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  1. Whilst cruising the other day I saw a small bumble bee flying quite slowly over the canal. On passing a bush a robin flew out and with a bit of aeronautical dancing took the bee and went back to the bush with its bounty. Are gooseberries as bad for dogs as grapes? We had a labrador that used to pinch them off the bush. She would go in with eyes closed and ears back to avoid the prickles and take the gooseberry. This was before they were ripe and still very sour. I know labs have reputation for eating anything, but actually going out of their way to pick an unripe gooseberry?
  2. dor


    I got through on Monday with millimetres to spare. My boat was gauged at 6' 11" by the surveyor that oversaw the build, but I don't know at which point. The bulges are at different points depending on the depth. My 57' was ok by keeping close to the top gates. Going up the previous week a boat was stuck at 8am - took over two hours to get it out. We arrived about ten and had to join the queue for 2 1/2 hours. Turned out the boat had been overplated and some of the plating was wider than the rubbing strips. Nothing like a bit of optimism!
  3. No problem. It is just irritating at Nantwich when you see several boats spend several months on the visitor moorings, taking up space that could be available for visitors when there is a very nearby length of winter moorings which remained unused.
  4. The whole canal (well mostly) is 14 days. How much space do you want? There is normal towpath mooring next to the visitor moorings, and only a little further to the aqueduct if you want to go into the town (actually at the southern end, the normal towpath is nearer to the town than the visitor moorings if you go by Marsh Lane).
  5. The designated winter mooring at Nantwich remained unused all winter. However several boats spent the winter more or less permsnently on the 24 & 48 Hr visitor moorings. How much lost revenue does that represent to CRT in just one small location? Not to mention the inconvenience to visitors, not helped by the rather pointless idea of making the visitor moorings 14 day for the duration.
  6. Not shining brightly, but I did have a case where the warning lamp was about half normal brightness yet the alternator was still putting out a good charge. A day or two later the diode pack completely packed up and no charge. So could it be a flaky diode?
  7. Just checked and yes, it was IPID.pdf that came with the renewal email. It appears to be the same one that you copied from. Odd that if it is a restriction, it doesn't appear in the conditions that come with the policy. Perhaps it only applies to lumpy water boats?
  8. Well I've looked through the whole policy document and still can't find any reference to the mention of single-handing or having to go into a marina or ashore. The other parts you quote are there under various titles saying what is not covered or in exclusions and sanctions. Where are you finding the PDF document you quote?
  9. I have a different set of T&Cs. It is headed "Narrowboat/Widebeam policy". It has, for example, Territorial Scope: Ashore or afloat on inland non tidal waters and interconnecting tidal waterways of the UK, including the Broads, and the river Thames not seaward of the Thames Barrier. No mention of single handing.
  10. If you find someone who says they will insure your property, check very carefully the T&Cs regarding valuables like jewellery and laptops. Many boat insurances exclude them as boats are not considered secure enough. They may cover specific items if you declare them, for an appropriate fee of course.
  11. Me too. Used a small conical grinding bit, probably carborundum like a sickle sharpening stone.
  12. You need a decent isolator between the panels and the controller. Not just because you should always connect the batteries to the controller before connecting the panels, but also so you can work on the downstream wiring without worrying about the sun coming out. 2 x 305W panels , so where on earth does a 10A breaker come into it?
  13. I stayed up nearly all night and watched it on a 14 inch B&W TV (405 lines then - 625 lines was considered "high definition"). There had been quite a build-up on the BBC beforehand, and i think it was the first British all night TV broadcast. I can remember James Burke trying to keep calm whilst Patrick Moore became quite excited. I was 17 at the time; my wife, then 14, remembers her father waking her up and telling her to come and watch this - it is history in the making. Remember that at this time, no one was absolutely sure we would get the astronauts home again.
  14. So I ring CRT customer services, saying I want to cancel my direct debits and pay for my licence and mooring by credit card (and made it clear that this is because they are reducing the prompt payment discount and because they wanted to take the DD on the 15th May instead of sometime in the first week of June as previously). Get put through to someone who tells me no bother, yes a lot of people are saying that, and I'll do the licence first. That went through ok, then he had to go onto another system to deal with the mooring. Puts all the details in again and then tells me the transaction has been declined. So I'm a bit cross with my bank, assuming it was because of two high value transactions going through in a short space of time but they are supposed to contact me to confirm. Anyway, get an answer to my message to the bank saying the transaction was declined due to insufficent credit. ready to get cross with the bank again as I had plenty of credit, then read the transaction has been put through for the amount of £132018.00 instead of the expected £1320.18. Good job they did decline it!
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