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  1. Matt&Jo

    Mastervolt issue? AC light flashing

    Ill check it out at the weekend. For safety the marina have unplugged it
  2. Matt&Jo

    Mastervolt issue? AC light flashing

    Its outside the boat.....what cables are suitable then? Ive got 2 different cables and it happens on both but i dont know the condition of these cables internally. I can rewire plugs no problem.... Where would you guys suggest i start in my search for this? The plug? Simplest first as they say.....do hope its not the inverter...its not throwing up any fault lights? Other than the flashing ac light every now and then....
  3. Matt&Jo

    Mastervolt issue? AC light flashing

    So had it trip a few more times and the light for the shore power flash on the unit around 2 to 3 times a day saying the electricity supply is poor.....today i had a call from the marina saying that the post mcb repeatedly trips with my boat plugged into it....which is nice of them to do and to ask if they can unplug it. Now currently the boat is set to charge only on the mastervolt combi and no draw at all from the boat....its all isolated at the master switches apart from the bilge.....so just topping up the batteries which are not in great shape to be fair...is that a problem for the post? Im confused as to the problem. could my shore power connection be at fault? Could the cable be dodgy.....very frustrating. The marina may investigate the post but they are going to seek advice first from a marine engineer understandably.
  4. Matt&Jo

    Ecofans - the Ultimate test?

    These things just take time.....sleep on it and i promise next day with a stocked up fire you will be toastyliciouse...... The dog may never forgive.......bad times
  5. Matt&Jo

    Fitting a mushroom vent

    What about if you had a tall flue......would that not make any difference? I know smoke is made up of gasses and solids but i doubt it would fall that fast...ive seen lots of very tall flues on boat
  6. No i use just the lights on the state of charge pannel on the mastervolt controller so i expect not accurate...i will get a smartguage at some point but costs are mounting heavilly currently so bottom of the list at present. The 5 lights drop straight to 3 lights instantly and sit at 2 for a fair while....the guy before me admitted to using the batterys to full discharge.....he had no clue about not dropping below 70%.....they are done for sure
  7. Thanks guys 😀 my batts instantly drop to around 50% as soon as they are taken off charge anyhow as they are pooped....7 years old tho so not too bad but in desperate need of swapping out. I will wait until after winter tho.....
  8. Deffo not got that....i did that by accident the other day and panicked about the power to the batteries being too much.....bit of a newb question but does it hurt to do so?
  9. Okay i will do next time it goes off 😁
  10. Thanks very much tony ill wait for it to buzz again and test it
  11. Cant open the wooden facia its all glued and fitted in place. Its all electricery behind there.....as soon as i switch it to inverter it stops. As i say it seems to be on float mainly and from the bottom 240v pannel
  12. Hi all as above i have a mastervolt pannel that sometimes...not always has started as of yesterday humming or buzzing....know ive tried to name that tune but i cant get it 🤣 Any electricary wizard know if this is a sure fire sign of a loose connection etc? It seems to do it when on landline as soon as i switch over to inverter....nothing.....then switch bk and it stops....also not sure if just when i have heard it but does it on float charge....its a mastervolt inverter charger.
  13. Matt&Jo

    Chinese diesel heaters........dont attack!!!

    Mike do you use your as a back up system or as your main heater besides your solid fuel stove? Or is this on a different boat?
  14. Matt&Jo

    Chinese diesel heaters........dont attack!!!

    Indeed it was me. I mentioned this on a facebook thread somewhere IIRC and someone said it would fail it bsc if you used the tank provided. This was for the standard units you get like this one https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332867943103 Ive seen some units where the exhaust silencer was gas tight and some that leaked horendously......i guess its a suck it and see type scenario but yes exhaust gass internal is not fun and well.......deadly lol

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