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  1. hullygully

    Ashton canal/Manchester area, best place to moor.....

    Thanks guys....we're all sorted got a morring in Droylsdon marina....
  2. Now then boy's n girls....... Were currently chugging up the Macc, then onto the Peak forest canal and Bugsworth basin,then all things being equal and the flight is still open up the Marple flight. Now my question is, my wife has to leave me for a week with the boat, so I'm looking for a secure spot/mooring in or around Portland basin, or further into Manchester (if I have to)...I've never been around this neck of the woods before (in a boat) so any info on a secure mooring would be greatfully received, or places to avoid, I've heard all the story's... I dont mind paying if we have to, but comming from Yorkshire I'll be looking for a good deal!!..... Over to you guys... Cheers Hullygully.......
  3. hullygully

    Calorifier leaking.

    Right o Mike the Boilerman, The story so far...... Do ya see the first fitting on the right of the 3 white plastic elbow's.. OK with my glasses on and a good led torch, we can see water, with antifreeze (coz its red) engine running, seeping up the short plastic pipe that comes from the metal nut that fits onto the Colorifier....its been pushed slightly out of true thus water is passing up from the seal or, O-ring thats inside of sed nut....thats the problem....the fix is take the bugger off and replace with a new fitting as described by Springy in a earler post....well thats the plan, unless there's a better one ?? Thanks for all the advise guys, now I have a good idea of what I'm dealing with we'll get stuck in.. Cheers Hullygully....
  4. hullygully

    Calorifier leaking.

    Hi Guys.....The leak must be from the "Heat exchange" as its got antifreeze in it, (should have put that in my post sorry)... I was thinking that if I squeeze the rubber hose from the engine with the special tool (molegrips) then disconect the plastic pipe it feeds to the Calorifier, drain it back into the engine compartment, that should get ride of some of the water, then disconect the elbow joint ontop of the tank, then sort out the leak, I'm thinking it could be a olive or O-ring thats out of place...due to the pipe above putting pressure on it over time 10 years its moved thus the leak...well thats my thinking, right or wrong its going to be messy..... Hullygully...
  5. hullygully

    Calorifier leaking.

    Hi..The top of the tank is to the Right of the picture..... Please explain reg the Immersion heater cable (the blue one).. The leaking fitting is the first on the right....water has been soaked up.....
  6. Now then..... I'm looking for some advise regarding our Calorifier, its decided to start leaking from around one of the fittings (see pic ) first on the right, of the 3 pictured, now my question is...if I unscrew the fitting to sort out the leak are we going to have a load of water all over the place...I've looked in our boat file and we have nothing on this calorifier, no instuctions or plumbing details what so ever, I'm stuck at this point....By the looks of it, the plastic pipe has been pushed outa place and it seems to be leaking from the top of the metal nut the fits onto the tank its self..I hope that make some sort of sence.....All I need to know I supose is...is this going to be under some sort of pressure, can I drain down the tank,how much water is going to pour out if I take off this fitting ect ect any info would be greatfully recived....... also while were here...the blue and red knob on the left....whats this for ?? filling the tank?? as when its turned slightly you can here water being fed into the tank...does this need to be done on a regular base's ......I must say up until now, we have never had any problems with it, always had plenty of hot water ect.... Over to you guys... Regards Hullygully.......
  7. Hi boy's n girls, Were looking for some advice re the Huddersfield broad canal... I've been reading with interest the reports on this site, with the do's and dont's of this canal, but, this is what we would like to do next year..... Starting from Sawley, up the T/M onto the Mac, Peak forest, Huddersfield Narrow, Standedge, Huddersfield Broad, Calder& Hebble, Rochdale canal.....then carry on to the Ribble link and the lancaster canal..... Now the 64 million dollar question is......we have a 60foot semi trad, can we do it, I know theres 2 locks on the H/B that are tight, but folk say it can be done diagonally. so is there anyone here who's done it?? Also the best way to do it.....Clockwise, or Anticlockwise.....up hill or down if you like... This all depends if the lock at Marpel is sorted by May time, this we'll keep a weather eye on, then it'll be plan B, whatever that is..... Over to you guys, any info you have would be greatfully recived.... Cheers hullygully.. NB DAVLIN..
  8. hullygully

    Bow thruster removal...help reqd.....

    Thanks guys.....maybe I shouldnt have used the word...."looksee".....because it is broke...or doesn't work very well..so needs fixing.. Thanks Murflynn....for the link..I did look on several sites but couldn't find what was required...from what I can see I need to undo the 3 big allen bolts on the base, then the shaft should pull out...there seems to be a flexable coupling under here joining the shaft to the prop...... I'll give it a go next week, then send the lot off to the rewinder's to be serviced.....
  9. I'm in need of some advise please........I am currently trying to remove the vetus bow thruster for a general looksee and service...now I've had a look in the instruction that we have in our "boat file" and theres nothing in there about how to go about taking the thing out.... So I dives in, taking off the large cables and undoing the two screws in the top and removing them....this just removed the outa case and left the main shaft in situ....my question is...how to get the rest out ? Do you remove the 3 big allen bolts in the base plate ? and then it lifts out ? I don't know....and I don't want to sink the boat by letting in water....that would be a bad day at the office !! Over to you guys.... Thanks Hullygully...
  10. hullygully

    Peak forest canal

    Hi...Does anyone out there no the reason for the current stoppage on the Peak forest canal, just had a waring from CRT thats its currenty closed from lock 1 to lock 16....reason "repair"...no other info given at his time, or how long the "repair" will take...... Anyone out there can shed any more light on this for me....... Planning on being up there early next week..... Thanks Hullygully.....
  11. hullygully

    Photos of your boat.

    This is our boat DAVLIN outside the CRT offices in Leeds last year....
  12. hullygully

    Solar Panels

    Hi...Sorry if this has been asked before, (newbe to the site) just looking to put a couple of Solar Panels on the roof of the boat (when it comes back from painting).. Looking at several kits..ie 2 x 100 w panels with all the fitting kit and a 20 amp dual battery controller... My question to you guys is...will this do the job with 4 x battery's?? or do we go for 2 x 10 amp controllers ?? I'm real'y outa my comfort zone with this type of stuff, give me a engine any day.. Hope you guys can point me in the right direction Just a thought...were not live aboard's just need it to keep the battery's topped up instead of running the engine. Cheers. Hullygully.
  13. hullygully

    Wolverhampton top lock

    Just came through here yesterday...the notic is still there...but got through with no problems....just the one paddle working....
  14. hullygully



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