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  1. Richard10002


    Ditto many men I would guess. If you gave me the job of refuse collection for a week, I would be back at my desk by lunchtime.
  2. Richard10002

    Sizing a solar installation

    I have 2 x 245w panels, one flatand one at a bit of an angle, but not much. through a Tracer 40A MPPT controller, I get about 120Ah on the sunny days of recent weeks. Which is more than enough for a full day on board. So, based on my experience, you need about 500W of solar. But why base your cooling around such an inefficient fridge? You must be thinking of using it long term, so would be wise to invest in a proper 12v one.
  3. Richard10002

    Slow Down!! "I Can't!!"

    Enough, IMHO You can generally tell by looking at your bow wave. Whatever speed I'm going at, if I knock it into neutral around 2 boat lengths, the bow wave reduces to a bit of a ripple, and boats hardly move when I pass them.
  4. Richard10002

    Alternator wiring

    I have a 50A circuit breaker between panels and controller, (not between controller and batteries), which I break occasionally if the solar is working, and I want to do something with the batteries. Could that trash the controller?
  5. Richard10002

    World Cup football.

    I think Croatia got their just desserts... a dirty team, although not as dirty as Colombia, they got away with a lot against England, and one challenge I saw in todays game should have earned a free kick and a yellow card, if not red.... but nothing. Not sour grapes, as England only beat Tunisia, (just), Panama, Colombia, (just), and Sweden, to get to the semis, so not really any wins to write home about.... although you can only beat the team in front of you.
  6. Richard10002

    Fire Extinguishers - replace??

    BSS inspection in a couple of weeks. Pretty sure my dry powder fire extinguishers have been on board since buying the boat in 2011, so no idea how old they are. At the previous BSS inspection, the inspector looked at the pressure dial, which was, and is, in the green, checked the general appearance, and passed them. Given their age, should I be thinking of changing them, both to pass the Scheme, as well personal safety, or is an extinguisher with pressure in the green as good at say, 10 years, as it was when new?
  7. Richard10002

    Slow Down!! "I Can't!!"

    1) I agree that I wasn’t moored as tightly as I would be under normal circumstances, and I did say that I normally don’t let it bother me. I’ll never see him again, no damage is usually done, and wasn’t this time, so no big deal. 2) He couldn’t have failed to notice that something unusual was going on as my back end was sticking out at an unusual angle, and there were two of us standing by the boat, chatting. If I was approaching a situation like this, straightforward boatmanship would raise a question of some kind... 3) I wasn’t particularly complaining about his speed, More his particular response/excuse to my polite query
  8. Richard10002

    Slow Down!! "I Can't!!"

    Working on my bow located gas locker yesterday, I had the bow line short, and stern line long, so the stern was several feet off the mooring, and the bow was easy to hop on and off. I don't usually bother when boats go past fast.. it can be irritating and, every now and then, an unsecured door will bang shut, or a drawer open, but generally, no big deal. However, I was chatting with a fellow boater, with the boat tied as above, and I saw "Jemima" approaching at speed and, as she got close, my boat surged and rocked quite significantly. Over the noise of his engine, I suggested he could slow down a bit: "Sorry mate, I've got a big prop for rivers" I shouted back that he could knock it out of gear. He shrugged his shoulders, raised his arms, and carried on towards the emergency he must have been racing to get to. I wondered briefly how he goes about mooring his boat, when his speed would have to vary between the slowest his big prop can propel him, and stopped?? Given that his obviously well prepared and, presumably usual, response was ridiculous, I doubt whether he will be slowing down for moored boats any time soon, but I wonder if he knows how ridiculous it makes him appear? I'll never see him again, no harm was done but, if he is reading here, can I suggest that he thinks up a better retort for those who complain about his contravention of good boating etiquette
  9. I suppose it will help them to establish what a market rent is? If they end up with empty moorings, their rents are too high... if they are able to auction them of at the same, or higher, rents........
  10. Richard10002


    Which “large tracts” are these, and roughly how large are they?
  11. Richard10002

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    I don't think anyone us saying that all car drivers are perfect... They are not... I AGREE!! The thread is about cyclists, and some people are saying that some cyclists behave badly. On towpaths, these cyclists will be the ones who are likely to cause the damage or injury. On roads, the cyclists behaviour is likely to cause injury to themselves, and to damage other vehicles. Stating that car drivers also behave badly doesn't excuse the inexcusable by another group.
  12. Richard10002

    Appropriate solar

    My guess is that Bimble specify it as a kind of on/off switch for the panels and, if so, it isnt actually necessary at all. I've got one of these: https://www.12voltplanet.co.uk/waterproof-switchable-surface-mounted-circuit-breakers.html and find it handy if I want to switch the solar off - yesterday I wanted it off to have some welding done in the engine space.
  13. Richard10002

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    where cyclists are the mode of transport with the most speed and mass, and where, mostly, speed to destination is paramount, and consideration for the rules, pedestrians, dogs, and boaters, is often non existent. I was filling with water etc. by our clubhouse yesterday. There are barriers about 100 yards apart, which are supposed to slow cyclists down. The water point is about mid way between the barriers. Lots of cyclists while I was there, most of whom were back up to full speed by the water point, followed by a screeching of brakes to slow for the next barrier. I heard not one bell warning me of an approaching cyclist, and only a few ambled through. A fellow boater commented how the recently fitted barriers were pretty much a waste of time, and they actually seemed to present a challenge to cyclists, rather than calming them.
  14. Richard10002


    There are definitely no rules, but my perception is that he is a psychopath, which most politicians don't seem to be. https://www.learning-mind.com/hare-psychopathy-checklist/

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