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  1. Maintenance Fails

    No pub ?
  2. Cratch Cushions

    I have a semi trad, so measured for front and back. On e bay I found a firm that does foam type cushion fillings.Ordered them, then some waterproof material to cover them. Then gave them to my partner to do the easy bit of sewing. They are great, don't need precise measuring, and take some abuse in winter, but easy to wipe down, hard wearing and cheap, if you do a little ground work.
  3. I was talked out of it, when I wanted to buy one, and now I am glad I was , as I cruise through the winter, the more protection from the elements the better. I find semi trad , the best option, others will say trad, as that's the best for winter , but a bit anti social in summer.
  4. If I wanted a cruiser stern, which is no good for ccing, but great if your using it for summer jaunts, I would want it. I think the price is realistic, and maybe get a couple of k off, gets survey to check all is ok. I would ask 50k and expect to pay up to £55 to 57, if I wanted it.I think it will go soon. Just my opinion.
  5. Belt sizes

    Google , fan belt 860, for a multitude of choices,I just did and loads came up.
  6. I would say it is now realistically priced , and optimistically over priced beforehand. I like Aqualine ,although I am biased ,as I have one.
  7. Get yourself a guide book -Pearsons, gives you all the pubs and timings and mooring spots in an easy read fashion.
  8. Aghhh ,ok thanks. That would leave me without water again, so annoying.
  9. It is fully turned to the right, clockwise, I'e most pressure, so can't increase anymore, and that's how it came.
  10. So do I have a problem with a brand new pump ? or is it ok to keep?
  11. Hi,again, after getting a new pump fitted, like for like, Jabasco, model 32600. It works fine however , it should kick in at 1.4 bar,then cut out at 2.8 .But my gauge shows it sitting at 1.0 bar and kicks in at 0.4 bar. Cuts out at 1.0 bar, then kicks in at 0.4 bar. Then so on and so forth.Not a problem apart from it nearly losing all pressure then kicking back in every twenty seconds. So is that ok, I know it's not to pump spec, but is the kicking in kicking out so often a problem? Last pump used to kick in and keep going till tap was turned off.Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  12. Thanks for replies,I won't bother then.
  13. Cheshire Ring - Which way?

    Don't worry about it, unless you are spending an extended period on it, can't think why you would do that on a leisure trip.
  14. Homeless

    It's a difficult subject, just do what you want in your own way, you might get it right or wrong.
  15. I am just replacing like for like, I am sure you may be right ,but I don't have enough knowledge to differentiate.IT has worked fine for last two years I have owned it. thanks for your reply anyway