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  1. ah yes Alan, how can people prove otherwise ? Pump was tested before I went away, and for many reasons the pump didn’t pump! or could there be a situation on a very well maintained boat, that it sinks because of a gland, or hose let water in, eventually it sinks. If a gland ,bilge-pump ,toilet thru hull hose, anything, the insurance company could say the same was not properly maintained! is it so every part of your boat should be properly maintained, if anything happens, even theft somthing on the vessel was not properly maintained. Nightmare
  2. Yes I do agree, but Folks wouldn’t leave the boat for weeks on end, without that resource. they may have solar panels.
  3. The new rule pump, apparently senses every 2 mins if theirs water also has a test button. but yes just flicking the bilge pump switch, whether listening to a noise, lifting a float switch still doesn’t prove the water pumps over board! the only way is filling your bilge up a bit. if the bilge is dirty oily, then take a bucket down their placing bucket is right on the bottom. i have tried to post a video of what was happening, but keeps saying file too large. Even cutting it down to 12 seconds? This will be my fault 😂 reason I’m trying to make the point, I imagine theirs lots of people all over that test their pumps by noise, lifting up float. It’s not good enough I’m afraid. i imagine if a boat does sink, insurance will pay out tho? my old boat princess lily got craned out last week. That went down because a gate valve was at fault, leaving Princess lily on the bottom. Insurance paid out in full Again bilge pumps?
  4. making sure it physically pumps water overboard!
  5. Okay I bought a bilge pump, fitted to our boat 3 years ago, made sure it ran, all good.and now and again pressed the button making sure it came on. a few weeks ago, after changing a engine hose, l was about to use the wet & dry vacuum to get rid of the water in bilge, realising I could use the bilge pump, more than that why hadnt it gone off anyways. turns out after lots of mucking about, it was pumping, but the water was only making in up the outlet hose 6 inches. anyway I bought and replaced this pump with another same make, same fault.!! speaking to the company that sells them, they were complexed sending them videos mtr readings etc. i then bought another type of pump from them thinking this will work, twice the price, if you have a bilge pump, you want it to work don’t you!! so the 3rd pump arrived, and fitted it, same problem,made the sound, but only pumping 6 inches or so sent video to the company, have been refunded in full. Ive now bought a Rule 1100 automatic pump worked first time!! reason I’m posting, is to remind peeps to test new or old pumps with water making sure any water does pump overboard.
  6. hi all, just say I’ve got the heating working now! So Thankyou . got help from Matt at butlertechnik. what I like to know, is although butlertechnik told me that you can set it up for continueses operation. how do you do this, can’t seem to be able to find that in the manual so who else has one of these thermotop evos and do they run more than a hour please? col
  7. I’ve been told that a webasto thermotop evo, are standard, they don’t do units for cars lorry’s their all the same, one of their plans re canbus didn’t have water pumps as the water pumps in vehicles would do the job. So the evo standardised the thermotop range. so ordered a new controller, anybody that wants a new controller for their webasto air heater, I have one for sale lol once I get the new controller hopefully my heater will start fingers crossed col
  8. No comeback I’m afraid, due to parts missing, and me starting a case, but got a £22 part refund., once recieved I closed the return. Now I’m on my own lol, so I got a refund £22, and although I’ve had to buy more parts, I didn’t realise that the unit, or the control was wrong!! they did tell me that the controller I got, would not start the thermotop so I’ve ordered it, and we will see col
  9. Hi Alan i have contacted butler Technik, and found out I have a standard heater, but the wrong timer control, so I’m going to buy a new controller the one I have is for the air evo and won’t work. I’m still waiting for confirmation, but on just four numbers on bar code it does look ok at the mo im waiting for a call back
  10. Hi all Ive bought a new webasto thermotop evo, in last month, it’s now fitted, but switching on it has no power, although all the wiring is right. I’ve been told that it’s pcb will be a can bus board, and will not work as it gets it signal from the car it self. I’ve also been told that the evo range are only for lorry’s and cars. That webasto hasn’t manufactured the a evo pcb for boats camper vans. so you can’t buy a PCB for the evo that is suitable. is this right? are their any boaters that are using a thermotop evo on their boat? thank you col
  11. Hi Yes Alan, but Unfortunately never seem to learn! 😂 thank you for the link tho, but disappointedly no PCB on there.? you did get my hopes up tho, thought we cracked it. But i need a PCB for a webasto thermotop evo Col
  12. PCB board anyone please? Okay went for the big turn on this morning. Nothing!!!!! too late I know but checking model number it seams as though, the pcb is the wrong one!! it’s me all over, buying it as New from eBay for £500, I’ve had to buy other parts as well i seam to have come to a big stop. My fault I know, I do it time after time getting what I think is a cheap good deal, then it either costs me more, or can’t be done. Its a brand new thermotop evo part number 9021037E I imagine it has a bus pcb inside? ive checked the wiring and it seems good and correct Col Any contacts shops where can I buy a PCB for a webasto thermotop evo please?? New/ refurbished, if i can do a deal with my old one which is brand new, as in brand new
  13. My calorifier is twin coil?
  14. Okay, I have things wrong then, which is why this forum is so helpful at the moment the Calorifier is in the engine circuit, so engine heats the water so I can’t have both ? so I can conect heating and Calorifier, but disconnect the loses to the engine. good job I check on this first!! Thank you all!!!
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