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  1. D2 pretty sure will check Wednesday when back on boat the prop is Left hand the boat goes forwards when gear box is in forward
  2. It’s up side down 21 L 18
  3. The gearbox is a new PRM 500 the prop is a new 21” x 18 the engine is a 3LW from a Folkestone fishing boat the injector pump and sprayers are being overhauled because of age, black smoke and leaking diesel from holes behind the levers
  4. So much to consider I’m having the injector pump and sprayers overhauled and calibrated and will refit next week I will check gear box oil although very hard to see level on the PRM stick and will re trial the boat and let you all know the results and go from there thank you for your input
  5. Yes diesel leaking from the widows behind the levers but does not affect the running of the engine
  6. Thank you all I am presently awaiting a reply from Jonathan at T Norris and injector pump going to Gardner marine for overhaul
  7. I have been building fitting out for 5 1/2 years Prop was a guesstimate on replies to similar question 5 years ago
  8. Prop is brand new boat has only been in water 3 weeks changing gearbox not an option no fouling engine revs are very responsive
  9. Hi i need recommendations for new prop size I have a 62’ narrow boat with a Gardner 3LW and PRM 500 2:1 reduction gear box and 24” between Skeg and uxter I have a 21” 18 pitch propeller which is very slow on the forward uptake and full revs only gives me walking speed ( little legs wife on tow path ) in locks I have to use full revs to stop boat hitting gates I am going to order a new prop rather than having existing prop reworked
  10. Thank you all drilled and stainless roll pin 6mm X 36mm same as nut AF
  11. I have a bronze 19” prop on a narrow boat stainless steel shaft from 3LW That came with Brass nut and brass washer How do you all lock the nut I am thinking of changing nut only to a Stainless steel Nyloc nut any reason as to why not thank you
  12. Wasn’t going to use ty wraps just saying about a bag I bought from toolstation and the cure for them snapping
  13. Thank you for this bought a bag of ties from toolstation and they were snapping off before fully tightened I will try the boiling method as desperate and used a few or would have returned them
  14. I do have 2 120 amp alternators running off 70mm pulleys to a 14” crank pulley 1 of which I may change to a lesser one for starter batteries It’s a big learning curve however I would never take on a total fit out again 10 hour days and sleepless nights thank you all for your input will let you know how it’s all gone in September when hoping to launch Maud of the marshes
  15. Thank you for all replies feeling a bit sad now I do have the bowman header tank on the cooling system which was all a bit of a mish mash as as the engine came from a fishing boat I had to buy a new thermostat housing and re route the pipe work so if all goes t!ts up I can re route through the heat exchanger on the bowman header tank, what would have been great if bowman made them for the Gardner would have been a manifold heat exchanger perhaps
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