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  1. Hey all as above seen a nice boat made by amber boats on line, not viewed yet but would love some feedback on this boat builder. Made in poland i beleive so if you know anything please let me know
  2. Please dont judge abc boats as you say perhaps an agreement with the owner etc...dont want to bad mouth marinas personaly.....thanks for your guidance again guys.....i really mean it when i say you have all been invaluable
  3. So what happened was we called them and put forward an offer of 65k boat was 79......they then called back and said yes they will take your 75k offer...we said sorry we offered 65k not 75k....they said oh okay they are unlikely to accept but we must put the offer forward as we are obliged to. Since that no return call. Broker seem accomodating just not great at getting back to us..... Never mind, 2nd viewing of our lady richmond today. How much work is fitting a thetford casette toilet? Id like a flushing loo really not a blue chemical flushing cheapo jobby
  4. They never bothered with reply to our offer.....guess thats big old no......were off bk to crick tommorow to take a second look at our lady richmond again.
  5. No deffo not tyre kickers....we have put in offers that have either ground to a hault in negotiation or we have been pipped to the post....we work monday to friday so only have sat/sun to look and they usualy go before we get to see then...boats like MR B we liked and our trip to great hayward where they all sold that morning or were no longer there etc etc...we called evening before too.....yes nobodys fault at all just cant find that boat!!! To be fair we are awaiting a reply and are also considering our lady richmond still...a modernish boat 2010 ut the interior will need alot of work to reach our requirements and that means ££££'s i suspect
  6. About 1 yearish......all together.
  7. Not yet........ I think the silence is a message....we can only afford what we can afford tho right so either way thats our top line.
  8. Well obviously i dont know what he would of paid for it...but if i had more to offer i would most deffinatly would of done so.......lovely boat....had 3 missed calls yesterday but fue to work coyld not pick up so not sure what the reply will be.....
  9. Matt&Jo

    wide beam navigation

    Craig we looked at this over and over and it was so restrictive in 1 price and 2 availability that we chose not to go widebeam..... we lile you looked at the K&A and lower GU but so far a few between....not impossible but by no means simple unless ccing. Avergae price was way more than our mortgage......then what with the plans from the crt with regards to licences for wide beams becoming more expensive its a difficult one....we were going to sell the house and go 150k wide beam whole hog etc but its a scary prospect and we feel much more secure using savings and keepig the house rented out. Not your situation i know but oerhaps food for thought?
  10. Ots not been out the water since it was built for blacking and anodes either.....
  11. We put in the offer there was laughing and a we will put it forward..... but let me tell ya its not likely.... wish i had more to offer but ya never know!!!! (Just saying that cuz i know it will be a no)
  12. Apparantly an older couples boat and the reason for sale is that the gent has a very bad back and can no longer live the canal life.
  13. Im about 15k short of the mark unfortunatly......but anyone reading this looking for an 80k boat....thats the 1 i promise you she is beautifully built and finished even better from a in mu opinion top 3 hull builder too.
  14. If you actualy see it then you wont be suprised why its worth this money....its a special boat IMHO.... even down to the portholes for example have sliding inbuilt blinds to them. The bathroom wall fully opens to turn it into a walkthrough effectivley... there is a fake wall inbetween the engine room and the bedroom that has a tall library style bookshelf behind it....very very clever
  15. That boats is easily its money......Honestly the pics do no justice at all.... the internal quality finish is perfik!!! its like stepping inside a brand new boat...so cleverly designed and the absolute muts nuts...the battery setup alone is impressive....its a chunk over budget and if we buy it then we are looking at 2 years before we can cruise to pay it all off.... i have 65k cash thats it.