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  1. So your hope for Brexit actually had bog all to do with the EU, Brexit or anything else related to the discussion. It is a bit like those who voted for brexit hoping that it will reduce immigration, well by the latest statistics it wont since the reduction in EU citizens wanting to move here (since we are now so welcoming) has been more than matched by an increase in those coming from the rest of the world, over whom we have always had total control of numbers, and oddly enough it is from the rest of the world that ALL of the illegal immigrants come from. It doesn't take much to work out when and how it got this bad. How it got this bad was going back to the freeze on MP's salaries with encouragement for them to claim for everything on expenses. There was little or no oversight on this until the Daily Telegraph broke the story of the widespread abuse of the system. Since then, who with any brains or morality would ever wish to become an MP? Would you? I certainly wouldn't. All you get is abuse, criticism and allegations that you are bent. This is the direct and obvious reason that we are stuck with idiots like Chris Grayling who has so little brain that he is immune to criticism, or spaffer Johnson who is in it for what he can get. At the end of the day you get the MP's you deserve.
  2. That is why a confirmatory e-mail is sent, the vote doesn't count until it is sent from the e-mail address that you have given, unless you know of a 'computer generated' means of by-passing that in which case all banking sites are at risk. Strange to hear such a complaint since this is precisely the Government that you, as a brexiteer, want to 'return Sovereignty' to (not that it ever went away). Why were you ever expecting anything different, the MP's haven't changed much since the referendum, so what you voted for then is what you have got now. One facet of this latest petition I find fascinating, in that it exposes the utter hypocrisy that has become prevalent, is that it isn't so far the biggest petition demanding that the result of the referendum be put aside. That honour goes to a petition created by a Leave voter, William Oliver Healey, who put up a petition just before the referendum (when he thought that Leave were going to lose) demanding that a second referendum should be run if the vote for the winning side was less than 60% on a turnout of less than 75% of the electorate (it picked up 4 million signatories). He then complained that his petition had been 'hi-jacked' by the Remain camp once Leave got the marginal vote, another version of Farage's boast that a 52/48 vote for remain would have been 'unfinished business'. The Leave campaign tell the Remain camp that they should just shut up and 'suck it up' when it is abundantly clear that they never had any intention of doing so themselves had the vote gone the other way.
  3. Would that be from both sides of the argument?
  4. Yes, the expression coming from a world authority of spaffing taxpayers money up the wall (Garden Bridge, pointless cable car,useless water cannon, buses no-one else wants,etc.etc.etc) and some think the idiot's is a viable option for PM?? Corbyn looks positively inspirational by comparison (and I don't like Corbyn)
  5. Interestingly I bought a tape measure from B&Q yesterday, it had a small label attached to it that, whilst in the shop the print was too small for me to read. When I got it home and dug my glasses out it clearly reads 'Made in China. Measurements are approximate" I didn't pay £1.95 for a tape measure that will tell me that the piece of wood is approximately 2 metres long!!!!
  6. What you mean like nations co-operating with one another for their mutual benefit, like NATO? World Bank? WTO?WHO? UN?,......the EU??
  7. The biggest problem in education isn't 'system', it is the incessant testing. The head of my local, as it happens, Grammar School put it very well when he said that we spend our whole time weighing the pig and not feeding it. The first steps towards where we are now was the introduction of the national curriculum which didn't exist when I was at school. Yes, there was a curriculum but it was created locally, once it was put into the hands of central government we started on the slippery slope to where we are today. The other problem I see is the use of exclusions, often to boost the rating of a school (selection by another name), you had to have virtually committed a criminal act when I was at school to get 'expelled', the bar is currently set far too low.
  8. So a tribe basically, us against the 'other'.
  9. No, not really, I merely point out the realities of the UK economy. Despite the brexiteers hopes, UK manufacturers aren't being held back by the EU and champing at the bit to be released. It is a bit like Trump lying to his supporters and telling them that their jobs will be coming back, they wont.
  10. You clearly have little or no conception of what community living actually means then. When you live in a community, you support that community and contribute to that community according to your ability. To give the defintion of socialism,"... a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole......". But of course you must despise community living then if that is what it is about, don't you?? Probably the closest you will come to actual socialism within these islands is if you travel to the inhabited islands off Scotland, must be a terrible way to live judging by your assessments.
  11. OK so I'll supply you with the evidence that your fellow brexiteers do talk about manufacturing. Perhaps you'd best tell them that they shouldn't be talking about manufacturing, but trade.
  12. Can you supply the evidence of this assertion?
  13. Once again, you follow the straw man argument, I have not 'bemoaned' the demise of manufacturing. I have pointed out, to those who enthuse about how our manufacturers once cut free from the 'shackles of the EU' will become global entities, that manufacturing is a minor part of the UK economy, and isn't going to change anytime soon.
  14. I have to say that on the occasions that I have a car with satnav I always turn off the voice. On the dashboard I invariably have a speedometer, fuel gauge, a variety of warning lights and tend to regard the satnav as just something else that I can visually check at a time of my choosing when there isn't anything going on ahead of me that requires additional attention. Likewise, I will converse with passengers if there isn't anything going on ahead that requires additional attention but then I will immediately drop out of any conversations should something occur. The problem with leaving the voice on is that it may be trying to pass information when my concentration is required elsewhere so I either don't hear it, or only hear part of it whereas by just glancing at the satnav screen when necessary I get the information required without being distracted any more than I am when I look at the speedometer or check for warning lights.
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