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  1. You would probably lose your NCB if you didn’t renew and reapplied after a break.
  2. Saw recently (yesterday) a plea from a cat rescue service that was asking for homes for cats that had been given to them as the owners were afraid that the cats would catch the virus and pass it on. They did say that there is no known case of a cat with Covid-19.
  3. dor

    Time to go

    could be done by one person (I know, because I have done it in the past)
  4. Fair enough. I have a small access panel on the end of the cupboard that can be removed to allow inspection of the pipe, or at least enough to show there are no joints in the pipe.
  5. I used to be able to start my old Mini with a screwdriver. It wasvery worn.
  6. And, I believe, must be able to be inspected without the use of tools. Easiest thing is to run it under the gunwale until it goes behind cupboards.
  7. dor

    Time to go

    Unless the liveaboards are more than 50% of the moorers, I would have thought the marina could arrange to shuffle boats around so that liveaboards are not directly next to other liveaboards. That would help LadyG for a start.
  8. Wasn't the private accommodation above No 11 swapped for No 10 by Blair or Cameron as it was more suitable for a family? Might be needed if all Boris's children turned up at once.
  9. Depends who you go to. E.g.: FFP2 masks have a minimum of 94% filtration percentage and maximum 8% leakage to the inside. They are mainly used in construction, agriculture, and by healthcare professionals against influenza viruses. They are currently used for protection against the coronavirus. FFP3 masks are the most filtering mask of the FFPs. With a minimum filtration percentage of 99% and maximum 2% leakage to the inside, they protect against very fine particles such as asbestos. My FFP2 masks clearly say they are effective against aerosols, but not oil-based aerosols, provided they are fitted correctly. My son's advice from the NHS is to use FFP2 or FFP3, both of which are effective against influenza viruses including Covid-19.
  10. I went to a major hospital on Wednesday for a CT scan. Apart from me, the only other person I saw with a mask was the radiographer. There were quite a lot of people around.
  11. Masks need to be rated FFP2 or FFP3. This a rating which determines their effectiveness. FFP2 are effective against aerosols, which you ideally need for Covid-19. They need to seal effectively against the face, so sorry guys, that beard has to come off, or at least has to be cut back. My son is being called up by an emergency dental treatment centre, and that is one of their requirements. Designer stubble is out. Wear gloves as well; apparently the virus will survive longer on latex gloves than fleece-type gloves (citation needed - can't remember where it came from, but it was a respectable source. Meanwhile, any sort of mask made with a fine material is better than nothing. Granny's old jumper is not acceptable.
  12. Well I’m stuck in the house, as a “highly vulnerable “ person, and my wife, as my house-sharing partner is strongly advised not to go near shops or other shared access places. At least we have a good-sized garden to give Chris plenty to do, assisted by me in an advisory capacity. still waiting to be contacted by Sainsbury’s or the NHS about food deliveries due to my health status, having registered on the gov website; also had my letter today from the NHS confirming my status. Luckily our freezer is fairly well stocked and a neighbour has kindly offered to do some shopping for us. So I’ve been confined to barracks for about a week now and am still moderately sane. Not sure what it will be like in a couple of months time. Still plenty of books to read. One advantage of having a sieve for a memory is that I can re-read a book I read a few months ago and not remember how it goes. Shame about not being able to go to the boat. i guess we will survive. Stay safe out there...
  13. dor

    Time to go

    With the expectation of severe restrictions coming in shortly, My wife Chris went to the boat yesterday afternoon to clear out any food, cleaning materials, bog rolls etc. Just in time. I don't think we would have any risk in going to the boat, as we moor on the offside in a long pound, and I had been half expecting we would go regularly for a break. Even bought more coal on Saturday! However whilst I don't think there would be any risk to myself (and I am very vulnerable) or others, the spirit of the latest restrictions means we will stay at home (although I have to go to the hospital this afternoon for one of my important regular scans). I suppose I could say "sod the lot of you", and probably get away with it, but it's not a good example to set others. Hopefully I can maintain my sanity in the house, but oh what would I give to go for a bit of boating; god knows what i will feel like in a few weeks time.
  14. dor

    Lockdown !!!

    I'll be very disappointed about this. We usually go to the boat for three or four days a week. We are on a long pound with plenty of opportunity for a change of scene without having to go through locks or meet people. I had thought that we could quite reasonably drive from the house to the boat, where we have car parking, and get on the boat without coming anywhere near anybody else. After all, self isolating on a boat is as good a place as any. We have a private water point, and bring the cassette home to empty. Obviously we take our food with us so have no need to interact with anyone. But as usually happens in these things, common sense gets lost. I wonder if Boris is starting to regret his political ambitions? On a completely different tack, what happens to the postal service if we do get a total lockdown?
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