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  1. You can pee and poo in the loo i think it’s cool, the tiny amount of ash is so tiny whos looked at the videos, and are, are not impressed our marinas not keen on waterless loos so we’ve had to book a time tomorrow to get rid of our poo at the local tip tomorrow. after all the above is their such a thing we can incinerate it like a b/q, but more powerfull of course, like a kiln?? can imagine all boating neighbours, sitting round the the fire pit. 😂 😂
  2. Just been looking into incinerating loos seen the Cinderella on you tube theirs other makes, but what about the prices? col
  3. Hi all i have a beta 100 engine, which has the normal engine fuel filter, also a secondary fuel filter next to the engine but low in the bilge ive recently bought a water fuel seperator Racor type, but struggling because it has rubber hose fittings and I’m thinking they need to be solid copper pipe am I right? it would be easier for me to use existing fuel hose, is this still okay, re the safety certificate? The outlet of the fuel line comes out of the tank very low, the secondary filter also sits by the fuel outlet from the tank.also very low bott
  4. In France, a lot of their pontoon fingers are short, far to short for you to get off at the end. reason why all boats are stern to the main pontoon. remember once where walking to end of all fingers would result it getting your feet legs wet lol!. securing your bow was a art in it self. at the time our sea boats were 35ft 40ft the fingers are possibly 12ft 15ft!!
  5. Dometic have brought out a new cassette toilet being the new Saneo https://www.jacksonsleisure.com/dometic/saneo/cs/toilet/ buying the same one from eBay doesent make it cheaper tho!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133539478475?epid=25034025560&hash=item1f1792bbcb:g:2LkAAOSwuVpckkzd i might have to try one, not in the shop tho col
  6. I prefer if it’s a tight space between boats, especially if theirs a side wind blowing, as if bolf boats have fenders out, once the nose/stern is in, your not going anywhere. Your not going to be blown off your berth. when mooring you should always have fenders out. If there’s a mistake, or even a mooring calculation due to adverse weather, then to use another boat to get into visiting mooring , then it’s a good job all round no damage, and everyone’s safe.
  7. Hi there so do midland chandlers still have their freaky Friday 20% discount? Doe anyone know when’s the next one please? Thanks in advance col
  8. It does make me reflect on the Gifford park thread I started, due to a confrontation with the homeowner with his stretch of digging along the canal. And the CRT checker who we fell out big over looking into our boat window telling us that our licence print outs were forged. Lots of heated argument followed. informing me that all us boaters were, I think he said low life and going off on one a boat further up, with a beer can left on the roof lol it was all reported to CRT, indeed crt came down and were very quick in responding to these problems.
  9. I’m trying to delete post and have asked moderators to remove sorry for any upset cause
  10. Sad news reported area bridge 14 man was found with serious injuries by the Grand Union Canal in Aylesbury at around lunchtime yesterday. Members of the public contacted the force to report an assault on the Grand Union Canal near Broughton in Aylesbury at about 12.20pm yesterday. On attendance at the scene, police officers found a man with serious injuries. Despite the best efforts of paramedics and police officers, sadly the man died at the scene. His next of kin has been informed and are being supported by Family Liaison Officers.Senior Investigating Of
  11. Re above post re installing gas mobile portable generator, this should and would not pass a Bbsc, not only that, insurance company could void your insurance. I know this because I made the enquiry few years back on this forum, resulting in the chief bbsc email me his findings which I posted I think. clue is in the portable generator, and instalation manual.. isn’t every thing all to do with safety?, if you bend the rules just to get a pass, you shouldn’t own a boat surely? col
  12. I bought a secondhand Mase 3.6 kw with 380 hrs on it, 2 years old looks new for thousand pounds delivered Now all fitted, works a dream there are genuine sellers out their col
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