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  1. Lough Erne is a massive lake. I am not sure if I would be comfortable on it in a narrowboat. But the Balinamore-Ballyconnel (Shannon/Erne) canal would be a good place for a canal boat. Though given Britain's mighty political upheaval it will soon have an international border across it.
  2. I have one of those permanently on my hook-up point. But I do not use it to power a second boat. Whenever I leave my mooring I leave the splitter behind. Why? Because I got totally fed up with the Meter-Macs system. Normally, when I unplug, Meter-Macs automatically disconnects my account. And on my return I have to key in my details at the master panel. BUT, the re-connection system is hopeless. I can key my details in 10, 15, 20 times and it fails over and over. So if I leave the splitter plugged in the system thinks I am still there and I avoid the whole painful process. have moaned repeatedly to CaRT about this but nothing has improved.
  3. Same issue here. I think it sources the maps from OpenStreetMaps and that connection is broken. I would think that can be easily fixed.
  4. The most interesting thing about this thread is the willingness some people have to become overtly aggressive and attacking. The new Britain.
  5. Are you a troll? The wealth of a nation is finite. But the distribution is the product of policy. If one man has £10m to blow on a picture... Best not to be offensive when offence is not given (Left wing loon). Conversation is informative when you avoid extremism. Del Amitri phrased it much better than I could... Computer terminals report some gains in the values of copper and tinWhile American businessmen snap up Van GoghsFor the price of a hospital wing
  6. I run a business in the UK. And I pay more Corporation Tax than... Starbucks, Amazon, MacDonalds... and essentially every UK business big enough to get away with an overseas HQ. Any business that pays £1 in Corporation Tax pays more than these companies. All the businesses that you and I pay into. But not your local corner shop, your independent restaurant, your family firm. And unless you fell for the lies, we know that the British ‘elite’ is trying desperately to dodge the new European laws against such immoral tax dodging. But it seems most people fell for that one!
  7. The person who pays £10m for the Banksy has to get the money from somewhere. Today, he mostly gets it by avoiding taxes. And people who avoid paying their just taxes deprive the society that they live in of the funds it needs to function. So yes, the folks who use NHS and not Gold BUPA loose out because some greed merchant has deprived society of his contribution and pissed it on a Banksy instead,
  8. It doesn't say that more boats are being built, just that the price of those being built is at an all time high. It could be the concentration of wealth into small groups of super-rich. Which of course happens at the expense of ordinary people.
  9. Opening the top gates with the boat was normal practice during the commercial days. It still is for some.
  10. I never have any problem finding a mooring in KuT. If you are just passing through for a couple of nights you will be fine. Outside the John Lewis store is a regular of mine. There are usually spaces upstream of the bridge on the Hampton Wick side too. There was plenty of room there on Sunday. If you don't want / cant find a mooring in KuT the lock moorings at Teddington usually have plenty of spaces. It is a pleasant walk up to the town from there. But they are around £5 a night.
  11. I am planning to travel the Rhine from Basel to Amsterdam this year (Switzerland, France, Germany and Netherlands). I am looking for a Navigation book or map, something like the Nicholson or Geo/Heron boater's guides that we have in the UK. Does anyone have any pointers. I have Googled and found nothing. Has anyone got any pointers where I might look?
  12. From that link... That still doesn't fully explain it. So he is in the lock with his arms down the weed hatch. The lock slowly fills. That wont sink the boat. "The boat owner was there (in the hi-viz) and we asked what had happened ... from what I could gather his tiller arm had been knocked out of its skeg when the tide was apparently too low whilst waiting at Thames Lock (so he's come off the tide today). He thought he'd fixed it but on the way to Clitheroes Lock realised that it was still not fully in. He decided to go into the lock, close the tail gate, open his weed hatch to try to relocate the tiller arm. Unnoticed by him was that the upper gates were very leaky and of course the water level rose, his boat moved forward and his bow caught on the cill, and the boat sank. ??? Very, very puzzling ???"
  13. Yes, that is the same boat at the same lock. Sunk for a second time! I think I have
  14. Yes, that is the same boat at the same lock. Sunk for a second time! I think I have guessed what happened. The boat was going up. That lock has quite a strong fill that throws the boat forward. So the bow nestles against the top gate. no problem. Except this boat has a crazy railing on the bow. The railing snags the gate. Water rises, boat stays still... Lesson, narrowboats are the shape they are as a result of hundreds of years (and millions of hours) of refinement. Don't mess with hard won learning. You don't know better!
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