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  1. There is as I said, if not moor opposite on towpath side.
  2. I used to be a Samaritan, but every time I tried to leave they talked me out of it.
  3. I thought they were 48. Hrs further down, but if you want a place with rings, you might get in at the ring o bells pub, just after the bridge,or outside the slipway pub or the farmers arms or Heatons bridge inne. It's safe to moor anywhere along that stretch if you don't need rings. Also as has been said there is a mooring b4 the services at Burscough.
  4. So it's on the bridgewater and Taunton canal then.
  5. Pond gloves for the weed hatch, and chest waders for when you get too stuck.
  6. The spelling in the advert makes me suspicious that all is not right.
  7. Timx

    Excel coal

    Well it doesn't smoke when it's properly going, it might do for ten minutes when starting off again though.
  8. Timx

    Excel coal

    Glow is best stuff I have used, fire was on 24/7 in winter, fire stayed in all night, very little ash, had to empty Morso squirrel once a week.
  9. If you have a look at her other vlogs, you may review your findings. Get a grip.
  10. Threatening two females, one a child, is the problem to me, also , from I can see , police not reading it right. Also where are the cart banners saying restrict movement on canals, I have seen only one.
  11. Police doing a great job, not , again.
  12. Just pay what you owe as you never entered into a longer contract, which would be one twelfth of yearly rent for April, and daily rate for May as a counter offer.-
  13. This has been foreseen in tv doccumenta-
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