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  1. Thanks, every couple of weeks, surprises me, never had a problem before in nine years, but thanks will look at it, MTB said much the same so will look at it., so what is a normal level on your boat, is it 0. Looking on net below 30 says ok , but obviously not if getting headaches.
  2. Thanks, but have done that, and swept chimney twice. Thanks, that throat plate is already removed.
  3. Hi , I have two co 1 alarms on nb, this year, I had problems with Morso stove. Kept on getting smoke blowing back into boat. tried a few different ways to stop it. Eventually found the problem , and sorted it with a cowl on top of chimney. All good. however when trying to sort it unsuccessfully initially, my alarm went off during the night. Well one did the other didn’t but was showing a lower reading. Since then I have been keeping an eye on the more sensitive alarm. It reads between 18 and 27, the higher reading causes headaches and I have to open windows overnight, 18 is usually the morning reading. is this normal .? should it be 0 all the time ? Had the stove 9 years, never noticed a problem before, but never monitored it before. would be interested in others findings and views.
  4. Have a look on “ latelink” they are usually a bit cheaper and you can have a look at lots of different hire bases and routes they show on there all over the country.
  5. There is always loads of spaces, don’t book it too early, see what the weather is gonna be like, not a fun trip if too windy.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. The glass does crack with time, doubt it’s the door rope.getting the new glass in is a bit tricky with new rope, and getting the sliding catches to hold it in. Use pliers to slide them back in to place.
  8. There is so many new boaters on the canals in last couple of years, then I have seen in last ten years, so lots of people learning. U may be on utube if u pass them.
  9. This is my reply today, Canal.Response.pdf
  10. Considering your starting point, I would choose towards bath, particularly if it’s still raining down there.
  11. About two weeks in winter, about one week to ten days in summer.
  12. 18mm synthetic hemp works for me.off e bay.
  13. There are bow thruster alarms separate from engine alarms, don’t believe all advise on here.
  14. Hi, just to revisit this in case someone has the same problem in the future. It was the bow thruster alarm, and there are two separate alarms in the plinth. The problem was a faulty controller switch.
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