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  1. No NRV, no expansion vessel, using the 5 ? litre accumulator for expansion.
  2. Mine was 28 years. Mind you I suspect that the difference in quality between a 28 year old calorifer and a modern one is significant. ‼️
  3. 😇Flippant but fact. Take out your hearing aids. Worked for me😇
  4. If you're looking for professional help pop into Wigrams Turn. Ask for Georgina. She may very well be able to point you in the right direction.
  5. In my opinion, no. Revs judged by ear and experience, fuel by a length of stick.
  6. Still got one complete with tapes. Not sure if the adhesive backing still grips. To answer the original question the only two essential guages are water temperature and oil pressure. Having said that neither my first car nor my last ice car had either
  7. I had a cocooned diesel generator installed in a cockpit locker for the last 5 or 6 BSS inspections. All passed with no issues or advisories. I always mentioned it and every examiner seemed to develop a hearing failure. One did look at the connecting fuel lines, said OK and that anything inside the cocoon was down to the generator manufacturer. Not saying what's right only what happened.
  8. YES. If I speed it's an illegal act even if I don't receive a ticket. If I break into your boat/house it's illegal, even if I'm not caught and prosecuted.
  9. We who pay Council Tax are not allowed to say that.
  10. That's exactly what we did following a conversation with the guys in the marina chandlery. It took 3 cork keyrings to support my essential boat keys
  11. My immediate thought was Camden Town (Regents Canal) with the ABC bakery in the background.
  12. Or cheap babies nappies. Less embarrassing to buy if you're of a certain age.
  13. At the very least plates welded over the tube at each end. Maybe also have them remove the redundant tube itself. An alternative may be for them to make a hefty contribution to a thruster.
  14. Yes, but in the event of a claim they would only pay up to the market value unless the policy specifically states otherwise.
  15. E7 was in the house when we bought it 39 years ago.. When the house was re-wired we retained the original white meter (apathy cos electricity was cheap) Everything else was replaced. When the meter was changed to a digital one it still had/has a day and a night readout. Picked the car up today and was told that they had updated the software controlling the charging. Hopefully this will solve the problem 😅 Many thanks for all the suggestions and ideas.
  16. No, as it happens I'm with Ovo and charging via an economy 7 tariff.
  17. Thanks but if the interruption was only for a couple of seconds the temp would not drop. TRied the timeswitch idea already but I'm looking for potentially a very brief interruption. Thought of the clock idea but no one seems to have one these days. Smart speakers rule supreme. Thanks for the suggestions though. That's really the nub of the question.
  18. I know this is not boat related but electrickery is a popular subject here . Wondering if anyone can suggest a way of proving that my home 230v supply to the charger for my new Kia Niro PHEV (Plug in Hybrid EV) is continuous and uninterrupted. Briefly, when scheduled charging is set on the cars system eg midnight to 7 am and using a granny charger plugged into a 13a socket sometimes it charges and sometimes it doesn't. There is no pattern. It's not the charger as a couple have been tried. Presently the car is with the dealer for the third or fourth time but according to a conversation I had this afternoon the techie is baffled. One suggestion that's been made is that it's caused by an interrupted 230v supply. I doubt this but would like to prove it one way or the other. Can anyone suggest some kind of data logger/gizmo that I can use to establish what's happening.? Many thanks.
  19. And there's me thinking that was what Brexit was all about😇 Sorry, I'll leave the room!
  20. Many years ago a nephew gave me a years subscription as a Christmas present. The following year he bought me something else. CB continued to send me copies. (I checked with nephew who confirmed that he had NOT renewed subscription). Copies only stopped arriving on my doorstep a couple of years ago and yes I did send several emails trying to stop them but to no effect. On a totally different subject how do I change my displayed personal details ie name of boat?
  21. I used Farcela 3/10 with a DA polisher with good results. Very little paint removed.
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