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  1. Hi there, thanks for that...nope not worried about using it on the move - hard to have a shower & steer the boat as a solo ? I’ve just been going by comments from others and get the feeling that BSS could be an issue....maybe I should find one near me and get his guidance as would be happy with the detachable if allowed. will have a hunt for the D61 as spares seem a plenty still....thanks again for the input ??
  2. I’d hope so in which case it would probably work....down side is that it is on the bank side so even 300mm could be an issue.....given what I’ve read I’m guessing there is an issue with detachable flues and gas as no-one has mentioned it...but I’m far from being any source of real knowledge on here, hence the question. Have read loads on here but most of the decent reviews are for heaters which are no longer made and getting harder to find in decent nick. Next BSS is two years away so would hate to spend any savings on a new system and then have to rip it out in 2yrs time. ?
  3. No idea if anyone is still active from this thread but the G11E installation manual states: A minimum length of vertically rising flue of 600 mm. ....is this 60mm from the roof or does it include the flue length inside the boat?....if it is all outside then not a chance of me using one whilst cruising about - I need an instant hot water option as can’t rely on calorifier - running the engine for 2-3 hours every night isn’t on and winter means cooler water for the morning shower....may not have a choice but was hoping to avoid having to run taps for the time it takes to get the water 40 fe
  4. ? thanks for letting us know....good to know that the bird life is looked after - like others I think we have enough Canada Geese but equally wouldn’t wish this on any of them. Let’s hope they can clear up the rest of it ASAP.
  5. Agreed but this leak if only a leak from a vehicle was some big engine!!! It really looked like a dumping or a tank leak - I know oil spreads a bit like blood but this was a substantial depth and spread.....were talking gallons not litres on this one. Seems strange that a prior leak was diesel, and now oil? Fingers crossed ? It didn’t look like clean oil either.....if you know what I mean.
  6. Will be back past that way soon, so look forward to seeing what has been done.....although the oil slick was so bad for several hundred yards I can’t think what they can do without closing that stretch for a while.....it will be getting churned up for ages yet.
  7. That is such a ridiculously bad scenario....they have a joint responsibility, too many organisations cite budgets or quote the Teflon shoulder line.....the birds around there were is such a sorry state ? Reading the other responses it seems like there is a serious issue in that area, surely has to be dumping of sorts!? All of the new housing is lower + not logical for such large quantities either...can’t imagine the wood yard having such quantities in storage either....or would hope not!? Someone must feel the need to investigate at some point Sorry didn’t see this one bu
  8. No of course not - I didn’t’t think it important!! ?? Advised it was already reported
  9. Hi all, just to let you know that I passed through a very large and thick oil slick in the canal, awful stuff and not just a boat engine, this looks like a major leak / dumping. Does anyone know of it’s source? plus do I need to be concerned about the boat (even with blacking) and/or dragging pollution with me? Been a busy route on the canal towards Fradley junction today.....should people worry about being moored in it? Just thought I’d ask, cheers all.
  10. ?? Sadly due to my Dad's health I've had to cancel plans for the run up to the Lancaster & back, so near yet so far. Will be dropping him off in Leigh & then I'll head through Manchester, round & back down to Kidsgrove. Good luck on the way back & funnily enough an experienced Ribble runner said that she & her hubby hardly ever make the run up without heading into Preston .... just seems to be the norm ? ....sounds like a smoother run as well ??
  11. Love the tag Mrsmelly....doywn South is not quite a description I'd apply to Leigh, Manchester or even Crewe!?....you be a prappah Northenr in my speak.....am sure others have done it in your size but have to admit I was worried at 59' & 42bhp....but then I'm a phased worrier.......but like you I know the power of the sea.
  12. I've just booked up to head up to the Lancaster with my Dad on board and after reading all of the initial stuff I thought 'Blimey we'll be lucky to make it alive.....people talk of testing their engines.....Not sure running mine at half power up the canal would go down too well ?...then I went into ....'What the Hell' mode - meet all the requirements and go for it 42bhp must give me a chance.... I hope & then you think hang on - I've never turned on a tide before - fast flowing rivers but tide .....nope! ? Can't wait, and making sure I read everything - seems that the run up to the Lancast
  13. & my boat is far from perfect....I can't afford Much on mine, so don't assume 'High & Mighty' approach exists given the first few posts!....it was a bit of fun given the picture and not denegration of someone's lifestyle, manners, tidiness, etc. & nor was it a lack of sympathy for, or pointing the finger at, the owner! Just a bit of light-hearted joviality due to a picture. ??
  14. Well said...a comment many should note! I'm tall but couldn't reach the horse height some have climbed up onto here. God points mentioned were signage/ CRT mentoring etc. Although given where the main sag in the lock wall is, it's possible for momentum to get a boat past it going up & a narrower mid to stern to pass freely...going down with no momentum a wider section of the boat bow-end could get stuck fast. The 2017 issue was an old working boat that had a 8-10" section 1/3 the way down from the bow....an old weld for build or extension? Still think that the photo
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