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  1. Just to let you know the two battery’s that are off the boat, in the shed read 12.6v and 12.5v, both we’re charged a week ago, and seem to be holding their charge. ive sold them cheap. £75 the pair, and being picked up Sunday sold them as is, the guys going to test them when collecting. col
  2. Battery’s of the bank, are being charged as 12v battery’s one battery per time Saying that I will either dump these, or sell them if they keep their charge ive had enough of them. col
  3. Okay I’ve changed battery 1 to battery 4 that was removed now renumbered as 1. took readings of battery’s before I messed about changing old batt 1, 12.4v. Batt 2, 14.3 now new battery 1, (was 4) on bank 14.2v battery 2, 13.9 hows zat!! batterys off the bank now on charge with separate charger 1 = 14.2 and battery 4 12.4
  4. Thankyou for your kind words Brian. when I joined the forum some 9/10 years ago, I was told I had a couple of years due to cancer, the forum and boating gave me somthing to focus on. having vast amount of chemo, 2 operations then. Life Saving 6hr op, Since then have another 3 operations, and yes at the time my wife let me have a boat to live on, and we’re still here. Still living on a boat. I do ask and have been let down many a time. In the end you have no one to ask, so you have to have ago. And yes I do get a lot out of the forum. like many do if they tried. and boy I know I’m trying lol thankyou all Tony’s x 2 Alan, blizzard, Sam you know who you are, and anyone else that sees my posts, give up then and there, 😂 or get stuck In, ending up tearing your hair out.. Lol Thankyou Making another small donation to the forum thankyou guys
  5. Okay I’ve now done as asked now -lease see photo we have 12v in boat again the interior 12v socket now reads 12.4 battery 1 is 12.4 battery 2 is 15.4 thankyou re getting qualified people in, I have one for my rayburn, two of them and they were blooming u/s serious! i did have a electrician in, gave me all the reasons why, but never turned up again! i do beleive in going to professionals, but tired of getting let down so yes have relied on the forum, and guess what? We’ve cracked it. Yes I made a mistake with the 12v lead, and have proberly damaged the battery’s But through the forum we’ve found out a equalzor is a waste of money, it’s still for sale!!! that we can fit a 24v to 12v transformer again info from the forum bought and now fitted and everything seems to be working. jusy the battery’s are suspect now col ps how many people have had a professional in to do somthing, and you end up either doing the job, or fixing his mistakes?
  6. I do see what your getting at Okay as the 12v out and the 24v in needs a grnd, could I just link the two transformer negative/ grnds together at the transformer
  7. Wire 1 in red is the 24v feed to the transformer wire 3 is the negative feed to the transformer wire 2 is the negative for the 12v feed a negative which is what I’m not sure about the transformer has 24v IN poss and neg it also has 12v OUT 12v positive going to boat, and I put the grand for that on the earth terminal, which is the only thing I may have mucked up on col
  8. Okay this morning bat 1 12.10v bat 2 13.6v 2 baterys out of way bat 3 12.4v bat 4 14v one question tho batery monitor reading 26.5 but on the 12v side monitor reading 11.6v see photo 1 the little screen on panel battery photo 1 =24v poss to transformer 2 =to negative transformer 3 = 12v negative for grand use for 12v transformer 4 = nasa monitor 24v other little red wire you can see from poss batt 2 is the 24v feed to eberspacher
  9. Okay fellow workmates ive taken battery’s 3 and 4 out the engine bay and just running on the two remaining battery’s. Fitted the 12/24v transformer thingy as per photo 1, this is now working so there’s no 12v to the main 24v bank. batterys at moment are battery 1,13v. Battery 2,13.2v and 12v is now on in the boat. ive decided that I’m going to wait as per your suggestion re replacing battery’s 3 an 4 as I need the money to buy a new 18v complete drill, as I dropped my drill 12month old one,in the canal waved to me as it was sinking, all in slow motion. And yes I total lost it, I acted like a spoilt kit 😂 i have a vanner equalizor 12/24 new over £300, for sale cheap, offers anyone?? see photo ive also added the response from the battery supplier below lol Hi Chris Can you please look after Colin and apply 15% discount to anything he wants. The system was made up of 4x xl130 (2/3 are ok) It’s an idea to discuss having the battery monitoring on Colin’s phone, there is already a victron unit so adding a BMV smart instead of the current battery monitor might be wise. Kind Regards, Giles Battery Megastore UK LTD. Begin forwarded message:
  10. Shall I just get 2 new battery’s to replace 3 and 4 ?
  11. So It seems that you guys were right, re battery 3. thankyou col
  12. Note to battery store So looks as though it’s not a warrentee problem wanted to buy a open battery, but shouldn’t I keep to the same make? wont buy sealed ones anymore unless I have to
  13. Okay these readings taken before connecting the charger the charger has a 12v and 24v setting leaving it on 12v it was showing 5 amps putting it on 24v it went up to 20amps i have now gone down and the battery 3 was making bubbling noises, and a warmish egg smell, very faintly iive now disconected the remote battery charger and left bank as is running with the victron
  14. Yep I was thinking that, dispose of faulty battery, and keeping the other for 12v only, and keep that charged up by a separate charger and use just for the 12v. but I’ve ordered the 24v to 12v thinymajig and will fit that, and keep the bank as 4 battery’s. if one battery is faulty,I will replace it.
  15. I borrowed a 12v charger, do you mean just conect the chargers leads, and charge batt 3 whilst still in the bank,with the victron as normal Brian through Shore power, via victron. Ta
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