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    getting our boat to steer in a straight line.
    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. bigcol

    Carbon Monoxide

    It says co on the alarm, so your right Ian but enclosed photo of it. i have 4 fire alarms, 2 co alarms 5 x extinsusers and 1 blanket. and have done a trial emergency escape, which wasn’t as easy as you think lol but we became aware of what to do in case of an emergency.
  2. bigcol

    Carbon Monoxide

    Seriously, have had 2 on our coat never done much but blinked away for years. last week, woke up to a alarm sounding. i could believe it was happening. a alarm?? Got out of bed, through the boat as smelt burning Opened door to wheel house, and smoke!! open engine hatch, and saw my engine battery smoking and burning smell. the battery was so hot couldn’t touch it. luckly the battery is easy to get to and removed the leads and took out side had to use a tea tower as it was that hot!! looking at the co2 alarm gage it was on 65, but yes this could have been dagerous imagine battery open circuit?? yep you buy em, they sit on your wall don’t do alot apart from saving lives!!!!
  3. bigcol

    Imagine this has been posted before lol

    That wont be seen runnin again then. Lol bizzard it didn’t need filled with eels lol lol 😂
  4. Is this a members boat ?
  5. bigcol

    Kerosine min diesel

    Eberspacher heating
  6. bigcol

    Kerosine min diesel

    It be more used for heating I imagine But in the main tank which I imagine is half full
  7. bigcol

    Kerosine min diesel

    I have about 30 litres of kerosine left over in cans, can I add it to my main diesel in my tank. There’s plenty of normal,pump diesel in the tank, just wondered if it will mix (mater) just this once. ie engine and eberspacher heating thanks col
  8. bigcol

    big thanks

    Hi both of you. thankyou very much Were glad that We were able to make some room in our shed,and to be able give someone a good turn. we got their in the end, and hope your happy with your varnish etc. a lot of varnish means a lot of work, and wish you hours off happy boating, col and mrs col And a big thank you to you no commission this time ? col
  9. bigcol

    24v extractor fan ?

    It’s the same thing, I’ve got the old grill, so I be okay. amazing tho, what you do tho saving money. col
  10. bigcol

    24v extractor fan ?

    Thanks for the advice and have ordered a 24v volt from the eBay link given by Ditchcrawler job done, bit of glue to stick on to cover job done thankyou again col
  11. bigcol

    24v extractor fan ?

    Bathroom Got the housing, just thinking of buying a cheap 24v and stick it in the housing.
  12. bigcol

    24v extractor fan ?

    Re getting a low power fan, can see plenty of 12v low voltage ones, but no 24v. just wondering if a 12v fan will work i know 24v lights work on 12v imagine have to give it ago Hi Jen thanks for the reply, I’m going to give it ago, and yes I found 24v fan units on their own, cheap as chips. Decision time
  13. bigcol

    24v extractor fan ?

    Boater sam you are right. Thankyou ive tried it nothing ive got the fan out, wired it directly nothing. the tell tale sign for me was the weight of the fan it self wasnt a light weight fan, heavly built so looking for a 24v extractor fan
  14. I have a man rose XF100T extractor fan i know that a lot of these fans have 12/24v fans inside, and have gizmos in so it can be plunged into mains 240. but the fans them selves are 12/24 i have a 24 volt feed and thinking about attaching the 2 bulk wires that go direct to the fan on the rhs of the board. can anyone tell me if I’m on the right path if you can buy 24v extractor fans the fan works, but is a old one so no bother if I break it. col

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