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  1. Divisive subject this, isn't it? It matters not what evidence is cited, such as Ray T's photo above, a very substantial section of boaters are adamant that cruising through ice does no damage to their boat or to anyone else's as they pass.
  2. Mastervolt Inverter and charger problem

    Yep, my Mastervolt baffled me when it developed a fault. It's now replaced, because I didn't want the down time whilst it went through the repair loop last summer.
  3. What size 12v cable?

    No, if anything it's better - expense is the biggest factor in choosing smaller csa cable. (Thought you'd got fed up of thus thread and wandered off NW!)
  4. Why not to buy a boat

    Good find! There were moments when it looked as though some of the points might not really apply to narrowboats, but they all did in reality! Mods: perhaps this ought to be a "sticky"?
  5. Still a bit disingenuous to describe the town as a ditch near Gatwick Airport though...!
  6. You are referring to Crawley, I assume?
  7. Shower Room refurb.

    Just a thought: Our shower enclosure at home is 600 x 900, but the one on the boat is 600mm square and still pretty comfy. If you can put up with that, the extra 300mm increase in your cupboard might be really useful storage. I added a small radiator in my calorifier return line a year or two ago, which warms the bathroom quite nicely whilst cruising to no ill effect on engine cooling, warm up times or hot water production. If you could get away with something similar in the base of your new cupboard, you'd have really useful warm, dry storage and a place for airing laundry.
  8. I K B ' Short man syndrome.'

    A couple of No1 hits or his own TV show might have made all the difference... I pass his railway bridge over the Tamar pretty often and can't help but spare a thought in admiration of the man and his works each and every time. "I K Brunel" it says, "Engineer". Yes indeed.
  9. Shower Room refurb.

    Let's see if we can fix that for you...
  10. Best time of year to buy/sell

    Shame all the boat's being bought aren't - we'd get far fewer panic posts on here!
  11. Imagine how nice that roof would have looked with nicely polished brass mushrooms! I know - it's never gonna happen on that boat unless there's a change of skipper! That pipe fender wants a scrub too. And a quick question: that roof paint - is it stolen? Only it looks a bit familiar...
  12. If it only takes 2 minutes to take it down, why not do that and then ditch it to save messing about with the monstrosity in future? I am joking NW - mrsmelly wouldn't have been!
  13. Burning out alternators

    If it's 55a on a Beta engine, unless it's a small one, it's quite possibly the alternator for the starter battery, in which case replacing the "batteries" (which suggests the domestic bank) won't have affected the issue. Just a thought...
  14. How much water should a macerator use

    Please, no further details!
  15. Minworth embankment repair

    On the plus side, you'll be able to keep your stove going for ages if you're still there when the planks start popping to the surface!