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  1. dor

    Double Glazing

    A good thread to revive at this time of year. I've been considering secondary DG having seen the cost of replacing my Webster windows with DG units! Might well try out using magnetic tape as described here.
  2. dor

    Boat break in(s) Shebdon

    Whenever I see a sign saying "this boat is alarmed" I do wonder what frightened it.
  3. dor

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    My Vetus M4.17 is a 1700cc Mitsubishi engine (S4L2). The lowest I have set the tickover is 800rpm; below that it does get a bit jumpy. I understand this is the normal tickover speed, although some set it a bit higher at 850rpm. It's a good solid reliable engine, although I did have a head bolt shear. Later models (post 2007 anyway) had higher tensile bolts fitted. I only have a fairly ordinary silencer and don't consider it unreasonably loud; it is easy enough to have a conversation on the back when cruising (1400 rpm). People have commented that it is a quiet engine. It's under a semi-trad stern, and I do have a sheet of soundproofing under the deckboard.
  4. dor

    Marine Japanese diesels.

    Vetus = Mitsubishi (mostly)
  5. dor

    What the Daily Mail classes as news!

    an idyllic kitchen !!!!!!!
  6. dor

    Kerosene v Premium kerosene

    They asked me how I knew It was Esso Blue. I of course replied, with lower grades one buys.......... Smoke gets in your eyes.
  7. dor

    View new content

    Tried that. Whilst I can click 'View new content" on the drop-down list from the 'activity' button and get 'view new content' on the left hand side of the bar, it still shows "unread content" on the right. Then it goes back to unread content. That's how it was for me. Now it only shows 'unread contact on the right.
  8. Something has changed in my settings and I can't find where. I used to have 'view new content' by default and this would be displayed on the right in the light blue bar at the top and bottom. Now it shows 'unread content'. I can get 'view new content' by going to 'All activity/My activity streams/view new content but it reverts to 'unread content'. I've looked through my profile settings but can't see it. Where am I going wrong?
  9. dor

    Alternator question

    OK thanks to all for your replies. I've changed the regulator and started up and all is behaving as it should. Drained a bit through fridge and inverter over the last hour or so, then on starting amps were up around 60+, dropping fairly quickly to about 11A with voltage at 14.4. I would now expect the current to drop to 3 or 4A and voltage rise a little over the next hour. Batteries probably were not 100% charged, but getting close to it. Best bit it that it started to rain two minutes after I finished. Most annoying part was trying to find the little nuts off the back of the alternator which hid under the engine.
  10. dor

    Alternator question

    All connections good. Restarted after 15 minutes. As expected, starts at 14.55V 8A, changes over a couple of minutes to 14.8V 1.3A. What bothers me is the behaviour after ini.tial start, and slightly higher than normal float voltage
  11. dor

    Alternator question

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Voltage displays to 2 decimal places, ammeter to 1. Normal charging voltage with full batteries is around 14.6 - can vary from 14.5 to 14.7.
  12. dor

    Alternator question

    Iskra 95A alternator with Cargo 14.7V regulator. Came to the boat today, batteries near fully charged. Started up and after 5 minutes noticed an alarm from blue Sea meter. At 1200 rpm, alternator/battery voltage was 15.2V and charging at 1.2 A. Dropped revs to 850 and voltage dropped to just under 15V still with 1.2 charge. Diodes? Regulator? Don't know. Decided to change regulator first as that was relatively easy with alternator in situ. If problem the same, swap alternator for known good one. Before I started attacking anything thought I would just try it again. Alternator volts now showing a shade under 14.4V and charging at 20A - i.e. everything normal. Current dropped fairly quickly to about 4A and voltage rose to just above 14.5V - i.e. everything normal. Stopped and restarted a couple of times and all worked as normal. 15 minutes later and voltage is 14.8V, current 1.8. Increase revs to 1300 and voltage DROPS to 14.7V - current stays about the same. Any suggestions to what is going on?
  13. Without wishing to divert anyone's attention from the image of a naked Jenny Agutter, I think this is blatant attention-grabbing by Monbiot. He has published some good articles, albeit to a fairly small and already converted audience. Sir David has done more to bring the issue of marine plastics to the public in the last year than any of Monbiot's articles. Monbiot should be writing articles supporting what Sir David has done, rather than trying to score a few points. Incidentally, Netflix is putting out a new major series next year about nature in the modern world including much about the fragile state it is now in and why. It is narrated by Sir David.
  14. There is a village on the Welsh Borders called "New Invention". I drove through there a few years ago and some wag had written on the village name sign "Patent applied for".
  15. dor

    Boiler relay

    Googling 'finder 40.52' comes up with several options, but the RS one with identical markings on the case is a 24V coil. https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/products/0376802/?grossPrice=Y&cm_mmc=UK-PLA-DS3A-_-google-_-PLA_UK_EN_Relays-_-General_Purpose_Relays|Non-Latching_Relays-_-PRODUCT_GROUP&matchtype=&aud-360874243903:pla-394327674895&s_kwcid=AL!7457!3!243845768305!!!g!394327674895!&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-sLa9eLE3gIVBbDtCh1kSASHEAQYASABEgKd5fD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds ETA: However it doesn't help that the datasheet shows several different voltages!

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