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  1. It’s not a can of Stella, it’s a screw head that somebody suggested I look at , but thanks for your advice, I do drink beer as well.
  2. Why can’t crt install eleccy bollards at visitor moorings throughout the country, no need for generators or long idle engine running to charge batts, Payed for on line, or by contactless, just as so , pump out machines and cards should be contactless payment. CRT need an innovator of the future for boaters, not just joggers and cyclists etc, it is environmentally friendly, and eventually, will all be electric, grrrr
  3. Does seem to not be perfect.
  4. If I had not had someone in the engine bay recently, I would of definitely had known it was from engine, but hopefully he lost something and never told me, time will tell, thanks for replies.Thankfully it wasn’t on engine floor to make me more paranoid.
  5. The screw would of had to ping ponged to get there just below to the right of oil filter , if from anywhere else I think, but I know so little, is it worth me getting a mechanic in to check it.
  6. I see now how to do photos thank you, engines I’m crap
  7. Llangollen today, single handler, screamed at my female partner not to touch the windlass until invited to, she had watched him come in helped the gates, and waited till he had tied up loosely, has a cockney accent, apparently verbally abused the lockie at Brindleu brook. She still helped him, but as he came out of lock, (he had turned it against us )and I had been waiting, he just waited in the middle, to the right, I waited for him to move, but just thought he wasn’t experienced and as a short pound I went around him opposite to port. Apparently he said this fellah is going the wrong way, but passed me and said a cheery hello. Watch out for him he is aggressive if travelling that way and knows not what he is doing. No reason for angry aggression , disagree politely .Llangollen is not a pleasure in parts at this time of year because of amount of boats in tight corners , shallow parts etc but mad man cometh.
  8. Thanks for all replies, but as I can’t upload anymore photos, it’s pointless to continue, but I have continued a 5 and 6 hour journey in last two days and nothing bad has happened so far. The screw does look like the ones off the alternator tightener, but it’s half the size, and would of had to of catapulted to get where it ended up.Thanks for taking the time to reply, annoying I can’t upload photos apart from original.
  9. I tried but it says I can only upload 2.93mb ? I have had another look and see where it could come from, but it’s not from gear box or alternator, too far away and no empty holes I can see, so I will just go ahead , and hope it’s what the mechanic dropped
  10. I thought they were called gas safe engineers, but what’s in a name. The screw/bolt was just below and to the left of where you can see the fitting for the oil filter that I had taken off, it was just nestling between that blackish type hose and the engine.
  11. It was just hanging underneath where I took the oil filter off it had got caught by a cable, the oil was from the filter, thought it might be recognised, but I will carry on and hope as I can’t see anywhere above it could of come from, thanks for replies everyone.
  12. Hi whilst changing my oil filter on an Isuzu 42 Aqualine boat , I found a screw dangling down beside it, lying vertically, I can’t see anywhere where it may of come from, any ideas, the screw is about two inches long. I had a boat Safety Scheme engineer in the engine bay recently, and I did at one point, hear a noise like he had slipped, I’m hoping something may have fallen from his pocket! Any ideas or advice ?
  13. They are a nice couple, they moored up wind of me a few months ago. They were about 60’ away, but their engine sounds like a concrete mixer, and the fumes from their engine were unbearable. I was about to move away, when they switched it off, and they moved off next day. I feel sorry for them, hope they get help.
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