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  1. Timx

    Advice boat repair

    Yeah I joined when I had a Problem, you have to pay extra though, can't remember how much ,so ring and find out, and judge against calling out a local engineer. If there is no rush, probably better to ring round local engineers.
  2. Timx

    The best waterside pubs

    Love this pub when passing through, locals. Always friendly and chat to you. Bottom of Foxton locks
  3. Timx

    Route suggestions (next June)

    Rugby to market harborough, nice scenic route, two long tunnels and a couple of staircase locks, with lock keepers to help you. I would reccomend it.nice towns on the way, and a very safe environment.
  4. Timx

    "Your lights are blinding!"

    I've just been through braunston tunnel, the boat I had facing me had nearly stopped, but it's light was blinding, he had it on his right side, but looking straight ahead, I tried putting my hand up to drflect it's glare , but I just could not see, I glanced off his bow, no problem tho, and he nodded as I went past, I said, you need to adjust your light it's blinding, but he quickly loudly replied he doesn't, it's pointing upwards. but it wasn't, not enough anyway, and as the tunnel is a bit kinky " their angle to you , can be different to your angle to them. My light points upwards, it lights the tunnel sides enough, but gives a small extra circle of light just ahead of my bow on the ceiling of the tunnel., if I keep that circle in the centre of the tunnel roof, I am therefore always in the middle, it doesn't distract other boaters, and gives me ample light to negotiate passing other boats.(unless there shining their light in your face) The man today disagreed with me, but he wasn't facing it, no harm done, but he will probably get hit a lot in tunnels.
  5. Timx

    When do you run your engine?

    I've had it twice where it caused me enough annoyance to do something about it, on both occasions, they were weird, mad or bad, whatever, they turned it off, but it was confrontational, and not sure I would do it again., maybe get some white paint and paint twat on the side of their boat .
  6. Timx

    Route suggestions (next June)

    But don't go into the Coventry arm to Coventry , or get the bus or taxi into Coventry , it's a concrete jungle, terrible place, the arm is. Strewn with rubbish, an ugly place in my opinion, I I only went once, the basin is fine, but ugh, I won't be goin again. Other people say it's fine, but I wouldn't advise it as a holiday destination with kids.
  7. Timx

    Winter. Cruising. Where?

    Thanks for that, but the map keeps reloading every time I try to zoom in, might be my internet, but I wanted maps like they had last year, which was easy to access and work out.
  8. Timx

    Winter. Cruising. Where?

    Is this map available, I can't find it ? i can't go through all that list, it's mind boggling if you want to cruise throughout, and most stoppages start in a month, are they not going to do one ? Anyone know what's happening.?
  9. Timx

    Pause Before Water Comes Out Of Tap

    If you locate the pump, if it's like mine, a Jabasco ,there's a little screw at the back of the pump, behind a screw off back plate, that adjusts the pressure. That worked for me when I had pressure problems, but not for long before it gave up.
  10. Timx

    Pause Before Water Comes Out Of Tap

    Have a look at your water pump, and buy a new one, it's best to have a spare, I believe they only last a couple of years. But I'm no expert.
  11. Timx

    Mobile internet signal ?

    I have a EE mifi, plugged into 12v permanently, and stuck in back of boat with a prom hood, but anything covering it outside will do. i always have coverage, and travel all the canals. £24 on contract, for 64 gb
  12. Timx

    More GRP Cruiser questions

    Grp are really only for summer weekends, hence that when you see them.
  13. Pros and cons, when you first sign up you will get free delevery, £20 off first delivery etc, so you can do that with a few different supermarkets,However, in practise, particularly with tesco , their policy appears to me ,in my experience ,to always send you stuff that is about to go out of date. So don't buy anything that you can't use in next couple of days. Don't buy bread, as it will be stale probably, potatoes will be on last legs, eggs and meat two or three days, beer will be fine.i have stopped using them.
  14. Timx

    OK, I give up!

    “We trained hard—but it seemed that every time we were beginning to form up into teams we were reorganized. I was to learn later in life that we tend to meet any new situation by reorganizing, and what a wonderful method it can be for creating the illusion of progress while actually producing confusion, inefficiency, and demoralization.” ― Petronius Arbiter.Roman centurion. Not really relevant, but it reminded me of a poster someone once put up in work, which was soon taken down by management.

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