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    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. Very sad, to hear, the mother was got out okay. The family will be devastated with the loss off their little one. rest in peace
  2. Looking for some pointers in the right direction. got plenty of doggy poo bags tho?
  3. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the subject??
  4. Yes to be moored underneath the itchen bridge, in itchen marine boat yard. Nice owners they use to run the well know tug business, and fuel pumps nice place. Really looked after us. really good times loved the 5 years we were there sold our princess v42, last time I had a boat on the lumpy stuff.
  5. good point!! seems to me that your dammed if you do, and dammed if you don’t!! 1)so elsans are bad, ie chemicals bad for environment 2) compost loos are also bad for the environment 3) so we left with the mains sewage? What ever goes in, has to come out so if we stop eating, and drinking, we won’t be pooing or peeing. no farting good for the ozone layer meaning no need for live stock, nor vegetables, no fruits just a mere remapping of civilisation so many many things that were on the table, but have been taken off
  6. Upsetting to hear, photographs. Just shows how dangerous fire is , when it first starts. very quickly, you find out its overpowered yourself. all the best Paul god speed in your recovery col
  7. It was Ross and kate who sent me the photo, but was taxing me late last night saying never seen it so bad.
  8. Photo just sent me this photo, lock stoke Hammond mk
  9. Happy new year to all you lovely members out their. surely 2021 will be a better year? fingers crossed
  10. Here’s our 2 Matilda and Ralph don’t do nothing, we drag them a short way on towpath, maybe tops 100 mtrs then they lay down will not move, won’t move, we’re standing there pair of Pratt’s. seriously they do nothing lol but we love them lol col
  11. Thanks Peter funny I’ve been looking at this photo, and the oven door looks wrong, and rail wifes telling me it’s a tea towel, called me a plonker, 😂 😂 😂 😂, I even took the pic, what’s his name on tele, I’m a regular Mr Mc goo?
  12. Hi there David from the side of cabin roof. It’s a power flue. and as Athy says, hardly any smoke at all, in fact shouldn’t be anything at all if running right. see pic, between 3rd and 2nd black light same colour as boat
  13. We on our boat also have a rayburn xt, same as the 400 but with a power flue, and runs on kerosene. having a solid fuel royal on previous boat. very realisable, good engineers are rare tho, parts can be got from auction sites on internet. they are fairly simple to service, but new parts are expensive through aga rayburn. Jacksons of Preston are magic, bit far away from us, but have been a great help offering advice and technical knowledge. tracy have never let me down. one part which is very important is the oven protector plate, £you can buy for £45
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