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  1. Thanks both for your help. It was a loose connection . I was able to remove all superfluous wiring too! Great stuff! Learning more and more .
  2. Hi Chewbacka So the red positive coming from the pump is connected to a black negative . Why is this?
  3. Hi Chewbacca So, I can remove the right hand top wire because this is not attached to anything. I do have a multimeter I will match what you tell me with looking at the actual pump to work it out. Many thanks L
  4. One of the wires ,on the right hand side seems to belong to the oven ,so I presume ,I can remove it. I wonder if this could be causing a problem as not currently connected to anything
  5. Hi Tony I have been trying to upload phot . I shall try again. I cannot see a pressure switch. Thanks for speedy reply Is the photo clear enough?
  6. Hi All Need help with water pump wiring. Pump has stopped working. I suspect it is a loose connection I have just removed old oven and hob and the old wiring seems to be connected where pump connections are. Confused. I need someone to clearly tell me the connections needed. It seems there is a red wire connected to a black that does not seem right to me. Can someone send me a photo of connections required . I have switch next to the bathroom sink. Many thanks
  7. Lizette


    Hi All I am ripping out kitchen o n my 44 foot narrow boat and need to empty the calorofier as does not seem to have a shut off valve and thought I might take this opportunity to move it. It is currently under the bed and I have decid d to move it and have it vertically in a cupboard. Is there a way I can use the same calorofier or do I need to buy a new one. I have also researched and explored blogs and forums for how to empty and remove. O understand but would love it if someone had a clear diagram and stages of process with image for each stage. I am very visual! I cannot even find a good book with clear and precise stages. Help!!
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