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  1. ok thanks for the help I was told they went tit's up again.....
  2. OK so I have an International/ RN DM2 to strip down & have a look at as it's a bit unwell... If anyone has any help with torque settings & parts stockists it would help. many thanks in advance.
  3. Mike we are way off topic now. I think I have tried to answer you as best I can in print on an open forum. But one last time: As a club we don't want any 1 person doing something that could make CRT take away our lease. We do have some rules (Too many you may say) but the club has been going since 1972 & has never had an update. Some people in this world find change harder then others, some always order the chicken pie & chips, some order the crickets on a stick. The wonderful thing is we have a choice...... How lucky are we?
  4. No Dave that is not BIBC. BIBC is the island only..... No conspiracy here Dave We do have some flowers on the island & some even have sheds to keep junk in but no milk delivery etc....
  5. This is true & you would not get any trouble from me if you did. Some maybe but not me....
  6. You don't moor on a river do you? Last few weeks I saw some sights with boats stuck across bridges. weirs & in locks...... I never wanted to be on the Thames in winter I'm a chicken.....
  7. That's a trick question right? I would say if you say "I live here" then someone will ask "Do you have planning to do so" CRT has winter moorings & many marinas also have them, so keep a log & any mooring permits to show you have in fact spent time out & about. That would make you a boat not a house boat in my book. The only way to test this is in court I would say & CRT would need to ask "Do we have the time & money to spend on this"
  8. It did in 2014 but our new club house was above the water line. We have a lot of low lying fields & lakes near by & with our newish piling the boats are never in danger.
  9. Teaching old dogs new tricks is possible, it just takes a lot longer............ Sorry I thought some humour may be a good idea! & "You don't show you have to go" I thought was good... But it seems not :O( We have had people join the club & say "I can't do work parties at the weekends as I'm part of the salt water crocodile wrestling club & we meet every weekend" all they really wanted was a cheap mooring & do no work, & that's not fare on the rest of us. We are only talking about 3 weekends in the winter months when you can't use your boat. This years social events have been very well attended & most have done all of them so My wife & I would rather you came cos you wanted to not had to.
  10. I feel BIBC is more akin to the old days when volunteers rebuilt many miles of canals & formed clubs to do so. We maintain the island cutting grass, trees, reeds etc & even built our new clubhouse. My wife is social secretary & we have had some good fun times this long winter when we could not use our boats. It's a great place to come at weekends & have a drink or chat with friends you have made at work parties & socials. You only need to come to 3 social events & 3 work parties per year so not that bad I think. We have a widening range of members some with children & grandchildren, so like I say if you would like to come & join us give us a call.
  11. We have members that drive from Brighton & they find it worth while. The No live aboard is in the lease so contact CRT about that one.
  12. Well it may not be for everyone, but for me I have made many good friends over the last 8 years & that is priceless. I would hope like minded people would apply & every comment here is helpful good or bad.
  13. Trust me I know the problems we have & I have felt like moving away many times but my wife & I have made our minds up to change things & so have a lot more members. We need nice people who want to join in & make a better boating club for all & a place to meet with family & friends in a nice place.
  14. Sorry to hear that Tony, Like I say some of us want change & this feedback after only a few minutes of posting is very telling.......
  15. I hear you Mike this is why I would encourage new members to become committee members & make change if that's the feelings. & this is also why I say you would need to become active in the club.
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