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  1. She was a nasty Home Secretary and an uncompromising PM. Given that there seems to be no Brexit option that Parliament can vote for, you have to wonder how a vote for revoking Article 50 would go - possibly something that a majority in Parliament can get behind A good leader would give it a go.
  2. Too late. We have a good deal with the EU right now. It couldn’t be as good if we left and asked to rejoin. There isn’t a better deal outside the EU, so we should just have a referendum
  3. He has been described as f**king deranged
  4. Surprise! Surprise! Ardent leave supporter recognises that our government is useless and should never have been given the job of doing the deal to leave the EU. So, having voted so that our sovereign parliament has total control, when you find that it always had it, but don’t like what it does, you now want to change the nature of our politics and Parliament. The fact is that you are going to get the sovereign parliament that you get. It might be the thing you talk about, or it might be much the same as we already have. The chances are that it won’t be what you want. Nobody voted to leave the EU in order to change our politics and parliament... it wasn’t anywhere close to being the kind of slogan you could put on the side of a bus, in order to con people into voting leave. Like I’ve said before, you need to make up your mind/s what it is that you want from our departure from the EU. Farage might encourage a leaving, but you can be sure that it won’t bear any relation to what you hope for, or expect - you think it will, but it won’t. I genuinely have no idea anymore why anyone wants to leave, (except Smelly ), and it seems to have boiled down to leaving for leavings sake. It is a fact that nobody is prepared to say why, nor to refer us to previous statements of why. Aha! You have a huge chip on your shoulder because you believe the Germans won the war, and the French helped them. Now I Get It!
  5. I recall there being a lot of talk about the deal we would do with the EU. Farage even talked about something like the Norway deal being a possibility, and Liam Fox said it would be the easiest deal in history, along with telling us that there would be loads of Non EU countries queuing up for a FTA as soon as we leave.
  6. I have no idea what you mean by that? You are certainly avoiding the mention of any benefits of Brexit. Like mark99 who cannot point us to the post or posts where he lists what he thinks are the benefits. like I said - completely absent from the campaign, and voters are falling for it. I genuinely have no idea what Brexiteers are now suggesting are the benefits of leaving? You were never bothered about benefits, so I expect no less from you. I definitely don’t get your desire at all
  7. At your peril, it would seem? That would seem to be the attitude that has lead to where we are. Parliament doesn’t like that attitude and has used its power.
  8. It is even more amazing that there is no mention of any benefits of leaving the EU any more by those who want to leave. Those still supporting leave have been brainwashed by the event, which has now been shown to have no benefits whatsoever Who is doing the frustrating? Not the government- it has a deal on the table which is ready to go. Its your sovereign parliament that is doing the frustrating - the very thing you clamour for is the very thing that is frustrating your wet dream.
  9. Not solely, although it seemed to suit many Brexiteers to suggest that it was when it suited them. You will recall the oft quoted “fact” that 85% of votes were for Brexit Now it seems to suit you to say that it wasn’t The fact is that a GE, (or the EU elections), cannot possibly provide an answer as to whether there is a majority for or against Brexit, because there are so many different things in people’s minds when they vote. However, the consequence of any GE is to give a mandate for the winner of a majority a mandate to carry out its manifesto policies - this is not questioned. In this case, the people knew that it was a manifesto policy of both major parties to effect Brexit, and the people chose to give neither party a mandate for anything. Additionally, the people went further and made it such that a coalition could not really be agreed, and parliament received the power it has chosen to exert. Or do you think the people were stupid, and didn’t realise the likely consequence of their votes?
  10. Richard10002

    no earth

    My genny charges the batteries, via an inverter charger, (sometimes by a separate charger only). The batteries then supply 12V DC directly, and 240V AC via the inverter. Thus the genny only provides 240V to the charger or inverter charger
  11. Had the people allowed Mrs May to have a big enough majority, we would have left by now, based on her WA deal. The people didn’t, so we haven’t - QED really? You keep blaming government and Parliament, and seem to ignore that it is the will of the people that has created the situation.
  12. You almost make my point for me... but not quite If neither side will accept a win by the other side, how on earth do you expect a proxy referendum via the EU elections to work. A real referendum would tell government and Parliament the current will of the people. (What they do with that information is for them, and it would depend on what said information was). The EU elections cannot do this, because the tribal voting for Tories and Labour means you cannot know what each vote meant. Whilst their shares may be low compared to what has gone before, the fact that they are going to get around 20% to 30% of the vote between them, means that a large number of votes cannot be judged with respect to Brexit..... that is not to say they won’t be - but it will be wrong.
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