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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Interesting video. She's done exactly the same as me, lithium in parallel with the LA bank with an Overkill BMS. Except I cobbled mine together out of the bare components. The drawback to all this is there is nothing to protect the Li cells from over charging other than the BMS, which should really only be stepping in to disconnect when the primary charge controller fails to stop charging. I suspect Heidi is just relying on not overcharging (or over discharging) by luck. Or maybe the LAs actually put upper and lower limits on the Li SoCs. Will have to think about this some more!
  3. When I was on a wage, it was very weak. Also as my dad used to point out, those on a salary work one day every four years without pay. The leap day, February 29th.
  4. Good advice. I was also thinking buying second hand gets you boating immediately, while having one built is gonna take perhaps two or three years.
  5. My phone works fine as a hotspot propped in a porthole....
  6. Surely the best way around all this is to watch telly on a computer?
  7. Look at their boat, obviously!!
  8. And thank goodness for that given Angela Rayner's recent question in the House of Commons to the PM: "Was you there or wasn't you there at the party, Prime minister?" And her supporters excuse this abominable mangulation of the English Language as "Stockport dialect"!
  9. Yes she took sensible offer in the end, IIRC. Eventually!
  10. How did you manage that then? You should have bought a license at the time you bought the boat which would have taken you up to the end of July, by my arithmetic.
  11. Ha, you should search back and read the threads where LG is laying into the estate agents failing to sell her flat in Scotland for 35% more than market value, and rejecting all advice on how to get it sold. I'm sure you can imagine! I gave up trying to help in the end.
  12. In actual fact I will, but I'm not going to focus as suggested on extinguishers to put out fires and leave it to blind faith that they will comply with the BSS rules. I needed to understand the BSS rules, which now I do. So thanks to all who responded.
  13. I think what Alan is getting at is "composting toilet" is a misnomer. They don't do any composting. You have to do the composting yourself after removing the, um, waste products from the supposed composting toilet. So a lot of us are probably wondering just how much you know about them. Are you fully up to speed on what it takes to own one? Or have you just been told they are a Good Idea so you decided to get one? Or something in between?
  14. For easy, trouble-free rural cruising its had to beat the Oxford canal. Also I really like the Coventry, not so much for scenery as for it being, just, well so interesting, and the boaters seem more committed to boating than the holidayers one gets a lot of on the Oxford. But for real unbeatable scenery, the pennine-crossing canals are what you need. Hard work and prone to stoppages I gather though. P.S. I keep misreading your username as "SarahSnails"!
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