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  1. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    You can't beat a 'good' conspiracy theory can you?
  2. Metric stupidity

    So 7 people do the same job for £1 (I thought we were getting rid of cheap labour) so how do you do split this equally this in either £p or £sd? (and why would you be *rsed to do so for either 3 or 7 people?, if they want to argue the toss over coppers they need it more that I do). I'm not sure if there is a joke there that I don't quite get? When I was working we had people who were public spirited enough to bring in forged currency and we'd take if off their hands, enter it in Register E and give them a receipt, somehow they thought we were going to reimburse them
  3. Metric stupidity

    Sorry, I seem to have missed the vote on it, when did that happen? What we actually have is a Government that is sh*t scared of the multi-millionaires Paul Dacre and Rupert Murdoch so will slavishly follow their lead. We all know that the Sun and Daily Wail speak for all true Englishmen, don't we? I shouldn't worry, it wont be too long before the scrap value of the coins exceeds the face value so we'll be minting them for the criminals to turn into scrap for profit.
  4. Metric stupidity

    "A bit of heritage"? going back to 1971?? It's just bits of metal and paper (or now, more efficiently, plastic, but of course the dinosaurs don't like that either). I actually don't give a toss what the money looks like or what it's denominations are the only important thing about money is what you can do with it, appearances mean nothing at all. If it is in denominations that are easy to work with that is a bonus in my view. These weren't proposals being forced upon us by 'Johnny Foreigner', these are sensible ideas put forward by our Government, you know, the one you wanted to be in control. Because the dinosaurs wanted to keep some crappy little coins that people don't even bother to pick up if they see them on the footpath we are going to be stuck with them.
  5. Metric stupidity

    Shall I come to your place and buy a bacon butty paying with either the legal limit of small change, or a £50 note?
  6. Metric stupidity

    I totally agree but sadly the dinosaurs still rule. The latest, quite sensible, idea from the Treasury was that we should ditch the 1p and 2p coins and the £50 note, this was met with the usual faux outrage by the usual suspects (Daily Wail et al) leading to Government to immediately back down enabling all of the usual suspect to claim 'victory'. This is despite the fact that 60% of such coins are only used once before finding themselves deposited in a jar somewhere. What is the point? The same with £50 notes, who on earth wants payment in £50 notes? one forgery and you're £50 out of pocket which is why a lot of traders wont accept them. When a sensible idea is put forward the dinosaurs all come lumbering forward to tell us that our heritage is at stake (well heritage going back to ancient era of 1971 anyway).
  7. Six Nations

    I would agree with you that innovation isn't one of the current England team's strong suits, something to work on. The glaring example of that was last year's Italy game where the Italians weren't committing anyone to the breakdown and the English players couldn't figure out for quite a while, how to counter it. From the sidelines it was glaringly obvious that if no-one is creating a ruck with you, pick-and-go then becomes an option but it took them a while to think of it (even asking the ref for advice). I suspect that had the Italians done this to the All Blacks they would have found the counter quite quickly on their own, which is where the difference lies. I don't think that playing by predetermined moves is entirely bad, provided that you have enough of them in your repertoire to keep the opposition on their toes, but a bit of talent goes a long way.
  8. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    Whose to say that Skripal and his daughter wont die? it took Litvinenko 3 weeks to die from the afternoon tea and polonium. What convinces me that Russia is behind this is that I cannot see who else is going to benefit from this incident. The suggestion that Ukranians might have been responsible, so what is the UK likely to do to assist Ukraine (or anyone else)? Someone trying to give Putin a bad name? like he hasn't already got one from annexing Crimea. Interfactional fighting between Russian ex-pats in the UK? there are easier ways to kill someone. Realistically who else is going to benefit? My opinion (others are available) is that both Skripal and the UK are proxies for the actual target. Those who might have been going to testify to Mueller regarding the Russian 'assistance' given during the US election might now have second thoughts. If I was the ex-MI6 employee, Christopher Steele, who put together the original dossier on Trump and the Russians I would be very concerned of the likelihood of having an unfortunate 'accident', one could easily find oneself being inadvertently strangled like Glushkov. I don't think that Russia would even consider this sort of attack on US soil since there are those in the Senate (even ignoring the imbecile Trump) who would regard it as an act of war, the Russians assessment of the UK (probably correctly) is as of soft target since, after the usual bluster and rhetoric, we wont be doing much.
  9. Brexit 2017

    Whilst I'm in agreement that the Rail Franchises don't operate to the benefit of the travelling public, they are a totally different case to hostile take-overs such as Melrose v GKN. It wouldn't take much to prevent these sort of take-overs, the Dutch, within the rules of the EU do it which is why Unilever have gone there. The simplest rule that I could see would be to make it unlawful to borrow money from Banks, Hedge Funds or any other financial source to buy out a company. If a company wishes to buy out another company they should only be able to do so if either 1) they have the finance available within their own company from profit or 2) by selling shares to their own company shareholders to raise the necessary funds. What happens at the moment is that a company borrows a shedload of money from a Financial source to buy out their competitor and once they have acquired ownership they then dump all of this debt onto the newly acquired company, which immediately put the company into significant debt. It then becomes a small step to claim that the company is no longer viable and sell off the assets and close it down.
  10. Brexit 2017

    Not as small a part of the whole as our Manufacturing sector that is supposed to take us to the 'sunny uplands' is, almost a hobby really
  11. PayPal scam

    Pretty much it, I think it's along the same sort of lines as those of us who have received e-mails purporting for be from a friend stranded without cash in some foreign location, achieved by hacking a genuine friend's e-mail account. In this case the solicitor's e-mail has been hacked but because people are expecting the cash demand they are more likely to pay it than most other scams. My own approach is that I wont send anything just as a result of an e-mail, I either want a written letter (with a recognisable, checkable address on it) or a phone number that I can check and call. This isn't helped however by some banks, Barclays in particular, who keep sending me an e-mail every month with a link to my monthly credit card statement. When I want to check this sort of thing I'll go into the web address saved in my computer favourites and log in properly, not through some potentially scamming e-mail.
  12. RIP Stephen Hawking...........

    I didn't say that there was no difference between theory and law, merely that there isn't much difference. A law can be described as a mathematical relationship of the known observable facts that is consistently found to be true, a theory also being a means of explaining known, observable facts. I would be more comfortable with your third sentence if it was written "...the argument can be evidenced by many scientific laws having stood the test of time...." by introducing the word 'facts' you are conflating theory, laws and facts, facts are unchanging whereas the other two possibly can. Because it can be altered it prevents a law from being a fact. It is a repeatable explanation of a fact but is not a fact in itself. The speed of light in a vaccuum for instance is a fact within any context, for a law to be the same it would also need to hold in any context, which you agree, it doesn't.
  13. RIP Stephen Hawking...........

    And how does that prevent the occasional breakdown of 'laws'? If a law was immutable scale would be irrelevant.
  14. RIP Stephen Hawking...........

    In reality there isn't that much difference between a theory and scientific law. You refer to the laws of motion however they break down somewhat both in general relativity, special relativity and quantum field theory so, although they may be called 'laws' they are not immutable. The immutable bits are the scientific facts such as the example I suggested earlier of throwing a lighted match into a bucket of petrol in an aerobic environment, it is a proven, repeatable scientific fact that it will catch fire, similarly if I throw a lump of solid concrete into the canal it will sink. Scientific theory (or even laws) may offer an explanation of why this happens, but these ideas may change, what will not change is the scientific facts that the theories or laws are trying to explain.
  15. PayPal scam

    One of the most dangerously convincing scams now being carried out by criminals is this one https://www.thetimes.co.uk/static/connected-families/conveyancing-email-scam-hackers-steal-house-deposit/ it has been successful on an number of occasions on people who would generally be quite savvy on the subject because it is a demand for money that they are expecting to have to pay.