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  1. Thanks biscuit just going to order the parts and if you dont mind i might come back to you with pictures just to make sure we have the wires correct.
  2. Thanks Biscuits ...the pump as 3 wires and cigar lighter 2 wires... please excuse my ignorance
  3. For various reasons we need an automatic bilge pump that plugs into cigar lighter socket ... Looked high and low on the web but the only ones I can find are in USA. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks
  4. The definition of a Scottish gentleman is someone you can play the bagpipes but doesn't
  5. Exactly the same thing happened to us... we went down the same routes as everyone as suggested. We ended up replacing but we did learn a few things whilst sorting:- 1.victron would not try to repair if older than 6 years old 2. The first time the problem occurred it was because whilst the bollard had power it was not full power and not enough for victron to kick in 3. We found a company in Tamworth called Sellweb. Specialists in industrial inverters but also repair the ones we have on the boat. You can deliver or courier your inverter to them and they will give you a free quot
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. I think when it comes to favourite canals its often down to who you've met on your travels and that is why the rochdale is probably my favourite. The most overated in my opinion are the Asby, the caldon and the llangollen... nothing wrong with them just didn't quite live up to what i expected. I used to own a travel business and i used to worry about clients fullfilling life long dreams...they very rarely lived up to what they imagined
  9. For years I have known I was the wrong shape but I was gutted to find out the boat is also the wrong shape!!
  10. Thanks biscuits... done the Rochdale and it hands down beaten any trip we have ever done... got problems with huddersfield narrow cos of 60' length ( the house (won't call it home because it is fast becoming the most expensive storage unit ever as we have only been there 4 weeks in last 2 yearsis only 10 miles from huddersfield .) I know once we start the engine and start to escape I will have a smile on my face and what the hell if we don't know where we are going ... perhaps everytime we get to a junction we will just toss a coin ..who knows where we will end up and who we will meet
  11. Thanks Laurie..I needed a bit of encouragement!. Normally I am let's do the ribbble, let's do the Thames tidal.. let's do the wash.. the Bristol channel... this year it's what do you mean you want to leave the ashby... and I hate the ashby.. Definite tithe time tto give myself a kick up the arxe or pack in
  12. Normally I have a plan in my mind by October of the previous year... this time round I must have known something was wrong..... no plans ... no ideas... is it time after 20 years of boating to call it a day
  13. Heated throw for me.... saves putting the heating or fire on for the last hour of the day when the temperature just drops a little. ....or for the entire evening when partner argues that it is not cold...
  14. It was neither boater or volounters fault..
  15. I have seen the pictures.. our friends should have been in lock when it broke but they let another boat jump in front of them. Our friends had booked the locks but they had just taken off the 'must book' so it extra busy anyway
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