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Sea Dog

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  1. Sea Dog

    Boat scam

    That's risky: what if he chooses an NCP? Most of your 3 grand could be gone in parking charges!
  2. Sea Dog

    Boat re-fit

    Yup, I agree. If you really want a cat, get yourself one - don't modify the dog.
  3. Sea Dog

    Boat stretching

    Good of you to pop in and clarify Martin. Whilst your methodology makes total sense and is obvious to many of us, it's good to have it "straight from the horse's mouth" as it were. Cheers!
  4. Sea Dog

    Boat scam

    Or they may have moored temporarily whilst they pop to the launderette with their lone ranger masks, stripey shirts and swag bags.
  5. Sea Dog

    Beta 43 filters

    The thing about "equivalent" filters is that you can't usually see the spec to check for yourself, so you can't be sure it's exactly right. Start off at an "Acme A100", go through the equivalent lists via Fram, Cooper, Wix, etc, and when you eventually end up back at "Acme" it'll be the B375! I concluded buggering about trying to find an "equivalent" for a potential £1.07 saving was futile and risky so I stuck with Beta - fortunately my local chandler stocks what I need. I realise the OP's local shop sells only Mann, and they're a perfectly reputable manufacturer, but the Internet and the postman will provide exactly the right filter.
  6. Sea Dog

    Boat scam

    No, con men are even better at coming across as trustworthy as it's their stock in trade, whilst the completely trustworthy are also likely to be complete amateurs.
  7. Sea Dog

    Oil light warning

    Crikey, this is a long thread for a duff oil pressure sender! Poor old OP is not mechanically minded so he's probably bamboozled now! Four pages and much hand wringing about a knackered engine, plus a debate about whether modern engine manufacturers know what they're doing when they specify their oil, all for a simple ten minute job. Granted, if the fault persists thereafter the landscape changes, but first things first, eh?
  8. Sea Dog

    Boat scam

    How often do you meet them in, say, a car park, hand over the money, drive off without the goods and hope they get delivered?
  9. Sea Dog

    Help me out please.

    Fixed that for you Rusty!
  10. Sea Dog

    Boat scam

    Apparently this was going to go into the purchaser's garden as guest accommodation (hence the "new, dry home" bit, I suppose). I see your plight here Alan: it's relatively easy to be a bit sympathetic when a good idea turns bad, but when a bad idea goes downhill, it gets much harder not to mock.
  11. Sea Dog


    Brother in law is a brickie - they use brick acid.
  12. Sea Dog

    Oil light warning

    Don't look when you pass other boats then - they're a pretty common sight on the cut as they're a frequent feature in many narrowboat designs.
  13. Sea Dog

    Help me out please.

    This ^^^ addresses the symptoms, but not the cause. That's not to say it might not help in confined area are like your cupboard, particularly if you shut the door. The way to combat condensation is through insulation and ventilation.
  14. Sea Dog

    Help me out please.

  15. Sea Dog

    A marriage made in heaven

    Because it was then mid afternoon by the time a scruffy oik with 3 teeth, greasy hair and a mucky shirt took your order and tea time before you got anything delivered to your table: ideal for a quick "pit stop" on a journey! And then, when they were on the skids due to their struggling to give the weary traveller a timely toasted tea cake, they called for the cavalry in the shape of... Heston Ferkin' Blumenthal! The mind boggles

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