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  1. Waterside Moorings

    The second paragraph above is exactly the point I was going to make before I came across it. The word 'managers' bastardisation over the years has been the basis for many tabloid headlines eg 'Thousands more managers in NHS, Fewer nurses' (note , made up headline} when in fact many were doing their same old job but with different title. When I started in the public sector (not NHS) the office I was in had about 140 staff. There was one manager and one deputy manager. When I left some 40 years later a similar setup would have had upwards of 25 Frank
  2. Kids on phones.

    Watch your 'average' couple in a pub. 1) Walk in and secure a table 2) Woman sits down, man walks to bar to buy drinks 3) Man joins woman at table 4) Both pull out their phones and spend all their time peering at screens. Only conversation is around "would you like another drink?" (I guess this bit) Frank A single handed boater
  3. Phill, Back again as promised this time on a proper keyboard (see my first post about this time yesterday) As I've already said I'm 71 and my boat is 55' . 99% of my cruising is single handed. In themselves locks are no problem for a single hander and I don't see how a shorter boat would help you become confident and competent any quicker. The point to consider is how you will tackle them. As most will tell you there is no single way. Often, because of terrain, lock design etc I find the easiest way is to pull the boat in or out. As I get older it's this that becomes more difficult. It's not something I find easy to admit to but it's a fact. On occasion the boat will 'run away' with you be it in a lock or when you're mooring / unmooring.(I mean when you're ashore pulling on the centre line). 'Experts' will tell you that that shouldn't happen. It will ! Really what I'm saying is that if you're looking to get a boat think along the lines of the saying " a (for dog read boat)s' not for Christmas it's for life" You'll want to be able enjoy (and use) it some years down the line. Me, I'm off for at least 4 months as soon as the weather improves. Frank
  4. As a 71 year old single hander with a 55' semi trad and 22 years experience of extended (but not full time cc or liveaboard) I feel able to comment . If I knew then what I know now I would have chosen a shorter boat, say 42 -45 '. Like it or not as one gets older everything gets heavier and that includes both boats and everything associated with them. Frank If this thread remains on topic i'll add more in the morning when i can use my laptop
  5. Pressure release valve

    My advice , now you've dried the area off, is to do nothing but monitor over a few days. Frank
  6. Pressure release valve

    I'm keeping well out of the original debate as that's well covered but may I ask a question. In the photos of the pump, filter and associated pipework (post 26) is there some water / dampness?. There's also what looks like a piece of PTFE tape so some work may have been carried out recently. If I'm seeing things apologies for causing concern. Frank
  7. Staffs and Worces canal angler

    Ditto. Hearing aids are incredibly uncomfortable, and besides, my engine is very quiet. Frank
  8. Boeing 737

    Any number of years ago I was told the tale of a new air hostess (as they were called at the time) on a BEA short haul flight Trident. With the aircraft on autopilot the crew called the girl into the cockpit, quickly disappeared into the hold below via an access hatch and awaited her reaction. True?
  9. Sander

    As far as an orbital sander (DA) is concerned I would suggest you consider a Bosch 150 (6") GEX?.I think they cost between £150 and £200. I've had one for a number of years and it's done a fair amount of hard work and the dust extraction/filter works. (it also bounces off a concrete floor) Spares are also readily available. Buy discs in boxes of 100. Any lesser quantities is false economy. Frank Fr
  10. Why Do I get Sparks?

    I've sat here for the last few minutes thinking but I give in............ What's a PODGER? (I know I'll regret asking)
  11. Owner fit outs

    I have scanned the various replies and am not sure I agree with some of them.. 22 years ago , following the death of my wife, I looked around for an interest in life. A long term coastal sailer I had never set foot on a a narrowboat. I was a lifelong 'pen pusher' with no technical qualifications beyond an 'O' level in woodwork. I was practical and was able to read. I was also able to afford to make mistakes (pride requires me to say I didn't make many). I also had no deadline or time constraint. Indeed the longer it took the better from my point of view. I bought a 55' bare shell in primer and turned it into an excellent (though now dated) boat. Throughout, the very best of materials were used. Oak ply, no MDF whatsoever, African then Brazilian and English oak hardwoods. Overspeced wiring, plumbing, fittings etc. That's not to say I threw money at it. The engine (a BMC 1800) was a £100 scrapyard purchase that I stripped to the last nut and bolt and re-built. At no time in the boats life has anything broken or fallen apart (apart from normal wear and tear). I doubt if the same could be said of many production boats of it's age. Somewhere I'm sure I've got one or two photos of various stages of build but not a chronicled record. I did it as a labour of love not a record to prove what I had done. I may have lost track of the OPs point (it was a good bottle of wine) but my advice would be to look in depth and objectively at any boat. Paper and photos don't float. Frank (hic) Ref the statement " nothing has broken" etc. I forgot about the gearbox separating inexplicitly from the engine a couple of years ago
  12. Leave empty or not ?

    Six fender lines, an unbranded bilge pump, a tube of sealer and a bacon roll.
  13. Leave empty or not ?

    Reading this before setting off on a 260 mile round trip to go to a boat jumble where I no doubt will buy some ...........jumble. This topic has reminded me to look for some Marine 16. Two observations. 1) Never seen the point of trying to drain crud out of a fuel tank using the drain plug. The very mechanics of putting a plug in a tank (unless underneath) means that some liquid must remain. 2) A Pela pump used every spring is quick, reasonably clean and the gallon or so removed can be used for starting bonfires. Now, how many more miles of rope do I need (not) Frank
  14. Quick question, do you know the make of engine and / or alternator. I think that some Whisper Power (or similar name) generators were basically Pagaros badged. If this is what you've got I can give you some pretty detailed guidance. I did type out far more but hit a wrong key and lost the lot Frank
  15. Inverter Earthing.

    A hydraulic crimper on e bay is about £25. Frank