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  1. Thanks for those answers, most reassuring
  2. Hi, our plan this year is to go to Liverpool then up the Leeds and Liverpool canal to towards Leeds and back(. I would like to go to York and down the river Trent, but not that confident yet, and the dimensions seem a squeeze). Our boat is 60' with fenders and rudder it comes to 61.75. So we can go up and down Wigan flight, technically, but looking at some of those leaky gates, it looks a bit scary. Is it worth doing? Will I be risking the boat coming down if the locks are that bad? I know the trip to Liverpool is fine , it's the Wigan and beyond that worries me, any advice greatfully recieved ? The boat is a semi trad, so another question is, if going through very leaky gates, would it be better to cover the stern in some sort of angular tent to stop water finding its way into engine bay ?i want to have fun, not stress, so it's not a thing I have to do, but would like to me to. Cheers
  3. Not ignoring your advice, I was being pessimistic, I was hoping for an easy fiddle fix. I will be ringing up for further advice. Reason I thought it was the switch, was because I looked at manual and although it did not give my fault, it gave something else akin, which , said get new switch, but obviously I won't do that till its diagnosed correctly.
  4. Thank you,so there could be other reasons rather than the control panel, difficult to diagnose then, and the problem is not identified in the instruction manual, under fault finding. Looks like I am paying someone to find out.
  5. Thanks for reply, but no,everything is as normal, just flushes on its own a few minutes after use.
  6. Sounds ok but probably beyond my capabilities. Thanks tho.
  7. So do I need to buy the control panel unit? £150 from Vetus , are they easy to fit ?
  8. Ah right, thanks, any solutions you can think of?, I have just come back to the boat after ten days away, could it be damp ? Is it a professional job then, I'm not that handy, ?
  9. My toilet is self flushing every few minutes, I have to turn the power off to it, and back on when I want to flush it, otherwise it will continue doing it automatically. Any ideas what I should do to reset it. Does that flush panel ,flip off ,with a screwdriver, it feels quite strongly adhered, or should I be looking elsewhere? It only started doing it yesterday, I left it turned off overnight, but has continued this morning. I have only just had it pumped out.
  10. Yeah I joined when I had a Problem, you have to pay extra though, can't remember how much ,so ring and find out, and judge against calling out a local engineer. If there is no rush, probably better to ring round local engineers.
  11. Love this pub when passing through, locals. Always friendly and chat to you. Bottom of Foxton locks
  12. Rugby to market harborough, nice scenic route, two long tunnels and a couple of staircase locks, with lock keepers to help you. I would reccomend it.nice towns on the way, and a very safe environment.
  13. I've just been through braunston tunnel, the boat I had facing me had nearly stopped, but it's light was blinding, he had it on his right side, but looking straight ahead, I tried putting my hand up to drflect it's glare , but I just could not see, I glanced off his bow, no problem tho, and he nodded as I went past, I said, you need to adjust your light it's blinding, but he quickly loudly replied he doesn't, it's pointing upwards. but it wasn't, not enough anyway, and as the tunnel is a bit kinky " their angle to you , can be different to your angle to them. My light points upwards, it lights the tunnel sides enough, but gives a small extra circle of light just ahead of my bow on the ceiling of the tunnel., if I keep that circle in the centre of the tunnel roof, I am therefore always in the middle, it doesn't distract other boaters, and gives me ample light to negotiate passing other boats.(unless there shining their light in your face) The man today disagreed with me, but he wasn't facing it, no harm done, but he will probably get hit a lot in tunnels.
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