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  1. I found the Montgomery canal a bit boring, wouldn’t do it again, but glad you enjoyed it, nice diary.
  2. That’s what it looks like now, I just need some reflective foil, so which is best to buy ?
  3. I took that bubble wrap type stuff off and replaced it with kitchen foil which worked ok last winter, but would like something a bit better
  4. Hi, the boat is an Aqualine, 15 years old, passed conformity on boat safety cert, even though I mentioned it to the examiner. Walls get too hot for my liking, and I have been using extra protection, plus radiating heat. Hence my question, sorry I never made that clear.
  5. Will this be good to stop my walls getting hot. Last year I just used tin foil , which worked but doesn’t look good. FIBERGLASS CLOTH 1.5mmX1M Visit the VITCAS Store £29.00£29.00 Our gift to you. Pay £29.00 £0.00 for this order. Get a £100Amazon Gift Card upon approval for the Amazon Business Amex Card. No annual fee in the first year. Rep. APR 34.2% Variable. Amazon is a credit broker, not a lender. APPLICATIONS: Vitcas e glass fiber cloth is used for the variety of purpose such as protective wear- gloves, covers, vehicles- cars, motorbikes, boilers, foundries, iron & steel industries and marine industry. HEAT RESISTANT: Vitcas aluminum e glass fiber cloth can with stand high heat temperatures such as it can resist up to 550 degree Celsius. SAFE FOR ENVIRONMENT: Vitcas aluminum fiber glass cloth is made of e-glass which makes this cloth safe for the environment. PREMIUM QUALITY: Our aluminum cloth is made of fiberglass, which is durable, soft, elastic and has long service life. REDUCES FRAYING: Glass fiber cloth is coated with the aluminum foil which helps to reduce the fraying in the boilers, foundries of the industries. It’s to go behind my multi fuel stove, it has fire board etc , but the wood above that gets very hot, so needs some shield.
  6. Hi , thanks for comments. I have been having problems with the engine alarm. It stopped working last year, occasionally it alarms when starting up or shutting down, before I have turned the key off, but rarely. This year, in the hot days, the alarm started buzzing, rather than ringing as I was going along. Belt tight, coolant level fine, oil level ok. as I was approaching a few weeks on rivers got someone to look at it, who decided it might be my solar panels causing this over energising, and to ignore or remove alarm. if it is not a sunny day and I am moving, it doesn’t start buzzing, but has come on twice since when I’m travelling in full sun. Today I started the engine, have been getting some sun on my 845 watt panels, 25 amps going in, ( I have 3x 230ah batteries.8 years old) the low noise ringing continued, I had been hoovering up, but the the buzzing started again. I turned the engine off, and the buzzing stopped, went to the normal engine alarm ringing, then as I turned the key to off, that low noise ringing continued, and is still on now. The temp gauge is faulty, it goes right over to hot , but if you tap on it, the arrow flicks over to the temp you would expect, so I’m thinking the sender won’t be at fault. The oil gauge must be faulty, it swings over to as far right as possible, although has always done this, and oil level is correct. This recent development of the almost silent alarm continuously ringing when the engine is turned off, is a new feature. Anyway thanks for replies, I will keep them in mind.
  7. Just because it is the same sound level and pitch of the bow thruster noise when deployed, and comes from same place.
  8. Hi, thanks, but the engine is turned off, and has been for a few days, the noise is like when the bow thruster is shutting down, very quiet , normally a few beeps, but it is the same noise level but continuous. Hi thanks , yes it’s coming from that plinth, it’s not the engine alarm though.
  9. Why do people have to be rude on here? Please don’t reply to any of my further questions.
  10. Hi, I am getting a continuous alarm from inside my morse controller on a aqua line boat, only started today, and I have been moored up for a week. What would that signify, and what is the fix? It is so hard to hear, so the bow thruster alarm is all I can think of. Still can hear it now if you listen carefully which is normal noise level when engaged or turning off.?
  11. Go to Llangollen first, stop at sun Trevor pub, send someone ahead to first passing point, if no boats coming move on up and stop at passing point, your walker should nearly be at second stopping point, move accordingly using phone.Get ready for a sharp bend.Never had a problem so far. Sun Trevor pub is ok to stop overnight as well.
  12. Timx

    Lost chair

    It’s about an hour or so away travelling up stream to Evesham, on designated moorings. cheers.
  13. Hi, on river Avon travelling towards Stratford, left my directors chair, at Craycombe turn moorings , two days ago under the tree. Anyone travelling down past that way, please pm me for twenty quid reward if going to Stratford.Cheers.
  14. Timx

    Isuzu 42

    So far,a great guy has checked everything, (great boat mechanic)and all looks ok. So last possible problem was actual alarm being faulty, so have ordered another one. But apparently it’s more likely to be with the hot weather and newish solar panels, as this can set the alarm off, with too much power going in, and I need to turn the solar panels off when travelling. All makes sense, hard to diagnose with so many possibilities, but I feel secure it’s not a boat engine problem , but a diagnostic problem.
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