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  1. Doing what exactly? Paying their taxi fares so that they can get to the nearest town (thereby subsidising taxi companies), paying for better internet connections so that they can order online (thereby subsidising the ISP's), once you've sold off all the nationalised industries (and the National Bus Company was a nationalised forerunner to National Express) as we have done here in the UK, any subsidies that you might wish to pay to support local communities will inevitably go to privatised companies. The choice becomes stark, either, as is the case in Cornwall for instance, you just let the place die or you support what local facilities that there are. I would agree that the situation is far from ideal as a direct result of centralised dogmatic policy, but then those living in the bubble that is London and the South East have no real conception of how things are elsewhere. From the days when I lived in London, it would have been unconscionable to think that I couldn't have got to a destination 20 miles away and back again in the same day by public transport. By comparison later on this year I need to get from Torbay to Bigbury in Devon by public transport, there is one bus a week (Thursdays), and that is via Plymouth.
  2. The 'marxists have taken over' (a debatable point) the party you wouldn't support even if that were not the case, so your opinions of Labour are pretty much worthless to them aren't they? Since Labour (like the LibDems, Greens and others) are not the party of Government all of this is pretty irrelevant anyway, the mire that the current Government have got themselves (and us) into is entirely and exclusively of their own making so why should any of us who don't support them do anything whatsoever to ease their pain?
  3. You are starting to get the idea....but not quite. One of the social needs in a community is the ability to get to places (shops) to get your supplies. If you cannot do that because there is no bus service, then you have to move to the nearest large town where you no longer have the support network that you may have had in your village, so you then become a bigger drain on welfare resources. Before the deregulation of the buses, the more profitable routes could be used to balance out the less profitable routes so that everyone got a service. Now in the profit led system, if your bus route doesn't make a profit it will be withdrawn so everyone who previously depended upon it suffers. In your eyes that is economic failure so obviously as people age they should leave the places that they have lived their lives, move into larger towns/cities and become a burden on the welfare services of those places, is that how it works? You are starting to stretch the bounds of credibility beyond breaking point. Are you seriously expecting me (or anyone else) to believe that you give a toss if Labour are unelectable (under any leader)??
  4. Sort of a replay of his efforts at the referendum then, create some chaos and then b*gger off and let someone else clear up the sh*t he's created, recurrent theme really. Pity he didn't have the guts to pick up the baton straight after the referendum, but that's Boris for you.
  5. And you're not a serial Labour whinger????????🤣🤣🤣 I'm only giving some balance since I don't support Labour either.
  6. Just a quick query, why do they bother with a boat if both of them can clearly walk on water (What are they standing on in the picture??)
  7. Your obsessive behaviour concerning Police rather suggests to me a criminal background as I have said before. I have had a whole gamut of other occupations in my lifetime, but your obsession with one I find slightly worrying.
  8. Up to your last line I thought you were talking about Johnson
  9. You have a very devious way of twisting whatever has been said to match your own agenda. It should be pointed out that my first observation regarding the railways was intended as ironic since the chances of a Conservative Government building any significant number of Social Housing developments are about as likely as ,"... them re-opening coal mines and nationalising the railways...." to quote myself (just to make sure you are able to follow the argument since you seem to rapidly lose the thread). I then pointed out that the UK Government,"....love nationalised railways.(French or German)...just dogmatic that ours shouldn't be....". You now are pontificating as though I was in some way speaking in support of the crap franchising system, oddly enough enough I wont. On the subject of talking utterly irrelevant waffle WTF has the banking crisis got to do with the UK transport system except in your decidedly warped 'arguments', I'll give you a clue, nothing at all. What I am saying, and will repeatedly say, is that national transport systems other than the the motor car are in the national interest but if you just want the car to be the only means of transport may you constantly have to waste your life away sitting in the ensuing congestion.
  10. I think you are probably right, although I don't like the bloke, I do hope that he succeeds in getting all the businesses profitable since these are people's jobs and livelihoods we are talking about. I have to say that I'm not sure that he will because he has made the classic business mistake of diversification into areas in which he hasn't much knowledge. What does he know about failing cycle shops? (Evans Cycles), furniture making? (Sofa.com) or video games? (Game Digital). He has also exposed himself to the current state of the High Street with these acquisitions and it is the place that a lot of businesses are now getting out of, hence the dying High Streets throughout the country. If he wanted to speculate in these other areas the way to do it is with money that you can afford to lose, it's beginning to look as though he's overreached himself and damaged his whole business model.
  11. I never really took you to be one, but clearly with opinions expressed you are a devout Thatcherite, "If it doesn't pay, let it go to the wall" and,"Anyone on a bus over the age of 25 is a failure". That is all very well but has lead to significant areas of the country decaying. Now that Councils are no longer able to subsidise local bus services they go, and what that means is that anyone who cannot drive, whether due to inability or disability, is barred from living in those areas, even though they may have lived their lives there and have all their social connections there. Parts of Cornwall during the winter are effectively a desert because the only people who can now live there are the rich outsiders buying up, what to them are cheap properties but the villages are lifeless because people who actually make a community can no longer live there without transport. Even if I personally make no use of these services, I was quite content for any taxes that I pay being used to subsidise those sort of purposes, it is what I would describe as 'in the national interest' not to have desert areas of the country with no transport links other than a car. If however you would rather cram all these people onto our already crowded roads (down to the fact that those who own cars these days don't have a 'family' car, but everyone in the family wants one for themselves) then enjoy the ensuing congestion and stoppages, just don't complain about them as it is the inevitable result of your wishes.
  12. You really do need to read what is written instead of spouting nonsense. My precise quote was."..... spend money on the area (London and South East) where they will get the most votes .....) I've tried to highlight it here for the hard of reading. Below is a map to help you out, a small area of red in a sea of blue just might possibly give something of a clue
  13. Agreed, it was one of the best races for quite a while, coming not long after one of the most boring races for quite a while (French GP). There were a lot of 'races within races' going on, Hamilton/Bottas, Gasly/Leclerc/Verstappen so it was generally quite entertaining. I don't know what it is with Vettel but his mistakes seem to be mounting up, he doesn't seem to handle pressure from other drivers very well now. Whilst I don't necessarily agree with the Stewards ruling on the Canadian GP, it wouldn't have come about if Vettel hadn't once again made a cock-up whilst under pressure, which seems to be becoming something of a recurrent theme. I did wonder whether his collision with Verstappen may have been a cynical ploy since if neither of them finished, he would still be ahead on the standings, as it turned out he got null points for his efforts and Verstappen gained enough points to overhaul in the tables, although without Vettel's efforts, Vertappen could have been competing for a podium. It might well be time for Ferrari to declare Leclerc as their number 1 driver since he is currently driving a whole lot better than Vettel. That is where things get a bit tricky under our archaic system. If you watch Channel 4 on catch up you don't need a licence, but it you are watching it 'live' you do. I have no idea where you stand if you wait until 15 minutes into the broadcast then click on the button for 'Watch programme from the beginning' button. You are no longer watching it 'live' but you sort of are doing. Since it is impossible to get a licence for a boat without a permanent mooring, I'm relying on the fact that my postal address has a current TV licence registered there by the occupant, so if asked by anyone (and who is going to as anyway, Capita who do the enforcement haven't really got a clue) I'll just give that as my licence address.
  14. Watched in on here (https://www.channel4.com/ ) select the 'Watch Live' option.
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