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  1. I don't think a week is enough to try the Nene , a load of locks to get to it , then you wouldn't get that far before you have to turn around and do all the locks again, plus you want the weather to be nice to you. Great place to go, but a week from braunston, is a bridge too far .
  2. Timx

    Hire Base near(ish) to London

    Get two narrow boats, more fun, more space.
  3. Thanks for answers, I will get someone to look at the wiring, as you suggest,also ,it is on charge, but my bmv and voltmeter,tells me it is charging normally when not on plug in.Thanks again for your help.
  4. I have just gone to start the engine to check again, and the alarm sounded as normal. I have not ran the engine for 4 or 5 days as I am in a marina for a week. So that's weird, or could it be due to an impending problem. ?
  5. Hi thanks for answer, yeah, the red light comes on at start and goes off as engine revs, also the voltmeter shows charging , goes to somewhere over the 12. Everything seems normal apart from the alarm not sounding on start. The batteries are charged fine according to seperate bmv.
  6. Thanks for replies, I turn it on half a turn and the yellow light comes on along with the alarm, I wait a few seconds for heater plugs to warm up ,then a further turn starts the engine and the alarm goes off usually. now the yellow light comes on , but no alarm, I have carried on normal starting sequence and all is well. When I turn off the engine, the alarm sounds as usual, until I turn the key off. the central red button stops the engine, I then turn the key to off. Thanks for your time. The ignition light is acting as usual , it's just the alarm noise that is acting differently.
  7. Hi, just a quick question, when I have started my engine, I.e, putting it on heat for a few seconds, the alarm normally. Starts till I turn engine over, then it goes off. However last couple of days I have done it , the alarm doesn't start. I continue as normal as heat light comes on , and after a few seconds it starts as normal. At end of cruise as I press stop, the alarm comes on as normal, until I switch off as normal. is this a sign of an impending problem, does it need to be looked at, I am not practical apart from the obvious. Thanks for any thoughts.
  8. Timx

    birstall trouble

    Above advice is good, it's a rare occurrence , don't let it bother you too much. It's not a bad location, they are probably in bed now , after there mothers telling them off for being out late on a school night.
  9. Timx

    Bridgewater Gestapo Tactics

    I don't understand this post, does that mean he hasn't done his job or he has. You could stop anyone doing anything you don't like, by force, but it's against the law.
  10. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    Hi, yeah I do , but their not marked as moorings on my two maps, a new interactive google map and Imray guide, just saying so other people coming this way know.
  11. Timx

    Gayton to Cambridge and beyond

    On he way down I note there is a large amount of moorings opposite the water point and official moorings at st Neots , not marked on the guide book or on any electronic guide I am using. I would of gone past if hadn't noticed. Strange there not marked. Just saying if anyone else is coming this way .The priory centre has loud music on till late at weekend so opposite on the park may be more suitable for some
  12. Timx

    World Cup football.

    The following comment should not be used in any discussion with your partner-
  13. Timx

    Middle Levels - Temporary Mooring

    We stopped at the five bells pub(I think that's the name) it has good moorings and a water tap and shops,( 48 hour mooring )after March, which left about two and a half hours to Denver lock.Turning at Denver with a good flow on and wind in your face is fun, once the boat eventually does as you want it to. But weather is a lot calmer now so should be a bit smoother. Good mooring outside the Jenlyn pub once through the lock, and the pub at Littleport has overnight hook up for ten quid, redeemed against a meal.(we found that a false economy though)
  14. Timx

    Middle Levels - Temporary Mooring

    Well the White boat by the sanny station, had been there b4 we got there and was still there unoccupied when we left, looks like no one cares. Mooring opposite the services is a health hazard with all that duck, geese crap, you got the better mooring. It also was 36 hours, gives you two nights effectively
  15. Timx

    World Cup football.

    Germany are not a great team anymore, they are poor and got lucky, because they were helped by bad refereeing in my opinion. No chips involved, but was definitely fishy.

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