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  1. WJM

    Hydrogen peroxide

    I have machines in work that take in tap water and keep it in holding tanks before using it in the production process. We treat the water with purifying tablets and with chilled alcohol. Many years ago we didn't do this and the machines would become really disgusting with bacterial growth. Eventually nozzles would clog and the machine would stink. I don't see much difference in the water system on my boat. So that is why I take simple low-cost preventative measures. I just flick in a cheap tablet every time I fill the tank.
  2. WJM

    Hydrogen peroxide

    Why? Because there is always a small possibility of a little bug taking up residence. On the Thames the water hoses are fixtures provided by the EA, with no option to use your own clean hose. Many boaters seem happy to throw the provided hose on the ground after use. I always give the end a good wipe before putting it into my water tank. I also use a 'food safe' hose rather than a garden hose. The plasticisers used in making cheaper garden hoses are said to leech out into the water. The plasticisers are said to be carcinogenic.
  3. WJM

    Hydrogen peroxide

    I pop a water purifying tab in with every fill and very occasionally I add some Milton baby bottle cleaning fluid and then flush it out. Both are designed to be safe for human consumption.
  4. WJM

    Grand Union Lock 101 - Onto the Thames

    High Tide tomorrow is around 7.30am and it is a fairly big tide. You can probably get out anytime up to 10am. And the evening tide is around 8pm so you can probably get out as early as 5pm.
  5. WJM

    Grand Union Lock 101 - Onto the Thames

    Although there are guidelines about only going up to Teddington in the last two hours before High Tide, there are several other options not often mentioned. One that I find useful is to leave Brentford two hours after High Tide. You push against the tide for only the first mile and then you go up Richmond Lock onto the then non-tidal river to Teddington. This is a very easy run despite the fact that some of the Lock keepers get very wound up when you insist on your right to be locked through at that time. Some (one) lock keeper insists it can't be done - it can! If you need any more advice on the Brentford Teddington transit just ask me - I know that part of the river very well.
  6. It is a very effective way of managing licensing or compliance. Only a step away from 'wheel clamping' but all done remotely with minimal cost. The navigation authority cannot selectively reject contactless payment cards but they can deactivate their own Smartcards.
  7. Because if you have not paid your license (or are in some other breach of regulations - eg: CCing) your card can be deactivated.
  8. WJM


    The only time that my CO alarm has ever gone off was when I was moored stern to stern next to another narrowboat who had a generator running on HIS back deck. The wind blew his fumes in through my back door! In these situations, rather than try to offer advice about generators to the unwilling I simply tell them that they should get a CO alarm, that they might learn something useful and it might save their lives. I generally have around four CO alarms running on my boat but the number varies because I often give one away whenever I come across someone who has none.
  9. WJM

    Red Diesel - Colour

    Apologies for the slow response, I have not been over to the boat for a while. Some pictures: The first picture shows the diesel from a jerry can from that I keep for topping up - wine red. The other two pictures show the diesel I took from the boat tank and allowed to settle for a couple of weeks - positively tomato soup. The diesel from the tank has been heavily dosed with Marine 16 Complete and and it has been supplying both the engine and the central heating with no obvious problems. Does anyone have any thoughts on why it looks like this?
  10. WJM

    ETRR Renting Liveaboard

    I know only one thing about them - they have been around for many years.
  11. WJM

    Red Diesel - Colour

    Last filled up in January. Plenty of engine hours since and the diesel stove is running normally.
  12. WJM

    Red Diesel - Colour

    I am using the Marine 16 Diesel Fuel Complete product. http://www.marine16.co.uk/acatalog/Diesel-Fuel-Complete-500ml-60.html#SID=5
  13. WJM

    Red Diesel - Colour

    Ok, let me try again. If you shine a torch through red wine, light will travel through it. If you shine a torch through tomato soup it won't. What should red diesel be like?
  14. WJM

    Red Diesel - Colour

    Thanks for the replies. The tank was last cleaned about 400 engine hours ago. White diesel is transparent so I was expecting the red to be similar. What I have here is very opaque.
  15. WJM

    Red Diesel - Colour

    I drew off some diesel from the bottom of the tank recently. As expected, there was a layer of 'gunk'. But it has settled for a few days now and I notice that the stuff at the top is, how shall I say... less 'red wine' and more 'Gazpacho soup'. Is there something wrong? I should mention - I dose every fill very heavily with Marine 16.