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  1. Two weeks to do four counties, then two weeks to Liverpool and back, any spare time could be spent on the weaver.
  2. Anderton to Middlewich is a better trip as you are on the right side of the towpath, for blind bends and overgrown reeds blocking your sight. Coming back is not as pleasant if u meet a speeding or inexperienced crew at those blind spots.
  3. It was like that last September, obviously not been sorted since then.
  4. Astley green as afore mentioned is my preferred stopping point, nice pub, and bins if you turn left at the bridge, but they are hidden.
  5. I am moored with tyres for fenders,I will try tying the tiller to one side. The boat is draughted 30” stern and 18” bow. The rudder stock being loose in the bearings could be a possibility. I got a new bearing a couple of years ago, but there is some give in the tiller. Maybe have it looked at when it’s out for blacking. It’s too windy to turn boat around easily. Thanks for replies.
  6. Hi, when it’s windy, I can hear what appears to be my rudder, or something, bouncing back and forwards, creating a banging noise. This is when moored. So I have tied my tiller to straight ahead position, but still this annoying dun dun noise like it’s moving, but on o bservation, the tiller doesn’t move, so what could be causing it. It’s not just now, has been noticed in other moorings on windy days. Can’t think what it can be apart from rudder, but swan neck tied off straight.?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. You should have a choice as to which way to wind , if it is windy tomorrow. Which is handy, so don’t think u will have any problem with just 50’ , enjoy.
  9. Are u sure you have the stop cocks open, they may have been open and you turned them shut ?
  10. You should tell CRT what you are doing, I had to let water down from lock one last night on the Leigh branch, there is a problem with that stretch , so needs fixing.It’s emptying so fast , ridiculous to refill it every few hours, puts an hour on your journey.
  11. U could use vpn to watch football for free, apart from vpn cost.
  12. I find the Severn a bit laborious, apart from Upton, and stourport, and best of all Worcester, particularly when the races are on, but the Avon is glorious, some of the locks by the weirs are amazing, so picturesque. Rivers are a delight, but you have to know the mooring spots, I love being on them, and enjoy being off them for ease of mooring, good places to be in the summer though when the canals are full.
  13. Report them to crt. Not worth confrontation, it can go wrong.
  14. So it’s likely to be the switch, I will try there first before paying someone.
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