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  1. After 6 years ive never had a problem with keys, like mos key operated items you should lubricate the lock regular we do whenever we fill up its not a hardship,
  2. When I purchased our DIPSTOP we paid £94 .39 including vat postage, this was in 2014 from jbl mechanical engineers. 01939251351.That was the price then SO NO secrecy i didn't put the price on my post as i had no idea of the price now and did not want to mislead the OP,
  3. This our ours, dipstop not cheap but very secure, can highly recommend
  4. Thanks for that alan good point, checked, all the cables 12v & 240 are in trunking
  5. Great, thanks for your help & advice, poly looks ok just the big gaps & bare metal, will screw thin wood to those then cover, think i understand that. Thank you again😊
  6. I've searched the forum history, lots of irrelevant info going off the subject from well meaning folk. We have a 1991stern cruiser, polystyrene insulation, liveaboard. Get condensation dripping on us at times, should we replace it? With what?. Noticed it doesn't fit tight ie some gaps & bare metals struts, what would folk recommend to cover the bare metal, ive read need to spray foam the gaps & use tape! Also we have T&G, not sure wether to take it all off & fit ply panels or go over the top with the panels? Any suggestions welcome. Cheers
  7. Hi who long/age of your boat, got fed up with GJW don't seem to know what they doing, even said i will need an on the water full survey to include mast, sails,rigging, etc, for a 48ft 1991 narrow boat.wouldn't accept my survey done 2014 asking for bss decided not to bother with them. Wanted £161 with no contents cover,
  8. Has anyone got separate content insurance on their narrow boat. I know can get it included in boat insurance, i know don't get cheap boat insurance, i know you get what you pay for, lets not get into any of that, been quoted £100 for add on contents up to 5000 cover. Cheers
  9. Hi, OUR drs will not give more than a month and will not use different pharmacies, we have tried in the past. We not panicking will have to see what the gov instruction is, shopping is going to be difficult. Just wondered what folk would be doing, there is a lot in the 'same boat'
  10. Hi, how do you get post code along the canal? Drs are limited to which pharmacy they will send to and will only allow one months supply, IF we are not allowed out how do we collect? Gov not thought this through.
  11. If over 70s are not allowed out, how will we get shopping, boat storage does not allow stockpile of goods , fridge doesn't allow masses of food, stores delivery two + weeks, also charge, thats if they will deliver along the cut, don't have relative's near to help, so What do folk do? How do we get the medication we need?
  12. Hi who is it with? Cheers
  13. Hi, our insurance is due been quoted £207 we have a 48' constant cruising,living on board, marina for winter, 6 years no claim, full comp.can anyone better that? Getting confused with the different companies, any suggestions for companies?
  14. Registered and used vets 4 pets for years sea sailing round the uk and now narrow boats never had a problem getting appointment very happy with ever time we've used them.
  15. CLAN1

    Power showers

    Wow lots of replies, cheers. I realise i should have given more info, yes we have TWO pumps one on hot other on cold, accumulator on each. Also a large calorifier which we run the shower from. Would it be complicated to change the system to one pump? and how? What size pump should i use? Think the comments about two pumps cutting in and out is causing the problem,
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