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    getting our boat to steer in a straight line.
    Now achieved!!! I'm going places now!!


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  1. Top of the range these, forget about the other snap on crap lol col
  2. That’s exactly what I done the end! thankyou all!! I’m so relieved! heat!!!!!
  3. Okay, ta da!!!!! I have heating!! it was the blower assembly, just changed it over. im so gobsmacked, so chuffed Thankyou all col Happy happy happy
  4. OkaY glow plug works, seen it red and works on and off unit. tried all ways to get diagnostics to work, done as per Tony’s photo just can’t get it to work??? knowing that the glow plug works, tested pump all okay. dismantled spare one, too fan motor out, just plug in the spare one and the difference , fan run big time like normal i have the heater in bits I’m sure it’s fan motor
  5. been down to see the heater again 1) showing the plug lead others removing control box realising how old, knackered, and how my eye site has deteriorated due to detached retina. trying to find these jumper terminals lol
  6. thanks Tony and you other guys see the photos below they maybe a little help the cable looks the same as this, I think it does, I’m sure it does nope I check it out tomorrow but I will aim to go down engine room tomorrow col
  7. The 24v unit although 2012 purchased, it was never used until under 2 years ago,since instalation 2 years ago it has behaved brilliantly and has never let us down, till 2 days ago. the other spare unit is also 24v. i haven’t been down the bilge room anymore to day, apart to doing tests as above, due to feeling unwell, but fingers crossed I can go down again ist thing tomorrow suss out these jump wires and get the diagnostics working. ps I was hopping the fault to be the glow plug, as that would be the easiest and the less expensive. Which is why it’s so annoying that a simple test, suggests that I’m doing this wrong!!! thank you all for your support col
  8. There are 2 wires that join together to a washer that gos over the threaded tip, with a small nut to tighten.
  9. To the top pin, that holds the nut and wire on when in the machine not the bottom that screws into the heater
  10. okay both glow pugs have been tested by donig a contiuety test on both that passed that A. Put a positive wire direct from 24v to the tip of the plug B putting the neutral direct from 24v to the body on the plug both times nothing so to assume I’m doing the rest wrong? or b0th plugs are knackered I haven’t got a clue re testing resistance thankyou Tony and Mike
  11. Well yesterday I tested the glow plug, in fact I took another out of a old unit that I bought of EBAY. put both in nothing. And the glow plug is the 1st thing tat is triggered in the start up sequence, which is why I started with it. Alan reminded me about the dianostic switch so played with that,really nothing. later on got the trouble shooting manual from Alan, and started reading, and reached diagnostics, and this is the first thing I came accross see photo. so putting a jumper accross, does the mean a wire? col
  12. I will test this when next down in engine rm thanks yet another good sugestion Thankyou Mike
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