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  1. Hi. Just an update. Maffi- I know you were in Oxford but thanks anyway. I called Canal River Rescue and although the guy did not replace the belt . He tightened the belt and took me through what I need to do and what size belt I need and I feel happy about doing it now He also started my engine which means I can have heating and hot water. Another thing I have learnt. Thanks to everyone for your comments and help. One day I shall post something, other than requests for help- lol!
  2. Excellent! Thanks so much. I shall give it a go
  3. Thanks all for replies. Photos would be fantastic. Maffi- it would be great if you could talk me through and show me what I need to do.
  4. Ah,Tony that is so kind. I shall ask around Banbury. I also noticed I have home start on my insurance and wonder if I can take advantage of this. I really just need a diagram showing belts and nuts. Thanks so much.
  5. Ah, Tony, that is so kind. I shall ask around . I also noticed I have homestart on my insurance and wonder if I can make use of this. I really just need a diagram. Thank you so much
  6. Hi All Sorry for the delay ,my mobile needed charging(typical!). Jen- cannot find a decent photo,that is part of my problem! As I am feeling around in very little space. I am not too worried about engine starting as I think it is the belts. I have tried briefly again today but no luck finding the nuts to take off. Tony- If anyone is near or in Banbury and can take me through it ,that would be great. I shall try again tomorrow afternoon ,after work. Turned all of my battery draining items off until I can get this resolved. The joy!
  7. Hi All I have a Barrus shire 35 engine and I noticed one of the belts is very worn and needs replacing . My engine is not starting too and I think this may be the reason. I have looked through the manual for a diagram that clearly shows where to locate the nuts I need to loosen to be able to remove the belt. I am unable to actually see it properly and do not want to loosen a nut that should not be . I thought this would be a quick job but I guess the first time is always difficult. Anyone have any practical advice? If all else fails ,I shall have to pay someone to do it whilst I watch but if I can avoid it ,all the better. I really don't know what I would do without this forum! Any help appreciated. I did try to get some pictures but not enough space.. It is the upper belt that needs replacing. Lizette
  8. Yes,I am very conflicted. I do like the ability to walk on roof. My main priority is to keep batteries charged. I use very little electricity,other than 12 volt fridge.
  9. Hi The engine has not produced any hot water,so I suspect something more is going on! Could air in system cause this?
  10. Hi Thanks so much for this advice and of course to Tony ,who I have relied on several times. Once again both your responses have taught me a little more about my boat . Many thanks! I love this forum!
  11. Thanks all. Yes,luckily I completely mopped the engine bay this morning so was completely dry before this happened. There is now a little water. I have a Barrus shire 35hp. I checked the oil this morning and it seemed fine. It seems to ok at the moment. I think I may have run the engine whilst the header tank was dry . With regard to solar panels- a victron mttp 100/50 was recommended. I initially want to put a 330 watt panel on and maybe increase next year. I only have 2 leisure batteries 140ah each. I would rather go for semi flexible if poss. Any thoughts welcome
  12. Hi Thanks for reply. I have just topped up again and am running again. There wasn't any steam in engine bay . I checked the belt and I think it needs replacing which I will do tomorrow. I may have over filled the tank- Ooops😁 Whilst I have your ear- how easy is it to fit my own solar panels. I am pretty handy but should I ?
  13. Hi Not sure if we can ask advice on forum anymore? It seems to have changed since I last visited. The water alarm keeps going off . I filled the header tank and after an hour the buzzer started going off and the coolant has reduced to under minimum. Could it be either a leak or fan belt?
  14. Hi Sorry. I have only just picked this message up. I am currently just outside of Braunston tunnel.
  15. Thanks Tony With regard to shower connectors the connector goes from the shower into kitchen wall and then the hot and cold hoses run down to the floor and runs along the sides. I can see the area on the wall is damp , so I think this might be the problem . The phot from Jen helped, unfortunately I cannot seem to upload photos taken but I think I have located PRV and followed pipe down . There does not seem any evidence of damp. I will certainly do what you say re: creating hatch and part required. I shall let you know how I get on. Liza
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