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Sea Dog

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  1. Sea Dog

    Your home while you're on the cut...

    What he said ^^^^! Hive works really well for monitoring and controlling your heating from the boat. As well as the 7c safety net you can keep an eye on the actual temperature at home any time of the day or night and can program alarms to inform you when it drops below or rises above any value you like. All programmed timings and temperatures are adjustable from your boat.
  2. Sea Dog

    Cutting new deck tiles

    Did you all buy genuine Dri-dek or are we talking a knock off versions? I ask because my Dri-dek tiles are 10 years old and still perfect.
  3. Sea Dog

    Thames @ Hampton

    Thanks - there's always another side to these things so I'm glad of the insight. You make an interesting point about the desirability of disrepair. I think it likely this guy probably thought the reward from going ahead with construction without the permissions in place was worth the risk, perhaps thinking retrospective permission would be his fallback. If some of these speculative ventures didn't fail, they wouldn't be risky. Can't win 'em all.
  4. Sea Dog

    Thames @ Hampton

    Genuine question: is that really a thing? The conformist in me would have me think that squatters (excepting those brands as such when overstaying in a dispute perhaps) occupy land or property because they want something for nothing. I hadn't really thought there could be a legitimate case of a genuine need justifying the occupation of someone else's property - the exception might be an immediate need for shelter maybe, but land I really hadn't thought a possibility. The very idea of "respectfully squatting" also seems an anathema to me, I suppose because the general belief is that, when they leave, the places are trashed. Not to hijack the thread, but a brief aid to understanding would be welcome. Funnily enough, in this case it's the land owner doing the illegal occupation - the folks in need of the mooring were probably well-heeled and paying him rather handsomely in that area!
  5. Sea Dog

    Thames @ Hampton

    Can't have been cheap to put it in; can't have been cheap to have to pay for the council to remove it. I wonder how his income from the venture stacks up against that expenditure?
  6. Sea Dog

    Leyland floor paint

    That's helpful - as was Tony's conjecture, but yours is based on a previous good experience, so thanks for the insight. More of the same stuff you're happy with would be ideal, but if you have to change to something different, I'm presuming it's also going to be significantly cheaper than the proprietary stuff too, or there'd still be little point in using anything designed for something else, right? I'm not being obtuse here - I have a roof and it's gonna need painting so I'd also like to get the right stuff for the right reasons, albeit they may be different to yours.
  7. Sea Dog

    Winding hole near Poachers Pocket on Llangollen

    Oddly enough there's an American's trip report running at the moment referring to a pantomime winding at that point involving ropes and numerous spectators. Perhaps that's a result of appearance versus actuality?
  8. Sea Dog

    Leyland floor paint

    I don't want to ask another dumb question, so I'll just bump the first one in the hope I might understand the driving force behind this pretty common idea of using seemingly unsuitable paint for a demanding job for which purpose made paint is readily available.
  9. Sea Dog

    Grit blasting prices.?

    Mine to, although next year I may grit blast and epoxy! Doesn't it seem odd a seller should tell a buyer it needs to be done though?
  10. Sea Dog

    Narrowboat handymen

    I see - like a small, dry holding tank sort of thing? Anyway, you were right earlier, let's leave that for another thread and let this one find you a handyman to get those jobs sorted and get on with the boating! Good luck.
  11. Sea Dog

    Grit blasting prices.?

    That sounds a bit odd. Many boats have been grit blasted and epoxies, and it's certainly not a daft thing to do, but most boats haven't been. Most are simply cleaned and blacked using a bituminous coating.
  12. Sea Dog

    Leyland floor paint

    So, erm, I hate to ask a dumb question, but what exactly is so bad about all the various types of Narrowboat roof paint?
  13. Sea Dog

    Narrowboat handymen

    I'm sure I'm missing something here, but I don't know too much about composting toilets so perhaps you could explain. If you empty the contents of a composting toilet in the same way as you would with a cassette, a. Where's the advantage over a cassette at a fraction of the cost? and b. What's the benefit of composting if it goes down the sewer? Thanks Oh, and welcome! I'm pleased you found a lovely Narrowboat.
  14. Sea Dog

    Food storage area under the gunnel

    Well ok, if wine bottles aren't the answer to the OP's question, how's about a row of cup hooks that he could hang rabbits and pheasants from?
  15. Sea Dog

    The wood panels on the walls

    Strictly, or technically correct I guess, but in more general terms the Navy tend to call all the "walls" in a ship "bulkheads", so Nightwatch is correct in the colloquial sense as it is language in regular use. The Navy would, of course, use the correct terms on drawings, etc. I think you're right in every sense with the fwd bulkhead.

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