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  1. Thinking of living on a boat

    I've got no insulation or anything on the deck head for the first half of my boat, ....basically a workshop but an £11.95 heater whilst on hook up, for an hour or so in the evening and again in early hours and I've no problems.....don't get me wrong, am looking forward to getting the insulation and stove fitted but!?....what were they expecting......Sunny skies, 24 degrees and birds singing to them when they wanted? ...is there a bluebird on my shoulder, yes it's the truth.........yahdy yah!
  2. Thinking of living on a boat

    Agreed, that was the statement that jumped out at me.....the shops are still there just plan a bit....but then maybe Oxford St or the local Pravda ?..or similar ...was too far to walk Expectations v Normal sense of reality too far apart.........stop being coerced in any walk of life.
  3. Ready to buy any advice please

    ...agreed but as all of the wonderful advice will point you at.....I had to walk on touch feel, smell and contemplate the boats in person. As I was advised on here, my whole perception of what I wanted compared to what I would buy was constantly moving....I'm a newbie of 6 months but loving it and don't know where I'd be without all of the advice, banter and thought provoking comments on here! These folk are quality.....quite often running off topic on a historical banter trail but it all makes life more amusing and helps the stress levels - MOST of the time
  4. Ready to buy any advice please

    Cruiser every time for me and am a lone live-aboard....sitting out on a summer evening after work and that is to myself or to colleagues who visit Swanley Bridge did a great job on my behalf....very open, very honest and worked hard on both seller and buyer behalf. .....beats the monopolistic mafia style brokers hands down.
  5. First time buyer advice

    The main issue I had, apart from a useless broker for first boat is that you negoatiate a price in the water normally, and based on the condition of the boat you see, sadly the most important bit is below the water line so a survey is essential....£300 boat out and in plus £500 survey then whilst it's out you get it blackened so if all of that is covered then £1,200 is good. Then you find something and some people hide behind T&Cs conveniently ignoring any verbal discussions....but most will say no more movement because you'd already negotiated down.....sellers market and they seem to do what they want, especially when buyers are normally on a mission. How much do you want it!?....is the £3K before survey?...or after?.....being honest you need £5K in hand afterwards because things will go wrong and you will want to change things. I've spent mine plus some, and now doing my own rebuild work after having to strip the front 1/3 to 1/2 of the boat.....partly own choice but also leaks hidden by the insulation, other leaks not Good luck and enjoy, when I get back to work I'm hoping to use mine instead of hotels so with you on that one
  6. Mildew under mattress

    Mine is sat on a plywood base with no underneath ventilation - below the ply is the pump out tank and gaps to the bilge...there have been signs of damp on the wood but that is down to a leaky vent from above (my excuse but no real damp issues & mattress fine even after quite a few years of varying use / ventilation. New mattress required when I can afford it but for different reasons......just sounds a bit strange to be so damp given the lack of use before I bought mine.
  7. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    will take a look.....AO.Com do it at a push but you have drill down first Ooohhhh...that sounds like a cattle prod to the backside comment!?....I know you NEVER provoke in fun but!!?
  8. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Finging slimmer depth ones is tricky as I can't any filters on size...was sure some sights use them but not any I can see atm Am fast coming to the conclusion that this is best way for me.......am not a 'Skim Jim' and big longer leg jeans weigh heavy so the 11/7 KG option is probably safest. Hooking up every couple of weeks is no great pain as am still working so makes sense for this option.
  9. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Not getting involved in this one
  10. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Dishwasher!?....not even dreamt of one of those.....I am the dishwasher
  11. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Cheers for that - do you use any special powders/liquids?
  12. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Now that is a bugger....bit like my first flat, bought a new bed but couldn't get the old one out without chopping it up into small pieces. Was a steel framed bed as well Think I would only ever use mine when shoreline attached, given expectation on power requirements
  13. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Cheers for that....is it a gravity drain at end of cycle or a pump out?...guessing a drain....would then need to think of how to fit it in the shower room as was looking at the compacts so cheers for the warning. Don't fancy the launderette route but not sure how people find it......and always worried about the waste water, not being too up on which powders / liquids to use on a boat.
  14. What washing machine?...If I get one.

    Hi all, Next on the list is a washing machine solution.....I haven't made up my mind whether to have one or if it should be twin tub in the shower room for ease of draining or if it is a fully automatic with dedicated electric cable from the shoreline power connection. can you advise if you have one, if so was it worth it .....given that I am not going to be in one place all year.....and if so which is the best option. Pumping out the automatic is an unknown to me....sorry edit added - just to clarify, in that am not sure if it goes straight out into the canal or into a sewage tank etc.? As always many thanks in advance folks....need to sort this before I start the rebuild as IF I get one, it will go in the first part of my rebuild...using the l-shape I'm cutting out of the back-up loo.....else this will be shelving. Cheers folks
  15. Not got a boat, yet

    My three are pretty good and love the boat so happy for them to stop over, will keep the 6 berth options for now. Equally, having an option of making up three doubles is good for when a couple of old friends fancy escaping their families and we can have a boys long weekend with a few beers and a bit of fishing. The kiddies also like their home comforts so no danger of them wanting to stay too often.