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  1. Agreed on Bore Valve.
  2. Thanks for the information, much appreciated
  3. Not too sure hard heavy plastic isnt a viable answer I’ll have to contact the boat builders
  4. Attached are photos of the outlets/inlets of the water tank on board. I have two questions 1. would a metal thread be ok going into the bottom outlet? 2. I think I’m right in guessing the large top inlet is to fill from the deck, but what is the thin bend inlet/outlet for? Overflow? thanks in advanced
  5. I did think that just wanted to see if anyone else had that as a suggestion.
  6. I could quite happily attach the calorifier to the bulk head in the engine bay but how do I mount it onto the swims? It’s got the standard brackets(mounting feet) but not happy with drilling into the swim for obvious reasons. Any help with mounting ideas would be appreciated
  7. I will mainly be on rivers more than Canals, so will use Canal services from regular tap which Ive no issue with but will use river water through purification. I know about Weils Disease and aware of it, but have consumed river water on my travels around the world through filtration and not had any issues. Im not going to be wreckless through water consumption and will fully ensure water is safe to drink before consuming. So Canal water no - River Water yes - and Tap water no matter where its from always yes. RE above all with pump and pressure etc. Thank you for the comments will continue
  8. Again Thank you very much Jen. Appreciate your reply
  9. Been looking at this chaps system www.waterfreedom.co.uk I’m a little way off of this installation yet but having travelled the world and drank from some very questionable water sources, guts of ironside here!
  10. Again another good option
  11. Thank you Jen I used 15mm pretty much throughout a house renovation so happy with that flow ( i know house is different to boat etc ) but preservation of water is key, so 15mm it is may alter this once i fit a canal water filtration system. Thank you for the information tho. That Pump seems to be a favoured one with many boaters!
  12. Nice one Alan I'll have a look!
  13. Currently building out a 60ft narrow. Unsure of what pressure pump i should be going for, 25, 30, 40psi!? I will be using mainly Speedfit through out so know that the pipe work and joints can handle higher pressures. Just unsure of what would be considered a good flow from the above ratings. One Shower and Two basins on board. Cheers
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