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  1. You could improve it slightly by being stuck next to a boat full of......the ladies sweedish beach volley team who are in bikinis and do not have replacement clothing..........its a bloody long shot but stranger things have happend.....trump is president after all...... A pick if you have no imagination......lol
  2. Matt&Jo

    Am I a coward?

    Okay sp for someone who is eventualy going to live on the vut can anyone explain these "rules" to me? Are they unwritten social respect based rules....people must have to run engines at some point during a two week stop over so how does it play out?
  3. Matt&Jo

    Creaking Locker Lid

    Mine is the same............i embrace it!!!!!
  4. Yes i think that is valid but for me a crucial point is.... the house may be vacant some of the year so if we get a piticularly harsh winter then i can flit between holiday home and boat maintaining both and get the best of both worlds......although ive been home a fee days and want bk onto the boat to be honest lol
  5. Awesome thank you very much. 😀
  6. Okay can you explain more or point me in the right direction please?
  7. I dont think that will happen. Alot of eastern europeans are settled here now and have roots.....
  8. This is an interesting thread.....i too have had a chunk of savings alot of which i put into the boat leaving me a small sum of between 10 and 20k left. Now we own a good 200k in equity in our property which is worth about 300k so i have been wondering if buying a holiday let would be the best way to go as a live aboard over a rental property.....i worry if we rented our house out it would get trashed......or costly things could go tits up. Yes i know that could happen in a holiday let too......i think holiday lets would earn more per month if you could fill the property a reasonable amount of time.....any experience of this anyone....
  9. Dont 3 give you free internet streaming for netflix? Thanks for the tips. I need to sort 3 main things.... 1. Solar initialy, 2. Tv reception as i think the booster has given up the ghost and better options other than an old fasioned ariel must be available....looking for plug and play type stuff 3. Internet options via dongles and antennas etc.
  10. Hi all, i just want to thank everyone for there advice over the past few days ref the thames and a special thanks to Lily Rose for the offer. I would of taken you up on it but i could not open the pm due to signal at thrupp untill we were going by agenda 21 moorings the next day. It took all night to post the youtube vid.....i need a wifi antenna or some such. It was all fine anyway the boat stopped in flow and it was not as big or scary as expected. The locks were a sinch and ive done a youtube snap of how to......for london locks for those unsure. Mooring was just before days lock on a farmers field and it was beautifull. The boat is all safe and snugg in her mooring.....for now!!!!! I cant wait to get bk on it
  11. Hi all update. We have had patchy signal but we are at thrupp now in the pub so a short jump to dukes cut our prefered option. Tommorow is thames DDay. Thanks so much to all for offers of help etc. Its a bit last minute to take people up on help as it would of been handy. We were on a river today the cherwell for a super short segment but you could feel flow and landing on the lock for the oxford was faster than were used to. Going to be fun. So with regards to locks do you have to wait to get access and is there landings for this... Do you loop lines through sliding rings in the locks etc......? Sorry if these questions sound dumb.. How did you know.....? But yes as above you correct😁
  12. Boat is called rosaline. Blue an cream tim tyler boat. So turn into the flow to moor up? Thanks so much all for the heads up. I take it space is not an issue then. Any recommendations on moorings overnight? We aim to do the thames and reading onto the kennet in 2 days.
  13. Its a 1 way trip. Is this area of the thames fast flowing......or is it no different to canal....we are a dlow boat at 3mph tops.....due to a small prm 120 box. Ptopper bricking it to be honest as it 30 miles to reading...i have fast flowing river in my head but im hoping for a gentle barely flowing meander and enjoy it.....
  14. Hi guys, could i get some advice. We are just outside of banbury on our adventure and i dont know whats best, dukes cut or sheepwash. Any advice would be great backed up with a why. Thanks all😁

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