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  1. Well i filled it in. Prehaps one or two of the questions could have been clearer and a couple of the options wouldn't work for me. OP to note. On balance good luck and hope you get a good result
  2. Looked on CRT but couldn't see any mention yet. I've been told via my local Neighbourrhood Watch (Owl Message) that the G U will be closed between lock 74 and lock 76 from 7pm on 2nd Dec to 8pm on 4 Dec 2019 to both boats and pedestrians. NATO meeting at the Grove hotel.
  3. I've got a 200 piece + set along similar lines as the boat socket set. I think it came from Costco. It's main failure is the plastic case. The plastic catches broke off within a couple of years and I have to keep it closed with a cable tie around the handle. It's other weak point is that iif you don't open it the correct way all the smaller sockets fall out all over the floor. When I was in my 20s my dad got himself a top of the range set of Dormer twist drills. 6mm to 10 mm in .1mm steps contained in a stout metal box. I borrowed them and strangely never returned them. Still got them , the full set. Replaced a few and some could do with sharpening. Last used them 2 days ago. Thanks Dad.
  4. My 1/2 socket set came from Halfords with a lifetime guarantee many, many, many years ago. When a socket split I took it back, mostly out of bravado. An interesting half hour followed. I don't think one of the many I spoke to had eve n been born when I bought the set. The more they made comments along the lines of 'what do you expect' and 'it' old' the more I dug my heels in. Eventually they gave me a 13mm socket to get rid of me.That was the day I realised I was a Grumpy Old Git.
  5. My large socket set is only 3/4 drive. Not the best quality but does the job. For the job I' doing on the boat at the moment I bought a cordless 1/2 drive impàct wrench. Apparantly it's good for 400 something or others. I still think in ft/lbs. Wish I'd had it years ago.
  6. If it were me I would make up a plate along the lines of the one I made and find a way of keeping pressure on it whilst setting the rivnut. A couple of beefy mates with strong fingers ?
  7. The Rivnut was 8mm long s/s. The way I did it ( my job was on the edge of a plate) was to take a strip of 4 mm steel in which I drilled a clearance hole for the intended bolt but less than the flange diameter. The flange diameter was just over 11mm I then inserted an 8 mm bolt through clearance hole into the Rivnut thread. Once positioned I clamped the steel strip with a couple of pairs of mole grip and 'tightened' the bolt until the Rivnut was set. On the practice piece it worked Frank
  8. Due to circumstances I've yet toget around to using a Rivnut on my water tank. However i had atrial run at home Wwithout using a setting tool. I worked out a way for my job. You need to keep the flange hard up against the work piece whilst setting it. It's a glorified pop rivet Still very gratful to know about them
  9. I would go along with either suggestion. I would suspect the e bay tape is a type of self amalgamating tape. You're lucky Bizzard didn't suggest plugging the leak with a baked bean or two.
  10. There's another marina in that general area that you should be wary of. I suspect you may already be aware. From comments made to me in passing some months ago leopards do not change their spots.
  11. Slim

    Stove fan

    I don't know. I've got a genuine Ecofan that I was given 12 years ago when friends moved off their boat. Not saying it's got much puff, if any but. It's been knocked off the stove countless times bending the blades. A quick twist back again and off it goes. Great indicater that the stoves still going in the early morning. Would I buy another one? £16 yes. Ecofan prices, well.......................................
  12. Has anyone else had difficulty mating a PRM 150 to a currently available Calcutts flywheel casing using all Calcutts supplied parts? Component parts are:- Ali flywheel casing incorperating rear mountings, flywheel casing adapter plate (approx 18" dia in 12 mm plate) sorry about mixed units? Ali gearbox adapter plate for PRM 150. All the parts dry fit together with a little fettling. Firsst attempt. Bolt flywheel casing to engine and fit rear flexible mounts. Fine. Bolt flywheel casing adapter plate to casting. Fine. Bolt gearbox adapter plate to gearbox. Fine . Lower gearbox on chain block and tackle , offer up g'box to engine, align input shaft to driveplate splines and mate g'box with engine. Fine. Now the problems start. Bolting the 'box adapter plate to the flywheel adapter plate is impossible Just can't get 4 of the 6 bolts in even when cutting them down to the minimum length. Second attempt. Remove flywheel adapter plate and assemble out of situ. Still can't do it as there's not enough clearance between between the gearbox casing and the adapter plate to allow for the head of the bolt even leaving out the supplied spring washer ( intended to use thread seal) . I'm not prepared to leave out the flat washer. Third attempt. Remove g/box adapter plate from box, bolt it to flywheel adapter plate then bolt both plates to g/box. Can only get 4 of the 6 bolts in. The other 2 boltholes are masked by the 12mm thick plate. Fourth attempt. Make 2 cutouts in the 12 mm plate to allow the hidden holes to be accessed. This was where I got to today when it started raining. I'm doing all this on the boat, in a marina, 75 miles from home and a reasonably well equipped workshop. I'm reasonably sure I can get it together tomorrow if it doesn't rain. My main reason for posting is to ask "what have I done wrong?". I was going to go to Calcutts to ask but fell asleep in front of the fire. Sorry, no photos and lousey spelling . Doing this on a tablet I know I'll get it done but it's a b#$%&@d of a job.
  13. It really depends upon how competant you are or want to become. Not a slight on you, a genuuine comment. For a novice I would suggest a 1/4 drive set and a 1/2 set. After that the worlds your lobster
  14. So, it wasn't a dream it was a nightmare
  15. I had one of those on my last yacht.The grill was usless.?..............So was that device
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