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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Thanks for all replies, it’s just me who reports to crt then for inconsiderate behaviour, I hope more people do it in future, take pics and videos of the same, hopefully to remind people to be considerate. The thread is getting a bit personal, which wasn’t my intention, I was having a moan because I had two days on the run , in different locations of it happening, anyway, let’s all relax and have fun boating, be nice to each other.
  3. I did explain that I had confronted people on three occasions, and it didn’t go well, so I don’t do that now, I just report to crt. But you did spell I.Q. adequately.
  4. Hmm , Matt Hancock thought the same till he was discovered too.
  5. Who is “us” don’t try to hide in the crowd.
  6. I have seen this scenario pan out a few different ways, from friendly to obnoxious, what has hire boaters got to do with it, ? i try to do it in a friendly way, in the best way I see at the time. Being nice is the way to do it every time, even if it inconveniences you.
  7. I have answered that question already, are you annoyed by me bringing this subject up
  8. I used to send a Mensa request questionnaire to one of my colleagues, but I used to spell his name slightly wrong, and his address out by one number, so his neighbour, would have to keep handing it to him saying , you got your address wrong again,..each month.
  9. How many times have you had to have it tested?
  10. If you read the rules , they also state, if you are out in the country with no one else about,you can run your engine outside these rules., you did start off with a reasoned reply, but then let yourself down Why did you have your I Q tested, who questioned it , and for what reason…..
  11. Are you a bullying friend, back up other people to bully people out of their thoughts to agree with yours?
  12. And how’s that? Is he your friend, is he your boaty friend ?
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