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  1. Interesting. There was no mention of it. I figured it couldn’t be as much as £50 so it is probably a better option than an honest 1 Day. Any idea how much it is? I can’t find anything about it online.
  2. I went up to Teddington this weekend just for one night. I was shocked. A visitors license was £50! If I had been staying a week it would have been £80, and a month would have been £170. I’m not sure what warped thinking is going on here. The more casual your visit the more it hurts! In the past I recall a special Teddington weekend visitors licence that allowed the Kingston reach only. And I also recall a Wey transit license. Have these specials been discontinued?
  3. Thank you everybody. You have been really helpful. This forum is excellent and your contributions are really appreciated!
  4. The body of the alternator seems to be heavily painted or anodised. But I suppose I could scrape back to bare metal. Would that work?
  5. I can’t find an exact match on the Prestolite site. But I did find this on a Google search. https://www.adesas.co.uk/product/171/?doing_wp_cron=1615657893.4654760360717773437500
  6. Thanks for the speedy reply. The new one is BA030-2005. By the way, there is a cable already connected, joining the B+ and the B- and it has a little sealed black box at one end.
  7. I am planning to replace my alternator. The new one has arrived and it seems to have a lot more electrical connection points than the old one. I need some advice on how to connect the new one up. Presumably the thick cable is the one that takes the power away. Where on the new alternator should it go. And the thin spade-connector cable, what is it for and where should it go? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks everybody who responded. You have been very helpful.
  9. Thanks Tony, One more question. I have a 70amp Alternator - does it matter if I replace it with a 90amp?
  10. Another Alternator related question - what is the difference between a regular Alternator bought from a Motor Factors and one that has been 'Marinised'?
  11. Ok, so failure is not a binary condition? As the brushes wear they alternator produces less charge?
  12. Between Hayes and West Drayton I found this lost canal arm. Amazingly some of it is still in water having been trapped in between some new factories. And further on the line of the houses follows what was the canal where the dry bed is still clearly visible. This short arm ran to a brick works.
  13. No flickering that I can see. Though the red light marked AUX is illuminated.
  14. I am just looking for a very general opinion here - Do alternators generally fail rapidly or do they tend to die gradually? I am getting very poor battery charging from mine - but not none. So I am trying to decide if I should replace the alternator or search for a problem somewhere else.
  15. Who is Roach? Your dog? Or a fellow boater?
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