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  1. In other words, yes. You're quite comfortable being ageist and racist. Well at least you are open about your bigotry in public. Ah, I suspected you were an oikaphobe https://conservativewoman.co.uk/oikophobia-the-bbcs-extended-sneer-against-western-civilisation/
  2. What the same "middle aged white englishmen" that created the politically stable, prosperous nation that allows you the opportunity to virtue signal/self flagellate from ? Aside from that, how is your statement not 1. ageist (middle aged) 2. racist (white) 2. sexist (men)? Or have you bought into the "intersectionality" nonsense where only white people can be racist because reasons?
  3. Tug deck an' all. Very nice!
  4. Yes Auriga's an Orion. Two water pumps and everything Yes it does. I find the cratch cover extremely useful but it does absolutely nothing for the look of the boat. I love the look of the Orions I've seen without cratch covers. But as a live aboard I have to find that balance between practicality and aesthetics
  5. Indeed! Apart from Auriga I spent a good couple of minutes admiring Zulu from the towpath at Alvecote. A lovely looking boat 👍 Same surname too! I know what you mean. But still, I'm having some fun despite pandemics, lockdowns etc. And thank you Likewise, keep safe!
  6. Judging by the food stains clearly a good recipe book
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