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  1. HI all, Guy did come up and do it in the end, he combined it with another job in Hebden Bridge on the way back. Always had good service from him so like to try put the business back his way.
  2. In the end I did a brief search but renewed again with CraftInsure. They've always been easy to sort out, and when I read all the smallprint, they do cover me for £950 (I think it was, or somewhere roundabout that) for personal belongings, and their price still remains consistently low - £106.
  3. Morning all, Our boat insurance is up for renewal, and we have always just re-insured with CraftInsure as it's easy and only £106 for the year. In figured though that for once I should shop around. Can anyone recommend an insurer? I don't know how feasible it is with boat insurance but we were thinking it might actually be nice to have a policy that tags on some level of cover for personal belongings too (theft from the boat or such). Any advice is always welcome.
  4. Thanks all, I tried Guy but he's on holiday until tomorrow. Will try him first as I've always used him in the past. If no luck then I'll try Richard Fee. Thanks again.
  5. Morning all, Can anyone recommend me a sensible boat safety examiner i the Skipton Gargrave area please? Always used Guy Holding but I'm guessing he won't want to traipse all the way up here. Thanks Frank
  6. Yep, was made aware of the regional pronunciation by a local last time I was in Barlick. Thanks Richard, I'll look out for that.
  7. Thanks all for your replies, there is some very helpful info there. I'll let you know how I get on. Only down side is that once I've managed to find the paint, I actually have to do some painting.
  8. I dont think Puffer Parts is still going but may be wrong. Will call the other two to find out. Was initially looking at chandlers as they would have the "boaty" type primer but I guess any other zinc phosphate would probably be ok and half the price without the boat title.
  9. Hi, Time to buy paint & start painting but am struggling to find a chandlers nearby. Ordering online seems to incur high postage cost due to the size and weight so was wondering if there was anywhere nearby to drive to? Thanks Frank
  10. Thanks for all replies. I too have had dubious experiences with paint stripper hence am not that keen to go down that route. The spot blaster from Aldi sounds like a great idea as I could probably do the big flat areas with a big sander. With regards to the heat gun, I kinda like the idea of it but will it have any effect on the sprayfoam which is stuck to the other side of the metal?
  11. Hi All, Looking at stripping back to the metal on the cabin for a repaint and a good sander on the flat surfaces is fine, but what about the awkward corners etc where the sander cant get? Thought about blasting but cant find anywhere to get it done at even a remotely sensible price. Cant think of a simple mechanical means of stripping back in those awkward places. Thanks Frank
  12. Hi, yes I thought about this but as it would have to pass the kitchen worktops and stove, it would be pretty difficult to conceal unfortunately. Interesting idea. Our main reason for going through a mushroom vent is that there is one in line with the tv and some trim passes on the inside that I can pretty much disguise the cable with. Just thought it may use less cable and be a bit neater than cable hanging over the roof and going through a window. Granted though I don't really want to start putting holes in the roof unless absolutely necessary, but just want it neater than it is.
  13. Hi, thanks for the advice, typically, the aerial is generally about mid-length along the boat, as is the tv on the inside. The darling wife would have a fit if I ran the cable along inside of the boat to the tv. An almost ideal option is to shove it in through the mushroom vent, although I suspect that that will create issues regarding boat safety etc. Failing the mushroom vent, the only viable option is in through the roof.
  14. Hi, Can anyone recommend a neat fitting / method of putting the aerial cable through the roof into the cabin. At the moment it goes down the side and through a window but this isn't very neat. Obviously it would have to be water tight and maybe even so I could connect / disconnect it at the roof. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks Frank
  15. That's great thanks. Will keep you updated on the progress of the paintjob, and results of the products used.
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