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  1. Yyyou could check with Aqualine to confirm this but when we bought our Aquualine we were told that behind the tiles they have something like asbestos sheets. I think the only other advice was to just to check the grout and replace if needed . The tiles do get hot but Aqualine were very strict when installing fires and if you have nanny worries just give them a ring.
  2. Ed installed our system ... would recommend to anyone.
  3. This one must have had a massive tank...he was there for over 17 hours... and yes we also have large tank and some times the pressure is very low so it can seem like forever to fill.
  4. Make that 5 in 24 hours. Just been hit twice in the last 15 minutes and not a sorry from either.. I know knocks and bumps happen but a sorry costs nothing
  5. Moored up last mooring before water point. Boat coming off water point looking to moor in gap behind us. We couldn't cos would have been well onto water point but the guy behind us had 15' behind him reluctantly agrred to move back... moved back a little but didnt want to go within 6' of next boat because he didn't want to be too close! Then at 4pm a private owned live aboard arrived on water point. Moored up ...went inside and didn't reappear until they went to the pub for a meal. 9 o'clock this morning they finally got hose pipe and filled up. All that hard work obviously gave them an appetite... so hey ho they went back inside and cooked/ate breakfast... Finally moved off ...over 17 hours after they arrived... Then the last incident was a guy having lunch in the lock cos he thought it was quiet and saved him mooring up...
  6. Thank you Matty. Rang Ed today and he was supposed to be on holiday but had postponed until weather cooled down. He came out within an hour and diagnosed a faulty isolator switch plus smartbank wasn't working. Replaced it and said we need to test when out of dry dock. If all ok he will either send invoice or come back . We were that impressed we ordered his solar package at the same time. It turned out he remembers working on the boat 14 years ago when he worked at Streethay. He even remembered what our problem and what he did to fix it! Once again, thank you Matty
  7. Tony Isuzu 42 engine Matty . I know that a lot of engineers agree with you but as an 'idiot' I find it easy to use with the trip switches and relays. We are in Kerridge dry dock from tomorrow ... is there an engineer you would recommend? Thank you
  8. Tracy. We had every specialised engineer going trying to sort it to no avail. I always maintain it was all down to overcharging but 15 years of agm and no problems. Our domestic are over 4 years and still charging well and starter was over 7 years. It just seems funny that for the 1st time I 15 years we have a lead acid starter and we have problems.
  9. No solar. Yes I believe that's how the panel isolators work. We have checked the main isolators. It was the warning light on volt gauge that concerned me No plastic keys in main isolators
  10. Volt reading was just short of 16 on gauge You can isolate domestic and starter batteries using switches on panel or using in switches in engine bay Starts charging 14.2 and both gradually go up to 14.7 and 14.8 readings as both banks become fully charged Engine been off for nearly 2 hours .. domestic reading 13 and starter 13.3 on panel Slightly less on readings directly from batteries I stopped it by putting itt in to neutral and after a few attempts it stopped with button... i.e. when no revs... Volt reading dropped and able to stop Checked relay for engine circuit and all looks good This may be totally irrelevant but when the boat was built 15 years ago we had a problem where we went through 6 lots of lead/acid in 6 months (it was boiling every lot and we had acid everwhere) They could never work out why and gave us agm batteries and u til now we have never had a lead/acid on the boat. Thank you
  11. Bosworth Marina ..on Ashby canal. I think it's 12 miles from Leicester.
  12. 10 days or so we had problem with atm starter battery ... the reading on management panel showed well over 12v in battery but when key turned no reaction at all We have 2 isolator switches for each set of batteries .... turns out panel reading I correct / isolator switch lit up so all looked good Turned out the main isolator had turned it self of and for the last who know how many days we had been using the remaining power in battery to start. Once sorted the battery was still taking charge but not holding charge Engineer only had lead acid battery on van . Our system is a twin alternator and spit charge using smart bank system Yesterday we ran engine for a total of approx 6 hours and when we came to stop it did not cut engine immediately on pushing stop button Today same problem with stop button but the volt reader showed red warning light. Reading was showing high Do you think it is a problem because we are currently mixing lead acid on starter and agm on domestic or do you think they could be another underlying problem. Many thanks in advance
  13. Thank you.. i suspected they must be allowed to park but wasn't sure about general public. Will give CART a ring tomorrow.
  14. A case of i know what i said and i know what i meant...bit like when i told better half that the dog needed microwaving indtead of microchipping I am all for giving people a laugh!
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