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  1. Good point. But remind me, where does the government get its funds from?
  2. And I bet you didn't pay an extra £4k!
  3. But CRT, Parry et al ARE the new management. All the same criticisms used to get levelled at BW and CRT with a new chief executive were created as a new broom to sweep clean. Ever since the get-go they have done little better than BW, AFAICS.
  4. And of course property has two different returns. The valuation going up and down is a market thing, beyond the control of CRT. The rent is a different income stream however and collecting the rent is very much within the control of CRT.
  5. That sounds a bit like an urban myth to me. Did they really make the width of all horse-drawn carts the same? And why 4ft 8 5/8in in particular? And even if they did, why would they make the railway lines match? All a bit of a puzzle really. Besides, standard railway gauge was 4ft 8 1/2in when I was a kid...
  6. No thats's not it at all. I do it because those are the rules. Society has framework for setting rules (laws) for everyone to abide by, which helps everyone get along together. When too many people ignore the rules society begins to break down.
  7. Or fill it through a tea strainer...
  8. When you're paying £4k for your CRT home mooring and one boat after another spends months on end moored opposite you paying nothing, one begins to feel a bit of an idiot for paying the £4k. Hope that helps explain...
  9. A couple of weeks or so late for that, surely?
  10. Trouble with NBTA though, is they p*ss all over everything indiscriminately.
  11. There is an area in Woking, Surrey called Shearwater, and the Basingstoke runs right through it. Main claim to fame is Paul Weller grew up there. The Basy there is however, only about 30ft wide!
  12. A CCer who never stays in one place for more than two weeks is by definition ill-equipped to observe and comment on the problem of long term VM-hogging. Unless of course they are actually CMing.
  13. Same here. I live 100 yards from the canal and drive over the same canal bridge every day. The the 48hr VM visible from the bridge have been occupied by the same two widebeams for almost as long as I can remember. Certainly many months. The third space on the 48hr VM is also usually occupied by one boat or another and I'd say the average stay on that third space is typically about a month. People who have the opportunity to observe the same bit of canal day in, day out for long periods are far better placed to spot CMing than boaters on a cruise.
  14. Pretty sure the water in the photo with bugs in came directly from the water tap. Back on 24th Feb 2024 the OP said this: "Oh sorry if I didn’t make this clear. This water has come straight from the shore point and is going straight into a kilner jar with a tap, which I get glasses of drinking water from. " So I think the photo is of the Kilner jar having just been filled from the CRT water tap.
  15. Great-looking boat! (Needs a bow fender, by the way.)
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