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  1. You seem to be saying that it doesn’t matter whether delusion made anyone, (including you), vote the way they did... and I guess you are right.... we can all use our vote for whatever reason we want to at the time. It looks like the Leave campaign managed to delude more people than the Remain campaign... just! Not really a good way to decide upon the biggest constitutional change in several lifetimes, is it? At least people who recognise they were deluded prior to a general election are able to change the way they vote within the next 5 years. What made you think that the U.K. government will change the way they deal with the welfare state if we leave the EU?
  2. Thats precisely what is happening at the moment. Sovereignty is preventing the government doing what it wants. The people, (The Country), gave parliament that particular power at the last election. You didn’t need to vote the way you did.... Sovereignty has never left the Country
  3. Not only did they fail to tell the electorate... they successfully poo poo’d the experts who were trying to tell the electorate. The campaign was not about the best interests of the country, nor the truth and facts regarding leaving and remaining, it was about winning, and both sides did “whatever it took”. The governments current situation is not about the best interests of the country, it is about winning. The whole thing has been an absolute disgrace, and the opposition is equally to blame. They quote their meaningless mantra at every opportunity, but have done nothing positive to resolve anything.
  4. Some.... but probably not a million or so.... you clutch at straws! A friend of mine voted Leave because he thought Remain would win with a landslide and it was an opportunity to vent his frustration with Government. I wonder how many people voted leave in the same way? If it was more than about 600,000, the result was not representative of the will of the people even when it was cast. Smelly, Peterboat, and possibly Phil, will be along to tell us it was their own stupid fault, but their comments won’t change the facts.
  5. Nor is mine. I get you and your views mixed up with peterboat, so it might have been him, or it might have been both of you You and Leadson seem to hold petitions in contempt, whereas the rule seems to be that at 10000, Government will comment, and at 100,000 it will debate. 10 times the level for debate must be considered significant, but I can see why you poo poo it, in the same way as Leadson. Pretty disgraceful really.... certainly anti democracy, if nothing else
  6. I don’t think that’s what you said about the Leave petition. But don’t let fairness get in the way of bigotry eh?
  7. Necessary or not, it's never prevented you from throwing in insults on a regular basis has it? It's never necessary, and usually occurs when you have been found out and have no legitimate response, other than to admit you are wrong, which you find it impossible to do.
  8. No... But every time I've discussed it with any flooring shop they say it must be screeded level then stuck down. We have a version in our office that didn't need screeding or glueing and it's shite!
  9. Wasn't it you who was gloating over the success of the Leave petition a few weeks ago, poo pooing the Change.org remain petition.... or was it Phil? I think it was you. You guys change your tune to suit the moment! Black is white, white is black... it is incessant! Why on earth do you feel the need to join in with it? What do you achieve?
  10. I don't think any stores sell these things. I bought mine online from either altec.co.uk or 12voltplanet.co.uk tried Halfords and a few local motor stores and electrical stores, then gave up.
  11. Presumably, in your opinion, Tony Blair was more aligned with the centrist Lib Dem area of politics. I think he recognised that this was where the Labour Party needed to be if it was to have any chance of power, if only to stop the Tories in their tracks. Had the Labour Party remained much further to the left where you would rather it had been, (and where it is now), it probably wouldnt have given the Tories a bloody nose, may not have been elected, or may have been voted out sooner. Presumably you would rather be a well and truly left wing socialist party, with no power, rather than a bit closer to the middle, with the ability to take power from the Tories. Unfortunately, you need to see that we are where we are, (as they say), and do the best you can with it. Very clever.... almost political??
  12. I think I'm a leisure user, spending 3, sometimes 4, nights on board each week. However, I dont go far, if anywhere, and spend most of my time inside the boat, rather than outside. I would love a widebeam, on The Bridgewater Canal, but the cost would be too much, as against the £25k or so that our 45ft NB is probably worth.
  13. You need to grow a pair and accept some responsibility for what you've done, rather than passing the buck and making excuses at every opportunity. There was a remain supporter as PM and Chancellor when you voted to leave.... Who were you expecting to be carrying out the negotiations? Subsequently, when a whole bundle of leave supporting politicians had a chance to take over as PM, but they either did a runner, or shafted each other out of the race...... or both, leaving Theresa May with no competition. Furthermore, given the deal she is trying to do, which would mean we would LEAVE the EU, (not REMAIN in the EU), she doesn't look, or sound, much like a remainer to me. I want to REMAIN in the EU, and Mrs. Mays deal wont be remaining in the EU. Those who voted to leave the EU are the initiators of our current situation...... in the first instance, it is all your faults.
  14. I think their supporters were a bit short sighted to expect everything that was promised in their manifesto. Fine, had they formed a majority government, but with only a relatively small part of the coalition, they couldn't expect everything. Had they not deserted the party, it could have been the Lib Dems calling the tune for the past couple of years, rather than the DUP. No party fulfils all their pre election promises, but for most of my life, it's been a Labour or a Tory government, along with all the lies that have gone with both of them.
  15. and what do you think are the chances of nothing happening?
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