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  1. Sounds to me like you either need to accept the cost of the well proven solution or take a risk on something else. If you're going to go for the something else option, take the advice of John Ruskin and put a little aside for when it goes wrong, after which you might have been better off going for the proper solution in the first place. Other opinions are available.
  2. Absolutely this. We moor on the Grand Union, so hardly a backwater. I add a single spring when on my home mooring for any length of time, but otherwise 45 degree head and stern lines almost always suffice. If you throw in a centre line, then it's Rock and Roll time, and you can spend your relaxing hours with a red face shouting "Slow Down" at passing boats as so many seem to do!
  3. This happens every time a boat changes hands, so there's a well worn path. You'll know if the boat has a current BSS certificate, or you should delay transfer until it has (imho). You need insurance from the moment of transfer to cover yourself - a quick call to, say, Craftinsure, or a visit to the their website to get a quote that can be activated in seconds (other insurers are available and most probably do the same). Now you have a BSS certificate and insurance, so you can licence it from the start of the month in which you bought the boat over the phone or via CRT's websit
  4. And I bought an 8' X 4' sheet of 18mm no name (Chinese?) phenolic ply from a timber merchant over eBay. It was so shabby I contacted the seller for a return and we settled on 20 quid for it rather than him have the hassle of collection. Frankly, it still wasn't a bargain! The ply build is rough as old Harry. You pays yer money...
  5. Well I never! Every day is a school day...
  6. Indeed we do, but it's always best if we can learn from someone else's!
  7. Ah yes, make it a double D, add a W and throw in 3 Ls and Jones is your mother's brother!
  8. I tend to agree - I'm not sure I've ever seen a "friend with a pole" up forward make any kind of improvement to a tricky situation, but I'm very sure I've seen them make it worse or put themselves in jeopardy!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. I think you are, particularly in a little cruiser, but that's the thing - what seems easy for one might be beyond another. Like @ditchcrawler I'd recommend you have a chat with the marina staff.
  11. I'd certainly find it difficult to disprove your point Jack. I suspect lack of a definitive argument either way is largely responsible for most (including me) not going to the trouble of blacking the baseplate, particularly now the 10mm baseplate has become ubiquitous. Because it's such a challenge, the evidence of the requirement needs to be overwhelming doesn't it, but I agree it doesn't make not blacking the bottom the right answer either. I'd do mine if it was easy, but just conning the Long Haired Admiral into believing she enjoys doing the sides with me is hard enough!
  12. Of course, they were really pushed in by an asshole who also goes fishing. Assholes are also to be found engaging in other pastimes, sadly including boating.
  13. Well, yes, but only if they can get the steel...from China.
  14. Because white makes some leaks very easy to spot, so there'll doubtless be quite a market outside of the inland waterways. For example, the Royal Navy used a white paint as standard in torpedo magazines when it would quickly show up any leaking "Otto Fuel" - nasty toxic stuff which it had its own oxygen and so was a wee bit awkward to put out if it caught fire. Frankly, I'd be loath to have Otto fuel aboard my narrowboat, so I'm sticking with grey...
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