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  1. Hi, we (two people) are planning on going through Wigan probably Thursday morning , through the locks, our boat is with fenders, 61.75', semi trad., if we meet another boat, can they be the same size going through the locks, any issues, ? Where is best to moor after Wigan ? Any tips on the trip, places to moor, not to moor etc? plan to spend a month going there and a month going back, any advice and tips greatfully received . Thanks.
  2. Maghull is fine to moor in, most boats moor just before the running horses, (pub) opposite the Mersey boat club moorings. You would need to get a taxi to the train station from there though, less than a £5 I would think, Maghull north. Train to Liverpool central or moorfields. Taxi -526 5050 ( blue line)
  3. Thrupp is a nice place to stay, couple of nice pubs. Ten minute walk to the shop.
  4. This appears your best bet, lucky to find a pub with a tv before then, twenty min walk or a bus , straight road from pub at Thrupp. BT pub sports finder on line is your friend, or sky sports pub finder.
  5. We went two weeks ago and Id agree with this quote above,we booked for two nights, but once down to the end changed our mind and came straight back out the next day. Had no trouble with draught or weed, just a bit boring. Also there is no shop at the end as advertised in guide book. The pub at the end is good for beer and food, with friendly host.
  6. Hilperton to Bristol is a great 7 day trip, look up "latelink "for cheaper deals, and has all the bases and routes on there.
  7. Thanks for those answers, most reassuring
  8. Hi, our plan this year is to go to Liverpool then up the Leeds and Liverpool canal to towards Leeds and back(. I would like to go to York and down the river Trent, but not that confident yet, and the dimensions seem a squeeze). Our boat is 60' with fenders and rudder it comes to 61.75. So we can go up and down Wigan flight, technically, but looking at some of those leaky gates, it looks a bit scary. Is it worth doing? Will I be risking the boat coming down if the locks are that bad? I know the trip to Liverpool is fine , it's the Wigan and beyond that worries me, any advice greatfully recieved ? The boat is a semi trad, so another question is, if going through very leaky gates, would it be better to cover the stern in some sort of angular tent to stop water finding its way into engine bay ?i want to have fun, not stress, so it's not a thing I have to do, but would like to me to. Cheers
  9. Not ignoring your advice, I was being pessimistic, I was hoping for an easy fiddle fix. I will be ringing up for further advice. Reason I thought it was the switch, was because I looked at manual and although it did not give my fault, it gave something else akin, which , said get new switch, but obviously I won't do that till its diagnosed correctly.
  10. Thank you,so there could be other reasons rather than the control panel, difficult to diagnose then, and the problem is not identified in the instruction manual, under fault finding. Looks like I am paying someone to find out.
  11. Thanks for reply, but no,everything is as normal, just flushes on its own a few minutes after use.
  12. Sounds ok but probably beyond my capabilities. Thanks tho.
  13. So do I need to buy the control panel unit? £150 from Vetus , are they easy to fit ?
  14. Ah right, thanks, any solutions you can think of?, I have just come back to the boat after ten days away, could it be damp ? Is it a professional job then, I'm not that handy, ?
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