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  1. Lol, should as my my joy stick broke years ago lol too expensive for me to use. i break it like my other one lol
  2. Okay yes it looks like some of you are right, just had this email back from vetus Hello Colin Sorry for the delay in replying. The hydraulic motor can be relatively easily replaced with an electric, you will need: SET0079 Motor £1,424.17 BP117 Coupling £155.83 Prices ex vat. You will need also bolts to hold the motor to the flange, which we do not supply. In addition, required are power cables, batteries, controller, fuses etc to suit. We can only advise so much remotely, the rest needs to be figured out by the engineer or yourself, but the manual covers everything. Steve ive managed to get a bow160 vetus bow electric thruster new, for just a little more. so I will be changing over just the motor, and reattaching it to the new leg so will have New bow160 Hyde bow thruster for sale, not only that, all the instalation kit including this expensive joy stick lol thankyou to all so how much does anyone says I should sell it all for?
  3. Crossing my fingers that someone at vetus or anyone can confirm the 160 kgf motor can just bolt on to the existing mounting frame 🤞
  4. Thankyou Brian, if I found that the top part of BT’s can be swapped with a electric one, that be great as wouldn’t have to pay £1500 + re craning. if I can get electric pump for hydraulic existing by, and finishing bits for a lot less that a new 160 electric BT’s I will of course of course continue with what I’ve got col
  5. I’ve just rang, spoke to a lovely lady called Vicky, taken all the details down, and will be getting back to me. i have to add, she was very knowledgable
  6. Hi Brian i bought the boat with a vetus 160 Bt installed. It’s never been commissioned! it has some other gubbins installed haven’t a clue im about where I need it commissioned but do need a pump and tanks, haven’t a clue how much I need to pay or what to look for. yes I would have installed a electric one, but this was fitted any help or advice or where to get the pump and reservoir tank would be really really appreciated re costs and where to buy or what are the gubbins in the photos lol col Hi Brian’s that’s what I thought, but asking vetus, not have the answer yet, but yes I’ve asked that question because this would mean a easy swap, and I would have a new hydraulic BT’s to sell. im going to ring them up now again col
  7. Okay thanks for that, so installing batterys at Bow, also pump at the bow as well with reservoir tank?. have you done this yourself, so benefits re saving money on batterys and cabling to go to hydraulic isn’t there anymore. the vetus bow160 was installed already, has lots of bits as well installed but never used. i was previously thinking of changing to a electric one, but the cost of having the boat lifted, £1500, plus taking out and refitting, is just as much as a pump would cost lol. what size hydraulic BT have you got, and how much for the pump and tank etc please very grateful for your input col
  8. Thankyou to Howard and Hawkesmith beta didn’t know if you can get electric pumps for BTS, but gave Hercules as a contact as they don’t do anything re the pumps needed, only fit them for customers and Hercules. ive rung up Hercules and yes they do electric pumps thank god, Which is good news for me phew!! its amazing that beta did not know the answer col
  9. Another Question hydraulic Bowthruster needs a pump, to pump arround the fluid this is normally done by having a pump running from gearbox or the engine. i see electric pumps being used for power steering in many cars also in massive machinery and of course jobs and earthmoving equipment. is it possible that a electric pump can’t be used for a hydraulic bow thruster. what things or wording am I looking for to locate one please
  10. havent been in engine bay yet due to a new knee op but everytime t get a visitor, I send then down there to take photo. soninlaw went down again yesterday, freed of the drive shelf pulling the shaft more into the boat the prop did look as tho it was too close to rudder. ist thing took photos of all four of mountings, and all seam to have spacer nuts on the mountings themselves are 5.5 mm high. looking there are mountings that are only 41cm high but was distinguishes one mounting to another. engine is 425kg in total there seem to be so many? if current mountings are 5.5mm height plus 25mm in spacers and nuts and if the 4.1 mounting can be used that’s 4cm reduction in height! just with new mountings. The drive shaft has a water lubricated, it has Strong on it, is this the name as I can’t find this on google. Re the engine just got to find out if this is workable. With help from yourselves. im desperate to have a look my self, but the body says no col
  11. Hi Tony it seems as tho it can come down about 2/3 inches plus the engine bottom will just fit in between, but soninlaws coming back over at the weekend just to check on your comment. thanks very much on the mounting shown, there’s a big nut and smaller nut, just thinking what if I take out the thicker nut. theres still locking nuts there ? Lol
  12. One last pop at this engine with my new knee op last week, I’m relying on others to look at the situation my son-in-law came over and had a look, and took the 2 photos it shows that the sump tank is not on the floor but nearly touching a cross member so if this was cut down 3 inches eg and the beams where mountings would go get cut down just to lower where the mountings will go 1) if the gearbox flange married up to the prophaft flange, would that be it,? nothing has to go in the space in photo, ? ideal world engine just slid up to meet prop-shaft flange. 2) looking at engine mountings, the current height is 5.9 cm but looking arround at other mounting sites there’s low profile ones available is there a reason I can’t use these instead? i looked at these again I so Thankyou all for your help and post http://www.randdmarine.co.uk/enginemres.asp or http://www.randdmarine.co.uk/enginemres.asp
  13. Hi Sam it was too much, and after all that problem with the oil sump, yes please feel free to have a pee lol regards to the gear box, I’m not sure what we’re on about here lol col
  14. It’s too much im going to place the engine up for sale today. its a pity but it’s not going to fit our boat. so if anyone wants a gentleman’s deal this is going to be nice engine to buy. its a green line 90hp was originally a keel cooled, but had over a £1000 kit supplied by beta to make it raw water cooled so easily converted back invoices are here to view. the engine is 8 years old, and has only done 400 hrs, it has all the loom and luxury panel i will look and wait for the engine that it was currently made for ive given up
  15. It’s a PRM 260 2.1 TA
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