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  1. Have been using whatever I can get my hands on so far but I know some are definitely better than others. Do people tend to prefer certain kinds due to their heat output or other factors?
  2. Hmm, starting to wonder from a bit more research whether a header tank is an expansion tank (sorry for the tripping up on this)
  3. Well, we have a header tank but no expansion tank... There also isn't a drainage system Do you know if having a header tank in fact means that it is an open/vented system?
  4. right so after a lot of searching and a call with the previous owner I have realised that I actually have a closed, pump system. After experiencing an (electrical) pump failure yesterday we are quite keen to just disconnect the back boiler and use the stove on its own. Would rather just have the stove without the stress of the back boiler at this point. Any tips for disconnection? Wondering if we can just unscrew the back boiler entry and exit pipes and let the liquid in the back of the stove burn off or if we need to drain the entire system and remove all the pipe work? Getting pretty chilly so keen to get the fire on !
  5. Thanks very much all of you. I will do those things tomorrow and will definitely be looking to update the entire fuse system ASAP
  6. What is weird is that the pumps have started working again, then all stoped, and now have started working again. Can it be a fuse problem if this is happening. Our smart gauge says we have 81% charge in our batteries. It has been a sunny day and we have four solar panels, lights are all working etc
  7. Thanks so much! Ok so I have found it I think
  8. I am very new to electrics so could be confusing things
  9. My engine bilge pump is working. However my shower pump, domestic water pump and back boiler pump have failed. nothing is coming from the taps and nothing is able to be pumped out. Im not really sure what I am doing but I turned the batteries on and off and tripped the fuse box (I have one central fuse). Immediately after doing this the pumps didn’t start working). However, about ten minutes later they starting working for a brief period. I used the bath room sink tap, but when I went to pump it out the pumps all failed again
  10. Yes there is definitely water in the tank. Filled it up a couple of days ago
  11. All my water pumps for bringing water to the taps and water out of the boat have stopped working at once. I have full solar charge, lights are on and all other electrical outlets seem to be working. I have turned the batteries on and off and checked my fuse box (it hadn't flicked down but I tripped it anyway but no luck).
  12. I have been really struggling to find the drainage point in my system. I have traced the pipe work around the boat and under most of the floor boards I can get up without breaking them. Would anyone be able to send a picture of their drainage points so I might get a slightly better idea of I do find it?
  13. Great, thanks will do. Just trying to locate the drain, any clues on where they are usually situated? Cheers again
  14. Thanks Tonka, would it be advisable to drain the system prior to adding the new solution or is this not necessary? not sure what was used in there before
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