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  1. Sorry but I have to ask..........Why not re- position it ?
  2. He's got a pair of eyes and a few grey cells between the ears to work it out! In my view anyone without a recognisable home mooring should pay a suppliment on their licence. Reasons include additional demand on fresh water and rubbish disposal. Head down Frank
  3. I wouldn't be unconcerned. Some years ago we had a dog that swollowed a bee , got stung in the throat and only juat got away with her life. By the time we got her to the vet it swelling was going down. At one stage she was really struggling to breathe.
  4. It will produce "dog turd welds" . Having said that theyr'e all I can produce with slightly better kit so give it a try. As someone said it's only 40 quid. 😀
  5. What engine is it?
  6. I've got a pair of the steps in question (or something very very similar. I didn't get the woman to go with them The only negative is that they're steel and fairly heavy. Strong and stable they are ideal for we 'larger' people. Frank
  7. OFF THE BOAT. Buffing wheel and polishing compounds. If really tarnished 1200 to1500 grit wet and dry first. ON THE BOAT. Brasso and really strong, well developed fingers.
  8. I wish you the best of luck but suspect your chances are slim (no pun intended). Several years ago I had a Mastervolt inverter blow up taking out a circuit board. The repairer, Selweb, tried MV for a replacement board or circuit diagram in order to attempt a repair. MV s comment was "no". Return it to us and we will either repair if economically viable and unit under 5 years of age or 'contribute' to a replacement by offering a discount on a new one. The cost would still have been more than buying a new one locally. Lovely kit but you're very much in the hands of an overcharging, restrictive manufacturer. Yes, I did replace with a MV unit, a 12/2000/100 combi as it happens. I will follow this topic with interest. Frank (Slim)
  9. Thanks for the replies. , As I recall the wood I used was the very best available from a really good, old fashioned, timber yard. {long gone}. The glue was 2 pack West Epoxy with fine filler added. The joints are all M & T and fitted perfectly. Took ages and I was really chuffed. What you said about DG units doesn't surprise me. The original are fairly thin, maybe 5mm air gap, and the frames won't accommodate currently available units. I've decided to go for single glazed, toughened instead. I doubt I will see much difference. Hadn't even thought of closed cell foam (and there's a large roll of it on the boat}. My only reservation is that although I've been extremely careful removing the putty I have caused very minor damage that silicone/putty would better cope with. Also I've only removed the putty from one door so far. I'll see how I get on after lunch with the other door. Whatever I use I intend to glue up and paint thoroughly before fitting the glass. I'll come back when I've finished to update.
  10. After 20 years + the double glazing panels in my wooden front doors have failed and needed replacing. In the end I decided to bring them home and work on them on a bench. Much easier! The frames are made of African Mahogany and apart from some glue failure in perfect condition with absolutely no rot or decay. The glass fits into internal rebates and is secured with beading. I was convinced that I had bedded the glass in silicone but when I removed it discovered it was in putty. My question is, Which is better Silicone or putty? What have others used and how has it stood up to the ravages of time ? Any suggestions welcomed. many thanks Frank .
  11. So that's what the film crew were doing on Saturday at the Folly
  12. Try London. After 15 years or so I moved from the southern Grand Union ( marina based) because it became impossible to moor for a day or so anywhere near my home mooring. Considered returning last year but was advised to stay away.
  13. I last did it a couple of years ago. Most attractive canal I've come across. One word of warning, unless it's changed the Navigation pub is closed on a Mònday ??. Well worth phoning ahead to check. I was gutted, I was looking forward to a couple of pints when I was told this by a dog walker. Hw turned out to be the landlord. 😋
  14. Another vote for Ed Bowden. I had the misfortune to have a probem at Marsworth a couple of years ago. He solved the problem, loose bolt engine mounting to block, Nice guy Frank
  15. Yes, The Secret Bunker. You have to work really hard to find it A clue. Look for the V large signs that say "To the Secret Bunker". Actually I've been there 3 or 4 times.
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