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  1. It would be perfectly lawful for Tesco’s to demand that before shoppers buy anything in a Tesco shop, they produce a valid CRT licence. Shoppers would be free to use Tesco on those terms or go to Aldi instead. To take the analogy further, if Tesco used CRT waterways to get their stock, it would be on terms set by CRT which could lawfully include an obligation on Tesco to demand to see a valid CRT licence from shoppers before concluding any sale.
  2. I’m not sure there is much point continually reaffirming the factual case that Mayalid and others have so clearly made, when Higgs’ case is little more than the repetitive pseudo legal babble spouted by the likes of Freeman of the Land folk.
  3. For those in meed of simpler words than the wearysome details provided by messrs A de Enfield and N Moore, this link leads to a relatively straightforward explanation of the history of the Public Right of Navigation, and the duties imposed on CRT by the 1971 Waterways Act. https://nabo.org.uk/files/members/right_of_nav.pdf The vat issue is simple too. CRT provide vat chargeable services to licence holders... inclding buyers of what CRT describe as a Rivers Only Licence. Some believe the Rivers Only Licence ( or Pleasure Boat Certificate if you prefer) is not vatable, because it is a mandatorily payable fee. Some enterprising boater might take the issue up with Revenue & Customs for a determining ruling. Good luck with that.
  4. .... Tony D says... "but C&RT have issued a Licence and banked the fee, . . . and are still hanging onto it nearly 5 weeks after they [unlawfully] claim to have revoked the Licence for which the fee was tendered and accepted." Maybe they are keeping the fee by way of lien for earlier unpaid debts and costs....?
  5. That the words in the WW Act are "relevant consent" rather than "prior consent" may be the key to determining the issue....I spent a working lifetime dealing with Consumer Credit Acts... when even the simplest language was open to interpretation. One enterprising chap, with his girlfriend, set up a company to "buy" consumer debts, not from the banks or loan companies, but from consumers themselves. They then went on a credit spending spree, racked up £100k of debt on , then "sold" their debts to the company for £1, which company failed of course to make any payment. The couple when sued asserted that they were fully entitled to sell their "obligation to pay". This confounded even the most hotshot of lawyers, until after some years it reached the Court of Appeal who shakily ruled that "obligation to pay" under the CCActs was only transferable by lenders. Very little in life is as certain as some on this thread believe.
  6. Seems to me that CRT, based as much on the OP's own admission he does not deserve a licence, are entitled to have a judge test in proceedings the OP might choose to bring the original assertion that "The court order stated in the standard wording of all similar BW/CRT orders that i could not bring my boat onto their waters "without prior consent " this is the important wording here, the word "consent" in this regard is the legal term for a licence, and not the trusts own permission".
  7. I've followed the fortunes of two (to my mind at least) really attractive narrowboats for sale.... Echo, and George...and both have languished on sale with ABNB (amongst other ads) over a year, which to my amateur eye is a surprise. Is it all down to price? Both are advertised at over £60k... Or is it the separate engine rooms that is an off putting? Have these boats a history their adverts omit? ABNB seem a competent outfit to sell through... so I don't think they are failing their sellers? Or does it just take a couple of years on average to sell at this price? What would experienced buyers and sellers say the right price is? ... Obviously their value is what someone will pay....or if not price, just why they are not selling?
  8. I live in Glossop... and would suggest first The Oakwood on Glossop High St... Just refurbished... Good food, good beer. Marple lock flight at juction of peak forest, macclesfield and ashton canals is 10 minutes away... Good for walks. portland Basin museum at Ashton is 15 minutes away and worth a visit. manchester is a 30 minute train ride ... Museum of Science & Industry Is worth a morning at least, Imperial War Museum North at Salford Quays is also worth an afternoon. Further afield Skipton and the Leeds Liverpool is an hour away... Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales... Plenty of walks and pubs. Derbyshire Peaks surrounf Glossop... hayfield and Kinder Scout are 10 minutes away... Good walks and pubs... Snake Pass leads to Ladybower reservoirs and good walks, Hathersage, Castleton, Chatsworth House, and a bit further takes you to Sheffield with Victoria Quays basin and Kelham Island Museum has the most impressive working steam engine you'll ever see. Enjoy tour stay!
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