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  1. Are you saying that "campanoligist" doesn't ring a bell with you?
  2. Nothing, other than its relative inflexibility. Indeed my own fresh water system is plumbed in Speedfit both pre and post pump with the exception of short legs running to and from the pump. These are flexible and allow loops, both of which isolate vibration and noise. Hardly complicating matters methinks.
  3. My gast is utterly flabbered! I read the idea and saw the first photo and thought "Oh-oh!", but I can hardly believe how it progressed from there. Awesome.
  4. Wasn't that who thought of shoring up the dam with horse hair and sack cloth?
  5. Bloomin' nuisance it chooses the blinkin' cabin, eh! Sods law.
  6. Solid advice above regarding the long run. Also consider using clear food grade suction hose with a wire spiral (cheaply available from eBay) - you can see what's going on if you have issues and it won't collapse under suction. You'd be ok with 15mm then and this will avoid any need to change fittings on your pump (or your mesh screen filter before it - don't forget that bit).
  7. I believe the manufacturers pronounce it: "maline prywoo".
  8. Doesn't the effectiveness of a bilge blower depend on it exhausting overboard? I realise you're using one for cooling rather than fume extraction, but there's read across regarding the ingress and egress needing to balance. If the air going in struggles to get out, your cooling flow (or fume extraction) is sub optimal.
  9. Sort of... The funeral is on Thursday!
  10. Crikey, there's a blast from the past! I'm not doubting your recommendation, I'm just surprised they're still making it.
  11. Wrong emoticon. I suspect you meant the following...
  12. Oh heck, there goes many an escape plan!
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