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  1. Maybe go to Oostend by train from Brugge! Maybe we'll see you around as we're cruising in Belgium in July / August.
  2. For example, my 60ft turned out to be 60' 6'' when measured. Could be the 6'' makes the difference.
  3. EA moorings BS

    The recent RBC signage is a classic case of the few spoiling it for the many.
  4. Tesco's Reading

    One of the signs that appeared here this weekend, should be interesting!
  5. Canal Planner and Summer Holidays

    Last time I came back from Llangollen we were 14th in line to go down at New Marton, just under a 3 hour wait, it was August, but it's not just Grindley that can cause significant delay.
  6. EA moorings BS

    I'm pretty sure it's the same TVM green sign, but I am perhaps guilty of assumption as I've only seen them from the middle of the river and not looked close up. The TVM website only shows above the lock as a location.
  7. EA moorings BS

    On a further point of order, the no mooring signs you refer to have TVM mooring signs fixed over the top of them, happened a couple of Months ago I think, certainly earlier this year. I'm going by them on Friday morning, I'll try to remember to take a picture. Edited to note I haven't checked on their website to see if this location is now TVM.
  8. EA moorings BS

    FYI, I've been out pretty much every weekend and more since the end of March, mainly in the Marlow to Wallingford area, you are talking complete and utter rubbish. I get moored in Henley whenever I turn up, there are always spaces on the SRB moorings, I will concede that Marlow can sometimes be full, as can Goring & Wallingford, but if you know the river, and you clearly don't! there are alternatives. I've no idea where all these 'dumped' boats are that you refer to, unless you mean the boats on the council moorings which pay £55 a week for the pleasure, a good price IMO! And, yes, lets take Sonning, there are always plenty of spaces both above and below the lock on the TVM monitored moorings, it is you who cannot be getting out much. You seem to be trying to make a case to support your OP and it quite clearly doesn't stand up.
  9. EA moorings BS

    I really can't see what the problem is, it's only the EA 24 hour sites that are now managed by TVM, and they offer an additional 2 days for £10, there are many other free moorings, it's only the likes of Marlow, Henley & Windsor that charge in the £10 to £12 area, even them Marlow and Henley are free during the day. There are a few problems, but some have been resolved, the longstanding one is at Tesco in Reading, a bit of a bummer if you want to shop, but not a disaster. I regularly cruise between Windsor and Abingdon and we always get moored somewhere. I believe the situation is better now than it was a few years back, the OP cites Marlow & Wallingford, from memory Marlow is £12 to overnight, but there are a few 24 hour free spots, Wallingford I think is £8, so I've no idea what he's going on about. If he dislikes the river that much maybe he should keep off it.
  10. EA moorings BS

    Surely this is an improvement? Previously, most of these were restricted to 24 hours only, now (IMO) you can get 2 further days at £5 per day, a bargain in Thames terms.
  11. Stern gland/ Venus prop shaft

    Instructions for mine say to use 'Volvo Penta Grease (Volvo 828250)' Every 200 hours. Not tried it yet as we're only at 135 from new, more worringly, although I need to read again and more carefully the same document says change the seal every 500?
  12. Fuel Boats Tracking Section

    Give Merchant a call 07921 694287 he operates in that area.
  13. In your Personal Opinion.....!? Brokers!?

    Sold through ABNB, really pleased with them.