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  1. Not to mention when you're asleep... the sneaky little blighters can get even closer then!
  2. Don't forget that 5 grand you owe me though, eh?
  3. As a matter of fact, dogs today defecate roughly two and a half times more by volume and frequency than dogs of 30 years ago. This is because they see their owners rush to pick it up and store it in a bag, so they think the owner must want it and do more in an effort to please them.
  4. Ah, the old "Dick's your uncle" thing, eh? He's a lot like Bob, but not always quite so successful, right?
  5. That doesn't surprise me. We were there a month or so ago and there were 2 boat "drivers": one was OK, the other seemed to think that the throttle only had full ahead, full reverse and off positions and as a result used most of the basin to perform his manoeuvres.
  6. Yup, at least temporarily to see how the Webasto runs with a full flow. Restrict the calorifier a bit as (perhaps a bit counter intuitively) the hot flow needs to pass through a bit slower to dump heat into the tank and return to the heater at a lower temperature. Otherwise, with it fully open, it'll allow very hot water to pass through too quickly and return causing the Webasto to cycle. The rads ought to dump enough heat for it not to be a problem there.
  7. Couldn't help but notice the water lapping over the top of your button. I've left you my dustpan - they make quite good bailers, particularly for the last inch or so!
  8. Sea Dog


    Last seen passing Spurn Point - seems you were right about the flow!
  9. Does your bilge pump operate frequently or even at all? My bilge, for example, under a trad stern and with a Volvo stern seal, is always bone dry so no power whatsoever is drawn by the bilge pump. This is a completely different scenario to a cruiser stern with a leaky deck and a drippy stern gland, possibly even a well deck up forward draining through the boat to the stern bilge. The load is key here as @WotEver touched on above.
  10. Didn't he also used to play cricket for India? Talented moggy that!
  11. It sounds to me like, though you may think you have balanced the radiators, you haven't got the flow right. The symptoms sound to me like there's not enough flow in the radiators, so they don't dump enough heat and the return getting back to the Webasto is hot. This will cause it to go to low output. Open all the radiators fully up and see how you get on. You should find a throttle valve in the calorifier circuit: as a rough set up adjust this (from cold) until the return is noticeably cooler than the feed, but not greatly so or cold. The exact instructions for this balance ought to be in the manual for fine tuning once you've got the thing up and running. Even once fully set up, your load isn't large for the size of heater - these like to be run hard or they start short cycling which will let them coke up. I tend to run mine in bursts of an hour, listening for short cycling. Many run them like home central heating, but they don't really like it. Of course, you may have another problem, but the above is worth a try before you go fixing a serviceable Webasto for want of a decent load. Good luck!
  12. I for one rather rate some of that help you provide Sam. Don't give up on it (although I think it's safe to assume you're robust enough not to)!
  13. Are those moorings opposite Cadbury's up as winter moorings now? Hard enough to get on there when they're 48hrs, but they're a really valuable lily pad when winter cruising and the weather is iffy. Sad to lose even the smallest chance of a gated stopover at that location.
  14. Unfortunately, it all comes down to perception. Were not getting better at focusing on facts and science, are we.
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