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  1. Id like to buy one out of curiosity and fit it to see if it truly is a credible alternative but i worry about the exhaust id fit it in my engine bay and feed off of a spare outlet on my fuel filter but its that exhaust that worrys me. Id need to drill a hole in the boat and get a skin fitting but even still it freaks me out a tad.
  2. How efficient is it in terms of hot air and does it warm the boat sufficiently? I take it the fuel tank is internal on your unit?
  3. Can i ask how you have routed the exhaust, im looking at getting a similar unit and worry about exhaust routing options.....
  4. There are three parts to checking electrical equipment... A pre use check A thorough examination And then the electrical testing element. If you can not do the later you can still inspect and issue a pat sticker but you can not test electrically all equipment
  5. You will not be able to pat test a boat as a whole....i am a pat trainer bur not an electrician which is not a requirement i my add. There is zero requirement to carry out pat unless your are a place of work and even then this is not a legal requirement per say but an approved code of practice....we must ensure under puwer we have safe electrical equipment so hence pat. I get its for fun but only pat your portable appliances or it will not work and even then not all things can be tested such as phone chargers for example.
  6. Matt&Jo


    Its that lure of possibility isnt it that very rarely exists for but a few......
  7. Matt&Jo


    It is crazy.....we dont earn that much more down south well i certainly dont.....as a health and safety trainer....wrong profession perhaps....😏
  8. I am with you folks...... a pub for me is real ale....low ceilings traditional beams brasses, wood, interesting nicknacks etc and bar snacks imcluding the good old pork scratching 😉👍
  9. Ribs in a pub is not unrealistic is it? Certainly not darn sarf.....its a menu mainstay.
  10. We ate in the folly, i had a steak sandwich which was fine and wifey had ribs buy they were not great by any means.....looked like they came out of a packet and microwaved. beer was okay tho. Best pub we stopped at on our 180 mile journey was the great western arms at aynho wharf.....not cheap but boy it was good and the rhubarb cider was fantastic
  11. Rivnuts are the muts nuts used them on my campervan t5 home conversion for a few applications. Worth a look. I agree a needle gun is not necessary but it will probably be faster especially if there is alot of corrosion
  12. Matt&Jo


    Wow residential moorings are serious money. Its more than double my mortgage.....😱 Wholly shamolly, glad we are looking to cc for the year......as could not afford those prices
  13. Matt&Jo


    Im pleased she is what you wanted and all the blood sweat and tears makes it even more special when it finaly happens. We are litterally 1-2 months away from our life afloat. We have had our boat for 3/4 of a year now and love it. The house is registered with estate agents for rent the savings are ready for our year afloat and i am really looking forward to it...work were not so happy tho but gave me a sebatical which was nice of them. Cant wait to explore
  14. Matt&Jo


    Okay valid point. Ive been here longer and still see myself as a newb.....but newbs may read these threads and be put off from asking or head off to other forums.... Im clearly on my own here with this train of thought but its a forum and people will always have, and rightly so differing view points.
  15. Matt&Jo


    Yep yep and yep true......but he is looking for a mooring.....i dont want to start a big debate just think some folks need to think on how they reply to newbs.....everyone starts somewhere....these negative comments can turn people away from this forum.....detracting from how great this online source and wealth of experience is. Make your points just try not to scare off the newcomers 🤣 Well to me that 2nd statement means we need a mooring we are aloud to live on not as a residential mooring there is a difference usualy quite a few ££££......i dont need reminding i can read graham........ I may be way of base with the cruising in which case i agree 100% the oxford is a bad choice its tight on some bends on a narrow boat. Its just a view point from a fairly new member on how some posts can be perceived by newcomers
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