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  1. 're the 80 items limit.... have you tried ordering loose new potatoes they counted each potato as one item...lol
  2. 3 hours after I thought I had 'mended' it then it failed again. Took cover off and it worked again... so it must be in the box. Checked for dust and the unit didn't seem hot.
  3. Plugged back in this morning and it works....still no wiser on the cause but I will worry about that later
  4. Thanks Wotever... checked bollard...checked landline....checked voltage ... all ok... it's def trying to power across because of the clicking.... also checked all the external fuses and all fine. Leaving the marina tomorrow so no major problem until we come back in for the winter but I am loathed to buy new just because victron won't service anything above 10 years old.
  5. I have searched through all the previous inverter queries but couldn't find anything to help... I have a Victron Phoenix multi plus 12/2500/120... All fine and dandy whilst we have been out cruising for 3 months. Come back to marina connected to shore power and all was well until today. Woke up to find it was showing no shore power. Bollard had tripped... sorted that out and power came back on for 30 mins or so. This time bollard was fine but all you could hear from the unit is a clicking noise as it tries to transfer over to shore line. This problem as occurred before whilst boat was out for blacking. The guy at boatyard took front off unit ...stared at it ..shook his head and it all started working again. Tried resetting 16A red switch because mains green light flashed for a few seconds. Have check victron handbook and FAq on victron website. Also rung Springwood Haven but Kevin on holiday until Monday but I was told Victron won't even repair units over 10 years ..mine is 12 years old. Any ideas would be most welcome. Thank you
  6. bought my Andy Russell paint from Overwater marina about 2 months ago
  7. I'm sure that in a previous thread someone said it had something to do with when they had to pay for the entrance in to the marina.
  8. Hi Dogless ...we moor at Bosworth and I've just checked with Chris , the manager, £5 gets you outside mooring which INCLUDES free WiFi in boaters lounge, elsan and access to laundry facilities . There is a small welll stocked shop on site and you are alway welcome to enjoy a cheap beer or coffee while you wait for the laundry! Not a lover of the Ashby and i only came in for a week's mooring 2 years ago but everyone was so friendly and helpful that I stayed.. Ps. The lady in the office was new...sorry for the mis info.
  9. We used to tell them ' point it at what you don't want to hit'...
  10. Yes I would always consider health issues but on this occasion the bottles on top were the biggest clue
  11. Moored outside the Barbridge Inn , Barbridge and we were side swiped by a boat.. OH ran outside and asked what he was flipping playing at ... he then continued to waver down the canal and under the bridge. It then looked as if was trying to wind but no, he just ploughed on and narrowly missed hitting another moored boat head on. My question is, what should you do in these circumstances? I'm not interested in a bit of missing paintwork only the safety of other boaters on what is a bust stretch of canal. It was a narrowboat but no visible name or number on the boat side.
  12. I rarely get up tight with speeding boaters these days (life is too short) but today a boat passed at what seemed like motorway speed.. His excuse was we are on a schedule!!
  13. To be fair for your £5 at Bosworth you do get use of the boaters lounge, free wi fi , use of showers, elsan and you buy tokens to use laundry facilities. There is also a small shop with a good selection of basics.
  14. Moored today on the Macclesfield visitor moorings... opposite what was last year a building site..... this year 62 brand new 'retirement' apartments... Honest Sir we did not know it was the official opening do when we lit a fire... they through open the double bi fold access to the beautiful Macclesfield canal doors to let the lady Mayoress out to cut the official ribbon just as our fire gave the first signs of life.. The more we panicked the worst it got but to be fair they carried on and I am sure the photos will look atmospheric! Then we sat back to 'enjoy' party.... lady in blue cardy kept trying to escape and they seemed to keep pushing her back into chair... 2 seconds she'd be up again ... then it became obvious ... she was not trying to escape ...she just wanted to get at the buffet and it wasn't 'officially' open yet.... Another new resident was already marked as the neighbour to avoid ... dressed in jumper and trainers he was helping himself to the champagne at an alarming rate ... eventually stood alone with one glass in each hand.... I couldn't find the purchase price of these things but he service fee was around 600 per month and when you finally departed this world they charged you for redecorating ... Told daughter it looked very nice and tongue in cheek told her I was thinking of buying... blind panic on her part... no no no mum .. we will look after you... I am going to convert attic... but how will I get down from said attic... get down ??? She says .... no no we are not bothered about you getting down , we just don't want to waste our inheritance on a care home... xx
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