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  1. Slim

    Elderly Drivers

    Did you spend your entire youth sucking frozen jubblies (spelling). I seem to recall your mentioning them before in connection with your earlier years.
  2. Slim

    Burnt connector on galvanic isolater

    What make of GI? Does it have some form of meter / lights? Photo? My GI is simply some blocking diodes encapsulated in plastic. Earth in, earth out, job finished! Re- read original post. Is it some form of in line/cable with 16a plug/socket? Frank
  3. Slim

    BMC rocker cover replacement.

    Owning as I do a BMC 1.8 D I'm preety sure it will. However, there are several on this forum with much greater knowledge who should pop up with a definitive answer. You never know, someone might have one tu ked away gathering dust. (Sorry , that's not me) My main reason for posting is that I looked at your link and immediatly below it was an offer of one for £43 . It may save you a couple of quid. Frank
  4. Slim

    June holiday advice please

    The one point I would make is don't be suckered in by the '4 lock miles per hour' claim made by some (mostly hire campanies). I would suggest that 2.5 to 3 is far more realistic. Frank PS (I know that's 2). For a one off trip I would vote for the Llangollan, busy but consistantly attractive with most pubs well suited to dealing with larger parties
  5. Slim

    12v electric for wifi

    I know all about mother-in-laws gardener. It was me In theory I would go along with your point about 12 volt/230 volt but in reality when did anyone last use 2 amp sockets on 230 apart from specialist lighting circuits in hotels and the like. I installed all my 230 ac below the gunwales and all the 12 dc above. Frank
  6. Slim

    12v electric for wifi

    I've always understood that the argument for not using 230 v fittings for 12 v applications is the switch element of the fitting. The 2 a round pin fittings I've successfully and uneventfully used for the last 20 years don't have switches. ( I THINK the same hold true for 5a round pin sockets). I've never had any issue with the plug getting warm, something I can't say about cigarette lighter type plugs I've used. Frank
  7. Slim

    New to canal barges and your forum

    Quite obviously it depends upon how fit you are. However, as a 72 year old who single hands most of the time it gets harder as you get older. (Sorry but thats just a fact of life) . If I were starting off at the age of 72 never mind 74/76 I would look to a boat of 40' or less. Whether two people could live on it full time is another issue. Frank
  8. Slim

    Almost new car, rep mobile

    Thank you for the last line (but I suppose I am one) I’ve had my present Volvo V90 D4 for 22 months without issue. Although I have’t done many miles (12k) a fair amount of that is going to and from the boat , a round trip of about 170 miles. popped up there yesterday but only spent 20 minutes on the boat so it was effectively one journey. Overall trip MPG 57 + with speed of 75 ish , a fair amount motorways. LOADS of toys the best of which is the semi automous “ pilot Assist”. Press a couple of buttons and most of the strains of driving go away. (no, you don’t lose concentration). Volvos are no longer a Ford in a Frock. All the design of the present generation is ‘in house’ with most of the manufacture in Europe apart from the the S90 which is built in China and delivered overland via Russia Frank
  9. Slim

    Multi fuel front glass replacement

    I'd try that coin onmy Squirrel next time I change the glass but I won't be able to afford another 8 p The first time I changed the glass and the studs broke I managed to drill the old ones out and deliberately went all the way through. Can't remember if I re-tapped the same size or went 1mm up. Stainless bolts in from the outside, cut the heads off with a junior hacksaw, lick of stove paint and Bob's your uncle. I was taught how to drill and tap by my dad at a very early age before electric drills became normal. He always said to use the best quality drills and taps possible, advice that has stuck. Frank
  10. More or less what I was told when my Mastervolt. Inverter went belly up some years ago. Was also told that if it wasn’t repaired they would offer a discount. Can’t remember what it was but new units were available elsewhere cheaper. To the original o/p, there’s a thread / topic (never know which it is) running around a Mastervolt repair. To repeat what I said on that , if going down the independent repair line tread carefully Frank
  11. Slim

    Graceless and contemptuous motorbikes

    Me too An NSU Quickly. Notwithstanding that we had some great fun with it. It helped that friends had 'proper' motorbikes ranging from Triumph Sports Cub to BSA A 10 / Garrard combo. I rode them all (should have got a licence). The only consolation was that I rode the moped on my car licence so didn't need L plates
  12. Slim

    Mastervolt combo misbehaving

    Calon Been trying to PM you. but site or laptop keeps playing up. Will try again tomorrow. If you want to phone me on 01,nine 2 three 22 zero 7 three 4 happy to talk. In the meanwhile be careful, Frank
  13. Slim

    Mastervolt combo misbehaving

    Will try and send you a PM Frank
  14. Slim

    Roof paint colour - light or dark?

    You wrote my reply for me Years of a dark blue roof (Midnight Blue) followed by the last 3 years light blue. I was surprised at the difference. The trade off is that light blue shows the dirt more.. Frank
  15. Slim

    Algae on the roof

    Wet and Forget is another product. Costco do it but only in 5 litre cans. Frank

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