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  1. On today's brief, they thanked internet providers for providing free unlimited wi fi cover, I haven't seen that, has anyone else?
  2. In my experience, a bow thruster will not beat a windy day blowing in the opposite direction to where you want to go, if your reversing out of a marina jetty, for instance, coming out great, but as soon as the bow clears the jetty, you have to decide,fight it or turn into it, then reverse. Go with the flow, I can't see a bow thruster beating a wind much over ten miles an hour if reversing. Going forward it may help a bit, but not much over engine thrust steering.
  3. I used to be a nurse, and as only qualified on duty they asked me to do a long day, 7 till 10 shift, but as I hadn't brought anything in for a meal later on, I asked the domestic , who was going out for lunch to the shops if she could get me some mince, and if she could get me some spaghetti, gave her a fiver. Later on after her return,she said I wasn't sure what mints you wanted so I got you some chewing gum ones and trebor, I didn't see any spaghetti selling shops, is that ok. Lovely lady, but true story.
  4. People should stop judging others, we don't know other people's circumstances, calm down and be nice.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  5. Are you sure no one has nicked your tv
  6. I wondered because you started talking about batteries being charged confused me, I know your a valuable contributor to this forum, I am currently on the shroppie, between water points shops and marinas, just like winter cruising. I am surprised you got a greenie off that comment though. Is he your friend๐Ÿ˜œ
  7. Yes, and I think I saw you once, but you was pulling away from a pub , the one where you can see a horse carved out, but you was moving off chatting to a female on your starboard gunnel, so didn't like to intrude, I saw your boat again moored up on way back, I did say I would buy you a drink if I ever saw you, but throwing a few cans of lager on your boat, as that was all I had, might of looked like vandalism to , your more discerning palate., I should of reversed back and left a note, but next time..
  8. Only had it four years, and you told me to buy it, ๐Ÿ˜œ Retirement is boring if you don't enjoy it, I think I have done everywhere nice I can get to though (60ft) So will probably do it all again.
  9. I'm a continuous cruiser, I do 1500 hrs a year cruising the network , I slow down a little in winter.
  10. I'm a continuous cruiser, I was replying to previous comment on not being responsible if not taking up a marina berth.
  11. Quite right, those that have money to pay a marina are responsible, but what does that make me without the money to pay .?
  12. Foot and mouth, was a risk by people walking in those areas, can't see what this has to do with that, people panicking are making this worse
  13. I think everyone should calm down.
  14. 375B95C8-729C-4DD1-9A2B-3C03DB108BF3.MP4 375B95C8-729C-4DD1-9A2B-3C03DB108BF3.MP4 F18CA9BD-9185-481F-8745-23DEFBF16103.MP4
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