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  1. An excellent, if somewhat expensive, solution! Alternatively, junk the fugly pram hood, improve the aesthetics of the boat and let the drainage work as designed?
  2. She wouldn't be able to tell anyone though 'cos her mouth won't move!
  3. Particularly not if they know there are Screaming Mexican Dirty Fries waiting at the bottom!
  4. And just 7 hours later your quoting @johnnywalker brought about a 5 year awaited reunion! Nice work Jen! (Lovely looking boat!)
  5. We go there quite a lot and were last there Friday just gone and had to breast up with friends well beyond the bridge in the last available space at about 4pm. Seems everyone on hire from Kate boats moors there for their last night! Fortunately, we had booked a table... Message: avoid Fridays and book. Next morning, Saturday, was the opposite to busy - we were the only 2 boats going up Hatton and passed just one coming down. As we first caught site of the bridge by the depot there were 2 volockies gongoozeling. By the time we reached the "Welcome Hut", their assistance notable only by its complete absence, they were sat inside having their lunch. After we moored at the café for a cream tea, one appeared looking a bit gormless, he approached the top lock as 2 ladies in a boat entered it from above, then turned and walked back to the hut without lifting a finger. I made it a total of 4 boats all morning on that flight and not one was "assisted". On the plus side, neither did we receive any "advice", so I guess we broke even! Message: a single handed novice cannot rely on assistance.
  6. Or, the next day, with what we call treacle on (golden syrup to those from elsewhere).
  7. My vote for a narrowboat washer goes to.... The tiny twin tub. Doesn't use much water Doesnt draw much current Doesn't take up much space Spin dries spectacularly well
  8. But potentially very profitable for the vendor...!
  9. Ah, then that'll be where the difference lies I suspect - I stopped running heavier loads on batteries alone pretty early on. An Aeropress and a whistling kettle stand in for the coffee machine when the engine is shut down!
  10. You were braver than me Chewy - I discounted that factor to avoid thee inevitable "I can make 3 willow sticks cook a whole hedgehog and still last til morning...."
  11. Not looking good, is it. I reckon you're gonna have to talk to the missus for company...!
  12. I'm either surprised you had such a short service life or I'm amazed at my own experience! I fancy we use our boats in a similar fashion, we have the same Beta 43 alternator set up, and I know you understand how to manage batteries at least as well as I do. I replaced my first set of 4 leisure batteries (as second owner) after 7 years in situ and it dawned on me after thinking about your post that my second set (Numax) are now 6 years in and doing fine. The start battery (and thruster if I dared to admit on here that I had one) are both exactly the same as the first domestic batteries and are original. If there's a point or a lesson here, I'm not sure what it is!
  13. If you have the choice, site it on the left side of the boat. That way, when you're keeping to the right if oncoming traffic it's normally further away from overhanging trees and bridge/tunnel sides. It's a multi fuel you need, so you can burn smokeless fuel too rather than be tied to bulkier wood.
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