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  1. Quite agree, we had one a few days ago, no other boats around and one came right up and buttoned up to us, like you say WHY, we are sociable folk but still dont understand the mentality, i chose to be on our own as i needed to use my generator without disturbing others. Im sure we'll still be criticised for wanting to keep a distance.
  2. Not sure sikaflex would hold a panel when the wind got up, best bet would be to drill n tap roof and fix with machine screws. In my opinion.
  3. All good suggestions for you best try them all. Plenty of flushing through will help at same time rocking, we have not used blue for past four years, fed up with the smell of that took ages to get rid of. We now only use bio washing fluid from wilco works a treat for us and no smells of anything. Hope that helps
  4. Brian 'dad' at daventry fridge co based in braunston is still alive n working he's great we on our way to get ours regassed. Give him a ring first to make sure he available, cash only. No connection just a very satisfied customer.
  5. Hi we have used XC weather for years even at sea and found it quite accurate
  6. Yup they started a few weeks ago, people are aware they are too fast but dont care, no consideration for anyone but themselves, also WHY do some have to pass so close and not on the correct side of the canal when you are moored, some are so close they could clean our windows even on a clear straight section, i have trouble understanding their mentality or ignorance. Just as bad is not using a horn at bridges or blind bends. Rant over 😵😵
  7. Hi just done my fire, as previously said 12 is a bit thick, for the door shut without a groove i used the thin stuff for the glass, works a treat. Dont forget use a smoke pellet to check for any leaks all round fire, get them from most tool /hardware shops. Hope this helps. 👍
  8. CLAN1


    Thank you for your replies not found anything better so will stay with company im with cheers.
  9. CLAN1


    Hi just received quote for instance renewal £186 for liveabord 48ft no claims seems rather expensive, any suggestions for other companies welcome, cheers.
  10. I have to stand on the stern to play mine!
  11. CLAN1


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