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  1. Thanks Phil. Yes, batteries, new paint, blown up inverter, colander calorifier etc I was planning to do as and when from the BOAT saving fund!
  2. Hi Folks, Can you help me sanity check a monthly costing please? License: £93 (Based on 70', prompt payment) Insurance: £17 (Based on £200 annually, quoted on a 1990 boat worth 30k with 5k contents cover fully comp) Diesel: £100 (Based on liveaboard battery charging, travelling a few miles once a week or fortnight) Coal: £40 (Based on a couple of bags a week during the winter, supplemented with free wood) Gas: £13 (Figure pulled out of thin air, expecting to use gas purely for cooking) Blacking: £30 (Based on 70' every 3 years, although I plan on doing this ourselves, I've costed for having someone else do it as you never know) BSS: £4 (Based on £150 every 4 years) Servicing: £5 (Based on oil and filters a couple of times a year) Have I missed anything? Am I wildly out on anything? Two of us, both mechanically minded. I will be putting about £700 into savings each month which will be the BOAT fund so as long as these numbers aren't horrendously wrong I think I'm OK? Heffs
  3. Rather than start a new one, anyone at crick today?
  4. I'll set a reminder to PM you not to watch it when it's out misery guts ?
  5. They'd better get a hydraulic drive on that thing sharpish for sneaking through the undead!
  6. All my drivers swear by peek for their trucks
  7. You're paying for it do what you want!
  8. Arkle, and promarine spring to mind. Very high deposit percentage required, and chokingly high interest rates. They are the reason I don't have a boat. They "have to" take into account my current rent of 865 a month, despite the fact that having a live aboard I wouldn't be paying it anymore...
  9. Who are you using, if you don't mind me asking?
  10. Ooh I like that! I think boating is a perfect way to celebrate a relationship, closeness, relaxation, and slowing down!
  11. This one looked just like normal from the back, tiller with the bar still attached swinging on its own, very eerie! I imagine they had quickly disappeared below when the hail started.
  12. We timed a lunch stop rather well the other week, and after tying up the heavens opened with fat rain and hail coming down. A narrowboat passed us while we were eating, but there was no umbrella to be seen on the counter, neither was there a person! The back doors were all closed up, so presumably, there was some method of controlling this boat from inside. This must have been from the very front as there was no raised wheelhouse to provide visibility, it looked like a standard NB. Has this been seen before? How was it achieved?
  13. Thought I'd very slightly necro this to reiterate my thanks, we had a fantastic week and didn't get very wet at all. Unfortunately it has rekindled our interests in liveaboarding and we're now considering looking for a project boat to live and work on. (Idiots I know) LoneWolf it was lovely to see you, thanks for the tea!
  14. Yes, actually everything was oiled and greased and I noted to my new wife that they were the easiest paddles I'd ever wound!
  15. We went up and then down the Watford staircase yesterday, two lovely blokes on duty in the morning at 8, then 4 on duty when we came back down, grass being mown, weeds being weeded, smiles everywhere and the flight looks really nice, you can tell they are proud of "their" locks. Really helpful and genuinely nice people.
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