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  1. Registered and used vets 4 pets for years sea sailing round the uk and now narrow boats never had a problem getting appointment very happy with ever time we've used them.
  2. CLAN1

    Power showers

    Wow lots of replies, cheers. I realise i should have given more info, yes we have TWO pumps one on hot other on cold, accumulator on each. Also a large calorifier which we run the shower from. Would it be complicated to change the system to one pump? and how? What size pump should i use? Think the comments about two pumps cutting in and out is causing the problem,
  3. CLAN1

    Power showers

    Ps, the reason for asking is that we have to constantly adjust the mixer taps, which run via 12v pumps on hot and cold.
  4. CLAN1

    Power showers

    Thanks for our helpful replies Can you explain please a thermostatic mixer tap run by a 12v pump, didn't know you can get one, sorry if im thick with that. Good point about tank size didn't consider a 240v would use more water. CHEERS.
  5. Good evening, does anyone use a "power shower" thinking 240v if so which one? I have a 1300 inverter so maybe too powerful for that, also use a petrol generator 2200, fed up with having to constantly adjust to taps at the moment. Thank you in anticipation.😊
  6. Yes think you are right thanks for the replies
  7. Hi, we live on our NB and are trying to get insurance for a camper van, we only have a C/O address and a car registered at this address, this seems to cause a negative response, has anyone had problems with trying to get vehicle insurance with a C/O address. Cheers in anticipation.😤
  8. We have had to over stay in an 'area' due to medical problems ie hospital, never had a problem, never over stay on visitors moorings, notify CRT and dont abuse the help from crt, they record it.
  9. Hi. definitely recommend, abs battery supplies excellent very quick service great prices and good batteries, delivered to restaurant in rugby.
  10. Brill thanks I've been looking on internet for manual but couldn't find one. Cheers
  11. Hi, i have a prm delta 20 gear box fitted to a bmc 1.8, oil is leaking from rear shaft seal, has anyone replaced one in situe or should i remove the box from the engine? What sort of job is it? Any problems to overcome? I worked in motor trade many many years ago so mechanically minded. Cheers.☺
  12. Why should it be difficult to spell a boat name phonetically? I've had 50 year sea sailing 11 years full time, its not rocket science. Yer may be you right some folk eh .
  13. Don't be daft, too many selfish ignorant folk out there who don't give a dam about anyone but themselves. Where are those rules about twice the speed??????? Im sure tongue in cheek.😢
  14. Is there any responses from CRT on this issue? How about all writing to mags, tow path, tillergraph. CRT must respond surely. Before there is serious accidents or is that what they are waiting for.
  15. CLAN1

    Welfofd arm

    Thank you for all your replies, might give it a try, cheers.
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