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Wanderer Vagabond

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  1. Wanderer Vagabond

    Brexit 2017

    You quote some article making an issue about the nationality of a criminal, the inference must be that all Albaninans are knife wielding psychos, or why else make any mention of nationality? Criminals are criminals, nationality it irrelevant.
  2. Wanderer Vagabond

    Brexit 2017

    If it is from the Daily Wail there is no point in reading it, it will be bullox. As an ex copper I would say the nationality of a criminal is utterly irrelevent; just because there is a Jamaican drug dealer does it mean all jamaicans are drug dealers? Just because there was a welsh paedophile (musician) does it mean all welshmen are paedophiles? Just because Ian Brady was English does it mean all englishmen are murderers? Slightly beyond ridiculous I would suggest So why do you want to make some facile link with any immigrants?
  3. Wanderer Vagabond

    Brexit 2017

    As has been cited from Wikipedia, the Daily Wail is not an accurate source of any information so I can safely dismiss this story (without reading it) as utter bullox😉
  4. Wanderer Vagabond


    On again,off again,on again,off again who cares? Nothing of any significance is going to come of it since both leaders are merely addressing their own supporters back at home. Trump wants to look like he can make some deal (any deal will do) and Kim Jong un wants to portray himself as having 'forced' the POTUS to recognise him as significant and talk with him. At the end of the day the nuclear weapons will stay exactly where they are.
  5. Wanderer Vagabond


    's funny old world isn't it? On the Brexit thread we are told that the opinions of 'experts' isn't worth listening to, now you are saying,"Listen to the experts", I'll run with your brexit advice on 'experts' then😉
  6. Wanderer Vagabond


    What is 'unpleasant' in having to pay for a service?
  7. Wanderer Vagabond


    We are clearly going to have to differ on student loans, I think that they are a crap idea, merely a means of getting people used to a life of permanent debt. If they were such a good idea we'd get all kids from primary school and above laden with education debts. On the second question, why is there such an attrition rate in nursing, if you are agreeing that there is? (which you skilfully avoid doing one way or another). Rather than faffing around with whatever your views may or may not be on loans, how should this attrition rate be reduced? Making studying less likely to running up debts would be one way.
  8. Wanderer Vagabond


    If you 'know about all that' why did you claim that the threat was made by Bolton? You are correct though, Trump is indeed an easy and justifiable target for ridicule
  9. Wanderer Vagabond


    As an obvious Sun reader you are a fine one to talk😉. You should also have read Martin's words since the article was actually in the Independent as he makes abundantly clear So all this stuff about an attrition rate of one in ten nurses leaving is inaccurate then?
  10. Wanderer Vagabond


    Bolton actually made the sensible quote that he was looking at the Libya model of how to denuclearise North Korea, meaning that NK would surrender it's weapons and centrifuges to the US. Trump, being the fool that he is botched the interpretation of that to,".... The model, if you look at that model with Gaddafi, that was a total decimation. We went in there to beat him. Now that model would take place if we don’t make a deal, most likely....."(his words). It was probably the stupidest thing Trump could have said since all it really did was reminded Kim Jong un (if he needed reminding) that surrendering his weapons and expecting integrity from this US president is a forlorn hope, as I said earlier, any 'promise' made by Trump really isn't worth a spit.
  11. Wanderer Vagabond


    So you expect future nurses to be gullible little naif's who enter the profession without looking at the various aspects of it do you?. If I were apply to be a nurse one of the principal questions I'd want some sort of answer to is the attrition rate, why are one in 10 of nurses leaving per year? It is slightly beyond ridiculous to suggest that the comment of some bloke posting on an internet forum will have any bearing whatsoever on the future employment of nurses. The problem exists whether or not I choose to highlight it, if you want to ignore it and just hope it goes away, so be it.
  12. Wanderer Vagabond


    You have to laugh at Trump's take on 'facts' don't you? He basically said that he was cancelling the talks due to 'antagonistic rhetoric' from NK. This comes from the guy who threatens Kim with doing a Gaddafi on him. Just for the record, Gaddafi surrendered his weapons to the US and was then killed, does that in some way not constitute a threat? And if you make threats to people they often reciprocate. Just as long as it is made clear to Trump that if he starts a war with NK, the UK wont be there, then Trump can play what games he likes.
  13. Wanderer Vagabond

    Brexit 2017

    Do Norway and Switzerland do that? not that I've heard. UK (population circa 60 million) negotiating with the EU (population circa 450 million (without the UK)) so tell me who is the junior partner in these negotiations? Do you think we are going to be setting the terms when we negotiate with the US (population circa 325 million) as well? Have you not noticed how many of the so-called 'red lines' seem to be turning green when reality hits?
  14. Wanderer Vagabond

    Brexit 2017

    Dream on.......

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