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  1. It also depends if your being charged by foot for mooring.
  2. Thanks for tips, but there is a boat yard about 4 hours cruise away, I will ring them to get me a bearing and possibly get them to fit it. Thanks again for all the help.
  3. Lard, cheers will try it. The tiller is in its cup, so just the bearing needed.
  4. That rope fix sounds good till I get a new bearing, not got any grease tho apart from old left overs in hole. But still might help.
  5. Thanks for replies, really helpful, I will see if I can get anything of note from demolished old bearing.
  6. It says F208 on the pic, so is that a particular size ? I will look on line
  7. The bearing has completely disintegrated. If it happened above the locks there was a boat yard there, could've sorted it, but now below the Bingley five and three rise, don't fancy doing up and down again. i will see if I can find matching on line.
  8. How do I source a new bearing ?
  9. Yeah, it's getting worse then, thank you for preparing me , gonna cost me I think.
  10. Thanks for replies, it's reassuring, Rcr mane' she doesn't think she was to blame anyway. I think the bearings were getting shot before hand , occasionally the tiller bar felt like it was catching and wouldn't turn.
  11. Thank you, I have waders so could get in, but I don't have anyone up top to help, female partner is useless, so hopefully rcr tomorrow. The top bearings, can they not be greased up to last, or a c ring pushed in place, is it a job that needs doing immediately, or would it last six months till blacking time. That's if the cup isn't smashed off as well., stupid question really, how long is a piece of string.kicking myself for letting her steer.
  12. Right, thanks, I have rang rcr , not in a great place to find a boat yard, top bearings do look knackered, I knew I should of done the locks, but usually like to be up top.
  13. Yes it's definitely shut
  14. Rudder pictured when was blacked
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