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  1. Same as they do at livestock markets where they go round checking the Land Rovers (although these days it will be a jap 4X4 - have you seen the price of the new Defender?).
  2. Just come off the Caldon after a week or so. Very quiet generally so easy to find places to moor, although the towpaths are often overgrown, even on so-called visitor moorings. Well worth the trip!
  3. Vetus engines are just as good as say Beta, being based on a solid Mitsubishi engine. However their Technodrive gearboxes are crap. I changed mine to a PRM150. Vetus parts are expensive, but so are parts for many other marinised engines. The 414 should be good for a 57 ft on rivers.
  4. The use of wheelbarrow wheels, and karting tyres for that matter, are far from unique to the Shroppie system. Still smarting from not finding the pipe fender wrapped round your prop Mike? In fairness, pipe fenders are the invention of the devil; watching people going into Hurleston bottom lock with pipe fenders down is always entertaining. Can anyone explain the benefit of cruising with fenders dragging in the water?
  5. Go kart tyres will sink, which can be useful. However they are useless for the shopping shelf as they too easily go over or under the shelf. Wheelbarrow wheels are best for this on 90%+ of Shroppie/Llangollen moorings. Knowing where to moor is also useful, as the shelf is very variable in width, and on a simple visitor mooring there may be a couple of parts where fenders are fine, but the rest of the VM needs wheels. For piling or other flat edges, I use rope fenders with handrail hooks with adjustable length rope.
  6. I’m pretty sure you should add the acid to water, not the other way round, as the acid wants to grab as much water as it can. ETA: just seen the other posts pointing this out.
  7. My Tracer MT50 monitor can display both battery and controller temperature. If the battery sensor is not connected it defaults to 25 deg. I don’t have the battery sensor, so it shows battery temperature as 25 deg, and controller temperature currently as 26.9 deg.
  8. If you do agree to stage payments for the fit-out, make sure the work has been completed. There have been cases of stage payments being made to a builder who hadn’t even bought the shell.
  9. dor

    Asymmetric jeans

    Buy a pair of skinnies and a pair of flares. Cut down the middle and attach each to its opposite number. I reckon you could clear £300 a pair.
  10. This has got to be a joke right? https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/shortcuts/2019/sep/11/asymmetric-jeans-will-you-wear-the-trousers-that-are-flared-one-side-skinny-the-other jeans with one leg skinny fit, the other leg widely flared. I can just imagine a bunch of designers sitting in the pub one day coming up with a competition to see who could come up with the silliest idea that the dumb followers of fashion would take up. OK yaaaar ...
  11. I take it that this is “Charis”. As a 15 year old hire boat I would be a bit suspicious of the number of hours, with the hours counter conveniently broken. And I would be very careful about the mooring. If you are paying a premium to have the mooring transferred, remember that you have absolutely no security of tenure.
  12. There are also a lot of videos on repairs to white goods. Just search for the relevant machine. We recently changed a seal on my son’s washing machine. It was Polish, so didn’t understand a word , but still very helpful.
  13. I know this sort of thing can be frowned on, due to people having ulterior motives, but I would like to contact some boaters that we have just missed. The boat is Calon Lan, and it is on the upper reaches of the Caldon. If you see them, they can confirm it is genuine as they left a note on our boat at Park Lane services on the Caldon earlier today. Our boat is Aeshna. Would like to have their email or text number so we can arrange to meet up. Thanks Dave
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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