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  1. WJM

    CRT Little Venice moorings

    I totally agree. The Oyster Card is really only a niche thing now. Kids can get a special version of Oyster called Zip which ensures that they are only charged kids fares. You will notice these cards when you get on a bus because the reader beeps twice, causing the bus driver to look and see if it is being used by a child.
  2. WJM

    CRT Little Venice moorings

    Oyster Cards are fading away now - A Contactless Debit Card is the way to go. No purchase price (An empty Oyster Card costs £5) and no need to keep topping them up.
  3. I heard of a boater once who installed a permanently plumbed-in house/domestic water tank complete with a ballcock valve to keep the tank permanently full. I think the boat may have been called Darwin!
  4. WJM

    CRT Little Venice moorings

    They are beside the gardens - between the Regents Canal junction and the Paddington Basin Junction. There has only ever one boat deep when I have been there. They are not marked with any signs but they are fairly obvious. White bank with rings.
  5. Just to follow up on this - I had the fuel pump replaced last week. This weekend I did about six hours running, most of it running hard on the tideway and... no recurrance of the problem. Fingers crossed, I hope the problem is now solved.
  6. WJM

    Wheels to stop rubbing against a cill

    When I moor against an edge that might snag the boat, I put a boat pole down vertically between the boat and the edge, lashed to the fender attachment. That way I am protected from very large changes in level.
  7. WJM

    Unexpected Expenditure

    I think often people overcomplicate things when it comes to battery management. I have a small cheap volt meter (£5 on eBay) permanently plugged into bu 12v supply. It tells me everything I need to know about the state of my batteries. When the engine is running (or the batteries are being charged from an external source) it tells me nothing. But when I am actually drawing from the batteries it tells me everything I need to know. With a fully charged set of batteries it reads around 14.5 volts. As the hours and days go on that figure falls to 13, 12, 11.. Once I reach 11v I know te batteries are close to exhausted. I have very occasional dropped as low as 10.5v without a total loss of power. It is very simple and it has worked really well for me for years. The only stipulation I would say is - use the same device plugged into the same point. That covers for any inherent inaccuracy in the device itself and for any variance in the voltage at various points in the supply.
  8. WJM

    Unexpected Expenditure

    You can start a boat with a flat starter battery buy putting a single jump lead across the positive of the starter battery and the positive of the leisure battery.
  9. WJM

    Bargee bill prop cleaner

    I have one of these. It is a well made piece of kit. But I have almost never had anything wrapped around my propellor so I have never had a good opportunity to try it out.
  10. WJM

    No London Boat Show Next Year

    Brexit Britain: a menopausal economy and a disillusioned generation.
  11. East of this fluorescent bottle, from Horsenden Hill to the Cruising Club, you will see small numbered markers on the north bank. These are time trial markings used by Ealing Canoe Club.
  12. It is there more than 4 years - I would say ten years. I see it every time I pass!
  13. WJM

    Modern trend or brand spefic

    What was the programme? Channel?
  14. WJM

    Thames Kingston

    When mooring anywhere on the Molesey-Teddington Reach it is worth considering the water levels. This is the level directly above the tideway. When a big tide is expected the weir at Teddington is closed off and the water is held above. This can cause a small rise in the 5 mile level. Then when the tide has turned they open up the weir and dump water out. The change in level might be only a foot or less but if you are still in canal mode and have tied up tight you might find yourself hanging or snagged.
  15. Each to their own. Thanks for your input.

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