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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Given the threat of a Napoleonic invasion is now somewhat diminished due to Napoleon being dead for 200 years and all, you'd have thought they'd have relaxed that rule a bit by now I didn't spot a single boat along its length on Google maps. But looks like a pretty cruise along its 28 miles. There is a canoe club building on the Hythe end, but I think it's for the ocean.
  3. True. Some boaters can certainly be unreasonable. However, given the prodigious talking talent available, a temporary solution might be to rig up a crank converting reciprocating jawbone motion to circular, and attach it to the alternator. Problem solved ?
  4. Thanks The Macclesfield is a pretty canal all round. It's my new favourite. There are worse places to have had to endure the lockdown.
  5. bagginz


    As far as I can tell from the CRT release, the Ashby's now closed at Marston Junction. The leak/sinkhole is right up the other end at Snarestone near bridge 61 https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/18857-ashby-canal?fbclid=IwAR39Rv2Ix7w6nFERca4AtEf5WY2smz63ET5CrYQSWdJOZowaKxus2OzR_fU https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10219044796773250&set=gm.3718195964899591 (image from FarceBook post - link above) (edit) Doh! Just seen the other thread
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Yep, done that one! I dumped the water along with the stinking black sludge that was obstructing the U-bend in the first place! A Laurel and Hardy moment.
  8. Deacon Blue Named after the Scottish band? Or named after the song that the Scottish band named themselves after?
  9. Here's mine: A 62' Orion trad shell and Gardner vintage 2 banger in the engine room. It's a great old tub, I love it Tixall Wide at dawn Wey Navigation Lady Lindsay's Lawn - River Thames Tixall Wide at night
  10. I wasn't looking for a bow thruster, but the boat I liked in all other aspects had one fitted, so I ended up with one. I didn't switch it on for the first 3 months to make sure I could steer the boat in the proper way. I've gotta say it's very useful when reversing - especially when there' s any crosswind. Of course it's possible to do it without, but It's more of a timesaver than anything. When reversing around bends, if the nose begins to swing out rather than correcting by dropping into forward + tiller over to bring it back, which kills backward momentum and requires overcoming inertia to get the boat moving backwards again, a quick squirt with the BT (it takes some experience to know exactly how much btw) and you can continue. If you have to reverse through a few curves and have some crosswind without a BT you can end up correcting the nose by dropping into forward + tiller over 10 or more times - which requires overcoming the boat's inertia each time - it just takes much longer. I tend to tackle reversing into/out of spots that ordinarily without a BT I'd think twice about - e.g. reversing in a crosswind from outside the BoatHouse pub in Braunston around the bend, under the double bridges onto the south Oxford, under the roving bridge for a couple hundred yards to moor up. When I reverse I always challenge myself to do it without the BT - but if there are lines of moored boats it's nice to know that you can get out of trouble - if need be. Do you need one? No. Are they useful? Yes.
  11. I prefer NewHeat over Excel. The only thing I didn't like is the sneaky stealth inflation tactic - selling in 20kg bags when the standard is 25kg. I resent the old "keeping the cornflake box the same size but reducing the weight of the contents" trick. But that's just me. Good fuel tho'
  12. Yes. That was exactly my thought. Looking at the photo, that right hand fuse holder shows obvious signs of overheating. Perhaps it was a tenuous fuse connection that caused it to heat up and blow (oxidisation or an insufficiently tight contact) or perhaps a tenuous connection in the other fuse caused all the current to go through the now singed one? Do keep us informed on the results of your repair.
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