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  1. Right, it's decided, I've made some chunky brackets out of aluminium angle and I'm going to bond them to the roof with stixall. At a later date I can always fasten the panels to something heady if the wind looks too bad. Also, I'm going to chain them to the mushroom vent anyway for more security. I figured if I at least get them on the roof and into operation, I can always fettle a bit as time goes on. Besides, the wife is going mad, she wants them out of the shower area
  2. Sadly I don't have a hand rail, just the square edge of the cabin side that runs and inch or two higher than the roof. Yeah I thought of that, the only down side being that the panel only covers the right hand half of the vent. It's a shame as it would also have made something nice and easy to bolt it to
  3. Yeah I thought of that, the only down side being that the panel only covers the right hand half of the vent. It's a shame as it would also have made something nice and easy to bolt it to
  4. I have 2 panels and was hoping to have them flush to the roof on one side of the boat but annoyingly one of the mushroom vents just gets in the way so will have to have at least one end raised. Also, there is a chance I may want to rearrange in the distant future so bonding is definitely the better option. So far I've made an angle bracket to go in each corner, just need to bond then and job done, although the ones on one side of the panels will have to sit on blocks so the panels clear the mushroom vents, or have a short arm from the bracket to the panel
  5. Thanks. Yep, it looks like they're getting glued for the time being then. I was looking to put a small block under each corner, glued and siliconed round the edges The basic A frame I made can be then just screwed to that. I was in a quandry originally as ideally I'd like them secured permanently flat but am aware that being able to tilt them will make them more effiicient, so at least the A frame will compact if needed.
  6. Evening all, Do I've got the panels etc and have made up an A frame out of angle. Thing is, I'm not going to drill any holes in the roof so was wondering what alternatives there are. My current thought is to bond,/glue some blocks of wood to the roof and screw the frame to that. I figured if I dont secure them, they'll become a victim to the wind at some point. Just wondering what other people have done with theirs.
  7. Thanks all for the help, I ended up switching the order about a bit and managed to get a better shipping deal with bimble Solar. Nice guys to speak to. very helpful. A few of the other suggested places had since good deals that I seriously considered but bimble had the more ideal panels for my roof.
  8. Thanks all for the info, that's given me something to go on.
  9. Thanks, all. I looked at midsummer energy and they could be a viable option. And thanks malp, I'll check out photonic universe too. From bimble I'd be looking at £55 + vat just to get the panels shipped, then another shipping cost with a different courier for all the other bits. As much as I want to buy there, it just seems a bit steep.
  10. Hi, can anyone recommend anywhere to buy sensible priced but half decent solar panels please? Currently based in Skipton. Tried Bimble Solar but their shipping costs are a bit steep. Thanks for any recommendations P.s. sorry if this is in the wrong section
  11. HI all, Guy did come up and do it in the end, he combined it with another job in Hebden Bridge on the way back. Always had good service from him so like to try put the business back his way.
  12. In the end I did a brief search but renewed again with CraftInsure. They've always been easy to sort out, and when I read all the smallprint, they do cover me for £950 (I think it was, or somewhere roundabout that) for personal belongings, and their price still remains consistently low - £106.
  13. Morning all, Our boat insurance is up for renewal, and we have always just re-insured with CraftInsure as it's easy and only £106 for the year. In figured though that for once I should shop around. Can anyone recommend an insurer? I don't know how feasible it is with boat insurance but we were thinking it might actually be nice to have a policy that tags on some level of cover for personal belongings too (theft from the boat or such). Any advice is always welcome.
  14. Thanks all, I tried Guy but he's on holiday until tomorrow. Will try him first as I've always used him in the past. If no luck then I'll try Richard Fee. Thanks again.
  15. Morning all, Can anyone recommend me a sensible boat safety examiner i the Skipton Gargrave area please? Always used Guy Holding but I'm guessing he won't want to traipse all the way up here. Thanks Frank
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