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  1. Not sure if this will be removed, but it's very appropriate, and funny. Contains some swear words:
  2. Haven't there been days where at, say, 6pm, the number of deaths has been announced. Then, at a later time, or the following day, the actual number is confirmed to be higher as the day has gone on? If the death numbers are from 2 days previous, whatever the reasoning, they would not change during the day they are reported. One could also ask how announcing a number can affect next of kin? It's not as though the number identifies that their relative has died. Something doesn't seem right about this explanation. Have the WHO numbers been 2 days behind as well?..... the reports certainly never gave that impression.
  3. I'm pretty sure that Jennifer was saying that, for 2 days, the number of new cases reported had reduced, and was therefore heading for zero, rather than infinity. If the number of new cases reported goes down each day, it probably means we are on the right track. In fact, even if it is because fewer people are being tested, this is because fewer people are being hospitalised - another good thing.
  4. Screwfix made it onto my list last year, but I realised that I need them more than they need me
  5. Because the CRT sign that says NO FISHING, also says that you should not walk past boats moored on the towpath. (The ones I have seen images of do... there may be variations). The bottom line with all of the instructions/advice/rules during this pandemic is that it is the equivalent of an honesty box as there are not enough resources to enforce it and policy is to encourage. Even if there were the resources, (The Armed Forces are available), I'd guess that government has decided that tough enforcement would lead to a worse outcome. Thus.... if Welshy wants to fish off the back of his boat, he could go ahead and see what happens. He almost certainly wont be thrown in the slammer. At worst, he might be advised/asked by someone "official", to observe the sign. He might be also be approached by members of the public with similar advice/requests. If I saw him fishing off the back of his boat, not far from a CRT sign saying "No Fishing", I'd think he was a bit of a ********, (insert your own word here).
  6. In the absence of words to the contrary, I'd interpret the words, "NO FISHING", to mean No Fishing. If some doubt exists in the mind of the reader, they could call CRT for clarity. As MtB says above, I'd guess they would tell the caller that it means what it says. As for anyone questioning the fisherman on his boat.... they should not be walking, never mind stopping to talk, past/by a boat moored on the towpath.
  7. I believe that, while the government have very few tests of either kind, policy is that testing in volume is not effective. Then, as soon as they have enough to do some small volume testing, of either kind, policy becomes that it is critical to test those that they can test, front line staff etc... If they reach the point where they have enough to test a large part of the population, policy will be that it is critical to test large parts of the population. Based on resources, they have been telling us what they want us to hear, the real facts being kept behind the closed doors of the COBRA meetings. It seems that they do the same with respect to guidelines for PPE for front line staff. I suppose, in the absence of resources, there is no other way to manage this kind of situation.
  8. I think if there's a sign that says "No Fishing" you shouldn't fish.
  9. You seem to protest just a bit too much on this Welshy. It's not really for you to tell anyone how to behave is it? You seem to have a penchant for it? I obviously can't stop you, but you could, after all, just ignore him.
  10. The riders of the 8 unlicensed trials bikes, that sped along the towpath this afternoon, at what must have been 40mph had the right idea..... black bandana styled facemasks, which made them look like they were returning from a bank job, but would probably provide some protection against the virus.
  11. It might already have been said, but you need to read the article you quote again, and have another go at your comment. It was the "accurate detection rate" which was 30%. IIRC, the 9,000 were from a batch of 100,000 or so. There is another article knocking about which states that Spain have bought a lot of tests from an unauthorised Chinese source. ETA: Looks like it's been said and discussed and even caused arguments between other members, with no response from the poster
  12. I gave up worrying about that kind of thing when "brought" replaced "bought", even in the vocabulary of some I consider well educated.
  13. Med Cram: This is a very informative series of videos. This one talks about how hospital capacity might be increased or decreased, how the number of people needing hospital treatment might be increased or decreased and, perhaps most important, how we can individually help ourselves to improve our immune systems.
  14. Don’t all of us already have a digital id? I have a national insurance card somewhere with my number on it. I can’t guess at how many places this number is stored digitally, and how many more places it could be used. People have had a habit of forgetting bad things quite quickly, once they have passed. I’d guess none of the above.
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