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  1. dor

    Stern Tube Leaking

    These seals should last thousands of hours without dripping (mine has done well over 2,000 hours with not a drop leaking). If it is dripping it is usually down to misalignment of the prop shaft. It will also start dripping if it has never been filled with silicone grease (I have seen this) or not topped up at the recommended 100 hours. If it has been run for some time dry then it will probably have worn a slight groove in the prop shaft. You can usually move the prop shaft in or out about a cm to get on to a good bit. If the boat is out of the water with the propshaft removed, if you look down the bearing you may see it looking shiny on one side - clear indication of misaligned propshaft. These shaft seals are ideally used with a fixed thrust bearing or plummer block so that engine movement doesn't stress the seals.
  2. dor


    Done some googling and it seems it is something that has been annoying people for a while. Microsoft generally very unhelpful. I've updated my DOB but it still seems to think I'm under 13. I think I will just have to set up a new Skype account. Why it should decide on this now when I've been using Skype since it was first around...
  3. dor


    My Skype account on my home PC is always signed in to Skype. Come to it this morning and it is saying: You need a parent's permission Based on your age, we need your parent's permission before you can use this account. Using a web browser, sign in to account.microsoft.com to get your parent's permission and come back to try again. I've tried logging in to my Microsoft account, but nothing seems to offer the option to give permission. I've checked the DOB and it is more or less valid. Anyone else experienced this or know what is going on? I've tried my wife's Skype account and that logs in as normal.
  4. dor

    Licence auto-renewal

    Just had my email and it says: As you have previously paid by Direct Debit we will automatically renew your licence on or around the 14th May 2018 before your current licence expires. This seems to contradict Alan's which says If you pay by direct debit please note that your licence will no longer automatically renew
  5. dor

    Help, Battrery explosion

    i think that number was for Middlewich Narrowboats who she used to work through. M N are now gone. I have 07885 205137 for her. If that doesn't work I know someone who has phoned her recently so I could contact them for a new number if needed.
  6. Try Wesley windows. They used to do custom sizes for shower screens.
  7. dor

    restoring lacquered brasswork

    Battery acid from an old battery works very well too. Just be quick washing it off and getting the polish on or it will dezincify the brass (so will nitric).
  8. dor

    Has Spring Sprung?

    Had my first trip of the year on Saturday. Only a couple of hours or so but it did feel good. Back to being poisoned to within an inch of my life tomorrow.
  9. dor

    Neutral-earth bonding

    Thanks Nick. This is beginning to make sense to me now. Not sure what damp protuberance you might have in mind, but I will keep mine well away from any electrical socket...
  10. dor

    Neutral-earth bonding

    Thanks for your reply Tony. I'm still a bit confused (and I thought I had a good grasp of boat electrics). We've seen so often about how it is essential to have this E-N link to make sure that the RCD will trip under a fault condition, so how is it ok if it is centre-tapped?
  11. dor

    Neutral-earth bonding

    Sorry if you have answered this before. I've used the search facility, but am even more confused! I have an L-series Powermaster 1800 PSW inverter. This has run anything I have tried on it. Whilst doing some general maintenance I thought I would check the neutral-earth bonding. However what I have is N-L 235V, N-E ~150V, L-E ~150V. I.e it would appear that this is effectively centre-tapped with no neutral-earth link. In some of the items that came up in my search was one saying that they had the same inverter with a N-E link, and Gibbo (Oh where is he now?) gave: Those that bond neutral/earth that I am aware of are.... All Sterling inverters over 500 Watts. Mastervolt Dakar. Mastervolt Mass. Trace truck power. Trace SW series. Trace XW series. Heart Freedom series. Heart EMS series. All Victrons. All PowerMaster. However, apart from my observations given above, the Powermaster User Manual says: 230V models: There is no connection made inside the Inverter from either of the line conductors (line or neutral) to the earth ground. It's an excellent inverter but unfortunately Powermaster gave up the ghost several years ago. Can anybody enlighten me on what I should do to ensure that the RCD will trip in the event of a leak to earth?
  12. dor

    When is an Inverter 'inverting'?

    My 1800W PSW inverter draws 0.8 amps if it is on but not supplying anything. This is not a "power saving" mode because, as mentioned above, some things do not demand enough power to wake it up. I turn it off at night, but I'm not that bothered during the day.
  13. dor

    Courers DPD are a joke

    Recently had a parcel delivered by DPD. Was pleasantly surprised by how good the tracking and information was. I had been notified that it couldn't be left in a safe place, but that was on instruction from the sender. I like the way you can specifiy neighbours NOT to leave a parcel with, the only one I konw of that does this. Years ago I was saying that for internet shopping to really work they have to crack the delivery; just saying it will be delivered between 8 & 6 was clearly no use for anyone who works, especially if they take a day off and then it doesn't turn up. Now with safe places, delivery boxes, short time slots, vehicle tracking etc. it seems to be getting sorted. Still some bad couriers out there though - yodelling winged messengers come to mind.
  14. dor

    Side entry gas locker

    No direct experience, but there is a boat on my mooring which has what you describe. The boat is a trad, with the gas locker door on the side. I don't know what it is like inside.
  15. dor

    painting narrowboat

    Thanks for that clarification.