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  1. Have you sent it yet? Typo in last sentence of second para. Sub compete for complete. Also, sub This for The at start of penultimate sentence.
  2. It was a few years ago now, but Midland Chandlers crimped the lugs onto the cable I was buying for free. Reasonable enough really considering how quick and easy it is to do with the right crimper. I also had some lugs crimped by a chandler which fell off when I came to fit them. I tend to do them myself now using a Mole wrench, and never had a problem. Mind you I wouldn’t try that on 90 mm^2 cable.
  3. Sounds exactly the same as mine, and my accumulator is about 30 feet from the pump which is next to the water tank.
  4. Oh I remember that. Taking seabed samples on the North Sea for a research project. Four days of plugging up and down taking samples approximately every hour. Side looking sonar as well, made by a sprung needle recording on wet tissue paper impregnated with some chemical. Real high tech in 1975.
  5. I understand that the US system is accurate on the ground to a few cms, but they introduced a drift to limit the accuracy to non-military users. The drift used to be about 100 metres, but was reduced to about five metres which is when it became useable for satellite navigation. However, the Ordnance Survey link their field units to an accurately located base station so they can subtract the drift to get an accurate location of the field unit. No doubt anyone else with sufficient resources could do the same, which rather defeats the purpose of the induced drift. Some handheld GPS receivers can also use the “Edge” system which brings the accuracy down to about three metres.
  6. Think yourself lucky it is July... Bite the. Bullet and get in the water. I did it once in September.
  7. Has the boat been in a marina with a landline? Does it have a working GI or IT? Galvanic corrosion is a possibility, but why it should be limited to the middle of the boat is not clear. Also if the sides are not pitted in the same way, why is it limited to the base plate? Sorry I can't answer these questions, but i would be interested in any answers.
  8. Leave an untaxed and uninsured boat on a council car park and it will be removed within days. Why do councils have apparently such powers when CRT appears to be powerless to manage their own property?
  9. There used to be a time when the employees took great pride in "their" stretch of canal, were generally very helpful and understood what boating is about. It is quite clear that they have become very demotivated by the attitude of CRT's management, particularly after the last raft of regional manager recruitment. It is not surprising, when you see the management behaving as though they couldn't care a toss about boaters, or the preservation of the unique structure of Britain's waterways. There are a few exceptions, but I do wonder where it is all going with the attitude of the current CRT management. I wondered about that, but after reading the rest of the post, I think it is the opposite of what the OP meant.
  10. 2 x 100W panels mounted horizontally, with a Tracer 20A MPPT controller. Seen 12 amps maximum. However the controller drops in to float before the batteries are fully charged, even though the controller thinks they are. I need to get some more information, but will no doubt be back asking about this!
  11. You've only got to look at 'im to know he's guilty.
  12. dor

    Marmite XO

    Takes quite a lot of Marmite to spread over two pages; did it make the paper more palatable?
  13. I have a */- 500A bBlue Sea meter which absolutely everything goes through. The only way to know if or what the alternator/solar/charger are putting inot/out of the batteries/ I also have an ammeter on my DC panel which will tell me what the DC side of things are using. A third ammeter as well on the solar feed (I'm surprised how many people haen'y got a clue what their panels are producing, which may be why you see so many shaded by stuff on the roof). A fairly easy bit of mental arithmetic then tells me how much my inverter is drawing. i like to know what is going on.
  14. A very useful link, thanks.
  15. The same at Nantwich, with several boats there for many days, some a week or two. The contempt shown for the 48 hour restriction is not helped by the presence of a BW boat and pusher tug on the 48 hour moorings for several weeks.
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