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  1. Funny enough, our neighbours borrowed our dingy yesterday, again to re pin a boat accross the canal, this time he hit the pin so hard and deep, you could just tell with the glimpse of the top off pin. that’s one boater who’s going to be swearing when he finally returns. the boater could have used metal mooring strips, but chose not to, or didn’t see them. for us all, its amusing seeing the few boaters speeding past, smelling the air, oblivious to the carnage behind them but this is everyone else’s problem. and the Moorers who stick their pins in with jelly hammers or a mate going accross in the dingy, with the drain plug out!!!! 😂 😂 😂
  2. As per Cuthounds post would have love to have been their when the boater reappeared I’m t would have been funny!! and re Rob-M idea. Next time change direction of boat around lol Trouble is, don’t think I’m a brave enough!
  3. Lol so funny like to have seen his face on his return ! and again next time a
  4. It’s now secured thank you it had come off its pins the marina rings are this side, lol so but who’s fault it it? the boater doing the excessive speed, (shouldn’t say that, soz). Yep I shouted 😠 or the boater who purposely leaves his boat on pins, who don’t care, But knows another grumpy boater who needs to get out of boating, will make it secure i don’t know if I’m confused or not 😆
  5. Oh. As another boater go’s past, (sorry but can’t say it, a tad too fast) can some one answer this question should I get over there, and repin the boat no one on board! maybe it’s their fault, for not securing her properly? Or they should be aware it’s normal for speeding boaters on canals? or is it down to everyone else? no I and other mooreers will tie the boat up and it was so difficult to say, shout nothing to the boater/twat who saw the commotion in was leaving behind!
  6. I really haven’t got any problems with feeling boat movement at all If you read the post from the beginning, I wasn’t asking the question for me but generally. This is because in the last week we’ve had some fast ones!! Now I’m thinking I also can start saying that in retaliation to causing some nice wake for folks when opening our boat up lol if you can’t beat em, join em
  7. 😂 😂 😂 😂 luving it!!lol 😂
  8. Hi there your lucky here in sunny MK, not far from a very well known hire centre, and 2 pubs yep it does help, and sort the problem. normally used all over the world, for and on tidal waters. Rivers coastal areas but used on canals to keep your neighbours boats safe and off course your boat. just had a hire boat pass, youngsters, friendly, obviously enjoying the waterways slow as you like,youngsters our future is safe.
  9. Hi Alan lol they all do know how to tie up, it’s not us Alan its the speeds that some boats come down here just some mainly drop their speed, nearly all are happy always giving folks a aware. but we’re talking excessive speeds Alan !! Just a minority, but leaving a a sizeable wake behind them leaving boats bouncing for quite a while many a time when folks have complained, it’s always been stressed the reason is bag tieing up. No but you can’t blame the boaters that are moored, it’s about the minority of boaters, especially last week that speed. Last Sunday, some mates including yours truely, were shouting at,we had to shout, he was going fasssssttttt, a wake you could ski on!! he was so fast it was someway that he realised he was being shouted at. We were lol, shoulting he’s left he’s skier behind at him, pointing at the wake behind the boat he couldn’t hear us over his wake, whoosh, and slapping, but he did pulled over to the CRT side, he was finding it difficult to get off because of the movement caused by his speed. totally oblivious, totaly thick!! That he wasn’t aware of his surroundings. 😂 😂 a few boaters wear ear/headphones whilst motoring I thinks it somthing to do with the engine Rev noise 😂 😂 or maybe it’s us silly Pratt’s all tied up wrong!! Top banana, !!! a True star a light hearted but sensible out look on the post a star for you from the world of Canalworld.net thankyou
  10. Jetzi Top banana, !!! a True star a light hearted but sensible out look on the post a star for you from the world of Canalworld.net thankyou
  11. Hi Tam i don’t think once, did I mention about past just OUR boat, I don’t think boaters see or realise the long line their too intent on getting to the other end, and yes quite funny how when two boats or more coming passing together hardly ever slow down they just carry on. I really think that they make it hook by crook, we also like others have fenders out of course. i was talking generally, must be 18 boats all in a line here, I wasn’t just talking about the marina, which on the cut, but just as many boats on the CRT towpath right opposite may be a dozen, being here for nearly 12 years, and we.over the years the community here are always tying up peaples boats, not this pas week mind as other boaters on that side do seem to sort them selves out, but many a time we’ve all had to secure the boats back up. the most and one time was four boats, all time record for us all here!
  12. Naughty Cal, Thanks for the advice lol We’re happy, always have on the water, just been a bad few days with, health, and what’s been occurring on the water. And BDM, no not thinned skinned at all, in fact your post made a smile, and Thank you for that. From rag and stick, Gin palaces to by old woodys, petrol vs diesel, floating or not. seen it and laughed through it all, your comments reminds me very much to the days of friendly boat banter. had many good nights, fact is we’re all the the same boat.! col
  13. Yes it’s always the wide beams fault, yep should have known not many of those on hire company’s books tho? although nice to hear that old chestnut again yep Thankyou for that, laughing now, thank you for the memory. 😂 Cant be a bad day then? may be next week I will feel better
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