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  1. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Yeah , I could of got in at the globe, but bow seemed to close to the bridge and stern was sticking out into the channel because of the silt, glad I moved on though as moorings at 5 bells are pleasant enough.
  2. Timx


    Thanks sea dog, I did set the monitor when the batteries were brand new about 18 months ago.
  3. Timx


    Hmm, thank you, I didn't know that, I will look again.
  4. Timx


    Spurred on from another thread, I have 3x 230 ah batteries, my bmv tells me they are 100pc when the tale current is about 25, so I ignore that and keep charging when running the engine to under 1pc , it gets to about 5 something, i do this weekly whilst running the engine, easy at the moment through summer. Even then I spoil myself and plod into a marine to give it a good charge every couple of weeks.or a pub with eleccy hook.in winter I visit a marina more often just for a night, or if forced to by a freeze coming, but basically the same thing, give the batts a good charge. So everything is fine, (I only know what I know from reading on here) i have two solar panels , think there 100 w when I leave the marina etc and bmv is reading around 0 amps, as soon as I put it on inverter it jumps to , tail current 4v. When it's a sunny day and I haven't ran the engine, it can show being 100pc when, if I start the engine the tail current would show about 70,amps, that's against running the engine till it gets to 100 pc then it's 25a, why is there a discrepancy between the two figures? i do charge to as far as I can , regularly and have no prob with batteries, I probably protect them too much, but why do I get two different readings as 100 pc, both wrong I know, just wondering.?
  5. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Ha, I noticed that guy as we came through, but I think he had learning difficulties, as he spoke to me as I went past, he was nice and pleasant though. other things I have noticed on this trip are the moorings just along from the five bells pub are excellent apart from being next to the road, and the pub has a tv to watch the football, as does the pub earlier on , the globe, but I couldn't get a good mooring, only enough room for a little boat, silted up further back to get your stern in considering the bridge. the lady at Marymount lock is lovely, very informative and still does the locking if you can't get there first, well worth a drink tip for just being lovely. the moorings at March are not good opposite the service station, absolutely covered in duck crap, and my boat is now covered in cement like bird poo after two nights there, moor at next pub along. If you get a pump out there, it's £13.50 from community shop round the corner, but before you buy a token try using it without one first, just press the pause button and it may come on, I left it on pause.
  6. Absolute pants
  7. Timx

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    Does this show how unprofessional and disinterested people putting out information are, if this is coming directly from crt sources. Shocking.if true.
  8. Timx

    Leeds and Liverpool breached at Maghull

    The breech is in Melling, which is past Maghull towards Liverpool, Burscough is the other side of Maghull, so not affected. It's nearer the bit where people moor up before doing the last leg to Liverpool.
  9. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Phone message left with lower Nene inspector
  10. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Anyone coming down to Peterborough, don't get your prop near the gate at Asda, as there is a trolley right below it.I hit it,but couldn't get it out, be warned,I will e mail e.a. If I still can't get through on phone.
  11. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    The moorings on the other side are easier to moor up, you don't have to climb a bank, and are less overgrown, I think you could get two or three boats along there. And there are more further around the corner where the price drops to £4 from £5
  12. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    I ended up staying there last night, but about quarter eleven, the boater returned to his boat and started his generator up. I went round and asked him to turn it off, he said he wouldn't as he had just returned from abroad for three weeks and needed electricity. A heated argument ensued, but in the end before it escalated further I said I would ring the police and returned to my boat.Five minutes later he turned it off.I have informed E.A. I spoke with the landowner who told me he has told E.A. He has broken down and will move when he gets a part. Apparently he is working in a local stable. So if passing don't moor there, moorings are better on other side of bridge. Also I found out that you can not now moor at the unofficial moorings at Oundle between the bridges as the land owner had trouble with moorers over staying and putting things on the bank etc setting up home, so he doesn't want anyone mooring there now.
  13. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Ha, unfortunately, I passed that mooring earlier. It was a confusing mooring, it's private signs were a bit scary, wasn't sure if you could moor there or not, although it had forn on it.
  14. Timx

    Bristol Avon

    Yeah, but his maths and eyesight on gauging boat size, and adding dates together was so poor, it made you want to come back and spend longer there. Think he made a lot of of money for Bristol.
  15. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    I will, thank you, most generous. Which one though?

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