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  1. Probably not, but with a closely balanced by-election coming up in Peterborough she could have become a Westminster MP, which would solve the problem. I'm not sure whether she could stand in an English Election whilst remaining a Scottish MSP though.
  2. Was that ever going to happen? I mean seriously?? The Tory party regarded merely talking to Labour as tantamount to treason and the DUP wouldn't have voted for it and neither would the SNP or LibDems. The political game play was exclusively a Tory Party construct to give the impression that they were actually doing something.
  3. To be honest it looks like it is going to be a re-run of the last time with much the same suspects, none of whom inspire any great confidence in their ability. If I was advising the Conservatives I'd be trying to find some means of Ruth Davidson being a candidate, a new and apparently competent face on the scene (although currently employed in Scotland).
  4. No' its what happened when reality set in. When we come to negotiate with the US (population circa 330 million) do we think that they are going to buckle to our will? So why did we think that the EU (population circa 440 million without us) was ever going to?? It might not be fair, but the strongest always wins in these 'competitions'.
  5. I think we are pretty much in agreement on this, the 'excitement' over deposing May will rapidly wear off when they realise that the maths at Westminster haven't altered one iota. To me is seems a bit like cheering the removal of the Captain after the Titanic has hit the iceberg. Assuming that the useless Johnson takes over (did he not say that Brexit would be a Titanic success?(https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-37858143 ) perhaps he didn't stay to the end of the film) he will merely re-iterate just how useless he has been at his various previous jobs (Mayor- zero achievements, Foreign Secretary - gave confirmation to the Iranians that they'd detained a spy in Zaghari-Ratcliffe (not that I believe that she is but the ill thought out comments by Johnson gave the Iranians good reason to believe she is). The man is a disaster in waiting for this country, but least when he fouls up as PM he will get the same treatment that has been meted out to May (one thing to look forward to). It also seems to me that the expected Tory wipe-out at the MEP elections is a deliberate policy since I have seen nothing of their campaigning for it at all, almost as if they hope to lose but what they expect to gain by doing so is beyond me.
  6. You'll need to help us out here, what are the stated policies of the Brexit Party for running the country? 'cos I haven't heard of any policies coming from their direction as yet. As I've said before, perhaps this is the way to go for all political parties, don't tell anyone what your policies are until elected, then you can never be accused of failing to deliver on them. Of course some might ridicule such a notion, but then that is exactly what those who are voting for the Brexit party are currently doing, voting exclusively for a person not a policy or party or anything really. If Farage dropped dead tomorrow where would you be? The problem was created by the Tories, why would Labour want to get involved in clearing up their crap? Much the same as happened to the LibDems if it all fell apart they'd get the blame and if it all went swimmingly the Tories would take the credit, what was ever in it for Labour? The talks were always going to be doomed to fail since whatever may have been 'agreed' would have been overturned by any new Tory Leader, May would have been unable to give any sort of reliable guarantee so Labour were never going to come to any agreement. What a crap choice of leaders if I may say so, the two leaders who have taken us into war in the last 70 years, Macmillan by incompetence (Suez) and Thatcher by her budget cutbacks (Falklands), do you prefer it when this country is at war?
  7. Since it is very easy to do, it would be helpful if you posted the offending comment and identified who the '...one of your mates...' was, since I cannot remember anyone saying that pregnant women or young people votes should carry more weight, shouldn't take you a moment to find it should it? or are you going to use the usual suggestion of 'go do your own research' to confirm something that you've alleged.
  8. You don't really hold a consistent position do you? On the one hand you are telling us that immigration has caused low wages (apparently bad) and now, here you are telling us that we need low wages (apparently good) to be competitive 'operating within markets'. When people are negotiating their pay rates, how many ask what the lowest paid in the company get as wages? The principal concern is that you are getting the same rate for the job that you do as everyone else does. It is also of interest that it has been principally the UK that has enthusiastically taken up the zero hours contracting as this has been the final stage of the so-called 'liberalisation of the workforce' started by Thatcher and her cohorts. You now have the 'liberty' to work for crap wages, without any guarantee of actually getting any.
  9. And showed the same intelligence by swerving clear of the PM job when it was on offer and handing to May on a plate (as most Leaver MP's sensibly did), why pointlessly wreck your career by trying to conjure up unicorns?
  10. I must have missed it but can you tell us when we stopped using steel? I mistakenly thought there was still a market for it. Personally I don't give a toss since it isn't my job that is going down the pan and the Scunthorpe ex-steel workers aren't stupid and clearly knew what they were voting for, didn't they? All they now need to do is find themselves a nice zero hours food delivery job somewhere.
  11. This seems to be an area of no concern whatsoever to brexiteers (British Steel?) so why should the rest of us be concerned? Increasing business costs by the imposition of trade tariffs under the WTO terms that the wing nuts long for will tick this particular box admirably and everyone on the Brexit side of the fence are telling us all will be wonderful.
  12. Why not? The Government already tell you that you cannot go out earning a 'bit of beer money' as an untrained gas fitter, why should you be able to go out and work for someone who breaks the law by not paying minimum wage?
  13. Since the child concerned has no actual say in the matter, it is a fair assessment to say that they are being forced into poverty, whatever distorted view of their parents you wish to portray.
  14. Whilst I am in full agreement of the bit about living in a civilised society, there are those posting on here who don't seem quite so bothered as to whether we do or not. Whilst I would hope that the state pension isn't going to be stopped, this ( https://www.moneywise.co.uk/news/2018-01-10/state-pension-fund-could-run-out-soon-2032 ) gives some food for thought. The impression I get is that this 'wonderful' Workplace Pension scheme introduced by the Government (to give an additional source of funding to the Financial Services sector) is supposed to boost a future lower state pension. This rather ignores the fact that those running such schemes wont be doing it for free and will be taking their 'Administration Fees' out of contributions (much the same as happened with the crap portable pensions). I was recently asked by my daughter about the wisdom of signing up for a Workplace Pension and, in the past I would have given a, perhaps naive, definite yes to it. From what I've now seen over the years, I am no longer so certain of the reply, is it worth it? I dunno. I hope that this is intended as some sort of ironic comment since, if not, it would be a flagrant breach of Section 113 of the Representation of the Peoples Act 1983 ( http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1983/2/section/113 ) ,not that Farage thinks such laws should apply to him anyway. Just to show that it isn't exclusively used against Farage, Banksy fell foul of this a few years ago by offering free gifts.
  15. The uncertainty surrounding it with the inherent risk of a no deal exit is a big part of the equation. The Scunthorpe plant has seen it's EU orders dry up since they cannot give an accurate price for their steel to be delivered after October since they don't know whether or not there will be tariffs on it (they are already being damaged by the idiot Trump's tariffs). If you cannot give a price, who is going to buy any of it? On the other hand, since Scunthorpe voted 69/31% for leaving the EU they clearly had all the information they needed to know that this was going to happen so they must have got pretty much what they wanted, haven't they?
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