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  1. Is that why there's also no keys for double letters (like that "T" I had to strike twice successively in "letters" )? Actually, I didn't know that and it's quite interesting.
  2. Must be a widebeam - there's not enough room for a garage on a narrowboat.
  3. This is indeed a highly agreeable thing and well worth pointing out. Not so sure about the idea of a boat/cottage though: doesn't canal water play havoc with your damp course?
  4. This is, of course, a possibility! You can minimise the risk by not being in the swept arc of the tiller yourself, which is also complying with the main thrust of this thread, and this is further improved by the dog staying put. They don't always do that, I know, but I'm on my third Ship's Labrador and I'm still hopeful of keeping a clean sheet...
  5. Maybe they need that separate, through-hull, air intake no-one else has ever thought of? I'll get my coat...
  6. You're missing the fact that, given what we're trying to achieve here, there's a wealth of unused deck underneath the swept arc of the tiller - a pretty handy unoccupied space in which to accommodate all but the very largest of dogs.
  7. I agree - I've yet to see an e-map that tells you where to find a "useful shop".
  8. Sea Dog

    K&A problems

    I just don't think he's clever enough for the programmes they give him, so key points of the discussion go over his head and he isn't capable of guiding the conversation. His brother is probably the sharper of the pair.
  9. The way I like to do it, as many others will, is to watch primarily what the pointy end is doing, as that's the bit that moves laterally the most and will quickly show when you're starting to turn. That's the "sense of the boats direction" as you put it. Keep looking round to checking the back end is still headed where you want it to, obviously.
  10. Crikey, some folk make hard work out of this, don't they? Mind you, I live down a mile long single track lane with passing places and I've seen some unbelievably inept attempts at reversing vehicles there too! One point I would make here though is this: those folk who are ridiculed for, or embarrassed about, having a bow thruster get their own back when the need to reverse for an appreciable distance arises!
  11. And the square steering wheel did little to compensate for that.
  12. On the pavement they may be arguably no more of an issue than disability scooters - it's on the road they appear truly dangerous to me. Fabulous idea in theory, and I can see real utility for boaters in particular, but the practice is going to be somewhat more problematic. Shame, because the potential is there. My guess is the idea will be implemented in some ill-considered way with unfortunate consequences - rather like opening the towpaths to unfettered cycling. I do, however, think the law being that naughtiness with your electric scooter will affect your driving licence could have wider merit across all road users, powered or unpowered. Perhaps that'll catch on?
  13. If you've been through, say, Chirk tunnel in a narrowboat, or a narrow aquaduct (not Ponty-wotsit - Telford was too clever) you'll have an idea why this widebeam will be so slow through Blisworth. Dragging that length of water from the front to stuff it out of the back with the prop in a confined space whilst the hull is trying to push it all forwards is no easy feat.
  14. Can't say I noticed anything like this when we passed through (out and back) last month. I saw the pub we couldn't moor anywhere near, and there was a workboat there iirc, but nothing like those works. Was i asleep at the tiller for that gap? Are those photos recent or historic?
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