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  1. Although I think that boat was not the one that the member was connected with.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Diesel; think in terms of £1 an hour. More if cruising, a bit less if just battery charging. Expect cost to rise to nearer £1.50 an hour before too long (new tax situation).
  4. I would firstly suggest that you look more closely at the situation around CCing in and around London (a marina mooring will be into five figures). Your diesel figure is greatly underestimated if CCing and using engine for electricity generation. I think there is a London Boaters facebook page or similar which will give you much more informed information.
  5. Well that explains why the chimney cone is out of alignment! It might be possible to remove much of that silicone, centralise the flue and re-silicone it. Use fire rope to hold the flue in position then use a high temperature silicone to seal, e.g. 'Delta'. It doesn't need to be as heat resistant as that used on the collar as it doesn't get that hot. Using silicone allows the flue to move a little to accommodate expansion, otherwise it can crack the top of the stove.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. I had one of these double-skinned chimneys and the inner didn't fit tightly in the top of the flue, although it did go into it. and although the outer was a good fit around the collar some smoke would go up between the two skins and I still got some condensate on the roof. I have finished up with a length of steel tube (4"OD) that fits snugly in the top of the flue. I've rivetted a chamfered band round the chimney about three inches up to provide some sort of seal and prevent the chimney dropping down the flue. Easy to remove when leaving the boat and no condensate on the roof.
  8. Best to take the PRV outlet through a skin fitting. Not a big deal normally if an expansion tank is fitted, but makes a big difference if the valve sticks open.
  9. While you are at it, change that tap for a full flow lever ball valve. Much more reliable and a lot quicker to shut off in a hurry.
  10. The grill on my cooker was quite difficult to light. The sparker would operate, but the gas wouldn't light properly and then only on one side. To fix it hold the gas button down for several seconds before operating the sparker. The resulting 'whuump' would then light the gas properly and ajust needed a couple of seconds holding the gas button down while the thermocouple heated up.
  11. Stick to proper narrow canals and it's not a problem... 😉
  12. And freebie holiday on a top boat for her and three of her mates. No wonder it sounds idyllic. £7-800 holiday plus a fee for writing a short puff piece. Gisajob ...
  13. I believe that the original developers of Teams sold it to Microsoft then brought out Zoom as a cheap version, with much reduced security. That was why I was surprised that the Cabinet was reported as holding its meetings using Zoom.
  14. I was once asked to look at a boat that had "gallons of oil in the bilge". Turned out to be several litres of water (cruiser stern) with a couple of spoonfuls of oil on top. Can the OP clarify what sort of quantities he is referring to?
  15. Hi Athy I suggest you change Gary's login name!
  16. As mentioned, a flap valve is the answer. Very little restircion to flow.
  17. What sort of pump? A 2.9 is usually adequate for a narrowboat. Is the input filter blocked? The 2.9 relates to the flow rate. Was the 4.2 a higher pressure? PRVs are normally 3 bar on a boat. Most pumps will cut out around 2 bar.
  18. For suppliers of clock parts, and helpful advice, I would suggest M&P(Meadows & Passmore). https://www.m-p.co.uk/ Their catalogue alone is worth having just to see what sort of things are available, including tools. I've had various bits from them, including 12" bowed glass which arrived intact. They now have their "Repairing clocks" book on line to view for free, worth a look. http://www.m-p.co.uk/muk/ryoc/index.shtml
  19. dor

    Postings on CWDF

    The latter. Google "Meccano bridge".
  20. dor

    Postings on CWDF

    And some bridges really were made from Meccano; Picture from CanalPlanAC
  21. Definitely have to book Weston Marsh lock as it is not permanently manned, and very little used. I understand it is operational again since the Danny tried to take out the top gate ...
  22. They can chew damp wallpaper, but apart from that they don't do much harm.
  23. I have a fairly decent DSLR with a good 18-135 lens which I keep handy at home and usually take with me when we go for a trip on the boat. It does produce a better, clearer photo and is far better than a phone when using a tele lens as it is optical rather than digital. However for a quick Whatsapp photo to send to family a phone is much quicker to use. People seem to be obsessed with the number of megapixels but this does not necessarily mean a better quality picture. Many years ago NASA released pictures taken on the ISS. they looked incredibly clear and bright, but were only one megapixel. But then the camera was a Hasselbad. One thing I do notice however is that phone cameras are far better in low light condition without suffering loss of quality due to using high ISO numbers.
  24. Such is the power of advertising. I’ve never been convinced that Duracell are as good as they like to make out. Their adverts always compared them to basic batteries which of course they could easily beat. But how would they compare to say Energiser? Especially the Energiser ‘lithium’ ones which are expensive, but do last well as well as maintaining their voltage ( they were the recommended battery for my Satmap. It’s about time batteries had to declare their capacity so a more realistic comparison could be made.
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