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    level 1 and 2 Horticulture and level 3 countryside management and conservation.
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    Redundant, Volunteering on conservation sites

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  3. Item starts about 6 mins in

  4. There is a flyover the Lichfield canal on their Facebook page.i think there are 2 pages one iyou have to join.They seem to have work parties Saturdays and Sundays at least and seem to be getting on well with it and the hatherstone one
  5. Go on sign it LOL It might work

  6. Warwickshire flyboat have a couple of interior pictures of this boat. Looks rather nice.
  7. They are i think illegal in the uk to carry around as they are a concealed weapon. we inherited one that belonged to our great grandfather, not good quality and the blade was about 3 inches long and slid from the handle and locked by a catch, to be honest the stick itself would be more effective than the blade bit. At least in the version we have.
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