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  1. Brill thanks I've been looking on internet for manual but couldn't find one. Cheers
  2. Hi, i have a prm delta 20 gear box fitted to a bmc 1.8, oil is leaking from rear shaft seal, has anyone replaced one in situe or should i remove the box from the engine? What sort of job is it? Any problems to overcome? I worked in motor trade many many years ago so mechanically minded. Cheers.☺
  3. Why should it be difficult to spell a boat name phonetically? I've had 50 year sea sailing 11 years full time, its not rocket science. Yer may be you right some folk eh .
  4. Don't be daft, too many selfish ignorant folk out there who don't give a dam about anyone but themselves. Where are those rules about twice the speed??????? Im sure tongue in cheek.😢
  5. Is there any responses from CRT on this issue? How about all writing to mags, tow path, tillergraph. CRT must respond surely. Before there is serious accidents or is that what they are waiting for.
  6. CLAN1

    Welfofd arm

    Thank you for all your replies, might give it a try, cheers.
  7. Hi has any one knowledge of mooring time limits at the end of welford arm? Not seen any restriction notices. Many thanks.
  8. CLAN1

    Gas needed

    Why not see if they have web page get the number and ring 😀
  9. Thank you for your replies very helpful, did seem a bit too good,
  10. hi, has anyone experience/opinions on the Auto Jack suitcase generator looking at the 2200w model. Cheers
  11. Excellent marina very friendly clean. Secure great place.
  12. Quite agree, we had one a few days ago, no other boats around and one came right up and buttoned up to us, like you say WHY, we are sociable folk but still dont understand the mentality, i chose to be on our own as i needed to use my generator without disturbing others. Im sure we'll still be criticised for wanting to keep a distance.
  13. Not sure sikaflex would hold a panel when the wind got up, best bet would be to drill n tap roof and fix with machine screws. In my opinion.
  14. All good suggestions for you best try them all. Plenty of flushing through will help at same time rocking, we have not used blue for past four years, fed up with the smell of that took ages to get rid of. We now only use bio washing fluid from wilco works a treat for us and no smells of anything. Hope that helps
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