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  1. Thanks for the couple of helpful recommendations/ answers. Greenies given. Beware the 12th April, to any others on this forum who move their boat.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Wasn’t this the same as what happened to the foxton pub, .? once it was successful CRT took back the lease, and why the then leasee made that little bar opposite.
  4. Just a cheapo to do the job, suppose a car one will do job, just wondered if anyone else had done this.
  5. Having nearly been hit by a boat today, ( blind corner, their boat on wrong side, sharp turn under a bridge) I was thinking maybe getting a dash cam type thing for insurance purposes, I could of been almost t boned , as the canals are about to get busy with energetic excited hirers and owners, I thought if this is the start of things to come, better get some proof if things go wrong. The odd knock, and boats getting too close to the side etc, is par for the course, but a head on, or t bone could do some damage, so I thought getting a cam at front of boat would be a good idea, has anyone e
  6. Last time I used those bins they were full of rats, and I mean full, with others scampering away as I opened lid, quite a fright.
  7. Problem for me with solar is, as a retired ccer I travel all the time in summer, so not much need for solar, in winter, I travel a lot less , but can’t get much solar. It’s a conundrum.
  8. Just to finish this subject off, the blockage was on the other side of the macerator, it was blocked in the elbow joint into the tank. It was calcified up,and had got blocked there. The joint from the hose ,from the macerator into holding tank is made at almost half the diameter of the hose from toilet.The calcification, decreased this further, and it was a problem waiting to happen. Forward advice is to increase the diameter into the tank and accompanying elbow joint pipe work. I was amazed it was such a small bore into holding tank when the rest of system piping is twice the si
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. Yes that looks like the fellow, today I bailed out the water in the bowl, and tried to get my hand around in there but looks like it’s a u bend so could only get my fingers around the top, so no chance of poking a stick in there. Took it to a marina, who tried a suction contraption on it but no joy. Advised to fill with hot water, but on reflection, with the u bend can’t see that working, then to try one of those metal whirlybird pipe cleaners, which I have got , just couldn’t find it tonight, so will try that tomorrow. if that doesn’t work, looks like taking the toilet out and washing d
  11. Hi thanks for answers, it’s a vetus vacu flush to remote tank with a macerator, I did ring a man who advised me not to poke things down the bowl in case I ruptured something, advised filling the bowl with water and leave for a few hours, which I have done, and tried a plunger but with no luck. So I will empty water out of bowl tomorrow, and poke a wooden stick down there tomorrow,maybe with some hot water first, if that’s the advice.
  12. I think our toilet is blocked from the leaving the bowl to the macerator, the macerator runs, but there is no forward motion, so I think it’s a big log poo stuck in the pipe this end of the macerator most of it went when I was flushing it, but then not all the water disappeared as is usual if you just use the macerator button. , I am leaving it overnight, hopefully to down grade with the water in pan. But if it won’t flush tomorrow, what can I do, can I get a stick down there to mix things up, or is that not advised. The tank should not be full for a few days yet, and although the ca
  13. They have cleared a lot of the front, in front of that lake behind, I thought they be incorporating that. Or maybe there just making a car park there, but that seems where most work was happening.
  14. Thanks for all answers, still not sure, will keep below 14.7 to be safe, when I bought boat, he never went into a marina, and did have a generator, the batteries were , as the boat, seven years old, but the batteries were ballooned and had to be replaced once I started learning things.
  15. Thanks but I meant whilst-charging ,the voltage creeps up and went over 14.7 v and I wasn’t sure if that was harming the batteries, from other answers it looks like I can charge up to 14.8 v. What made me think twice is that when on once a week hook up the v charge doesn’t go above 14.6v
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