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  1. Thanks all for your replies....ill stick with it in a window. I appreciate your times all.
  2. Hi all, i have a tp-link mobile router (black square box i put my mobile data sim in. Can anyone tell me how i go about boosting the signal as i dont understand all the option and how that works with my tp link? Im thinking some form of antenna external that will feed to my router???? Is that an option? Back after a big gap and now a liveaboard finally. Thanks all. https://www.argos.co.uk/product/8624969?clickSR=slp:term:tp My current router
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. Shame the op missed that as its a lot of boat for the money in my opinion. Makes me wonder what mine is worth as is similar in fit out and layout but is a 2007 taylor wilson hull and i paid over 7k more a few years bk....eeek depreciating asset there lol ahhhhhh i knew it would be the case so gotta look at the joy from it too so sod it who cares im happy.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. The boat had already traveled well out of reach before we knew it...honestly its shocking with all that inertia and i dare not stick it into reverse. It all happens so fast and your powerless. We pull her in now for any lock. She is a bit dopey being a frenchie (not renowned for brains) I just worry about the pressure of water drawing her down and through a paddle...ive seen a video of a leaking lock gate draw a human towards it let alone from an open paddle. Im sure your decisions are safe but im overly cautious i guess Pics of her now as an adult and as
  7. Its is lovely having a dog loose on the roof running about or laying with you but a tale for you that happened to our frenchie. Nala jumped in randomly....doesn't really like water all that much but if your in she will come in....but the lure of a log floating was too much and she just whilst under way dived in....off the back of the stern too. So i quickly drop the boat into neutral as to avoid the prop cutting her to shreds but we travelled a considerable distance away. Now she had a grab vest type thing with a handle but frenchies are not the best swimmers anyhow.
  8. Quite simple and a nice project to make your own and it won't cost £90 odd !!!!!
  9. Did you run it smelly? just trying to remember if it was your good self i got my victron inverter from as the person i purchased that from had opened it or run it if i recall! Very nice people and inverter was a peach (cracking boat too very jealous)
  10. Yes you get FFP1/2/3 donated by different coloured bands FFP3 will protect you against asbestos fibres and silica dust bacteria etc The statement about a one way valve is not strictly always true depending on style of mask you purchase and application. Some have mushroom style vents with filters you breath in through and an filter piece directly in front of the mouth the exhale or vice versa. Im a mask fit tester so know a bit about masks. Good link to see what masks can protect against https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://
  11. Ahhhhhhh explains a lot.
  12. How do you know that? I'm 36 and I've done a lot seen a lot and went through some serious crap before the age of 13 so.....she has an opinion, you certainly do so she is due hers as you are yours. Just because your older does not mean yours should be listened to any more than hers, in fact yours are perhaps more deeply entrenched due to age so perhaps it is you who is less able to open yourself up to conflicting opinions and your ability to see both sides...note i said perhaps.
  13. Wow ok, so a child as you put it because they are not an adult has no say....or right to an opinion. 👍 I dont understand what this comment really reflects or refers too.
  14. Wow we are all allowed a viewpoint...i get that, its a discussion but id love to see you stand in front of her and say all this stuff folks, i couldn't hurt someone feelings like that....you all need to have an argument or something cuz there is some serious attitudes towards her here. If i was sat in my house and a dog came up to the windows jumping at them barking or scratching at them id have a thing to say and so would you I'm sure....so if it is true and I'm sure it is i know emma and her mum as im one of these (ex) youtubers we've met (and yes i always worked very hard not a
  15. I watched this vid earlier funnily enough, nice little boat and love the idea of a flooding hull just like on the avon searider rib. Nice vessel.
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