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  1. This is exactly what I do every 6 months or so. Draw off about 4 litres, decant into a clean container and take home. At home check for any water and use for garden bonfires. If any water is found, repeat.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. What's happened to speaking to people? Which part of your body did you extend in their general direction.. Plain, clear English
  5. I paid £200 three years ago. (Banbury area). Hemel is within the 'greater London area' for prices so £250 hurts but?..How much would a fully serviced leasure mooring be in say Cowroast. Around here it's about £2700.
  6. I remember 25 years ago discussing with Calcutts what they meant by 'reconditioned' . I went away and did my own thing with a scrapyard 1.8 out of a Sherpa. It's still going strong.
  7. My thoughts exactly. That is not 3 months work even working 24/7
  8. I have hearing difficulties, hate wearing my aids but like listening to the spoken word, books ,BBC Sounds etc. I often do this via my Samsung S5e tablet. It has 4 speakers that are sufficiently loud for me to hear. Unfortunatly the S5e model appears to have a design fault where it intermittently cuts out. A tap , rotation, sometimes even just touching, not tapping, the volume control or on/off button will restore things. This is my second S5e as the first had the same problem. The current tablet is still under warranty but the Samsung process needs to be experienced to be believed. I'd rather cut my loses and go elsewhere. Can anyone suggest from experience a LOUD android tablet. I really do not like I Pads (I've had one) Thanks. Would consider another Samsung but not an S5e
  9. That almost happened to us many years ago. Ground rent of £12 pa was invoiced 6 monthly. By the time the freeholder raised the paperwork, processed the payment including issuing a receipt they couldn't have made much profit on their investment. On top of this we had to write and post a cheque. When we took on the lease it had 967 years to run with no provision for a review.
  10. I did something very similar for my sun umbrella. In my case two lifting eyes welded onto a plate which in turn is bolted to my morse control pillar. For my rotary dryer I have a length of 38mm ? plastic drain pipe cable tied to my swan neck. A bolt through the pipe at an appropriate place prevents the dryer tube going too far down the plastic one. yes, I do have one of those tiller mounted umbrella/dryer brackets but I found it virtually usless
  11. Look on the bright side. New wallet came through within 24 hours, shame I've got nothing to put in it.🤩
  12. I ran over something yesterday on my totally unnecessary but good fun sit on lawnmower yesterday. My wallet, complete with a number of banknotes and every plastic card I possess. Everything shredded into confetti sized pieces, debit cards ,credit cards, driving licence, library card, bus pass the lot. Seemingly the money has to be sent to the Bank of England as local banks no longer accept damaged notes from the public. All in all it's going to cost getting on for £40 to replace essential items. Driving licence £20, bus pass £10, cash to BoE by insured mail . It's not the money it's the hassle. I've got to wait until I get new cards before I can go back to the boat. Fortunately there was a few pounds in cash in the house and I filled the car up earlier in the day. The smallest recognisable bit I found today was the chip off of one of the bank cards the largest one totally mangled empty wallet from deep in the grass shoot of the mower. 💥
  13. Sorry but I've had a lightweight, corded strimmer on board for years. The only problem is digging it out from the bottom of a locker when needed. Must buy some line for it. Presently it's running on fishing line.
  14. Actully I was really surprised at the range of Milwaukie products available but not cheap.
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