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  1. Keep it, it was your Dad's
  2. Some years ago friends had their yacht moored in South Dock when a large holdall floated by close to them. Margaret tried unsuccessfully to snag it with a boathook. Several days later another moorer was more successful. It turned out to contain a a headless body.
  3. You forgot to mention the padded jackets, saris' and various other articles of clothing (around the prop) Even I forgot to mention the bread thrown over the wall as you pass.😀
  4. Prehaps you are the onewho has not read or comprehended properly. I never mentioned mentioned using or covering with oil a mats w & d. In fact to the best of my knowledge I do't have a boating friend who has a w & d. They all borrow mine. End of debate
  5. Actually Tony this is one instance where you don' t know what you're talking about. You have never seen my engine compartment ,nor are you ever likely to. My engine compartment is clean and oil free .I use oil absorbent sheets, which for your information are available on e bay for £9.99 for 20. If you can use a w & d on an engine compartment over an extended period of time without getting some oil on it you're a genius. Yes, you have annoyed me. As it happens the last time I had a BSS the examiner commented on how clean the engine compartment was. I didn't get £50 knocked off.
  6. According to my old Nicholsons for the South Oxford all winding holes identified are suitable for full length boats unless otherwise noted when the maximum length will be noted. Marsden Doles is shown as being 50' max . I have turned my 55 footer there JUST
  7. Used use The Weather Channel but since a recent update no longer find ot user friendly. Presently using the BBC app. Seconds ago @ 10.34 it was showing sunny @ 11.00 and part sunny @ 12.00. It's been brilliant sunshine so far today but clould is beginning to build up . On balance pretty accurate. I to want to do some painting but given that I can't even touch the roof or side I'm goung cruising😀
  8. I know where you mean. I think there's a damned big magnet buried in the bank.😀
  9. Don't seem able to edit previous post. Þhe tape is Sylglass and see post 51. Exactly the same as my suggestion. Sorry about spelling etc, on phone
  10. Two suggestions 1) run WITHOUT apressure cap. I know it's a totally differeñt engine but my trusty BMC 1 .8 will run withot a cap from now to doomsday. Just keep an eye on the temp & oil pressure. 2) That tape used to seal seal greenhouse windows. It was mentioned in an earlier post, Sil.?....something? It really sticks like ...... to an army blanket. I seales a rotten window frame in my shed 2 years ago and it's still watertight and sou d.
  11. As do I. Picking my way through a rocky approach to a now forgotten port in the general area of Brest. Happy days!
  12. I've got one of those(badged Pela) and I stand by my vote for a wet and dry.
  13. And soon we will have Telstar😎
  14. When you say 'up' I assume you mean from Napton. If so it's the most boring stretch there is. That b...d. farm never goes. First it's to one side of you then it's to the other. Even in my clonecraft I'm plowing not boating. I've got to do it in a week or so and i gurantee it will be cold, wet and windy.
  15. I love F1 but it's a minority sport that's not that accessible. Mostly on subscription (Sky) with crumbs on channel 4. Todays British GP was the only one on terrestial TV this year. Happens I'm on the boat today with no TV. There was no radio coverage. Hours of tennis on 5 live but not a mention of the British GP. Indeed, earlier today I looked on both Google News and BBC News and could find no mention of either the event or the grid positions. I don't doubt that Lady G will pick me up on the clarity of my third sentence ( she thinks all F 1 fans are thick) but do I care? 😋
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