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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. Just drov e under that aqueduct and the leak has reduced considerably. It always has been a bit damp, give it a while and it’ll be acceptable, I guess. Ic e was not a problem last week. The road aqueduct is maybe 100 yards East of the river aqueduct where the breach occurred. Mike.
  3. Wow, that is food for thought. Thank you. So what would be the fix for that? Silicone spray? Mike.
  4. Yes guys you are correct. The RCD at the supply into the marina is rated 100ma. My error I’m afraid, should have gone to specsavers.. But interesting meeting with the Electriciam. He first tested our bowt which passed with flying colours! Yippee! at that instant the whole marina tripped! (Yippee, but I didn’t say that.) with our boat not connected. So this poor bloody electrician has a real problem. The boat next to ours has a shoreline plugged into a galvanic isolator and the euro plug is full of rainwater. He disappeared and changed some RCD stuff and unplugged other suspects’ boats. Later, much later, he came to our pod and tested the earth which was OK at 60ohms. However as soon as he put his tester into our pod socket and began to test the RCD at the pod the main RCD at the marina tripped at a very low current, I couldn’t see what sadly. Sorry. So we have what my dad would have called a right pig’s ear. I left the poor fellow still working his socks off at 4.30pm! At least I know it is not our bowt! I must thank you for your comments so far and look forward to reading some more of your thoughts this evening! Mike.
  5. That would be interesting. I shall try to. Mike.
  6. Yes, it all somewhat backwar in priorities i think.The Electrician is coming to the marina tomorrow....
  7. I think the only thing the marina manager would let me plug into is my,erm, sit upon!.
  8. Yes, I believe the RCD on the jetty, each jetty has its own RCD as well, is class A and 30ma, the one for the main marina is class B and rated at 10ma. Mike.
  9. On my Pod/Bollard there is a trip, I assumed it was just for current overload. Are there circuit breakers that do both residual current and overload? Mike
  10. The DC currents which trip class B RCCBs are generated maybe by motor speed controllers chopping the frequency or perhaps a smoothing condensor leaking to ground (look I am just reading from ‘tinterweb, I do not necessarily understand.) Mike
  11. Good question. When trying to reset the trip it would not reset, just flipped out again. They then isolated the jetties one at a time until it turned out to be my jetty, and so on to my pod. There are two boats on this pod, only mine was connected. QED. But I have never managed to make it trip, only at 3.30am when I’m not there. Mike.
  12. I hope not to be sloping up or downhill! Yes, first thing I did was to make up a new shoreline. All connectors quite dry. Mike.
  13. Thanks for the replies guys, yes it has been fine for 8 or 9 months, Scottish power fit a new unit and immediately the problems started. But clearly there is some problem with my boat? Mike.
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