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  1. Yes that looks like the fellow, today I bailed out the water in the bowl, and tried to get my hand around in there but looks like it’s a u bend so could only get my fingers around the top, so no chance of poking a stick in there. Took it to a marina, who tried a suction contraption on it but no joy. Advised to fill with hot water, but on reflection, with the u bend can’t see that working, then to try one of those metal whirlybird pipe cleaners, which I have got , just couldn’t find it tonight, so will try that tomorrow. if that doesn’t work, looks like taking the toilet out and washing d
  2. Hi thanks for answers, it’s a vetus vacu flush to remote tank with a macerator, I did ring a man who advised me not to poke things down the bowl in case I ruptured something, advised filling the bowl with water and leave for a few hours, which I have done, and tried a plunger but with no luck. So I will empty water out of bowl tomorrow, and poke a wooden stick down there tomorrow,maybe with some hot water first, if that’s the advice.
  3. I think our toilet is blocked from the leaving the bowl to the macerator, the macerator runs, but there is no forward motion, so I think it’s a big log poo stuck in the pipe this end of the macerator most of it went when I was flushing it, but then not all the water disappeared as is usual if you just use the macerator button. , I am leaving it overnight, hopefully to down grade with the water in pan. But if it won’t flush tomorrow, what can I do, can I get a stick down there to mix things up, or is that not advised. The tank should not be full for a few days yet, and although the ca
  4. They have cleared a lot of the front, in front of that lake behind, I thought they be incorporating that. Or maybe there just making a car park there, but that seems where most work was happening.
  5. Thanks for all answers, still not sure, will keep below 14.7 to be safe, when I bought boat, he never went into a marina, and did have a generator, the batteries were , as the boat, seven years old, but the batteries were ballooned and had to be replaced once I started learning things.
  6. Thanks but I meant whilst-charging ,the voltage creeps up and went over 14.7 v and I wasn’t sure if that was harming the batteries, from other answers it looks like I can charge up to 14.8 v. What made me think twice is that when on once a week hook up the v charge doesn’t go above 14.6v
  7. Thanks for replies, they are Leoch 230 AGM,s had them for 4 years, first time I have used a generator. I went into a marina last night to give them a good charge, and victron bmv 7.2 showed not going over 14.6 v, to charge them down to 1 amp over night. I was worried when after two hours charging with the Honda generator240 outlet it started going over 14.7 v, but it was charged enough for me then anyway. But if I got iced in could I do a long charge, and would it harm the batteries, would the charger regulate it. Should I disconnect at 12.7v or leave it till 12.8v Lots of differing ad
  8. Hi,in lock down and now in front of a stoppage I usually charge my batteries by an hour or so a day, using the engine, them after two or three days go for a cruise slowly to empty rubbish , pump out maybe, get water etc, and that takes batteries to 90 percentish , then once a week, go on a marina electric bollard for an overnight charge, taking my amps down to less then 1 percent. I have three 230 ah AGM batteries, which are about four years old now, so I thought all this idling around, I usually cruise cruise cruise as a cc, I would get a generator to stop running the engine for no reas
  9. Don’t go foraging for winter fuel after a liquid lunch
  10. That’s so kind thank you, if I can’t get it sorted, I will pm you. Thanks, but I can’t stay on the services all day, and they can arrive 8 till 8 , that’s the main problem for me. I see, but its being somewhere close to see the delivery man arrive, I am between the salt barge and Anderton on the canal.
  11. Hi, as a cc, I am trying to buy a generator off e bay, I am near northwich, it will have to be delivered by private courier. I have never done this before, I have put in a bid, and if successful I will pay on top the postage. Which I have messaged to the seller. But where can I get it to be delivered to. Pubs shut , local marina only open a few hours a day, usual drop off points via e bay , Amazon won’t take a heavy generator, Honda eu201, any advice options, I have not thought of apart from a long drive to a relative to pick it up. ? plus what is the protocols on them delivering to me.
  12. Bow thrusters are great reversing, make it so much easier.
  13. Timx


    Hi, thanks for that, but can I ask why? I have been cc’ing for four years, I have never wanted a generator or needed one, I pull into a marina once a week to charge up then go. I am now not allowed to do that regime’ actually because of an emergency stoppage right now, and going forwards, I could get stuck with marinas not letting you in. I don’t want a ‘monster charger,’ why be unfriendly, I have asked for help through my lack of experience on generators.if I have misread you , I apologise, but I will buy the version you specify, so thanks for that.
  14. Timx


    Could you send me a link to that, as I’m just confusing myself with models .
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