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  1. I know it's a well worn fender but I have at least two lines hanging off it at the moment and it would have lasted quite a bit longer if they hadn't been tugged on.
  2. Hi I sent my local fishing license provider a request for compensation for the damage caused to my front buffer by fishermen fishing in the canal across the way from my boat thinking that since they take money for licences they should have third party liability for any damage caused. The fishermen are trying to get the fish in-between the boats and when they get caught on the buffers they just tug to get free but just rip the rope. What do you think should they cover the damage. Regards Keith
  3. That's a pity, does anyone know which yard he done the repairs at. He done a really good job with the boat. Does anyone know if takeing it out of the water using a crane will damage her.
  4. Hi I bought Friday last year and she is still bobing along. Shaun do you still have photos of the rebuild
  5. I am new to all this, is a survey not required as part of a safety certificate. My narrow boat has a wood hull and I presumed to get a safety certificate I would need to take it out of the water to be inspected.
  6. I have just been sent an email by the CRT regarding my safety certificate and it's due date to renew or some sort of discount will be lost. Dose anyone know if there is any flexibility on getting a cirtificate under the current situation or are renewal dates set in stone. To organise out of water maintainace will be difficult under the current climate. What does others think.
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