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  1. Slim

    Wi Fi in marina

    Thanks for the replies. Having thrown 2 routers out a couple of months ago I think I'll go down the Solwise route . My MiFi is only 3G. Frank
  2. Slim

    Wi Fi in marina

    As it happens I've got a Huawei device (on Three) and a Huawei phone (on O2) that I use when out and about and overall they work OK. It's in the marina I'm having problems. I used their Wi Fi in their office and it seemed OK it's on the boat that's a problem. Not helped by the fact that I have portholes. Up to last weekend and my move I used the pub A good excuse. By the way, I was in the Brasenose last week but must have left just before you got there. Frank
  3. Slim

    Wi Fi in marina

    Tried search function but...……... After a number of years on an idyllic mooring I've been forced to move to a marina by a long term lack of water in the pound I was in. One of the very few advantages is that the marina has Wi Fi. Unfortunately I can't pick it up in the boat. Can anyone tell me, in simple terms, what kit I need to install to do so? To clarify, I want to use either my tablet or my phone. I don't want to have to take a laptop unless I have to. Everything I've been able to find seems to need one. Many thanks Frank
  4. Slim

    Red Lion Cropredy

    Dateline Thursday 12 th @ 17.30 sitting in the Brasenose, Cropredy 4 Aug Julie July Band 6 Aug Gerry Colvin 7 Aug 15 String Trio 8 Aug Vikki Clayton All above in the evening 9 Aug @ noon I Am Sam 9 Aug @ 2 pm Clarion 9 Aug @ 8 pm Doozer Mcdooze 10 Aug @ noon Keshanadram 10 Aug @ 2pm Kaprekar's Constant 10 Aug @ 4 pm Zal Clemisons Sindogs 10 Aug @ 8 p m Pete Watkins Originals 11 Aug @ noon Cold Norton 11 Aug @ 2 pm A Leatherat Reunion 11 Aug @ 4 pm Spank the Monkey 12 Aug @ noon Lota 12 Aug @ 2pm Red Soes Never heard of any of them😎 Should make clear all above at Brasenose, not Red Lion
  5. Slim

    Inverter question

    In your defense (I'm sure you don't need it ) when I fitted my Mastervolt 2000/100 combi to replace my standalone Mastervolt inverter and battery charger I found the instructions somewhat confusing. The terms used were, to me, obscure. What the H**l did 'short break' mean? Once I had worked it out it was obvious. It was a classic case of the designer also writing the instructions, never a good thing but almost inevitably done
  6. Slim

    Inverter question

    And replace then with what? Screws made in China !! In truth I know what you mean. Almost without exception fixings supplied with kit are usless
  7. Yep, go onto e bay and you can source the proper stuff (not that I would)
  8. Slim

    My third SmartGauge...

    Rather than start another Smartgauge topic I have a question that I have about my smartgauge. It is regarding which battery type to set it for. When I first fitted the gauge I had Multicell AGMs and Gibbo told me to consider them FLA and set the battery choice to 1 (if I remember correctly) Whatever I set it on the gauge seemed to work O/K. Sometime down the line I replaced the Multicells with Lucas AGMs and left the settings the same. Again the gauge seemed to work O/K. A couple of months ago I replaced the Lucas batteries with Leoch AGMs and since then the Smartgauge is reluctant to read less than 100% SoC. Example overnight 50 ah out of a 520 ah bank (according to the Mastervo;t MICC) Smartgauge still shows 100% SoC. Another night with 67 ah out Smartgauge showed 98% SoC. Obviously the SG is reading incorrectly. Since fitting the Leoch batteries the at rest voltage seems slightly higher than it was previously. I'm not on the boat so can't give more precise information. I contacted the UK agents for Leoch asking about 'at rest' voltage and they sent me the attached spec sheet. I can't see anything specifically about an 'at rest voltage. Has anyone got any idea what battery type I should set the SG for? LAGM-130.pdf Many thanks Frank
  9. I have the (mis) fortune to moor just north of Broadmoor Lock on the South Oxford. The level in the Broadmoor / Varneys pound is dire 90% of the time. Just on 2 weeks ago (20th June?) it took 60 hours of waiting before I was able to get off my mooring and that was with a tow!. Arrived back on the mooring last Saturday about 1pm to be told the level had come up that morning after it being down all week. By 4 pm the boat was aground and by 10 pm it was listing about 12 degrees. Remained so the following morning when I gave up and came home. Out of curiosity I checked the CRT reservoir site that is seemingly updated mid month. Assuming this to be correct levels in mid June (say 15th) for the South Oxford reservoirs were around 89.7% . Similarly high levels of reserves were reported for most if not all reservoirs. What the h*** is happening? As an aside as I went past Neil's Bridge last Thursday a CRT employee was busy painting a dredger that was on the bank.
  10. Slim


    My thoughts exactly. I have a pumpout and years ago considered buying a self pumpout kit. It didn't take long to work out all the disadvantages. I can only think of one or two occasions where I've seen self pumpout taking place. My casual observations are that most Elsan points specifically ban it. Now, cassettes would be much easier to be anti-social with Indeed when I used take the dog for a walk along the local canal (Rickmansworth on the Grand Union) I had to put her on the lead as we passed a long line of 'visitor' moorings. If I didn't she would disappear into the scrub and as like as not come back with signs of **** on her. Not pleasant company for the drive home
  11. Slim


    Regardless of it being 12 or 230v (or make for that matter) good ventilation / air circulation is essential. I've cut several 50mm holes in the floor behind the fridge and have a 100mm ? 12v computer fan extracting warm air. Mine is manually controlled (the fridge is 230v) and when I switch it on the air coming out of the grille is initially warm but cools down proving it's doing some good. So far as I can determine the fan uses about .2 of an amp when running, less than 5 amps a day were it to run 24/7
  12. Slim

    Pump out cap

    Go diving at any pumpout point
  13. Slim

    Autonomous cars any body.......

    My A/C continues to work when stop/start cuts in. After a fairly lengthly period of time with the engine stopped you get a message telling you that the A/C is about to shut down and you can opt to start the engine. It's happened to me once (I think) in 15 months.
  14. Slim

    Autonomous cars any body.......

    Depends on the make of car. Mine works perfectly without any delay. Even if there were a delay it would be acceptable if emissions are reduced.
  15. Slim

    Can we have a new rule

    Why assume everyone is a liveaboard? Although I must admit that the network is fast becoming a vast housing estate.

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