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  1. My boat is 5 years old and I am going to redo the two coat epoxy resin blacking, but I don't know which brand it has on it and the boat builder has gone bust so I can't ask them, will any two coat epoxy resin be OK to apply over the old one or must it be the same one as original.
  2. Listened to a Hurricane 11 at Crick yesterday didn't seem any noiser than my webasto.
  3. I listen to a Hurricane working at Crick boat show on Saturday didn't sound any noiser than my webasto.
  4. Thinking of replacing my wabesto heater with either a Hurricane 11 or Kabola boiler any suggestions on which might be the better one. Dave
  5. I have 7 100amp leisure batteries which do not seem to charge up properly this time of year the 880 watts of solar panels have be keeping them charged and have not had to run my generator but over the last couple of weeks I have need the generator to top them up and that only seems to get them to about 90%, so I thought I have a look at batteries, I disconnected all the batteries and checked the voltages 6 read 12.4 volts and 1 read 13.4 volts so does that mean I have 6 knackered batteries or is there something wrong with the high reading battery, the batteries are only a year old . Dave
  6. If you use Biomagic in your black water tank what can you use to clean the toilet bowl that won't kill the bacteria in the Biomagic, I know that you can't use bleach so what can you use. Dave
  7. I have been living on the river Stort since October in a 70x12 widebeam and have managed to get up to Bishops Stortford three times without to much trouble a bit tight in places but you can get through I've been doing it on my own so can't be to difficult as I'm still a novice Dave
  8. Hello, I am taking my new widebeam from the Thames at Reading to Bishops Stortford on the River Stort and would like advice on whether I should go via the tidel Thames or on the Regents canal, Dave
  9. Has anyone got one of the Portway Marine stoves apparently they are designed for boats and I was thinking of getting one for my widebeam and would be interested in people's views of them. Also is there a way to work out were the roof supports are on a boat so as not to cut through them when you fit the flue. Dave
  10. Has anybody got one of the Portway Marine stoves mentioned in post 19,need a stove for a 70 x12 widebeam and quite liked the look it. Dave
  11. Well Bizzard I look forward to bumping into you then we can discuss some of your hair brain erm sorry I mean wonderful ideas I've read about on this forum, What precautions will I need to take when the river is in flood. Dave
  12. Thanks for the replies about pump outs,is there anything else I should know about living on the River Stort Dave
  13. I will soon be living on the river Stort in my widebeam, I have a home mooring a Sawbridgeworth but the only facilities will be water so will need pump out fuel etc was wondering if people living on the Stort could tell me what it's like living on the river, (I see the pump out at the Moorhen is not working at the moment). Dave
  14. Don't do PayPal but put £25 by credit card, remind me again next year Dave
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