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  1. perkins anti clockwise at flywheel end
  2. theres a runner for sale in the ad trader listings its advertised as running and its only 50 quid.. it may come with a manual or at least some insider knowledge also think of the spares as they are difficult to get
  3. its a ford 2ltr powerplus my mistake
  4. hello its an ex hotel boat that i went to look at yesterday at bollington after trying to contact the owner after he gave the wrong telephone number and numerous strange emails i thought id go on spec and try to locate it, i did it was listing as the welldeck was full of water and on face value overvalued it was on boatsandoutboards at 20000 but i dont know if it still is, i may well buy a sailaway , ive only just started seriously looking
  5. hello graham i think ive sent you a message direct but i,m not too clever with these things did you get it regards stuart bell 07984785861
  6. i have some stainleess 5/16 bolts and the old guy next to me at work is an agricultural engineer with all the gear i,ll try him tommorow are you sure about stainless regards stuart
  7. it is currently fully operational but has a ford watermota engine fitted so i would have thought modifications to the gearing between engine and pump would suffice my theory being that the hydraulic change from ahead to astern would be relaxed as opposed to conventional controls and would keep the engine use constant which would siut this particular engine.
  8. sadly i didnot buy it from the previous user but someone who had bought it with other things as a job lot so any history is lost thats why i thought or hoped someone might recognise it as its not something often seen thanks for the gearbox advice i need to refresh on prop speeds and the like as i,m putting the cart before the horse thinking i can runn the motor at low revs without causing oil pressure problems and glazing etc. the boat i.m looing at has hydraulic drive so i presume a gearbox wouldnot be required. would it be a crime using such a set up with an old engine as i like belt and braces things really did you take the trailer and did you buy anything at daventry
  9. I really had a single or twin cylinder engine in mind but i couldnt resist the petter when the narrowboat reference was added to the advert, i may find a smaller traditional engine but i,m trying to amass enough cash to cast off for good so i,ll have to steady up on the rash purchases and use one of the engines i have regards stuart
  10. i just missed another gearbox last night but i,m not dialled into those any advice would be nice, the one i missed was 1 to1 and looked fairly agricultural if i was any good id be able to put alink on here but it could be found in completed listings under gearbox and marine i think it sold for 49.99 if any one could have a look and tell me if thats the type of thing i should get i,d be grateful regards stuart
  11. hello again Graham rethreading is probably the best option i dont quite understand the 5/16 1/4 bit but thats not important ie 26tpi but different pitches. Only thing to look for are "pulls" where the area arount the threaded hole will rise as itis rethreaded and will have risen when the stud pulled out, it may not matter if the gasket is thick enough but it could fail under heavy load and when you least expect it, regards, stuart
  12. youve all been busy while i was at whaley bridge and bollington for a whiff of canal today . sorry about the lack of a photo set from me i can do engines but moderate with computers... I keep putting entries in the wrong place. hope everyones enjoyed the weather there were lots of boats and somenice sounding engines out there today, regards stuart
  13. the resin method will only be an option if the hole is blind ie not right through as the resin would escape , however if the hole is blind and you can get the cast clean which is doubtful as cast is porous it would work.
  14. could it not be helicoiled to retain the original stud size.
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