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  1. dor

    Coal shovels ?

    There used to be a proper ironmongers on Nantwich Road many years ago. I bought a hand shovel for coal on the boat over twenty years ago. One piece metal and still in regular use. I looked at it quite closely a couple of weeks ago and it doesn't show any signs of failing. However, the way of things is that the shop closed about ten years ago, to be replaced by suppliers like Wilco where price is considered far more important than quality.
  2. The opposite can happen as well, where the diode conducts in both directions. This leads to the engine start battery discharging when everything is turned off.
  3. If you have a decent filter before the pump it could well keep clean enough to survive. If you get much in the way of dirty fuel it can get clogged. I don't change mine as often a i do the primary filter, unless I've picked up some muck or diesel bug. It is easy enough to change, but don't pay the ridiculous Vetus price for the filter, you can get a Baldwins one for a fraction of the price from e.g. inlinefilters.co.uk.
  4. When you change the filter on the end of the pump, be careful not to drop the rubber sealing ring. Also, make sure magnet is centred when replacing. Almost certainly the cause of your rough running.
  5. dor

    Channelglaze or Caldwell?

    It wasn't a problem for me, as i have wooden frames round the window inside so that there is no gap between the lining and the window. I do need to take these frames out but they are only help by half a dozen screws so easy to remove and replace. I deed need to trim out a bit of the lining after the inside frame was removed, but easily done and hidden by frame. I'll try and find a photo.
  6. dor

    Channelglaze or Caldwell?

    I also looked for quotes about eleven years ago. I finished up with Wesleys. The windows are fine. Wesleys helpful on the phone. ETA: The Wesley windows are also clamped in from the inside, so there are no screws through the outside of the frame to go rusty and internally the clamps are hidden by the lining. This was probably significant in my decision as well.
  7. dor

    Wood (and coal) burning stoves to be banned

    But I think it is the sale of non-approved stoves, which is fair enough. nobody will have to rip out their squirrels in 2022.
  8. dor

    Big Boat or Small boat? FAO Liveaboards...

    Sort of, but more like those B&Q type flat-bed trolleys with fixed wheels at the front and castors at the back. My 57ft Semi-trad has 42 ft inside the front and back cabin bulkheads. We can certainly do extended cruising in that without feeling cramped. Easy to steer as well. I do see many single people living in 40-45ft boats and they seem happy enough. I don't think i would want to live on anything less that 40ft, which equates to about 28-30ft internal length (more for a trad, but then you are sharing it with an engine).
  9. dor

    Inverter earth

    Many inverters split the 230V between "live" and "neutral ". See 'centre-tapped '. Linking 'neutral ' and earth on these will most likely cause emission of magic smoke.
  10. But think how much bigger Wales would be if it was flattened out...
  11. dor


    I mostly had relatively long hair (and a good crop), but after losing it in handfuls it was quite interesting to see it get to about 10mm when it regrew. Several people said the shorter cut suited me and even the magic words "makes you look younger", so I keep it between 12 -15mm now, and trim it every two or three weeks. Saved me a fortune in shampoo as well and it doen't matter if i forget to brush it in the morning.
  12. One of Great Haywood's brokerages in a marina was (and probably still is) operated by one Steve Harall, ex Wincham near Northwich. 'Nuff said.
  13. dor

    Rudely woken by the CO Alarm

    Same for me. always remove chimney and put on cap when leaving the boat. If the stove is still alight, it goes out fairly quickly when the cap is put on (stove stays alight when all air controls are closed), but alarm registers a CO figure, up to about 45, afterwards. When we get smoke blowing back out of the stove, apart from when it is just lit it indicates that the flue needs cleaning or crud removed from above baffle plate. I would have thought the hat would increase the draw on windy days, it does on my stove without a chimney hat.
  14. dor

    Almost new car, rep mobile

    When James Watt was building his first beam engines he found that someone had patented what at the time was taken as covering a crank. His solution was the planetary gear system, actually invented by someone else but Watt managed to get it patented.
  15. dor

    Alternator question

    Have you had the batteries on a charger? If my batteries have had a good charge from the solar, then the voltage can get up to about 14.7 as the batteries are fully charged. Alternator has an uprated regulator in it which will regulate the charge to between 14.2V & 14.7V depending on the state of charge.

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