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  1. Coming as it did at the same time as X2 council tax bills, car tax, car insurance, house insurance and boat insurance it was a mere drop in the ocean. At least that's what I told myself.
  2. No😀. I received my 'free month' which then took me into the 21/22 year on renewal so my benefit was effectively diminished.
  3. I fear that I will be facing a similar problem when I tackle a re-paint of my water tank in about 6 weeks time. When I last did it one of the tapped threads stripped and a couple of others felt distinctly iffy. Rivnuts are one option but I think I will secure steel strips inside the tank below the existing tapped holes. I can do this by securing the strips with countersunk screws. I will then drill out the existing tapped threads to clearance and drill/tap the steel strips. A jury rigged water supply will allow me to do this back on the mooring in my own time once the bitumen has dried. Well,
  4. I have actually been at sea in a tropical thunderstorm on a yacht. Interesting but fortunately only hit by really heavy rain, that was painful enough.
  5. I bought one on E Bay about 12 months ago from a German seller for £126 Identical to the first photo above. Whilst the cost may have been more than hiring the advantage to me was that I was not rushing to complete the job (taking non slip roof back to metal). I managed to shatter several of the wheels and had to replace them. The only ones I could track down also came from Germany and they were an eye watering £75. The seller I bought from were called Toolsdrekt (correct spelling). I 've looked on my purchase history and the buy again option is not coming up. Interestingly, I was cleanin
  6. Did you know that Balsa is a hardwood. Hard woods lose their leaves, softwoods don't.
  7. As an ex lumpy water person I've long given up on individuals using the the correct terms when referring to boatie bits. Front, back, left, right, kitchen, living room, bathroom etc, etc.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Yes I think so. Don't know the geography of that area but he took me for a short trip on his NB.
  10. My vent is a 1/2"hull fitting in a vertical side of a locker. I got a very cheap metal pot sourer from the Pound shop and stuffed it into the fitting. Don't know how effective it is in keeping creepy crawlies out but it made me feel better.
  11. Well, in those days marina's were recreational not covert residential. Out of a notional 250 berths perhaps 7 or 8 were liveaboards and one of those was the on site boat fitter complete with shipping container workshop. To the best of my knowledge in the 15 years I was there there wasn't a single complaint about my activities. My greatest complaint of them was that they would keep dropping by to talk and drink tea or beer. To say nothing of them dragging me off to the pub. As for expletives I'll admit to the occasional one. 😶
  12. I have caravan sockets front and rear. When plugged into either the shore power female plug/socket is horizontal with the lead going into it dropping down. The female plug/socket has the open enclosure lid above it giving some weather protection. Worked for 20 years + without issue.
  13. I did mine afloat in a marina with room to work ashore if necessary. Getting twenty 8'x 4' sheets of veneered ply on board was quite interesting.
  14. I think that apart from Peterboat you're the first to ever recognise the builder (Arthur)
  15. When I bought the shell they had a workshop on, I think, a farm. It was Dad (Arthur) his 20 year old son and his 15 year old. Sitting there with a chipped mug of tea I asked if I could see a set of plans to get an idea of construction. Arthur grinned, picked up some chalk and roughed out a diagram on the concrete floor. He was insistent that he built out of British steel to 10:6:5:4 . The 5 is the cabin sides. The style may not be as fancy as some but structurally it's substantial. He also gave myself and a couple of friends the run of his workshop one weekend so we could slap a coat of paint
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