloucester

    Thanks for that, I feel sure you'll get more advice and support now. Good luck with your quest!
  13. Sea Dog

    Google Earth Canal & River Map.

    A month without anyone posting thanks for your efforts is too long Bucc, so thanks for your efforts!
  14. If it's Star Cruisers I reckon Llangollen is on the cards!
  15. Sea Dog

    BETA 35 not starting - help!

    Ya think? I don't think there's much chance of my Beta 43's starter coming out with the engine in place. Its not the engine, it's where it's sat. The starter is pretty low down sitting next to, and inside of, one of the fore and aft beams the engine is mounted on. Every builder is different though, eh? Having said all that, the last time I did one on a car I did it by sense of touch and judicious use of a mobile phone camera!

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