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  1. Hmm, I'm not at the boat at the moment so I can't check my own invetter, but are there connections by those "AC In" markings or is that an unused legacy on the board? Is this a fit out you've inherited? Two reds as the DC supply to the inverter is an interesting move. Perhaps it's not the only unusual departure by the previous owner?
  2. Ah, thanks Dave. I've had mine a fair old while now and had forgotten doung that or the settings were already the ones I needed. I did avail myself of that feature with the later BlueSmart Solar Controller fit though and I would certainly recommend Bluetooth for monitoring that as it's a big step over the lights on the front. I tried quite hard to find out how the 30(3) dealt with separate batteries to no avail and went for the 30(1) as a result. I'm not surprised you were somewhat caught out. I use a 5a CTek to look after my starter battery, but usually the comfort indicator connector tells me that battery doesn't need any additional charging attention so the odd maintenance charge is all that's needed there.
  3. I have one of those, but it doesn't have a transfer relay. I think, as @Richard10002 says above, you need a Multiplus or Quattro for that feature. Are you sure you have AC in? (I hope I'm wrong - it would be a lovely surprise!)
  4. I'd do Chester, go on a bit to the zoo and, if you've time, up to Ellesmere Port - for the museum, not for the town! In Chester you can moor right by the walls and have a short walk along the top of it to the centre. Don't moor there on a weekend though, or you'll discover why they've had to paint those historic wall with a coating which splashes back! In fact, I'd give weekend Chester a miss, because drunken scousers certainly don't! We did the Caldon this summer and I'm sad to say it's very neglected. The vegetation is seriously overgrown making vision very difficult at the many tight turns and spotting the hard parts in narrows is very difficult. Someone ought to be ashamed. There are some lovely bits, but convenient useable moorings were quite hard to come by even when it was pretty quiet. I still enjoyed it, and I can see why folk (used to?) love it, but the long-haired Admiral doesn't want to go again.
  5. Quite frankly Bob, in a narrowboat, if your chair is within Bluetooth range you're sat next to the bloomin' charger anyway!
  6. Sea Dog

    Chimney problem

    When you say "coal", we are talking smokeless solid fuel, right? Cos if you're burning house coal that would be a problem.
  7. Mine's in about the same place. It's fed by standard 5/8 automotive radiator type hoses from a Beta 42 and it all works perfectly.
  8. I wonder how many "I must buy a boat quickly" type decisions work out well? It's always days (or more) after Boris makes a decree before the experts study the rules and give general public any idea what it all actually means. The first time round it was months before we realised we could all have taken a drive to Barnard Castle as an eye test. Why not wait 'til things change in your favour or you really know that you can safely look for the right boat in a wide range of places?
  9. Wot he said ^^^^ I have had a 30a Victron ip22 for ages and it has performed flawlessly. They have a night mode which cuts the charging power so the fan doesn't keep you awake. With my 30a one I've never used this as the fan has never cut in - this may not be the case with a smaller one working harder. The other bit of advice I'd offer, a little contrary to Dr Bob, is that they do a blue smart which has Bluetooth and a blue power which doesn't. Maybe I'm missing something, but don't think that the Bluetooth will give you any great info using the app, because it only tells you the same as the lights on the front of the charger. You may consider saving a few quid if you can find a non Bluetooth version.
  10. A quick Google revealed that there's loads of choice of 750ml tins of black paint available for less than a tenner. How much less are you hoping to spend?
  11. I found some insulating paint that would be good for this job, but I didn't use it because it was only available in tartan...
  12. In which case use Stixall which will do the job of both the glue and the silicone. It won't give you the future paint over problem that silicone will introduce.
  13. My panels are secured with small L brackets, 4 per panel, stuck to the roof with Stixall. It'll cure under water, stays slightly flexible, and can be painted over. Available in black, white or clear for about a fiver a tube from Toolstation. Stayed on perfectly through all kinds of weather.
  14. You is 'avin a giraffe, innit? Wouldn't it be best to confirm the bit in bold above before going to the trouble of applying the primer and undercoat rather than after?
  15. Sea Dog

    Washer dryer

    Are you suggesting running a tumble dryer through the inverter off the domestic batteries Ian? I'd suggest you'd be better with the engine running in such a scenario, in which case we're back to shortest period of drying trumping efficiency of power usage. If the batteries are supplying the load (crikey it's hard to find the wattage of these things, but they must draw a good 200 amps at 12v I'd have thought) then any savings from power efficiency will be offset by frequent battery replacement.
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