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  1. Rcr do breakdowns not services, apart from gold membership winter servicing as part of the deal. Afaik.
  2. Timx

    BBC news

    Tonight's bbc headlines, someone I have never heard of, a tv presenter to teenagers dies, story 4 the queens grandchild wife did not have an easy pregnancy a few years ago. Unbelievable, hope everyone is safe out there in boating world.
  3. I just suspected you may be advertising. It seems to me no one would be dismantling a cratch cover or pram hood, when it's the worst weather of the year, next week yes, but that's not what your offering., hopefully I am wrong.but if you offer to do it when it's not impractable , then it's a generous offer, and not just advertising possibly.
  4. The weather is going to be bad all week, why would a elderly or physically impaired person, take their cratch cover or pram hood cover off, or could they, when your workforce would not come out in this weather. They possibly could when the weather gets better, but then the offer is off.? Hmmm.
  5. All the physically impaired, or elderly person has to do is dismantle their cratch cover, or pram hood ,and deliver it to the workshop, as it's too dangerous in these winds ,for the the workmen to come out and do it.
  6. Love a storm when on boat, bit boring when in a house. But that's one of reasonas I cc in all seasons. Not warm enough to sit in front with cratch cover,to watch it, but in summer it's a great view point.
  7. Timx

    Tunnel lights

    The two incidents I mention, within a few minutes may be unrelated, but travelling in the dark can be rewarding, but only if you can do it without hassling other people, I had a similar occasion a few months ago when I was on my boat trying to make the salt barge on Trent and Mersey, I had to stop and pull to the side till a boat happily passed me,front lamp full beam straight ahead, and did not know what I was shouting about.
  8. This evening, walking down towpath to shroppie fly, I passed the first lock , I never had the torch on as it was reasonable light in the half moonlight, I came across a grey bearded man walking in opposite direction, just as we passed I said, "alright" with a smile, as you do, and he screamed at me FUCK OFF at top of his voice, I asked again if he was ok, he then apologised a couple of times then walked on his way, mumbling inconherently.. i carried on walking past the next lock and there is a boat approaching, but they have two led powerful lights at the front of the boat, lighting up the whole canal and towpath ahead of them, the steerer also has a light at the helm, I shouted, dip your lights no one ahead can see, I had my torch on then, pointed at my feet, there light was blinding. They shouted back they can't dim them, I shouted DIP not dim., I then saw a man with a windlass on the towpath following them down, I said tell him he needs to adjust his lights , he is a danger, but fair enough, he was off the coal boat just helping them down. and said its nothing to do with him. when I walked back that way tonight to the marina, I noticed both gates had been left open on last lock. i hate going through tunnels , because the boat approaching you feels the need to light up everything.If boating at night the same common sense should be used.. Rant over 😳
  9. Thanks for your answers, I'm gonna pay to get it looked at, and learn for next time.
  10. THank you for those answers, it is very helpful in making me address the issues, I will get both changed, and having a spare on inside pulley is a great idea, Thanks again .
  11. Hi, this year we will probably do a bit of river cruising, so will need to check systems, I have problems with gauges, the temp gauges in summe seems to jump about, a few taps on the glass and it normally goes back to what you would expect it to be. That unfortunately is combined with the alarm for not charging is intermittent so I have t keep an eye on it. The fan belt inner broke a couple of years ago after I had been pushing up the Severn, but broke next day after turning off, had to get rcr out and it took him over an hour to change it, probably first time it had been changed , screws were that tight, also fan wheel has to come off to change inner belt on isuzi 42. Boat is ten years old, and previous owner mentioned fan belt breaking on him once, but I presume that must of been outer belt. If this happened out cruising on a river, it's not gonna be a quick fix with the hot engine thrown into the mix. Also I have never changed the coolant on skin tank and temp does seem to get quite high when pushing against flow for an hour on rivers. So needs some maintenance, how often do people change their fan belts and skin tank coolant. Any advice greatfully recieved. I am not good at diy, but can do basics like oil and filter changes.thats about my limit though.
  12. I'd like to know that too, have seen it advised before.
  13. I replaced bricks etc but made no difference, so I put insulation over the walls, which are now cold. looks xmassy, but feels safe enough to leave fire in, when off boat..
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