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    getting our boat to steer in a straight line.
    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. Hi Mike


    just to say have spoken to Ed, and he’s coming tomorrow to sort out the wiring re beta alternator.

    thank you very much



  2. Hi Mike just to say have spoken to Ed, and he’s coming tomorrow to sort out the wiring re beta alternator. thank you very much col
  3. Does anyone know of a electrician I’m the MK area that can wire the domestic 24v alternator in, we have instructions from beta, and modified leads. many thanks col
  4. copy of message sent to our freind Alan, realising how lame it sounds the planar people can instal this week if I let them know today and it’s got cold now, I’m now trying to get the missis to cuddle up to keep warm lol she said get the sodding new heater lol Hi Alan the heater problem has still not gone away, I’ve got a spare old unit minus the blower chamber as I’ve wrecked that trying to get to the fan motor inside. so I’ve rang up a agent that I’ve used for sometimes, butlers and sputechnik and he can get it collected but the min it would be is a 100 pound then of course more labour and maybe parts,but this might take up to 4 weeks due to staffing. or I’ve been offered a brand new planar 8kw including installation for just under 900 pounds and don’t know what to do, or indeed why I’m passing this problem to you lol the planar is a planar direct from them, not a Chinese copy. so what do you think, I’ve messed about with it for a time, wish I could get a local engineer to fathom it out. ive already fallen down the engine room twice lol tiring but being tight but still sensible just confused .com it what’s the right desision lol
  5. As per heading. just to say wildest dream moved for thr first time ever ever today, and thought posting it, and receiving comments on how long,and why so many times using the BT thought folks would like to mention the BT LOL ps it’s not that some folks helped this boat burst into life
  6. we’ve still got heat!!!! Just to say, a big Thankyou to all who gave me the guidance, and collective knowledge of this forum. Including the fault finding manual.
  7. Top of the range these, forget about the other snap on crap lol col
  8. That’s exactly what I done the end! thankyou all!! I’m so relieved! heat!!!!!
  9. Okay, ta da!!!!! I have heating!! it was the blower assembly, just changed it over. im so gobsmacked, so chuffed Thankyou all col Happy happy happy
  10. OkaY glow plug works, seen it red and works on and off unit. tried all ways to get diagnostics to work, done as per Tony’s photo just can’t get it to work??? knowing that the glow plug works, tested pump all okay. dismantled spare one, too fan motor out, just plug in the spare one and the difference , fan run big time like normal i have the heater in bits I’m sure it’s fan motor
  11. been down to see the heater again 1) showing the plug lead others removing control box realising how old, knackered, and how my eye site has deteriorated due to detached retina. trying to find these jumper terminals lol
  12. thanks Tony and you other guys see the photos below they maybe a little help the cable looks the same as this, I think it does, I’m sure it does nope I check it out tomorrow but I will aim to go down engine room tomorrow col
  13. The 24v unit although 2012 purchased, it was never used until under 2 years ago,since instalation 2 years ago it has behaved brilliantly and has never let us down, till 2 days ago. the other spare unit is also 24v. i haven’t been down the bilge room anymore to day, apart to doing tests as above, due to feeling unwell, but fingers crossed I can go down again ist thing tomorrow suss out these jump wires and get the diagnostics working. ps I was hopping the fault to be the glow plug, as that would be the easiest and the less expensive. Which is why it’s so annoying that a simple test, suggests that I’m doing this wrong!!! thank you all for your support col
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