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  1. To be fair though Rob, they have to go for the lowest common denominator, so in that light it's not an unreasonable statement. Easier to give them a smile and a thumbs up than get wrapped round the axle about them not assessing individual skill levels of every boater before choosing what information to give.
  2. Trouble is, so did everyone else's!
  3. I suppose everyone can get a bit frustrated with their other half now and again, but reaching for the cat-o-nine-tails is rarely an acceptable answer nowadays.
  4. It might be a mistake to think that zero displacement will get you a discount on your licence...
  5. Not a bet I'd take. I moor not too far away and have yet to encounter any on the 21, so I'd be interested to hear if there are some.
  6. It's not 'cos they're grown ups - it's 'cos the Chief Engineer would kick their a$$ if they misused the thruster...
  7. Indeed. I've not had work done in the yard, but always stop at their shop & chandlers when I pass and give them whatever business I might have. I hope they recover from this awful setback.
  8. I think there's merit in what you say at some level, but I'd be worried to know that someone who can't immediately grasp that concept without pictures might be at the helm of any boat, particularly a large one.
  9. My Vetus 55kg has the central nut. I found a blade missing when out for blacking, so I replaced the plastic prop with a new genuine Vetus one. Easily done by wedging the prop whilst the central nut is freed. However, neither the old pin nor the new one were shear pins. Both were solid stainless which, if yours is the same, would mean your diagnosis may need a rethink.
  10. Also some have labyrinth breathers which collect and recycle any vapour given off during recharging, so very little escapes.
  11. That would be circlip pliers as @Pluto mentioned earlier - it would be a rather elegant but extravagant set of those, wouldn't it! Gotta be for something a little less mainstream than that, surely?
  12. Couldn't agree more - I seem to spend more rejecting everything but the 'essential' than reading the articles. Bloomin' pain, but that's t'web. Shouldn't be allowed. Ar$©#oles!
  13. Yeah, and well deserved (unless its been cancelled, in which case shame on everyone who ever even hummed it, me included) but when I said they didn't go down too well in the States, this article, entitled "This is why The Kinks were banned from the United States" better explains what I was thinking of... https://faroutmagazine.co.uk/the-kinks-ray-davies-banned-from-usa-america/#:~:text=The Kinks played a sizeable,other side of the Atlantic.
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