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    getting our boat to steer in a straight line.
    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. Hi somone in the marina has had his wooden broads boat out on the hard as he lost drive. when boat came out, this part slightly different but does the same job. He wants to replace the part. but what’s it called please,like to help out the guy. It’s the part that attaches to Hull,and keeps the shaft true
  2. Hi it’s a 24v system and monitor. the monitor does not display anything, it’s dead col
  3. Hi all, its me again this is embarrassing, but I’ve now bought 4 new battery’s the same, old 2 are now with the bow thruster installed all 4 new ones exactly like before since Ive done this my battery Bm1 monitor does not work? is there a simple way to test the monitor?? its wired up exactly the same! Checked fuse? col
  4. bigcol

    Stove fan

    Aldi’s. Stove fan £15.99
  5. Many thanks all feel better col
  6. It seems that now the Beta engine is installed and running. the prop L/R hand, is opposite to the 260 gear box. beta have confirm that the forward and reverse can be switched round just by changing the linkage on the control lever. the above seems strange to me, cheaper that changing the prop, or gear box lol any tech information would be gratefully received. thankyou in advance col
  7. bigcol

    Boat rage

    I’ve always been the last one to know anything. canal boating is not about getting their fast, not thinking of others. but enjoy the slow stroll through life, playing with things I know nothing about, and smiling knowing I have friends who together in the forum, who makes it all better. i haven’t attacked the bow thruster yet! i know I started the charging cable once, but reading posts since, and now I haven’t a clue again life is grand, I do wonder why the hospitals sent me for a head MRI, because they won’t find sod all!!!
  8. bigcol

    Boat rage

    Who’s seen this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ldoVS0idTBw&feature=youtu.be#
  9. Just to let fellow posters now. ive now managed to get a brand new x Southampton show a electric 160 bow thruster with a remote? And cable. soon this be fitted as the gearing is the same, ive just have to take of hydraulic head, and fit the electric one. which means I have a new never used hydraulic bowthruster 160 with all the extras in cladding the £500 joy stick lol you can take it off your self or can be posted very heavy will be on box and pallet it will be a bargain for someone offers???
  10. Lol, should as my my joy stick broke years ago lol too expensive for me to use. i break it like my other one lol
  11. Okay yes it looks like some of you are right, just had this email back from vetus Hello Colin Sorry for the delay in replying. The hydraulic motor can be relatively easily replaced with an electric, you will need: SET0079 Motor £1,424.17 BP117 Coupling £155.83 Prices ex vat. You will need also bolts to hold the motor to the flange, which we do not supply. In addition, required are power cables, batteries, controller, fuses etc to suit. We can only advise so much remotely, the rest needs to be figured out by the engineer or yourself, but the manual covers everything. Steve ive managed to get a bow160 vetus bow electric thruster new, for just a little more. so I will be changing over just the motor, and reattaching it to the new leg so will have New bow160 Hyde bow thruster for sale, not only that, all the instalation kit including this expensive joy stick lol thankyou to all so how much does anyone says I should sell it all for?
  12. Crossing my fingers that someone at vetus or anyone can confirm the 160 kgf motor can just bolt on to the existing mounting frame 🤞
  13. Thankyou Brian, if I found that the top part of BT’s can be swapped with a electric one, that be great as wouldn’t have to pay £1500 + re craning. if I can get electric pump for hydraulic existing by, and finishing bits for a lot less that a new 160 electric BT’s I will of course of course continue with what I’ve got col
  14. I’ve just rang, spoke to a lovely lady called Vicky, taken all the details down, and will be getting back to me. i have to add, she was very knowledgable
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