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  1. I thought that might be the case - or at least, I was hoping it was. Thanks guys. We'll get those uprated battery operated ones and call it job done.
  2. Thanks Bacchus, They look like they should work. I assume these will be sufficient for the Manchester Ship Canal. How fussy are they about visibility distances etc?
  3. We looked at these but were worried that they would not be compliant or up to spec for our 61ft boat. Am I right in thinking (from reading the thread link) that Colregs compliance is 'nice to have' but not strictly necessary for narrowboats on the Manchester Ship Canal? If these lamps will do the trick then they're just what we need. Thanks again Tony
  4. HI all, can anyone tell me if there is such a thing as battery operated navigation lights, suitable for the Manchester Ship Canal. I've Googled, but to no avail. I don't particularly like how they look and so I'm reluctant to make them a permanent feature, plus the wiring is a bit of an unnecessary faff when they'll hardly ever be used. Surely I'm not the only one in this position? A battery operated option would be a perfect solution for many boaters in my position I'm sure. Is there such a thing? Thanks Tony
  5. Hi Duck-n-dive, we'd really appreciate some help. Is this something you know a bit about? Have you seen/used/fitted these units before? (We're not regulars here, so our apologies if your skills are common knowledge.) We'd want to get it done in the next few weeks, but we realise lockdown might be an issue. I'm sure the Yorkshire locals won't recognise an off-comer if you wear a face mask. ? Tony
  6. Hi All, can anyone recommend a marine electrician in Yorkshire who might install our SmartBank battery combiner. We're near Bingley Five-Rise on the Leeds and Liverpool. Thanks in advance Tony
  7. First question - how can we make one? Second question - can we borrow yours? ? Third question - I did call Calcutt but they said they didn't lend them out. Thanks Tony
  8. Hi All, my BMC 1.5 has had a nut and bolt reconditioning job done. One of the outstanding jobs is the injection timing. I'm told that while this COULD be done using the marks on the engine, this would be less than ideal when the components used to make that mark have been changed. Therefore we need a timing gauge? I've searched high and low for one of these timing gauges. A couple of people have offered to lend one but not come through. Another offered to sell me one 'brand new in box' which I strongly suspect was a scammer. (Plenty of red flags in the messages we exchanged.) Does anyone know where we might borrow or purchase one of these? I'm sure there are several members of this forum who would vouch for me when I say we'd take great care and return it promptly. I'd be so grateful if anyone can help. Thanks in advance TR
  9. Does anyone know if Graham Reeves Boat Builders are still going? Did I hear right that the sons are running the business? Did they start two different businesses? What's the score? Does anyone have up to date contact details? A friend has a boat built there some time ago and is eager to get in touch regarding another build project. Thanks in advance. TR
  10. Hi Robert. A breakdown would be really useful. Can you send me what you can? PM would be great. Thanks Tony
  11. That's really useful Dave. Many thanks indeed. I start writing later this week so I'll be in touch. Cheers Tony
  12. Dave - how many people live aboard your boat? Thanks Tony
  13. Dave, that would be awesome. Would you please PM me? If you have seperate costs for diesel, heating, coal, mooring ete etc that would be most useful indeed. (Can I please cut and paste your comment here alongside?) Thanks Tony
  14. Hi all, I'm updating my book The Liveaboard Guide and I'm looking at the chapter citing costs. It was written in 2011 and so needs updating. Does anyone here have, and is willing to share, their liveaboard boating expenses. If we use your info I'll make sure you get a copy of the book. Hope you're all enjoying the sun and not melting too much. Thanks Tony
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