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  1. Metric stupidity

    None of what you say has anything to do with the reason for dropping the 1p & 2p coins. It’s purely practical, and nothing to do with establishing commonality and losing heritage.
  2. Bolts through transom

    Here’s a link with what’s seems to be logical advice: http://www.boat-project.com/tutorials/drill.htm
  3. Bolts through transom

    Steel or GRP transom?
  4. Sterling Pro Charge Ultra 60A Cable size?

    Thanks Nick.. Genny it is, completely off grid. Not only is it not an issue, it is exactly the reason I want the Sterling facility to custom set float and absorption at the same level.
  5. Brexit 2017

    Aha! That well known sweeping change known as remaining in the EU. You don’t really get it do you.... you won, we’re leaving, and we need to get used to it. You don’t need to defend anything, and you definitely don’t need to twist the words of those who would prefer to remain.
  6. 16.8V charger for equalising Trojans?

    I think it has a max of 15.5V, which is no higher than my current inverter charger, so I'm expecting no success whatsoever on the desulphating front
  7. Brexit 2017

    Wow!! Bitter? Worried? Chip on your shoulder? Personal issues with the EU? You need to calm down a bit You seem to be reading a lot more into the vote than there actually was. In addition, you derogate almost the whole of the UK electorate, including those who voted to leave. Furthermore, you accuse the EU of things that I, and many others, would equally accuse the UK government of. A small majority, of the UK electorate that voted, voted, in an advisory capacity, to leave the EU - that's it. We cant leave tomorrow, and it's not in your gift, (or mine, or any of the ordinary Joe's), to tell the EU what we are going to pay, or how we are going to leave.
  8. Sterling Pro Charge Ultra 60A Cable size?

    My plan, (i.e. within a couple of weeks), is to buy and fit 50mm2 cable. In the meantime I just wanted to connect things up to get it working and see how the features work, compared to how I thought they would work. I'm going to set float voltage the same as absorbtion voltage, (14.9V for severely depleted Trojan T105s), so going into early float shouldnt be an issue. I just want to sure that I'm not going to start a fire in the cable at 60A. In the event, I'll probably set it to run at 30A in order to minimise any risk. Thanks for the input - all very helpful
  9. 16.8V charger for equalising Trojans?

    I know... I've wanted a new charger for several years and have been procrastinating. The particular feature of the Sterling made it worth taking a chance, and my refurbished inverter charger has been fine since 2011, (after an initial hiccup )... so we'll see how it goes....
  10. Bought the Sterling Pro Charge Ultra 60A charger in Midland Chandlers Freaky Friday to replace a 25A charger. The existing cables are 7mm outside diameter, which suggests 8.5mm2 which it seems can carry 60A, or so. The Sterling manual states 50mm2 cable for my 4m round trip to the batteries and back. Presumably, the Sterling specification is related to voltage drop, rather than cable carrying capacity, but I am no expert. If I connect the existing cable to the charger, and run it at full power, will the 60A, (for a while), burn out or overheat the 8.5mm2 cable, or will the batteries merely see a lower voltage, and perhaps not the full 60A? I suppose I am asking if 8.5mm2 cable can carry 60A safely. For information, the charger can be set to deliver 75%, 50%, or 25% of it's max power, so I can set it to deliver 45A, 30A, or 15A, if necessary in the short term. I'll obviously get some thicker cable in due course, but it would be good to connect things up and try it out sooner, rather than later.
  11. 16.8V charger for equalising Trojans?

    Bought the Sterling....
  12. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I’ve always detested much of what Labour stand for... and I now detest much that the Tory party stand for. I quite liked the Lib Dem coalition, but Lib Dem supporters understand so little of how politics and government works, particularly coalition government, that it is unlikely to happen again.
  13. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    Not really in this case... she isnt doing anything different to what most would do... I cant recall a government that didnt take advantage of opportunities like this in a similar way, to suit their own agenda. Corbyn is equally using it to his own political advantage, and would almsot certainly be doing something politically advantageous were he in power. Unfortunately, after almost 60 years, of which maybe 40 have been conscious of politics, I dont trust any of them!!!
  14. Sofa bed recommendations

    I suppose their boast is that it is sustainable, rather than cheap, (even though it is cheap at the same time)? "Sustainable" is a huge PC buzz word these days so, as long as the sustainability is true, any opportunity to get it into your marketing material isn't necessarily a bad move as it will appeal to some/many. Having said that, I wasn't even aware of the sustainability of their pine, (nor how cheap it was). I bought mine because: 1) they get lots of good reviews online, (here and Facebook are probably my sources mostly). 2) The clic clac mechanism means the bed is lengthways along the boat, as against across the boat. My existing sofabed opened up across the boat and it didnt quite open up completely, and blocked the boat completely - bloody irritating 3) They guarantee to get it on board, and lots of reviews confirmed this to be correct. 4) They looked good in the flesh. 5) I liked the way I was dealt with, both over the telephone, and during my visit. The service was excellent once I had paid online.
  15. RIP Stephen Hawking...........

    Sometimes this is the case, and other times a theory becomes fact, and can be the basis for significant advances in a whole variety of things. Electricity would have started as a theory is just one example......