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  1. That's an interesting mod, Jen! I see you've re-used the Piper stub mast tube thingy. What happened to their trademark original chrome lorry style lamp? Did it die and was not replaceable? (For my own future reference, you understand!)
  2. I'd definitely defer to the local knowledge above, but my boat doesn't have low freeboard, in fact she's taller than most I'd have said, but I've been through there a few times in winter and the chimney's stayed on. I'm pretty sure I just stay well over to the towpath side. Maybe I've fluked it and always been through in one direction when the chimney is on, hence it has always been towpath side (thus in the highest part of the arch), but I don't think so.
  3. Have you had a bad experience with Vactan in this application, BR? I ask because it seems to me that once it's reacted chemically with the rust and done its job, the water base doesn't matter much any more. Furthermore, with it being sandwiched between the steel it treated and the bitumen applied over it, I'd have thought it pretty convincingly isn't strictly "underwater" any more either.
  4. They were everywhere once, but I think you're discovering why they lost their market position. If it were me, I'd be looking to replace them rather than repair, only to have further issues down the line.
  5. What, that hasn't got a road atlas you mean? £2.99 at a petrol station near you - or get a Phillips which comes at a much higher price but, if you pick the right one, will give you canal bridge numbers. Practically a "must have"!
  6. I'd be looking to minimise my electrical demand (and therefore my charging needs) as much as possible. Much less of a problem to solve then, smaller solar panel for instance, and it sort of "goes" with small boating to my mind.
  7. You missed "Daily Mail Quote", although that also works without the other three...
  8. Is it back again? My Labrador cleared all that up last year (or maybe was it the year before - its all gone daft) - didn't have to feed her for a fortnight! Others with hungry, goose-scatophagist Labradors may also wish to try Merry Hill.
  9. Do you do that at every set of traffic lights, or just those next to cottages?
  10. Ah, yeah, but he was taking home more than the average police Inspector because, despite the title, he was a Chief Inspector.
  11. It's an "unfinished project" Graham - use your imagination (or your memory of other horrors you've seen)! Although now we have the description, it does rather suggest this may be an exception.
  12. Oh no - now the Chinese government will monitor all of your posts...!
  13. Do you really require all the extra gubbins and expense if it's for an emergency crap in a bag you've never needed? Surely all you really need is a bag (plus a degree of accuracy)!
  14. You're no duck egg, so I expect you've already considered butyl tape?
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