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  1. Matt&Jo

    Gas locker paint.

    Cool ive ordered some at will get at this job if i can at the weekend In your opiniins would hamerite be preferable to blacking in terms of longevity?
  2. Matt&Jo

    Gas locker paint.

    Out of interest where did you get the vactan?
  3. Matt&Jo

    Gas locker paint.

    I have this very same task to undertake soon enough. Its only literally an inch on the locker base plate that has rusted at the front but it needs sorting. So i was thinking a scrape and rub down....kurust then blacking?
  4. Matt&Jo

    Ash disposal

    You have been heating the boat during summer 😱 wow that must of been warm lol
  5. They catch on fire regularly......thats a worry.....i was going to go for it but not so sure now.....planar here i come.
  6. Matt&Jo

    Cratch cover

    Thanks for the heads up kinver canopies. How much is the metal frame as we dont want a cratch board?
  7. Hi, Did you order the unit in the end?
  8. Matt&Jo

    Webasto\Eberspacher 4 or 5 KW?

    What about hot air blowers.......like planar....
  9. Matt&Jo

    Hankook batteries

    Excellent. Ill look into that. In theory the banks should last longer if i dont change the demand and never run them below 70%. Im wondering the cost offset and wether it would be financialy prudent to increase the bank. Charging needs to be considered tho.....as this will take longer wont it.....im not a big power user when i am on the boat...just tv, phone chargers, hoover charging etc etc. Edited as i forgot the fridge........
  10. Matt&Jo

    Hankook batteries

    Cool okay well they are cheapo ill get ordering i guess. Remind me to come bk in 3 years with a review please or should i say 6 months lol. This may sound a dumb question but is there anything else involved other than housing and wiring if i wanted to extend my battery bank capavity from say 4 x 110 to 6 for example?
  11. Matt&Jo

    Hankook batteries

    So found these as a first set of lets see if we do understand battery use etc as my replacement batts. Anyone use these. They seem to have 5 stars accross most reviews....any thoughts https://www.batterymegastore.co.uk/hankook-xv110.html 2 for £140 is bloody good if they do the job
  12. Matt&Jo

    Cratch cover

    Apologies to revive this thread....but why are they so bloody pricy.......i know workmanship is important but £1200 for a cratch cover is just silly money in my opinion. We are in the market for one currently but im struggling to swallow that cost......
  13. Can i ask what this film stuff is for the windows you speak of?
  14. Please feed back when installed. Super keen to see if this works 😁

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