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  1. CLAN1

    12v wiring

    Cheers Tony, will do. Will be buying them from decent company to make sure i get correct ones.
  2. CLAN1

    12v wiring

    cor didn't realise it would so complicated glad i came on here for advice. Boat is only 48' so not included cockpit or return, so gues 80' + Have lights already on ceiling, old looking round ones & two long LED in kitchen, wanted to fit maybe 4 down lighters in living room. Keep kitchen lights as they are, one down lighter in bedroom at rear.not considered wattage of new lights yet. Feed at mo is from fuses via switch panel and
  3. Hi had thought about going over the top however having asked that question on here last year a lot of replies was against it, think now i will go back to original idea, will fix thin beading on the t&g to take up the uneven then 6mm ply many thanks for the replies.😁
  4. Hi looking to remove t&g & replace with ply panels, any suggestions on what thickness. Cheers
  5. CLAN1

    12v wiring

    Wasn't aware the usb socket will consume power when not in use, will look for switchable. At the moment use a panel with 1@ 5v1a & 1@5v2.1a from the 12v fuse was looking at doubling this to one panel each side. Length for these & ceiling lights will be 40'
  6. Looking to rewire our boat with LED ceiling down lighter lamps and usb plugs to charge and run phones tablets etc on sides, any advise on what size wires should i use? Thanks in advance
  7. A big thanks for all your replies. Have no fear im well aware of risk to blowing myself or others up. No naked flames etc, including lights. thats why i wont be doing anything till summer cheers guys
  8. Hi hope everyone ok n keeping safe. Im starting to get stuff ready for as n when we can get about AND better weather. Received good advice on here some time ago about stopping condensation, want to get some spray foam cans to fill gaps round our polystyrene insulation. Looking on line there seems to be different types, any advice on which type n where to get it most welcome.I am not interested in stripping out to get company to fully foam spray.Cheers.
  9. Try putting boiling hot water down the outlet pipe
  10. Think its a selfish attitude,'its mine' have you checked with marina?????
  11. Let me know ill be there with my pipes
  12. My i also add, i never understand why some boats have to pass so CLOSE they could clean my Windows as they pass, even when there is enough width to get three boats abreast
  13. Well done totally agree, trouble is no one to police it, just look at the beaches etc, 😠
  14. Coventry canal lots of work taking place on the tow path for all the walkers and the cyclist to speed and threaten pedestrians,'we've all seen it' and of course they don't contribute anything to the upkeep etc. However us boaters will be, the canal is a disgrace overhanging trees and vegetation blocking ' safe navigation ' but that doesn't matter as long as tow paths are good. Thats only one canal I'm sure we can all name more.
  15. CLAN1


    Hi anyone in Coventry basin?
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