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  1. Thanks to everyone for the advice I'm now looking at a widebeam instead as I think it might suit my purposes better. I was wondering, with the way some of the smaller, more awkward Stort bridges curve down, would the sides of a 12ft widebeam have trouble squeezing through anywhere? Thanks again - I really appreciate it!
  2. Hi all, It's been a while since I was on the forum - nice to be back I lived on a narrowboat for 5 years, but have been back on dry land for a while. I'm now looking to return to the water, this time on a Dutch barge. One of my favourite places to explore was up the river Stort. I remember some of the bridges up that way were very low. Also, the river was quite shallow and silted in places. I wonder if it would be possible to get a Dutch barge up the Stort? I don't have the boat yet so can't give any definite dimensions. I've not got much experience with barges (as you can probably tell ) so I don't know so much about their handling. Would a typical Dutch, such as Tjalk, be likely to make it under the bridges and through the shallower stretches? Any wisdom most gratefully received! Many thanks, docus
  3. Springfield Marina, River Lea, east London - £12.50 for a 25kg sack of Homefire ovals, and £12.50 for a 25kg sack of Phurnacite. I also sometimes buy coal from a garage near my work in north-west London (Texaco Garage in Hendon) - £9 for a 20kg sack of Homefire ovals, and £7 for a 20kg sack of house coal. Does anyone know of anywhere cheap in London with decent supplies - most garages charge astronomical prices!
  4. I was about to ask this very question myself! I've just got two new batteries (long story) but I already had two which were only 18 months old. The two older ones both seem OK - they still read 12.55v more than a week after disconnecting them. I had worried that the two older ones would somehow 'drag down' the new ones, but now I think I'll hook them all up together to make an uber-battery-bank!
  5. Heebus Jeebus, that's flippin' expensive - and it's scarily vague on whether you can moor there for longer than 72 hours... imagine buying it at that price and then having permission to moor long-term refused!
  6. Wow, I've got to get one of those...! Also, I was wondering what total wattage of solar panels you have to have managed that long without charging? Impressive stuff.
  7. I've been using a 3-Mobile internet dongle for a few months now. I've been around the river Lee in north and east London, where you'd expect good coverage. It was OK for a while but it's gone downhill recently. It cuts out all the time and when I do manage to connect it's painfully slow. I really would NOT recommend 3 after this experience. I've heard Vodafone is faster in this area, but I don't have any experience of it myself.
  8. Hmm, I'm moored near the filter beds and I heard someone tearing past on a motorbike or scooter twice late last night - I wonder if it was the same person checking out the boats further down the river from Springfield? I heard a boat here got burgled recently. A shame that it's getting dodgy around these parts.
  9. Thanks to all for the advice - I tried white spirit and wire wool on a patch and it took the oil off quite well. There's still dark dye in the grain, but maybe I'll just have to live with that, unless anyone has any ideas! It's going to take many many hours to clean the whole lot, but maybe that'll teach me not to rush in blindly next time..... but I doubt it! Thanks again, Docus
  10. Hello, I've recently been treating the wood panels in my cabin with Danish Oil. However, I've been using oil with a dark tint (Colron from B&Q), which makes the cabin feel a bit too dark. I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to remove the oil? If I could bring it back to bare wood I would like to redo it with clear, untinted oil, or perhaps a clear varnish. I'm reluctant to sand it off because it's only a very thin oak veneer (oak-faced ply) and I don't trust myself not to sand right through it! Any advice would be very much appreciated! Docus (unfortunately not very good at DIY...)
  11. Hi Scotty, just wondering which model you went for in the end - after your report and the other thread I'm thinking of getting one myself!
  12. Hello Scotty, I think I may have met you a few weeks ago, moored near Lea Bridge? Anyway, I do the same route as you and I'm very happy with 3. The reception can be a bit variable (but still useable) in places that are further from residential streets, like Stonebridge Lock, but nearer the bustle it works consistently. (I haven't tried it up as far as Stanstead Abbotts yet.) All the best!
  13. Hello, Is your cat still missing? Our cat disappeared from almost the same spot as you only a few weeks ago. We were very worried and put posters up everywhere, but she turned up three days later. She had sneaked into a neighbour's boat, and the owner had then gone away and locked her in without seeing her. I would advise talking to everyone in all the boats around to check if yours has done the same! All the best, I know how horrible it feels!
  14. SHE CAME BACK! She had got shut in a neighbour's boat... PHEW! Anyone else who loses their cat, don't give up hope and make sure to talk to all your neighbours!
  15. PLEASE HELP! Our much loved cat disappeared from our boat on Thursday night (5th March). She is black with white paws and a white nose. We are moored beside Springfield Park in Hackney, London, E5. There are lots of boats around there so I'm asking everyone I see, but I thought I'd post here as well, just in case. Please reply here or PM for my phone number. Thanks for looking!
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