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  1. Tesco heat logs £5 for 12 are pretty good. I use one on top of the solid fuel 'coal' for a nice heat boost. The trick to using them is leave them alone once they've turned into a hot ember - in which case they'll last for quite some time. Poke them and they'll disintegrate into hot dust and stop providing heat.
  2. Yes, Stirling powered. Exactly that model.
  3. Not all stove fans are born equal: Obviously it's never going to move warm air all the way down the boat to the back cabin and makes little difference to the middle of the boat, but what it does do well is disrupt the stratification of air into hot and cold layers in the saloon - where I sit of a cold winter night - pushing hot air out from the stove top, drawing it in from the back and cycling it around the 10' saloon area - which is all that's required.
  4. Barnton Tunnel is open now - since around 2pm today. I went through it today at around 3.00pm.
  5. Good on you for using your perfectly valid "short boat privilege" to increase efficiency. Unwarranted seething: The long boats in the queue in front of your selected cruiser would still have to wait exactly the same amount of lock cycles. The long boats behind it would be sped up by one less lock cycle.
  6. Saltersford Lock on the River Weaver a few days ago. I asked the lockie how many boats could he fit in. He told me he had 21 boats in at one time, but was slightly miffed because the record was 22. The biggest vessel to use the lock displaced 1040 tons.
  7. Yes, I noticed that it wasn't listed as a stoppage on the CRT website when I last looked. But it's definitely blocked. I was travelling in that direction but had to moor nearby Anderton's Lift because it was still unpassable at 7.00pm I asked the 2 hire boats coming back from that direction around 7.30pm for news. They said it was still blocked and they'd been called by the hire company and asked to wind and travel in the opposite direction. Apparently they CRT will resume the work of freeing the boats tomorrow.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. He would indeed! Before writing drafts Samuel Clemens used to measure draughts. The clue is in his name.
  10. Yep, Trad stern here. Watertight prep. advice noted. Thank you. I'm still mulling options but if I go by the L&L, then it'll be East to West. Thanks for the handy chart!
  11. Thanks for the reply! How did you approach removing your fenders for the Ripon? Did you remove them completely for the whole trip or were you able to lift them up at each lock? Good point. Duly noted.
  12. I regularly haul my 62' narrowboat out of locks. Not a problem at all. It's similar to a heavy lock gate in that you just need to apply constant, steady force until you overcome the initial inertia to get it moving. Once it's moving, piece of cake. I'm not particularly muscular.
  13. Thanks for the info ditch. How long was your boat?
  14. Anyone cruised the entire length of the Leeds & Liverpool in a 62 footer? If so, any advice? On the CRT website it says the maximum length boat for the L&L is a 62' My boat's a 62 - but obviously it has fenders, which adds about another foot and a half. So Is it actually practical to do the L&L in what's effectively a 63 and a half footer?
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