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  1. dor

    Bleeding calorifier

    It's surprising how strong the flow is to the calorifier circuit, at least in my boats anyway. Never had the need to bleed the calorifier circuit.
  2. dor

    Wind speed.

    It's all the fault of the trees. The more they wave their branches about, the stronger the wind gets.
  3. dor

    A warning to others...

    In the motor trade, most jobs at a dealer are priced by what it says in the book, i.e. if the 'book' says it is a three hour job, that is what you will be charged even if they did it quicker. The problem with marinas is that they charge for the time taken which indeed might take in head-scratching time, plus time taken to have a mug of tea and chat to a colleague. Also the level of skill is very variable and what might take an experienced person one hour might take three for someone unfamiliar with the job. I can recall a time when a marina "electrician" took two hours looking at a problem and still couldn't fix it; another electrician identified the problem in five minutes and fixed it in fifteen.
  4. The one mounted on the side of the engine is Engine-mounted Fuel FILTER-Fuel(Spin On) (FBW-BF1257) From Baldwins.
  5. dor

    Diesel Maintenance

    I use a piece of clear plastic tube, cut at an angle at the bottom and attached to a length of wood. Every so often I dip this in the tank and siphon off what is at the bottom. Mostly I get perhaps a little bit of water then clean diesel. However I have in the past siphoned off over eight litres of water, and/or sucked out some black blobs of something. I'm pretty certain much of the water in the diesel tank comes from the supplier of the diesel. I've never had a problem with the fuel boats on the Shroppie, probably because they have a good turnover and the tank get agitated. The time I siphoned off the eight litres was because it stopped the engine. Not long after I had filled up at a canalside supplier.
  6. dor


    I often think that the best use of a boat pole is to stand on the towpath holding the pole with the other end resting on the towpath at an angle just on the water's edge. "Sorry I didn't see you coming..."
  7. dor

    Heat from engine

    This is what I did on my last boat and it worked really well (I described it on here about ten year ago). I've done the same on my current boat but it doesn't seem to get the radiators as warm for some reason, but still enough to keep the back of the boat warm. I've also got two short (~30cm) finrads in a cupboard at the stern, one of which is on the return from the calorifier.
  8. dor

    Waterway Songs

    "Leaky Windows" By Tina Turner. Guess what I have been fixing today... .
  9. dor

    Flu jabs

    During the period 1910 - 1919, more people in Europe died from 'flu than were killed in the first World War. By a factor of two or three. Don't underestimate what 'flu can do to you.
  10. dor

    I Pads and Android (In)compatibility

    Thanks for your concern Pete. My pictures ( and all my other user files) are in at least four different places by 2:30 AM every day (and six at least once a week). Having been responsible for a company's IT and all its account data, I have always been meticulous about backups. Not just doing them, but verifying the backup data as well. I'll still find it remarkable how often you hear "my hard drive packed up and I've lost all my pictures".
  11. Glad to be of assistance and, apparently, getting it right for once. The really great thing about this forum is that there is always someone who has the answer to a problem. The really bad thing is that there are also another nineteen people who think they have the answer, but don't. The tricky bit is knowing which one of the twenty respondents is the one who is right.
  12. dor

    I Pads and Android (In)compatibility

    I can get my iPad to link to my hiding receiver by Bluetooth, but not much else. we have several thousand digital pictures from the last eighteen years, all carefully sorted on our main pc by year/month/event or subject. If I sync this to the iPad it can only cope with one level of directory at best. Ass a result, pictures are almost randomly displayed, based on how Apple think they should be displayed. A pain (although android is not much better)!
  13. dor

    I Pads and Android (In)compatibility

    I've had problems with Apple's connectivity (or lack of it). I often just finish up emailing myself with the file attached and picking up the email on the other device.
  14. It sounds as though you have a poor connection. With effectively no load (voltmeter) it will read the full voltage, but as soon as you try and draw any current the connection breaks down. Trace the cable back until you find the lamp works.
  15. As anyone who has looked at an appliance review on say the Currys site know, reviews are very subjective. I don't take a lot of notice of Currys customer reviews and for this reason I don't think a marina review site will be much help. Some people think Pillings Lock is wonderful, not a view shared by all!

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