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  1. Hmmm pork pies. You mean those pies made of delicious water-pastry but containing a disgusting ball of grey, gristly, fatty, mechanically recovered 'meat' in the centre? Yuk!!!
  2. The one I get most often is "That engine sounds FANTASTIC, is it a Lister?"
  3. You missed the obvious one: DANGER - DEEP WATER Oh, hang on a sec....
  4. It certainly seems as though CRT's policy is to plaster the network with as many corporate blue signs as they can find spurious reasons for. I find myself wondering if CRT keep a close eye on them, and should any of the particularly large and pointless ones accidentally fall down in the night, if they would be replaced or if CRT would simply not notice.
  5. Aha! I've spotted the hidden agendum. From the link about safety zones: 2. What is a water safety zone? A water safety zone is a designated part of the waterway where additional signage and safety restrictions are in place It's all an excuse to continue littering the canals with ever more of their poxy ugly bright blue signs!
  6. Hold on, you are in no position to assess the 'usefulness' of the survey. You have no idea why the data was requested or what the information will be used for (other than for the OP's project as stated). I get the impression the poster is perhaps quite young, perhaps still at school so cut her some slack. My guess is a school project learning about how to design and conduct a survey. Don't be such a curmudgeon.
  7. He is a member here although rarely posts. He joined the discussion when this same winding hole was being discussed, along with the boat moored in it, to say it was his official CRT approved mooring.
  8. I agree. The dog walkers, cyclists and anglers most definitely need signs to know when they are a approaching a winding 'ole. How else would they know where to turn around?
  9. Let's at least give them credit for not calling it a "Turning Point".
  10. And how much is an equivalent FloGas refill that you'll need to drive perhaps 30 miles to get?
  11. The term "civil servant" is sometimes a misnomer. Some of them can be quite rude at times, should you actually get to speak to one.
  12. Only if the fuse has blown in your infinite improbability drive, Shirley.
  13. Excellent, thanks! I'll post up my bank details here shortly. Oh, hang on...!!!!!
  14. Not really. The regulations governing pre-2017 builds was called the Recreational Craft Directive or RCD, but to distinguish the far stricter regulations introduced in 2017 the name was changed to the Recreational Craft Regulations, so the difference is obvious. But if you two want to continue spreading confusion between the two different sets of regulations, that's fine with me.
  15. Here's a link for you, to the Recreational Craft Regulations, generally abbreviated to RCR, which came into force in 2017. https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2017/737/contents/made
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