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  1. In my youth (50 years + ago) I fitted my Ford 100e with a Redex injection system. It bled Redex into the engine from a 2 pint tin in the engine compartment . The mètering device on the dashboard had an override / boost button. A couple of presses on the button laid down a smokescreen a WW2 naval distroyer would have been proud of. Great when someone was tailgating you
  2. Puff Along, Assuming a) that it's a 1.8 type set up and b) The engine has not been rotated since the pump was removed. The following is a paraphrased version of my manual. Fit torsion bar (that's the thin gear wheel think on a flat bar) into the drive flange on the engine. (The Timing chain driven gear youu're trying to engage with Position the pump drive shaft so that it's master spline lines up with that on the drive flange Fit the pump drive shaft over the end of the torsion bar and VERY GENTLY (manual capital letters) engage thedrive shaft spline.s with the drive flange (it's here where the slight twist comes) Push the pump as far into position as possible. Fit nuts etc........... Hope the above helps and don't forget those swear words.
  3. Reading this topic I assume the engine is some type of BMC. If so and if the pump is similar to the 1.8 the technique is as follows. Offer the pump up, push/feel it in, at the same time give it a gentle but firm twist anti-clockwise. It WILL glide home after a few tries. À few choice swear words are an option. If it's not similar to 1.8 sorry to have wasted your time. Frank
  4. I've used it on the last 2 occasions. The first time I used it I scarified the hull first. Dirty, hard job but worth it. Out again next week after about 18 months. A bit premature but it's out of the water for a new stern tube so silly not to black it. Personally I wouldn't trust any bitumen based treatment any longer than 2 years.
  5. Equally off topic. Are you aware Midland Chandlers now stock Craftmaster. Claim to stock the whole range.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. What those tests don' test is durability. My professionally repainted roof (back to metal) lasted 2 years. I STRONGLY suspect the painter used Teamac anti slip though I specified Craftmaster throughout.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. I'm very sorrý but unless you can get CAST IRON guarantees WALK. Most obvious solution is to pay ondelivery not before.
  10. Slim

    Asymmetric jeans

    400 quid a pair. Wish I'd thought of it 😀 Bet they'll appear on the high street by Christmas at £100 + a pair
  11. Why is it always the last one that a b***ar* ? I gave mine a good dose of PlusGas and walked away for 24 hours.
  12. Thanks for the comments and ad🤣vi😎ce. Obviously until I get the old tube out I can't assess the boss's condition. All I know ar rhis stage is that there is no sign of rust where the present tube enters the boss. I've got a small wire brush for the drill and a dremel with small wire wheels. Left the electric toothbrush at home so I'll have to go manual with that. Forget the name of the thread sealing compound I've got (it's brown in a tin with a brush in the lid. If I need a new boss so be it but how the hell do you cut out the old one. Any work I can't do Richard, who owns the slip will be able to do (I hope). Thanks for the advice and ignore the misplaced smilies Any ideas where I could get ' Red Stag' in the general area of Banbury tomorrow? Just checked, the stuff I've got is Heldite. Suitable ?
  13. Boat is out of the water next week and I'm replacing the stern tube, shaft and mayb stuffing gland. For the stern tube / boss what's the best sealant to use? Frank
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