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  1. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    I don’t even know what that means. Given that there is a significant amount of talk about a second referendum, by people who have some influence, I’d say there is a chance of one. And if there is one, there is a chance of a vote to remain.
  2. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    Not yet eh??
  3. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    You left it to our elected representatives just over 2 years ago..... and look where we are. What makes you think they will see sense soon, if they haven’t seen it in 2 years? What kind of sense do you think they may see? I don’t think they have any idea - do you? I haven’t seen any evidence of this so called strong negotiating position. The only way to take advantage of it, if it exists, is to walk away from the table, and let them come back to us on bended knees. Our elected representatives don’t seem to have the guts to do this- which suggests that they think we need the EU more than the EU needs us. I heard a good analogy earlier today. When you make an offer for a house, on the basis of what you can see, and it is accepted, subject to contract), you then have a survey, and make some in depth legal enquiries. If the house does not live up to expectations, in either respect, you can either attempt to renegotiate, or decide you don’t want it. Thank you for your “U” turn! to date my recollection is that you have been suggesting that we lost and should suck it up.
  4. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    So why is it OK for the fight to continue if it were Farage and Brexiteers calling for it, but not OK for the fight to continue if it is Remainers calling for it?
  5. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    “some officious twat”? rubbing the embossed gold lettering off your passport? Beggars belief!
  6. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    Why do you feel the need to selectively edit my post, such that what you quote is completely out of context. I didn’t quote, “as a fact”. I quoted what other Leave supporters have said. You might ask them where they got their facts from. As a consequence, your criticism is not really relevant to what I said. Have another read of what I said, quote the whole of the relevant part, and then see if your retort is appropriate. If not, you might consider deleting it. Notwithstanding the irrelevance of your retort, do you now think that it is all about money and trade, and that we will gain more than we lose? Most leave supporters now seem to have agreed that we will gain nothing economically, and will actually lose, but that it is a price worth paying - for what? I have no idea? The so called benefits you quoted above, (only 3, and they seemed more like features to me, rather than benefits), have nothing to do with money and trade, and don’t seem to lead to us gaining anything at all from leaving.
  7. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    As Smelly and others, (you possibly.... I cant recall), it's not all about money and trade, and the fact that we are going to lose more than we gain doesn't matter. So where is this money that you now tell us we are going to have to spend on our roads and services...... during the campaign we were told there would be £350 million a week, even though we knew it was much less than this. Then, as soon as the campaign ended, everyone denied that the words on the side of the bus meant what they said - "nuffink to do with me guv" was oft repeated during the days following the result. Then, as time went by, leave supporters began to agree that there was never going to be any money, that we would actually lose in economic terms, but that it would be worth whatever it cost, for other reasons. To now turn the tables again, and suggest that there is going to be a Brexit dividend, is somewhat disingenuous...... although this should be no surprise, as it is how we got into this mess in the first place
  8. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    Given that you dont seem to think we will actually leave, I'm not sure who is doing the head bashing? Having said that, your acceptance of the fact that we have to leave, "whatever the cost", and your complete lack of care about who it might affect, and how badly, and for how long, is possibly one of the best reasons for not leaving. If the leave campaign had plastered your particular reasoning over the side of the bus, and repeated it ad nauseum, we wouldnt be leaving..... your will is definitely not "the will of the people"
  9. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    Given that you have all denied that the £350 million was ever going to be available for anything, never mind the NHS, it would seem that the money we pay to the EU is not actually going to be around to be spent on anything.... and if it was, what makes you think that this, or any, government, would spend it on things like Cornwall or farmers, and not use it to feather the nests of their supporters, or just let it disappear into a black hole?
  10. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    But we dont, do we? and it was clear to me, during the campaign, that we didn't. What was obvious was that we had politicians and a government who cared not a jot about the electorate and the national interest. "If" we had a government that.......... is something that I've heard a lot of from people who support leaving, yet you gave them the job!!!
  11. Richard10002

    Past the point of no return....

  12. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    Kate Hoey: "She added: "They underestimate how strong we are when we are up against it." I havent seen any evidence of how strong we are when we are up against it during the 2 years since the referendum. In fact, at every juncture, it seems that we have backed down and given in, to the point where all of the "promises" made by the Brexit campaign have fallen by the wayside. What is she suggesting that "we" will do, now that "we are up against it". A slogan on a bus is pretty worthless these days, Farages words in the decades pre-referendum have also proved to be worthless, so what now??
  13. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    I'd say those are features, rather than benefits. How will these 3 features actually benefit you and me directly. For example: We have full control over immigration from the rest of the world, but the government don't seem to be very good at enforcing it - so what makes you think that control of immigration from the EU will be enforced in any meaningful way? In fact, in the years that I have heard governments promising to "deal with immigration", they have actually presided over significant increases in it - which suggests that they tell us what "we" want to hear, then do what they think is right for either them and their policies, or the national interest, (being somewhat cynical, I suspect the former) In a global world, how many of our laws are going to differ significantly from those of other westernised countries? Juncker doesnt dictate what we have to do, and he wont be President for much longer anyway. Given the complete cock up that our, soon to be sovereign, government, has made of the biggest issue facing the country for generations, the fact that they are not doing very well in many other areas of the running of the country, and the only alternative is a labour government, what actually makes you think that anything will actually be better when our government is in control, and responsible for, absolutely everything? I'd suggest that there is not a cat in hell's chance
  14. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    So... in your polygamous situations, do you live with 2 or more women, and no other men, or one woman and one or more other men, or a number of women and a number of other men, or some other kind of arrangement? I would have thought that these kinds of situations are at least as likely to lead to feelings of jealousy and ownership, and possibly moreso. I'm genuinely curious, although it would probably be better if gender and polygamy were discussed in a thread other than this one.
  15. Richard10002

    Brexit 2017

    Pot and kettle come to mind. You seem to be suggesting that trade, economic activity and business, are the cause of big balls ups, massive debt, and inequality. Will they cease to exist once we leave the EU? What are you suggesting as an alternative?, and are you expecting there to be no big balls ups, massive debt, and inequality once we have left the EU? You are far too kind

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